Kota Goat Breed: Most profitable goat breed of India

Kota goat is one of the profitable goat breed of india

Yes, it is right Kota goat is one of the most profitable goat breed in India. It is an unrecognized goat breed by the government but available in large Numbers. 

The best thing is that there are no organized farms in India working on this breed. If you can raise 100 pure quality Kota females then surely you can make a very good money from their kids.

The demand for this breed is increasing more and more the reason for the demand is their height and length. The male buck looks really beautiful and achieves a very good Bodyweight.

The long ears of kota goats give them a perfect look.

It comes in four to five mixed colors.

What is a kota goat?

Kota is the breed of goat that belongs to the Kota district of Rajasthan. Kota is the place where goat farming is not so popular but the region has a famous breed that achieves very good weight & height. 

This goat is a money making machine, you can also call it an ATM.

I personally like this breed because I like the punch face goat. This goat has a roman nose that gives it a perfect look, different from others.

Where can you get quality Kota goats?

Well, getting this goat is not a big deal but you have to search in nearby areas of Kota city, like Jhalawad, Bhawani Mandi, garoth, Bundi, and so on.

Finding the seller of this goat is a big deal because it is available in very small numbers.

There is huge demand for this goat in Bhopal, there are numbers of resellers in Bhopal who sell this goat breed.

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How can I detect the Pure Kota Breed?

Well, it is easy to detect the purity of Kota male & female goat in just 5 steps, you can just simply detect this breed by following these steps:

Step 1: The height of kota males is more than Desi goats, they have long legs.

Step 2: The ears of this goat are long and folded. The length of the ear is 15 to 18 inches normally.

Step 3:  The Nose is an important part of detection. They have a big roman nose like parrot while the normal desi goats have flat noses.

Step 4: The horns of this goat is curvy in the upside direction.

Step 5: The weight of a Kota female or male is more than local goats. Normally this breed achieves 30 kg weight in 6 months on the other hand local goats of Kota achieve 18 to 20 kg weight in just six months.

Hope these 5 steps help you get a pure kota goat.

What is the Kota goat price ?

The Kota goat price is more because of their demand in the market. Generally, the price depends on age and weight. the Kota goat baby price is less compared to adults.

The 3 months old kota goat baby price is 4000 Rs

The 6 months old Kota price is 5500 Rs

The 9 months old Kota is 10000 Rs

The 12 months old kota is 14 to 15000 Rs

This price is for both males and females. This price we got from the ‘’Kota goat farm’’ which is located in jhalwar district of Rajasthan.

The Kota goat price in India is increasing every year, the demand of this breed is more than its production.

Kota goat weight chart

This is Kota goat weight chart is of male goats and this weight chart also gets from kota farm through WhatsApp conversation.

AgeBody weight 
Birth weight3 Kg
3 months weight10 kg
6 months weight25 kg
9 months weight40 kg
12 months weight60 kg 
24 months weight90 kg

This weight can be achieved on proper diet and timely deworming. 

Frequently asked questions

Q.1) what is the selling price of a one year old kota goat?

The selling price mostly depends on the seller but the price of one year old kota male is 20 thousands in normal days and at the time eid its price is around 30 to 35 thousands approx.

Q.2) what diet should i give to my kota male?

For the maximum weight gain you should add green, dry and concentrate feed in their diet according to 8 to 10 percent of their body weight.

Q.3) are kota goats suitable in stall feeding?

Yes, this goat breed is best suitable for stall feeding but for the exercise you have to provide some open space for their running and walking.


Hope you get good information about Kota goats. Goat farming with this breed is more profitable compared to other breeds. 

If you sell this breed in Mumbai at the time of Eid then you can simply double your profits.

If you are looking to start with this breed then you are going in the right direction.

If you have any queries regarding goat farming then feel free to ask in the comment section.

Barbari Goat Breed complete Information

Information about barbari goat

The Barbari goat is originated in Uttar Pradesh India. It is the Dual purpose goat breed that produces Milk And Meat in very Good Amount.  It is the most famous breed of India which Looks alike Deer. This breed is well known for its tasty meat.

Generally, this Goat Breed has the ability to set in any type of environment and any type of feeding.

The Barbari-goat performs well in Semi-intensive management system or intensive management system  (stall feeding).

This short breed is mainly known for Early Sexual maturity and the ability to Produce multiple kids in each gestation.

This Breed is also Found Karoli, Bharatpur, Dholpur, Districts of Rajasthan and Palwal District of Haryana.

Barabari goat comes after Black Bengal Goat in the fertility rate.

barbari goat image

Barbari Goat weight chart

this is the dwarf goat breed of India which has very high productivity but small weight gain capacity. most of the time Barbari goat kid weight depends upon how many kids have given birth by a goat. if the kid is single then their weight will be more.

  • Birth weight – 2.5 kg (it also Depends on No. of Kids)
  • 3 months – 7 kg
  • 6 months – 16 kg
  • 9 months – 25 kg
  • 12 months – 34 kg

it is medium size goat and the barbari goat weight in one year is approximately 35 kgs. it is proven and taken under stall fed condition.

Barbari Goat Price in India

this is one of the cheapest goat breed of India available in bulk in the Uttar Pradesh region. you can find easily and buy it at a very cheap cost compared to other breeds of goats.

in the near region of Uttar Pradesh, this goat breed has huge demand. the Barbari goat price in Bihar is around 7500 Rs (Adult goat). The average price of this breed price in India is 300 to 450 rs per kg also depends upon region to region.

the Barbari price in the Jharkhand area is around 8000 Rs. and Price in Delhi is approx 9000 Rs per Adult goat.

Barbari Goat Price in MP

first of i wanna tell you this breed is quite suitable for the environment of madhya pradesh. this breed can easily adopt on this state. This one of my favorite goat breed for the commercial goat farm . The Barbari goat price in mp is 450 rupees per kg because of increasing the demand for this brees price is also increasing day by day.

Barbari Breed Details & Profile

Breed Name Barbari
Origin Uttar Pradesh India
Normal Height 22-26 inches
Udder Size of Adult Doe Big
Coat Color Brown spots on White coat
Purpose Of Breed Dual Purpose
Size Category Small  Size Breed
Weight of Mature Male (2 years) 45 to 50 kg
Weight Of Mature Female (2 years) 40 to 45 kg
Age At First Kid 15 Months
Average Birth Weight of kid 2 kg (depends on No. of Kid)
Kidding Interval 7 months
Number of Kid Crops in 2 Year 3
Gestation Length 150 days
Repeating Heat Cycle  21 days
Single Birth Percentage 8%
Twins Percentage 75%
Triplets Percentage 15%
Quadruplets 2%
Average Milk Capacity 1.5 to 2  liter Per day
Estrus period or Heat period Duration 24 to 36 Hours

Barbari Goat Characteristics

It is the Dual purpose breed. it produces around 2 liters of milk per day, this 2 liter milk is enough for survival of  twins and Triplets. 

Barabri goat is considered best for the commercial goat farming or stall feeding system, this breed can be scale very easily in less time because this goat has the ability to give twins triplets and some time Quadruplets.

The pure quality breed found easily, and it is available in very large Numbers. Brabari Goat comes under the category of Profitable Breed.

Barbari goat looks preety and adorable. the breed give quick returns.

How to Detect original Barbari Goat?

The goat breed look alike Deer. The coat color is mainly Brown Spots on a white coat and White spots on Brown coat. The adult male has Beared.

This is the short Breed can’t say Dwarf Breed. which height is approximately 25 inches and Length is 30 inches. The eye Color of Pure Barbari Breed is Brown. The Bodyweight of Adult 1 year Male reach up to  40 kg, and the weight of 1-year female may reach up to 30 kg approx.

The Ears are horizontally straight and Horns are medium sized tilted towards Backside.  The udder is large size helps them to produce more milk.

The medium size tails hang Downward.

Barbari Goat Milk Yield

The Barbari is well known for its high milk yield they produce Approximately 1.5 to 2 liter per day which is very good numbers.  

The Barbari Goat milk capacity is at Peak level Between 4 to 8 weeks or (30 to 60 days) after kidding. At this Peak level of milk, production Goat required Enough dry matter in Goat Feed. So at that time 100 to 150 g of concentrate should be increased in the Diet of Does for the Better results.

The fat content in the milk of Barbari is 3 to 3.5 % and Protein Percentage is 2.5 to 3  % is noted.

the lactation cycle of barbari goat shows the capacity of milk production in liters.

Meat Production of this breed

Primarily, in India the Goat is raised for the Meat Purpose, this Goat is well suited for meat production. They produce fine quality Meat. In some areas of India it is believed that the short height Breeds like Barbari, Black Bengal Meat are tastier than the big size Breed.   

The Barbari  Goat gain weight approx 100 g per day in stall feeding Goat farming system or intensive management system. to achieve this weight they require Good quality feed with the mixture of Green, Dry forages and concentrate on the whole day of feed. 

The feed conversion ratio (FCR) of Barbari is good. the adult male achieves 40 kg live weight in one year, while the adult female achieves 30 kg live weight approx.

this graph shows how much weight gain by barbari goat in a year.

What should be the Feeding of Barabri Goat?

All the results come from good goat feed.if the Barbari goat feeding is good than the outcome result will be good. better if you give 250 gm of concentrate feed to single goat and 300 gm of concentrate to the pregnant goat. this should be given after grazing than the result will come outstanding.

The feed quantity given above will give you better productivity in milk and weight gain. the chances of multiple kids will become more.

How to Select Male Breeder Buck?

  • The male should be from Pure Barbari Breed.  it should be Healthy, tight and little bit aggressive.
  • The age of male should be 1.5 years and the weight should be 40 to 50 kg Approx.
  • The testicle should be the same size.
  • It should be born in twins.
  • Height and weight should be good. legs should be strengthened.
  • The Feed conversion rate (FCR) of the Breeder should be good.
  •  The Breeder should be Free from the Disease.
perfect Breeder of  Barbari Goat

Care and management of this Breed

  • The House should be well ventilated, Clean, Dry and hygiene for the Better Production.
  • The Goat Feed should Be Packed with All the Nutrients. The extra concentrate feed should be given to Breeder and Pregnant Goat.
  • Vaccination schedule should start from 3 months of age and all the vaccination should be according to the region to stay away from the major disease. Because Prior vaccination is Better than cure.
  • Both internal and external deworming should be done Post and prior Monsoon for Good health.
  • There should be a track record of every goat or all the age groups for better performance.
  • The minimum age of female should be 10 months for the first time mating and weight should be 20 kg.
  • Stay away from the overcrowding in the house.
  • Goats are susceptible to Pneumonia and Diarrhea. So there should be a pre-planned treatment for both the disease according to age.

Barbari Goat farming project report

project report plays an important role before starting goat farming business. if you are looking for the Barbari goat farming then it would be quite profitable for you. because the demand is increasing more and more.

i have made a simple goat farming project report so you can understand the business properly. how to do goat farming business and how much money you can make through goat farming business. after reading this project properly you can be able to make your own Barabri goat farming project report to get the loan or any other stuff what you are looking for.

Goat farming project report of 100 Goats

Advantages of Barbari goat farming and Why You should have to raise this breed in your Farm

  • The sexual maturity of Barbari Goat is Early, it starts the production at the age of 14 to 16 months.
  • It is the Dual Purpose Breed.
  • It has the capability to give twins, triplets and some time quadruplets.
  • This breed is short but it is quite good in milk production.
  • It gives rapid returns.
  • This goat breed has the ability to adapt any type of environmental condition of every region.

FAQ section about Barbari Goat breed

Q.1) What is the pregnancy period of Barbari goat?

The age of maturity of this goat is 9 Months Means This goat breed is ready for mating in the age of 9 months. the pregnancy period of female barbari is 147 to 150 days.

Q.2) what is the barbari goat origin?

This goat breed is originated in Uttar Pradesh, you can easily get this breed at cheap prices in Mathura, Agra, and nearby districts. This goat breed is also available in Pakistan on a small scale. This breed has the capability to adjust to any type of environment in India.

Q.3) What is the barbari Goat price in Mahrashtra?

This good looking breed has huge demand in mahrashtra specially in Mumbai. The pure barabri goat price in mahrashtra is 400 to 450 rs per Kg depend on the quality and appearance of breed.

Q.4) is Barbari Goat have demand in other states?

yes, Barbaribreed demand is increasing more and more because of their beautiful appearance and small size. The availability of this goat is less than the demand.

Q.5) what should i feed for maximum weight gain?

For maximum weight gain, you have to feed green & dry fodder in the morning and concentrated feed in the evening. This is the proven technique of well-known farm. feed the goat 3 times a day in 4 hours interval.

Final Words

it is one of the profitable and most productive goat breed of India. Barbari goat breed is one of the finest goat breed for stall-feed or for commercial goat farming. Most of the farms are generating good profit from this breed. The People of Uttar Pradesh and nearby states only Prefer this breed on Eid Festival.

Goat Farming Business Plan 2020 (Case study)

goat farming business plan 2020 complete guide

Before entering the goat farming business, knowing about the goat farming business plan is quite necessary to get success in goat farming.

Here in this post I will share the best plan that actually makes a tons of money for you. 

The most profitable goat farms work on the same business plan. This plan is the secret of  goat farming that only experienced goat farmers can share.

We share the step by step guide so you can understand properly, to know the whole plan read this complete post up to the end.

This business plan is based on the following points:

Spending too much money on the goat house is not good in the beginning, so better you make a low cost shed and spend the money to buy quality goats. the quality goats are the backbone of a goat farm. It’s my suggestion to all the newbies in this venture so they invest less money in the shed.

November goat training

What is the profit margin in goat farming business?

if anyone can do goat farming with full focus then he can make a very good income because goat farming is one of the profitable businesses in the agriculture sector.

you can make very good money if you have some own land to grow your own crops. generally, oats require green, dry, and concentrate fodder. if provide these 3 feed form your own land then you can generate a very good profit.

A 70% cost spent only on goat feed, if you give feed from your land then cost reduces and profit will increase much more.

if you are planning a goat farming business plan in India with proper planning management then sure it can profitable because the demand is more than production.

goat farming project report for bank loan

Importance points of How to set up the goat farm?

To set up a goat farm you need a goat house or shed to save goats from inclement weather. If you are doing commercial goat farming then you also need an open paddock area for the exercise of goats. If you don’t know how much space you need for 100 goats then read this post deeply.

Space requirement for 100 Goats

If you are sending goats for grazing then there is not too much need for an open paddock area.

To make a higher profit in commercial goat farming you have to grow your own green fodder and dry and concentrate you can buy from outside.

The house and feed are the two basic needs of commercial goat farming that you have to setup before raising goats in the farm.

Goat farming is one of the profitable businesses for small farmers and good money can be made if you do it on a large scale. A single male Goat can be sold in 5000 to 6000 if you sale for meat and it also depends on their weight.

If you raise one year for eid then a goat can be sold in 15000 to 50000 depending on the weight and beauty of goats.

 To know how much money you can earn with 100 Goat and want the PDF plan for that to read my post below

Goat farming project report

Goat farming project cost in India: How do you make goat farm?

The goat farming project cost in India actually depends on how you start it totally depends on your goat farming business plan. If you make a low cost shed and start with a less expensive breed than you can start with very less amount. 

The goat farming project cost also depends on how many goats do you want to start. You can start with 10 female goats or you can start with 100 female goats the choice is yours.

Let me share the Goat farming project in India by mentioning the requirement of the shed and other equipment needed to start.

Shed for goats 1200 Sqft300 rs sqft360000
Fencing boundary 400 ft17000
Feeders for goats53000
Waterers tub5500
Female Goats (barbari, sirohi)100700000
Breeder Male460000
Hand Chaff cutter15000
Total project cost1145500 Rs

The lobor, Green,dry and concentrate feed are the other regular expenditure on the goat farming which are included in the goat farming business plan. The cost of feed and labor and feed depend according to your place or state.

Commercial Goat farming business plan to generate maximum profit

The plan is based on the following principle

  • Breeding purpose goat farming
  • Meat purpose
  • Milk purpose 
  • Eid purpose
goat farming business plan 2020

These are the four major objectives of goat farming that makes money for me that I follow. 

I raised100 Female goats at my farm and 4 breeder Buck. I Do breeding the 100 females whenever they come in heat. Normally 3 to 4 goats daily comes in heat. And 2 to 3 goats give kids every day. 

In our farm 60% goats give twins and 25% goats give single the reaning 5% gives triplets.

We mainly focus on Breeding purpose goat farming and sale quality goats to nearby farms.

Secondly, we raised male goats and prepared for eid and the remaining goat’s sale for meat butcher for slaughter.

From the 100 goats most of the milk we feed to goats and remaining milk 4 to 5 liters of milk we sell every day at a very good rate.

I provide goat farming training every month and share my experience to my trainees. I am an experienced goat farmer and owns Indus goat farm which is located in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh.

Is training needed to start a goat farm business?

It is the livestock business,  to minimize the risk the Goat farming training is needed if you start from more than 20 goat units. Goat farming training helps you understand the business and how to do it properly. 

Of Course the goat farming business is profitable, many young entrepreneurs are looking to start this but they can’t do it with perfection. They start making mistakes and then learn from mistakes but to avoid mistakes and loss in the beginning take the goat farming training from a reputed goat farm and do your homework before starting this business.  

Goat farming business profit: how much you can earn?

No doubt, it is a profitable business because of the huge demand for meat and meat products. The goat meat is one of the costlier meat in India and the demand is more than production.

Let us understand the goat farming business profit. To take the maximum profit in goat farming you have to feed your goat maximum 10 rs per day because a quality feed gives the quality results.

Generally, goats give two kids in one gestation period so you can take two breeding in one year and two months or can say that 14 months.

So in 14 months you will get 4 kids.

Assume first two kids are male kids and second gestation is two female kids for an example to understand properly.

We raised two male kids for Eid and two kids of 6 months we sold it for slaughter.

Feeding cost

One female for 14 months or 420 days.

Two kids for one year 365 days for eid

Two kids for 6 months 180 days

Feeding cost is 10 rs per day

No. of GoatsFeed cost x dayscost
1 female10 x 4204200
2 kids for one year2×10 x 3657300
2 kids for 6 months2×10 x 1803600
Total feed cost15100

Sale cost

Two one year goat we sold on Eid at 15000 Rs each

Two goat kid we sold for slaughter at the rate of 6000 Rs

Female goat is left with you for next production cycle

Sale of goatsRate x no of goatscost
Two goat on Eid15000×2  30000
Two goat on Slaughter6000×212000
Sale Total42000 Rs

Goat farming business profit = Sale cost – feed cost

= 42000 – 15100

Goat farming business profit from one goat = 26900 Rs

The best part of goat farming which I mostly like after taking production and raising of the goat is that After selling and getting profit the female goat is remaining in the farm for next production that’s the beauty of goat farming.

This is the profit of one goat. You can raise 100 goats in your farm and follow the same goat farming business plan in your farm and make maximum profit. 

These is the ground level business plan to understand the business, the expenditure like labor electricity and medical cost is not included in it if you want to add then minus 5000 rs from total profit as expenditure to raise one year of the following goats.

You have to give your time and energy to make these profits because nothing is free in this world. You have to put your effort into the goat farming business.

Free goat farming consultancy

How to make your own goat farming business plan?

you can also plan your goat farm and you have to give time and imagination. you just need a copy and pen for that.

Step 1: first of all think about how much money you have otherwise you can also apply for a goat farming loan. Government is very serious to enhance the condition of farmers and give loans easily on the basis of your land.

Step 2: make a shed for a number of goats you are planning for also plan for their upcoming kids.

Step 3: Grow green fodder near your farm so you can provide it easily. variety of green fodder is good for goats. so always grow two to three types of green fodder.

Step 4: The number of goats are you planning for as per me goats under 50 is the best number for beginners.

Step 5: After coming goats in the farm vaccinate them properly for prevention of their upcoming disease.

hope you can understand goat farming business plan in India if you have any queries then you can contact us. our contact details is in contact us page.

Is meat goat farming Profitable?

The demand for Goat meat is increasing day by day, the current price of goat meat is 600 to 650 rs per kg everywhere and it will definitely increase in the upcoming days.

Meat goat farming is profitable in which you have raised goat for meat, you can raise female as well as male, according to me for meat, extensive goat farming is best in which you don’t have to spend a single rupees on feed, only you have send goat for grazing with the labor.

The profit is more in extensive goat farming because you don’t have to spend a single rupee on feed.

Frequently asked questions about Goat farming business plan

Q.1) which Breed should i choose for goat farming?

To starting a goat farming Business, the breed is one of the important part. you should always start with your local breed of your state. local doesn’t mean Unrecognised breed.

Q.2) Is goat farming business profitable?

Yes, the business is profitable. if you are doing with planning and proper management. you have to learn the basics to make a higher profit.

Q.3) How much money should i spent per day for goats?

The per day raising cost of goats should not be more than 10 to 15 rupees a day. you can spent more but se your selling market first.


Hope you understand the commercial goat farming business plan properly. These plans I personally follow at my own goat farm. These are some secrets I revealed in this post which no other goat farmer provides these types of profit-making information.

If you are going to start the goat farming business, my best wishes are with you. And hope you follow this plan at your goat farm with 100 female goats and achieve maximum profit with agriculture business.

If you have any queries in mind regarding this post then feel free to ask in the comment section. 


Happy Goat farming!

Goat farming in Nepal Complete Information for Beginners

Goat farming in nepal complete guide

If you are looking for Goat farming in Nepal then you’re at the right place. Goat farming is the best suitable business for this country because Nepal is known for its nature and greenery environment.

The large part of the greeny plus Hilly area may be beneficial because goats love to eat green fodder and half of their better health is dependent on Green fodder.

In the goat farming business, 60% of the total cost is spent only on their feed and if you control the feed cost then no one restricts you from getting success in goat farming. 

The Best part of this business is that it can be done by a man or woman. Goats come under the small animal category and their nature is very calm. The women or a kid can handle many goats with proper management.

What is the scope of goat farming in Nepal?

Well, the scope of goat farming in Nepal is increasing day by day because the hilly areas are considered profitable for goat farming. 

The Breeding purpose of goat farming is good. The youngsters of this country are looking to the future in this business because the goat is a good source of meat, milk, fiber, and manure.

It produces two kids in each gestation and the gestation period is short compared to other livestock. The market for selling goats for meat and for breeding is good. 

The people of Nepal love to eat goat meat that’s the reason it is one of the costlier meat in Nepal.

Recently I have seen the Boer goat farming in Nepal is increasing and getting fame because the characteristics of Boer goats are growing rapidly. 

Boer goats have the capacity to achieve 70 kg in just 6 months that’s the reason the farmers of Nepal are attracted to Boer goats.

Why should you start goat farming in Nepal?

Because of increasing the demand for goat meat in Nepal many young entrepreneurs are attracting to the Goat farming business. We wish them the best of luck to expand these businesses in the country.

Approximately, 60% of live goats in Nepal come from India, if Nepal has large green areas and all the required things for goat farming are available so why import goats from India.

This Is a business opportunity for the people of Nepal. If they raise goats on their own and educate the farmers of Nepal then they can cut the supply chain of goats from India.

If the demand of Meat is more then why should you depend on Meat for other countries.

Which type of goat farming is Best suitable for Nepal?

There are three types of goat farming you can choose any one of them. All three have their own pros and cons. The type of goat farming depends on how much land you have. 

Goat is the selective feeder, it eats the leaves according to their need and completes their nutrition requirement.

Let’s focus on the type of goat farming

1. Extensive Goat farming: 

In this type of goat farming, all the goats go outside for grazing for 5 to 6 hours and feed dry and green leaves according to their need and complete their Nutrition requirement. 

 In Extensive goat farming, farmers don’t spend a single rupee on goat feed. This is the old type method and old farmers work on the extensive goat farming method. 

If you have hilly areas near your farm then you can work on this method.

2. Semi-intensive goat farming 

This is the best method of goat farming which I like the most because this method is a mixture of extensive and intensive goat farming.

In this method, the goat goes for grazing outside for 2 to 3 hours, and the handful of concentrate fodder (a mixture of grains) given to the goats after grazing.

Health and growth wise this is the best method for goat farming in Nepal.

You can make a good income applying this method of goat farming in your country.

3. Intensive Goat farming or Stall feeding goat farming

This another best goat farming method in which goats don’t go outside for grazing. All the feeding and nutrition requirements of goats complete under the stall.

The green, dry and concentrated feed should be given to goats at the time interval and the open space is given for exercise and better health of goats.

This method of goat farming is increasing across the world and becoming successful. 

Boer goat farming in nepal

How to start Goat farming in Nepal in four steps?

Step 1: First of all, before buying the goats grow two to three types of green fodder crops in your farm area to complete the green fodder requirement of goats. 

The Berseem, lucerne, Hedge Lucerne, moringa are highly nutritious rich in proteins green fodder crops that saves a lot of your money.

To become successful in goat farming always grow your own green fodder and don’t buy from outside. 

Step 2: with growing green fodder crops make the shed for the goats, so before buying goats the house and feed is the most important part of goat farming. Do arrange these two things first. 

The size of the shed should be according to the number of goats and their kids. For example, if you are planning for 100 goats then you should also plan for their upcoming kids. 

Generally, a goat gives two kids in each gestation period, sometimes it gives a single. 100 goats also plan for their 150 upcoming kids. And 4 breeding bucks.

Step 3: Select the Breed according to the purpose of your goat farming for example if you are planning for meat purpose goat farming then select the breed which is best in meat production. For example Sirohi, Barbari goat breed is best for meat purpose goat farming

For breeding purpose goat farming Boer, Sannen, Jamunapari, Beetal, Sirohi, Barbari, Sojat are the best breed for breeding purpose goat farming.

For Milk purpose goat farming Jamunapari, sannen, beetal, Jakhrana are the best in milk production. You can select any one for milk production.

Step 4: After taking the goats on the farm, do their proper caretaking, breed best with best for higher production. Provide proper Nutrition to the goats.

if you are doing stall-feed goat farming then you have to provide calcium, liver tonic, and vitamins to the goats twice a week.

If you know nothing about goat management and their disease and are curious to learn then you can take goat farming training. In which you can learn all about goat farming from starting to end.

Final words

Well, In my opinion, Nepal is a developing country and in this situation setting up the goat farm in Nepal is the right time. 

But as per me Boer goat farming in Nepal has huge demand but don’t start with the Boer goat if you know nothing about goat farming, first of all, learn complete or get training and start with the local breed of Nepal after than come with the expensive breed then chances of your success will be more. 

Goat farming has a huge opportunity because this country has all the things which are required for goat farming.

If you have any queries and want to learn more about goat farming then feel free to ask in the comment box or you can contact us for any queries.

Happy Goat Farming!  

Goat farming in Maharashtra Incredible Tips

goat farming in maharashtra complete guide

Goat farming in Maharashtra is quite profitable. the goat has served as a useful purpose to people of Maharashtra from old times to today. In Maharashtra, goats are reared by all the three methods Extensive, Semi-Intensive, or Intensive (commercial) method.

Nowadays commercial goat farming is growing day by day because it needs low initial investment and profit ranges high in it. Goat is an important source of meat, milk, skin, and manure. Maharashtra is an agriculture-dominated state so goat farming plays a major role due to the availability of green and dry fodder, goats help a farmer in income generation in some dry region.

In recent years, some commercial goat farms in Maharashtra have emerged in providing substantial income to the progressive farmers.

Goat plays an important and vital role in providing nutritive food to families both in rural and urban areas of Maharashtra.

There are varying situations of agro-climate and socio-economic background of individual farmers wherein goat farming is a chief occupation among the farmers in Maharashtra. Goat can live in a limited area of grazing and it is the key role of semi-intensive Goat farming in Maharashtra.

Why should you start goat farming in Maharashtra?

First of all, I wanna tell you that the population of non-vegetarian is more in this state. you can make a very good income if you start goat farming in Maharashtra.

There are many breeding purpose Goat farm in Maharashtra, they are raising goat breeds like Sojat, sannen, Boer and making a very good income. they are selling their goats in fifty thoushands rupees per goat.

you can also make the same money if you raise quality breeds in your farm and sale.

How Much Money do you need to start goat farming in this state?

Well, if you have your own land, then you can start with less money otherwise you can take on a lease. if you start with the Sojat goat breed then you can buy a female for 15000 rupees.

if you have 5 lakh rupees then you can start with good numbers. if you start with a Sirohi goat then you can it would be your good decision, you can get one Sirohi female in 10 to 12 thousand rupees.

the choice is yours if you want to start with exotic breeds like Boer & Sannen then the investment cost will be higher.

Is goat farming training is necessary to start goat farm?

in my opinion, it is better to learn from others’ experience to avoid losses in the beginning. Goat farming is the business of livestock. they don’t tell a single word that I am sick, you have to understand from their situation.

So take the goat farming training from reputated goat farm to learn goat farming completely. the indus goat farm in the central india Madhya Pradesh provide goat farming training.

complete goat farming syllabus of indus goat farm & training center

Goat Farming subsidy in Maharashtra 2020

The Indian government sanction 200 crores rupees every year in the financial budget for Rural development and farmer welfare, anyone can take the benefit of it. The process is quite simple you have to apply for the loan in any on nationalize bank like state bank of India and bank of India etc. before the financial year.

you can take the benefit in the form of subsidy which is provided by NABARD (National Bank for agriculture and rural development).

There are a number of Goat farms in Maharashtra that are taking the benefits of government subsidy. goat farming subsidy in Maharashtra 2020 is 33% for BPL card holder/SC/ST and 25% Subsidy for General and OBC categories.

you can read the complete guide Goat farming loan from SBI if you interested in taking a loan.

Advantages of goat farming in Maharashtra

Goat farming in maharshtra subsidy
  • There is a huge demand for goat meat (chevon) in Maharashtra, people of Maharashtra love to eat goat meat in comparison to other meat. Therefore the price of per kg goat meat hiking day by day.
  • Maharashtra is an agriculture-dominated state and the goat manure is used as a fertilizer to fertile the farm. It is a part of income generation in goat farming. Many farmers of Maharashtra sale the manure throughout the country.
  • The indigenous goat breed (osmanabadi) of Maharashtra has higher reproduction rates.
  • No religious taboos against goat meat consumption in Maharashtra.
  • Goats needs low housing requirement than cattle.
  • Goat plays a major role in income generation, employment generation, capital storage, and rural development in Maharashtra.
  • Medicinal value and Low allergic problems in goat milk, Act as moving refrigerators.
  • The two large ports  ‘Nhava Sheva’  and ‘Mumbai port’  in a single state are the big advantage for exporting the goat meat to other countries. India is the second largest meat exporter in the world and Maharashtra play a big role in it.
  • Goatskin is a very valuable product with high added value, especially in European markets.
  • Goat starts production in 10 to 12 month of age its and Small gestation period is five months normally give two kids.

Other Advantage

  • The goat has the ability to double the capital in small time.
  • The government gives loan easily for goat farming in Maharashtra.
  • it is an important source of meat and milk, fiber and skin to the poor, landless and marginal farmers.
  • Goat is a friendly animal and can be managed easily by woman or children.
  • The farmers can make huge profit in festive season like Eid at Deonar Bakra Mandi in Maharashtra.
  • The returns are quick, and losses, if any are recovered soon. The poor can afford it in raising goat.
  • Zero input goat production system is changing to a more intensive commercial goat production system.
  • goat is called the poor man’s cow.
  • The goat has a great future in changing livestock scenario.
  • The goat sector contributes Rs. 22,138 crores to the country’s livestock GDP through the meat (Rs. 11,932 crores), milk (Rs. 5,513 crores), skin (Rs. 800 crores) and manures (Rs. 1,594 crores). The Maharashtra state plays a major role in it.
  • The goat has Less mortality percentage as compared to chicken.
  • Monitoring and record keeping can be done easily.

Goat farming in Maharshtra Project report

A project report plays an important role before starting any business goat farming is one of that. the project report also helps you in getting a loan. I have the 100+4 goat farming project report with PDF so you can easily download it.

this project report helps you understand how much money you can make with 100 female goats in 14 months.

This project report is applicable for all over India, it is a simple and easy to understand project report from start to end, you have to follow a simple technique and strategy if you want to earn the same money that I mentioned in a project report.

Note: this is the real goat farming project report of Indus goat farm they raised 100 Sirohi goats in their farm for 14 months and make this project report. this is the practical guide that helped thousands of goat farmers. check the project report

Goat farming project report of (100+4) Goats

Economics of Goat farming in Maharashtra

In India the total population of the goat is 135.2 million, Maharashtra ranks 6th position in the population of goats in India and nearly 8.44 million goats are in Maharashtra. supplementing family incomes and generating gainful employment in the rural sector, particularly among the landless, small and marginal farmers.

Few farmers practice modern intensive goat production systems and benefited from the latest technologies such as high yield breed, modern irrigation system, mechanization, and readymade animal feed. Farmers manage to sell the goats at Religious holidays and Eid Occasion with a good price and gain good profits.

Further, goats are readily cashable at any time. Their adaptation to stall-fed conditions and the manure quality of their voidings add to their popularity among the farmers of Maharashtra.

Suitable breeds for goat farming in Maharashtra


sangamneri is the local breed and best suitable for goat farming in Maharashtra found in Ahmednagar, Nasik, and Pune. it is medium size goat and the average weight of the adult male is 35 to 40 kg. it is found in black, white and brown color. The ears are pendulous, and the horns are twisted, It is a dual purpose goat breed for milk and meat. The lactation period of the goat is 120 days.

sangamneri local breed of maharashtra

Sangamneri local breed of Maharashtra



Generally, osmanabadi is a meat purpose goat breed. This breed is found in Osmanabad and Ahmed Nagar district of Maharashtra. it is well-heighted goat and the coat colour of this breed is black. The ears are pendulous and horns are twisted back.

The average weight of an adult male is 40 to 45 kg in stall feeding. this goat breed is largely used for goat farming in Maharashtra.

This breed produce more number of kids in their each gestation period

osmanabadi meat goat breed of maharashtra

   Osmanabadi local breed of Maharashtra


The other suitable goat breed can be raised under the climatic condition of Maharashtra are as follows:

Commercial goat farming in Maharashtra

The climate condition is very good for goat rearing in Maharashtra. Now goat farming doesn’t remain goat farming it became an enterprise. Many entrepreneurs came forward to this business and becoming successful in less time in Maharashtra. It became a full-time business for people who think differently.

  • Goat farming business in Maharashtra has a huge potential to grow and can make profit easily. There is a huge demand for good looking, aggressive and heavy goat (buck) on eid in Mumbai area and some buyers stand on a single leg and give lakh of rupees of single buck.
  • In Mumbai and Pune near region area some people taking land on lease and set the commercial goat farm and generating good profit.
  • Most of the area of the state has fertile agricultural land so not any problem of green and dry fodder if have own land.
  • The goat farming is considered an important agricultural activity in Maharashtra especially in arid and semi-arid areas where pastureland is available and low intensive systems are present.
  • The economic condition of goat farmers can be improved through commercial goat farming which will not only generate income for their livelihood but also contribute much to the nutritional and health security.

Goat housing for Maharashtra environment

  • Maharashtra has a typical monsoon climate with hot, rainy and cold weather seasons. Temperature varies between 22 degree Celsius to 39 degree Celsius, which is quietly good for the goat farming business many breeds can be rear with the local breed in Maharashtra.
  • Goat housing is to keep the animals as much as possible under the thermal comfort zone so that productivity will be optimum and another reason to protect from predator attack.
  • The housing shelter is to make keeping in view the number of animals needs to be housed.
  • the housing includes the total cover and the open area of the paddock.
  • The size of housing is calculated on the basis of the animal number and the space required per animal (i.e number of animal x area needed per animal.)
  • In commercial goat farming Goat housing or shed is one of the most important part of the business. It is a one-time investment cost of the business,
  • all the comfort and health of the animal depends on the type of shed. the shed should be clean and hygiene every time and the clean shed will be free from the disease.

Success stories of Goat farming in Maharashtra

There are so many success stories of goat farming in Maharashtra, who are making lakhs of rupees every year through goat farming. They are selling goats for meat and Eid. the Goat manure is also giving a good turnover to their farm.

I will not reveal the name but one goat farm in Maharashtra is selling milk 200 ml milk bottle in 150 rs because the goat milk is quite beneficial for infants and it helps in the proper growth because it is lactose-free.

success stories motivate to start a business but in my opinion, learn from failures of others. the goat meat has huge demand, you don’t need to think too much about marketing.

There are several places like infant Hospitals and other hospitals you can sell goat milk at a maximum rate. you also can sell goat on eid. and for meat, you can sell it in any meat shop. Goat farming in India has very much potential if you do with proper management and records.

Care and management of goats in commercial goat farming

  • Ensure that they have access to enough feed of good quality.
  • Ensure that they have access to clean water and Following a vaccination program against common diseases.
  • Check the internal and external parasites under control
  • Keeping sick goats separate so that disease does not spread to healthy goats
  • Making sure that any goats introduced to the flock are disease-free
  • Sheltering goats from adverse weather.

Basic care

If a goat does get sick it needs to be treated. More importantly, it is important to keep a record

of goats that you treat because if a particular animal gets sick often, it should be culled as it is a

weak individual and is not only costing you money but is also passing on its genes to the next

generation.Basic care of pregnant goat

  • The flock should not be overcrowded.
  • The use of antibiotic should be low
  • The feed and water should be clean and hygiene.
  • Pregnant goat section in the farm should be separated and away from buck.
  • The amount of concentrated feed should increase up to 200gm  for pregnant goats.

Basic care of kids under 3 months of age

  • During birth, time cut the naval and apply tincture iodine.
  • Don’t overfeed the milk to the kid. It causes diarrhea
  • Try to feed the milk 4 times a day according to the weight of the kid.
  • After 15 to 20 days from birth start to feed with soft green leaves.
  • Kids separate from adults
  • Allow vaccination after 3 months from birth.
  •  Keep farm record from birth to adult.

Vaccination schedule of the goats

Name of      
at age of
PPR3 monthsNot required3 years   1 ml
Goat Pox3 to 5 months    
1month     after  
first vaccination
1 year   1 ml
Foot & mouth disease  3 months3- 4 weeks
Post first
6 months or 1 Year
    1 ml
Enterotoxaemia (ET)3 months3- 4 weeks
Post first
6 months     2 ml
3 months 3- 4 weeks
Post first vaccination
6 months or 1Year
   2 ml

The health issues in the Maharashtra region

  • Internal Parasites
  • External parasites
  • Foot and Mouth Disease
  • Diarrhea
  • Pneumonia and contagious Ecthyma
  • PPR

All the above mentined disease are treatable the vaccination and medicines are available in the market.

”Don’t be afraid of being different, Be afraid of being the same as everyone else”


organic goat farming in india

Frequently Asked questions

Q.1) which goat is best for goat farming in Maharashtra?

Osmanabadi goat is best for raising goat in maharashtra for meat purpose goat farming and Sojat and kota goat breed is best for Eid purpose goat farming and finally the Exotic breed boer and Sannen goat is best for breeding purpose goat farming. So select the goat according to your purpose of goat farming.

Q.2) How can i get subsidy for goat farming in Maharshtra?

well, getting a subsidy for goat farming is not a big deal, getting a loan for goat farming is the task. so first apply for the loan, if your loan is sanctioned than ask for the subsidy form from the bank manager. if the loan is sanctioned the process is easy.

Q.3) is goat farming profitable in Maharashtra?

well, if others are making a profit than why you can’t. All have an equal brain use it to make a strategy to expand your business. it is profitable and there is a huge demand for goat meat in Maharashtra. the goat meat price is 700 rs per kg metro cities of Maharashtra and 550 to 600 in other 2 & 3 tier cities. there are 60% meat-eaters in Maharashtra. you are smart, you can do the maths and make plans.


if you want to earn a decent income with Goat farming and you belong from Maharashtra than start. it has immense future scope because it is the scalable business you can add goat in your farm as much as you want and definitely you will earn good money with goat farming in Maharashtra. the maharashtra is the Hub of Goat farming.

You will not face the selling problem if your farm is in Maharashtra region. The climate condition of this state is accurate fro goat farming.

Goat farming in Gujarat: How you can start?

goat farming in gujarat has immense scope

If you are from Gujarat and looking for an opportunity in goat farming in Gujarat then you are thinking right. 

The environment of Gujarat is beneficial for goats and sheeps.

The competition of this agriculture business is very low, the 75%of goats Gujarat import from nearby states. If you have your own land for goat farming then you can turn it into a business by goat farming.

The climate condition of this state is beneficial for goat health because goats like to live in dry areas.

The goat meat & its products requirement is increasing day by day, the youth’s attention is increasing towards goat meat because of their fine tastes.

For the kind of knowledge I share with you, goat meat is costlier than any other meat in India and there is no religious taboo on eating goat meat and their products.  

Why should you start goat farming in Gujarat?

First of all, the patira goat breed is from this state, and I have seen the patira goat kid and breeder has huge demand all over India.

The demand is more because the color of patria goat is pink, their muzzle, skin all are pink. 

The patria breeder buck is used to improve the color and weight gain performance.

The result of patria breeding with any other goat female like sojat and sirohi comes beautiful.

I have seen the price of patira breeder buck ranges from 30 to 70 thousands and the price of a kid either it is male or female, it ranges 15 to 20 thousands.

You can start breeding farm of patira goats, you can get patria female goats in ahmedabad riverfront mandi.

The mandi on ahmedabad riverfront is available every sunday.

How many goats are required to start goat farming in Gujarat?

Well, its totally depend on you.

You can start with 25 female with 1 breeder Buck

You can also start with 50 female with 2 breeder Buck

And you can start with 100 females with 4 breeding bucks.

Every 25 females required one male breeder buck.

Every flock required different areas of housing to better know about the area and space required per goat you can read my post.

Space requirement for 100 Goats.

In this post you will learn all about the space requirement of one goat and 100 Goats.

As per me, you should start with 25 + 1 goats flock, so you can understand properly what the business is. 

After understanding the business you can add goats as much as you can on your farm. If you want to learn properly goat farming before you start, you can get goat farming training from Indus farms.

What is the price of patira goats?

It depends on the farm to farm if you buy from the farm they will give you 25000 rs per female. If you buy from the local market of Ahmedabad then you can get in 15000 rs per female goat.

The cost of a breeder is always high because the patria breeder looks great tall and handsome.

The price of breeders ranges from 30 to 50 thousands.

Frequently asked questions

Q.1) What is the price of goat meat in gujarat?

There is a difference in the price of goat meat in gujarat because somewhere the goat meat price is 600 rs per kg and somewhere it is 550 rs per kg and somewhere in rural areas it is 500 rs per kg It fluctuates according to city and availability of goat meat. I can say that the average price of goat meat in gujarat is 550 rs per kg.

Q.2) best goat breed for goat farming in gujarat?

The best goat breed for goat farming in Gujarat is patria, sojat, sirohi, surti jakhrana. This breed of goats perform well in the environment of gujarat

Q.3) where can i get green feed for goats in gujarat?

You have to grow goat feed on your own, it is a simple, easy process to grow and it is much-required feed for the better health of goats.


Agriculture business has enough opportunity in this state, because the consumption is more than production.

People of Gujarat love to eat goat meat. As per the survey there 50% meat eaters available from the total population of gujarat.

If you set up a breeding purpose goat farm everywhere in gujarat then surely you can generate good money through this business.

If you have queries in mind then you can ask me anything about goat farming in the comment section.

Nabard Subsidy for Goat farming 2020: Learn how to Get?

Goat farming comes under the agriculture business. This business has a very bright future because of increasing the Demand for Goat milk, meat, and manure. NABARD subsidy for goat farming is given by the Indian government that helps to start this Business.

Every Indian can take advantage of this subsidy. This Subsidy is only available if you take a bank loan from any of nationalize banks either it is state bank of India, Bank of India, and cooperative banks.

Goat farming is a business that requires investment in the beginning if you start goat farm from 50+2 or 100+4 goat unit.

Goats also require a good house form the protection from Excessive weather conditions. The Goat farming loan helps in investment in the house and the goat unit.

goat farming

What is NABARD?

National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) is the subsidy provider to all agriculture businesses and startups. The Government of India sanction hundreds of crores rupees every year for the agriculture development, this money reaches to the farmers through subsidy.

Once the loan is passed by the bank then it is easy to take the subsidy through NABARD.  

The Goal of NABARD is the development of Rural India. Crores of farmers have taken the benefit in the form of Subsidy.

One of the Emerging Scheme ‘’Kisan credit card’’ is also developed by NABARD.

Nabard sunsidy for goat farming, leaen the easy proces

How to Get NABARD subsidy for Goat Farming?

First of all, if government giving subsidy on goat farming loan then everyone should take the benefit of it.

The NABARD goat farming subsidy is based on the Caste system of India. The BPL/ST/SC caste get 33% subsidy on loan and the General/OBC caste gets a 25% subsidy on goat farming loan.

To Get the Subsidy first you have to apply for the loan any of the nationalize where the interest is less compared to other banks.

Generally, the banks first ask for the Goat farming project report and your future planning, some banks also aks about where you have taken the goat farming training. if you have a training certificate then you can attach it with the loan file.

A training Certificate is optional but if you took training then the chances of getting a loan are more compared to not have.

Other Document required to take Subsidy?

  • Aadhar card
  • 4 passport size photos
  • Loan approval

Generally, you don’t have to do anything if the loan is sanctioned, you have to say manger to take subsidy. The process is done by the bank.

Maximum NABARD Subsidy For Goat farming

The maximum NABARD subsidy for goat farming is 2.5 lakhs either if you take more then 10 lakh rupees loan. The goat farming subsidy by Nabard is the same for all states of India.

For Example, if you take a 10 lakh rupees loan yo will get 2.5 lakh rupees subsidy after the loan sanctioned.

Getting a loan for goat farming is not easy because so many people apply for goat farming. if you want to take the goat farming loan and get the NABARD subsidy then Check the Article below

Learn comletely how to take Goat farming Loan from SBI

NABARD Goat Farming Project Report: Where to Get?

The project report is compulsory to take the loan for Goat farming. I have made the complete goat farming Project report that will help you understand, what is the goat farming business and how much you can earn in a year.

This project report may help you in the business as well as to take the loan. You can also download the goat farming project report PDF

Goat farming project report for Bank loan (100+4) Goats

How much one can Earn in Goat Farming?

This question comes in every goat farmer before starting of Business. Goat farming is a profitable business but it is required patience in the starting once the production comes the cycle runs continuously.

Earning in goat farming depends on how many goats you have on the farm. For example, if you have 100 goats on the farm than you can make a very good income through it.

You can make 6 to 7 lakhs rupees easily with 100 goats, you can make more if you raised quality breed in your farm. The only thing you need to focus on the management on the farm.

Good management on the farm can convert good money for you. You have to grow your own green fodder.

Goat farming is the business in which 70% of the cost spent on goat feed, if you grow your own feed then feed cost would be low and profit will be more.

If you have your own land then goat farming can make good source income for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nabard Subsidy for goat farming?

Q.1) How can I get loan from NABARD?

NABARD is the subsidy provider they don’t give loan,  to take the loan you have to apply in any nationalise bank with project report and project cost.

Q.2) How can I get subsidy for goat farming in tamilnadu?

You have to apply for the loan to get subsidy, once your loan is sanctioned the subsidy direct come to your loan account. The subsidy is 25% for GEN/OBC and 33% for BPL/ST/SC.

Q.3) How many Goats can you have per acre in india?

You can easily raise 200 Goats per acre in India, the goat is an animal that requires limited space, or single labor can raise 100 goats easily with proper farm management.


Here in this post we much discussed about NABARD subsidy for goat farming and how to get it. The process is simple and totally depends upon the loan. Once the loan is sanctioned, you don’t need to to do anything to get the subsidy.

So if you really want to take the subsidy first make a plan or project report of goat farming and show it to the bank manager and tell them I am planning on this business and I have insufficient fund to start this so I have to take loan from your bank.

But do one thing in mind, apply for the loan in the month of december to january because the financial year start from first april and government sanction money to give the farmers in the form of subsidy after financial year. So you have to apply befor starting of finacial year.

Hope you get the correct information, if you like the post do share and want more information do comment below.

Goat farming in Assam: Guide to Success in 2020

goat farming in assam complete guide

Goat farming is one of the leading businesses in the agriculture sector, if you have your own land and want to make a difference in the agriculture sector then raising goats on the farm is one of the profitable compared to other livestock. Goat farming in Assam has a very bright future because the number of non-vegetarians is more than the other states.

The price of goat meat and its products are high in this state, the demand of meat is more than its production.

If you are looking to start commercial goat farming in Assam then you can succeed easily. There is not too much competition in this business.

The goat farming business takes time to get profit in the beginning but once your cycle continues then this business can make good money for you without putting extra efforts.

raising 100 goats in your farm is not rocket science, you have to keep some management in your farm. For example: 

  • provide Nutrition to your goats, 
  • proper caretaking of newborn kids 
  • provide good quality green, Dry and concentrated feed to your goats
  • Keep you shed dry and hygiene 24 x 7

How to start a goat farm in Assam?

A lot of people from this state ask me the same questions on how to start a goat farm in Assam and I always tell them you have to make a low cost shed first and sow green fodder near your farm area. 

Starting goat farming business in Assam you have to keep following points in mind

  • Goat Housing
  • Goat Breed
  • Goat feed
  • Goat Medicines

All these four points are the pillar of goat farming Business. You can not leave a single point.

goat farming project report will make your job easy to understand this business.

Which type of housing is best for goat farming in Assam?

Before making a shed for the goats you should always look for your weather condition. Assam is the high rainfall area and humidity is more, So elevated sheds are best for goat farming in this state.

Elevated sheds are considered best for goat health because they remain dry and hygiene all time. The urine and droppings of goats go down. 

Dry shed is the most important for the better health of goats and the best thing of an elevated shed is that it dries quickly.

Which Goat breed is most suitable in Assam?

There are two breeds of goat that are best suitable for the Environment of Assam which are Assam hill & Black bengal. 

Suitable goat breeds in assam are as follows

Assam Hill Goat

Assam hill is the local goat breed of Assam and it is considered best for anywhere in Assam. The productivity and performance of this goat breed are quite appreciable. 

The coat color of this breed is mostly white and brown, the ears of this breed are straight like a spoon, this breed has a very small height. The milk production of this breed is less that’s the reason their kid didn’t survive because of lack of milk production by their mother

This breed is known for giving multiple kids in each gestation period. The Assam hill gives 60% twins, 35% twins, and 5% single.

Black bengal

One of the finest goat breeds of the easter region of India. You can look this breed anywhere in the West Bengal and north region.

The coat color of this breed is mostly black but you can see brown, white, and mixed of both.

The black Bengal goat breed matures early at the age of 8 to 9 months while the other goat breeds mature at 12 months of age. 

This breed has the capacity to produce more kid in each gestation. I have seen a black Bengal goat she gave birth to six kids in a single time. Six kids in single gestation are like happiest thing for a goat farmer.

Well raising Black Bengal on your farm can make good money for meat purpose goat farming in Assam.

What feed should I give to my goats?

Well, it totally depends on the purpose of your goat farming, if you are planning for the meat purpose goat farming then semi-intensive type goat farming is best suited for you.

In semi-intensive goat farming goats go for grazing for 4 to 5 hours and after grazing come to the shed. In this type of farming, not enough feed is required for the goats. Only a handful of concentrate feed is required that completes the carbohydrate requirement for goats. 

If you are looking for complete stall feeding then all green, dry, and concentrated feed is necessary for the better health of goats.

The 60% cost is only spent on the quality feed for goats, in which green, dry, and concentrate feed is included.

What are the important medicines required in goat farming?

Some important medicines should always be available on the farm because goats are animals that don’t speak about their health.

The common disease of goat is pneumonia and diarrhea in kids.

The Antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, B complex, antidiarrheal powder, dewormer tablets should always be available on your farm

Vaccination is an important part of goat farming, your goat should be vaccinated for their extra immunity.

You will not face any mortality if you vaccinate your goats, Join goat farming community

Assam Government support in goat farming business

Well, the government of Assam always stands with you for any type of agriculture business, the government supports under the scheme of entrepreneurship development and employment generation under the national livestock mission.

You can take a loan in the goat farming business and take advantage of the subsidy which is given by the national agriculture bank and rural development. 

The subsidy depends on the caste system of India. For general & OBC the subsidy is 25% while the ST, SC, and BPL can get 33% subsidy.


Here in this post we have learn about goat breed and their management. There are lot of things remaining you can check in the other posts of my website. Goat farming in assam is always be profitable because the percentage of non vegetarians are higher than other states of india. 

The demand of goat meat is higher than production thats the reason the price of goat meat and its products is always on the peak.

This business is simple and easy with higher demand, if you are looking to start then first learn goat farming properly after that start with 20 goats with one breeder. 

The 20+1 goats is the good number to start after some learning you can add goats in your farm as much as you want.

Goat farming in Andhra Pradesh: How you can start in 2020?

If you are looking to start goat farming in Andhra Pradesh then your decision is right because there are 98 percent of meat-eaters in this state. 

The meat price in Andhra Pradesh is higher than the other states in India. As per my knowledge, the Goat Meat price is 700 rs per kg and Sheep meat is 740 Rs per kg.

The 2020 year is the correct time to start goat farming in this state, You can get the maximum returns if you belong from this state.

goat farming in andhra pradesh has very bright futur

How to start Goat farming in Andhra Pradesh?

First of all, to start goat farming in this state or any other you have to focus first on the goat shed design and green fodder.

The Goat house is one of the most important part of goat farming. After the goat house, you have to mainly focus on Goat feed. If you are planning for stall feeding goat farming then do one thing if you are doing intensive or stall feeding then 60% of the cost comes only on goat feed. 

You manage the cost of feed and do all things cheaply.

Generally, the goat requires Green, Dry, and concentrate feed. More dry matter in the goat feed, the higher the weight they achieve. 

So try to feed enough dry matter to your goats for maximum returns,

How to get Goat farming Subsidy in Andhra Pradesh?

The subsidy is the same for all over India, Generally, Subsidy is given by NABARD and it is based on The caste system Of India. 

The General, OBC can get a 25% subsidy on the bank loan, and ST, SC, and BPL card hole can get a 33% subsidy on Bank loan.

You have to take a loan first, to get a subsidy, The subsidy on a bank loan, not to start the business.

Some people have in mind that if will start this business and will get a subsidy. It is not true. The Goat farming subsidy in Andhra Pradesh is only on the bank Loan.

The subsidy is same in Andhra Pradesh as well as goat farming in telangana.

How To get Goat farming loan in Andhra Pradesh?

The Process of taking Goat farming loan is simple and easy, same like the other loans. 

But this loan is for business so you have to make Project report first to get loan on Goat farming.

You can also have some basic knowledge about goat farming so if you are a beginner then better you take goat farming training to make things easy.

You have to submit some Documents to take Goat farming loan in andhra pradesh:

  • Andhra Pradesh Domicile certificate
  • 4 passport size photos
  • Aadhar card
  • Land papers
  • Goat farming project report
  • 6-month-old Bank account

Which Goat breed perform best in Andhra Pradesh?

Selection of goat and sheep breed is one of the big task in goat farming.

  • Breeds play an important role
  • Select the breed according to the purpose of your goat farming
  • Select the breed which easily adjusts to the environment of Andhra Pradesh
  • You have to know the skill to detect pure breeds.

Osmanabadi Goats

osmanabadi goat

Osmanabadi goat is the breed originated in Maharashtra because the Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra is border touch that’s the reason this state is not new for this goat.

Osmanabadi is the meat purpose goat breed and this breed is known for giving multiple kids in each gestation. This breed comes under the medium size goat breed. If your purpose of goat farming is milk then this breed is not for you.

There is no specific breed that belongs from Andhra Pradesh so you have to select other states.

Sirohi Goat

Sirohi Goat

This is the number one goat breed of India because it can adapt in any type of environment, the Sirohi goat is the dual-purpose goat breed you can raise them on your farm for both milk as well as meat purpose goat farming.

This is the large size goat breed and 50% goat farmers in India raise Sirohi breed in their farm.

The coat color of Sirohi Goat is brown with light brown patches on it. The demand for pure Sirohi goat breeds is increasing more and more.

You can start Sirohi goat farming in Andhra Pradesh that will surely make a good source of income for you.

Kanni Adu

Kanni adu is the popular breed of tamilnadu which can be easily adjust on this state. It is meat purpose goat breed. If you are looking for meat purpose goat farming then Kanni adu is the breed for you.

The sheep meat is very popular in Andhra pradesh which always cost 50 rupees more than goat meat. You can also raise sheep with goats.

As per me, if you want to raise sheep then you must be send them for grazing. The sheep is only popular in south region of india. If you are geo targeting whole India then you must go with this goat breed.

Boer goat 

Boer goat farming in Andhra Pradesh is getting popular day by day, This is an exotic breed of goat which originated in southern Africa that the reason it is one of the most expensive breed of goat.

If you are looking for breeding purpose goat farming then you can choose Boer goat, the starting price of Boer goat is 1500 rs per kg which is too much. 

Boer goat is mainly used to enhance the weight gain capacity of other breeds because Boer goat weight gaining capacity is much higher than other Goat breeds.

Boer is best for commercial breeding purpose goat farming, which can make very good money for you. The marketing of your farm is much required is raising Boer goat on your farm.

Goat farming in Andhra Pradesh project report

A project report is one of the basics to understand the whole process business, you can understand the whole business by project report, in project report goat breed, goat housing and other expenditure cost are mentioned that helps to understand how much money you have to spend on goat housing and Goat breed.

What will you earn and what you have to spend this is the basics points of the project report. That’s the reason if you go to take a loan then the bank manager first asks to submit the project report. 

The manager read the project report and understand after investing in this business are you able to repay of the loan then he sanction the loan.

I have made project report of (100+4) goats that will surely help you understand the business

Goat farming Project report

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1) How to fast weight gain of goats?

Proper feeding on time to goats gains weight the whole day feed must include green, dry, and concentrate feed. 

Q.2) What feed should i give for weight gain?

The concentrated feed must be designed while two to three grains with deoiled cake and mineral mixture. The leguminous fodder of dry and green helps in weight gain. 

Q.3) What is the most important thing you should keep in mind before starting goat farming in Andhra Pradesh?

The house of goat must be ventilated for the better health of goats and proper sanitation should be done on the farm. Also, give them nutritious feed to goats helps you get the success. 

Final words

Goat farming is one of the scalable business in Andhra Pradesh. The demand for goat and sheep meat increasing more and more that’s the reason per kg price of meat is increasing more and more every six months. I can surely say that in some it will touch thousand rupees per kg in upcoming days in Andhra Pradesh.

Starting goat farming will be good at this time, you can scale it as much as you want.

Before starting Goat farming in Andhra Pradesh  keep in mind this sky scrapper technique by Indus goat farming and training center which are as follows

  • Don’t spend too much money on goat shed
  • Before starting a goat farming business grow your own green fodder
  • Sanitation must be proper in the farm
  • Keep your goat vaccinated
  • Keep required emergency medicine in your farm

Hope you will get the good information by us, we welcome you to this goat farming world.

Happy Goat farming!

Best Chaff Cutter Machine for Agriculture with Price (2020)

chaff cutter machine price electric or manual

If you are looking for a chaff cutter machine for agriculture use then you are at the right place. Here in this post, I will suggest you the best chaff cutter that will provide you the best value for your farm.

A chaff cutter is a basic need for livestock farms. Generally, the Cattle, Buffalo, and goat required 2% green fodder according to their Bodyweight. If you are doing livestock farming ‘’Pashupalan’’ then a Chaff cutter is quite important for your farm.

Why are Chaff Cutter Machine important for farms?

Generally, if you don’t cut the grasses then animal wastage all your green fodder if they are not cut in pieces. 

I am also running a farm where I am raising cows, Buffalo, and Goats. At the beginning of my farm I give the berseem without cutting and 60% of my green fodder wastes. 

When I bought a green fodder cutter machine, my problem of wasting the green fodder has been solved.

With the help of this machine, you can make tonnes of silage easily. Generally, the maize silage is mostly used to make silage.

Types of chaff cutter machine for agriculture

There are two types of chaff cutter machines used in livestock agriculture farming both are the best but different in cost, you have to select the machine according to the number of cows, buffaloes, and goats on your farm.

Chaff cutter mainly used in Goat farming and Dairy farming, and silage making Etc.

Chaff cutter machine with Motor or Electric chaff cutter

If you have more than five animals on your farm then you should use a chaff cutter with a motor because it can save your time and labor cost. With the help of this machine, you can cut 100 kg of grass in just 10 minutes. 

This type of chaff cutter also known as Electric chaff cutter machine

The motor is run by electricity and cut the grass faster than manual, it is easy to use that helps to run your big farm in an efficient manner.

The cutting size of grasses may vary depending on the density of grass, for example, the Stem size will be different or the same, and leaf size will be different.

The electric chaff cutter can run on 1HP motor, 2 HP motor, and 3HP motor, and 5 HP motor, it depends on you. Powerful the motor is, faster production of grasses you will get.

Price Range of electric chaff cutter

The Price of an Electric chaff cutter machine ranges from 25000 to 50000 depending on how big the machine is.

Manual chaff cutter machine or hand operated chaff cutter 

If you have five animals on your farm then you can use a manual chaff cutter, it works slowly and the output of grass totally depends on the working efficiency of man. The faster you run, the more cutting grass you will get.

The size of cutting depends on the speed or running of round run by man.

Price range of Manual chaff cutter

Price range of Manual chaff cutter starts from 5000 and ended up to 20000

Tractor operated chaff cutter machine

This is costlier than the above two chaff cutters. It is mainly used to make silage and as per me, this machine is not user friendly compared to a chaff cutter with a motor.

If you have 100 large size animals like cow or buffalo the you can go with a tractor operated chaff cutter.

Best chaff cutter machine with price

1. Jay Bhavani JB100 chaff cutter

JB 100 chaff cutter machine for dairy farming, goat farming.

This is one of the best Vidhata chaff cutters I have ever seen. It is a multipurpose machine of jay Bhavani company which is located in Rajkot. The best thing about this machine is that you can cut green fodder and you can also grind the maize, wheat, barley, or any type of grains.

I am personally using this machine for my farm. This machine has solved all my problems, I have 100 small size animals on my farm and I feed them fresh green fodder(Lucerne, Berseem, Makhan grass).

You can trust on this machine, this chaff cutter machine price is 25000 rs only with a motor. This machine has the pulverize fitted in it. I am using a Nataraj 2 HP motor with it.

With the help of this machine, I cut green fodder for 100 animals in less than 15 minutes. This is the complete solution for Goat farming, dairy farming, sheep farming, horse farming.

This chaff cutter is built very heavy from inside as well as outside.

The grinding capacity of JB100 is 50 kg in 7 minutes. I am saying this on my personal experience because I am using it. I grind maize every week for my farm.

The maintenance of this chaff cutter is zero only i have to do greasing twice a month.

The best thing about this machine is that it is run in a single phase.

2. Vidhata JF 2D chaff cutter

Jf 2D chaff cutter machine for green fodder

The Vidhata JF 2D is also a multipurpose electric machine. This machine is costlier than JB100, you can also cut grasses and grind the grains for concentrate feed. 

The JF 2D is the imported machine from Brazil, it is made quite heavy you can grind the Maize, wheat and any type of grains with this machine. 

Vidhata JF 2D is built powerful and give tough competition to Their rivals’ grass cutter machines.

In some villages of India JF 2D is also known as kutti machine.

I have visited many dairy farms in which they are using JF 2D and the best thing is that they are a happy customer of JF2D

Of Course, this machine is costly but having this machine on the farm makes a difference. The vidhata JF 2D chaff cutter machine Price with motor is 42000 Rs approx.

The Vidhata JF 2D is run on 3 phase.

Frequently asked questions?

Q.1) Which is the best Electric or manual chaff cutter?

Electric chaff cutter is best because it saves time and energy. If you have more than 10 cows then you should definitely buy an electric one.

Q.2) How to make a chaff cutter machine at home?

There are a lot of tools required to make a chaff cutter machine at home like a Welding machine, milling machine and Drilling machine to make holes. So better you buy online or from shops.

Q.3) How to get a subsidy for a chaff cutter?

Some authority shops provide subsidies, to get the subsidy on chaff cutters you have to submit aadhar card copy, passport size photo, and a 6-month-old bank account. 


To solve the green fodder cutting problem chaff cutters are much-needed tools. Here in this article, we have discussed the best chaff cutter machine, this machine is not the normal machine. I have personally used both machines at my farm before writing this post.

I will suggest you go for JB 100 machine because it is run on a single-phase while the JF 2D is operated on a Three Phase that requires too much electricity.

If you have the three-phase connection at your farm then you can think about JF2D. the choice is yours. I have selected this best two from the long list.

If you any queries feel free to ask in the comment section