Goat Farming Loan From SBI complete Procedure

Commercial goat farming guide

A complete procedure of Goat farming Loan From SBI is Discussed in this article because a respected fund is required to start the goat farming business and setup up the farm. The loan is required to make a shed, purchase goats, and provide feed to the goat till the farm starts making money.

Goat farmin loan from sbi
It is easy to get goat farming loan from sbi

No Doubt Goat farming is the leading business of India. The Demand for Goat meat and milk is increasing rapidly. It provides employment to the landless farmers and backward But Nowadays many young entrepreneurs came forward to do this business. So the government of India is starting new schemes and providing Subsidy to start this business.

Procedure for getting Goat farming loan from Sbi

To take the loan to start a goat farming business the bank required a Project plan report, this project plan report describes your planning. The Detail of Animals, Breeds, Production Performance, input and output cost with detail, Total cost, Margin money, Annual Expenditure, Income, cash flow, Profit & Loss. All the Things required for getting the loan.

The Bank sanctions the loan amount According to your Project Plan. To get the project plan click on the Below Link.

Goat farming project plan

goat farming

Your Project plan for Goat farming loan from sbi should be perfect. You have to know the basics of goat farming before starting the business. Explain in the report which Goat breed do you want to start your farm and How much investment cost is required in the shed.

For the security purpose, the bank required the Land Paper as security. The registry of land required to take the loan from SBI. without security they don’t provide a loan.

For Example, your project Plan required 12.5 lacs than the bank sanctioned you the 10 lacs rupees the remaining you have to Pay from your Pocket.

If you are getting in trouble and the bank is not giving you a loan then you can complain to the Lead District manager (LDM) and District Development Manager (DDM). 

It is better to get the Goat farming training from a reputable goat farm and get a certificate to show to the bank manager that I have taken the proper training of goat farming so it is easy to understand that you have proper knowledge of goat farming business and you can run it easily.

Why should take the Agriculture loan from SBI?

Everyone knows SBI is one of the biggest Government bank of India and Most of the Agriculture loan given by this bank. it is quite easy to take the subsidy if you take the loan from SBI.

i Know the taking loan from SBI is quite difficult, you have to struggle ques to take the loan. But they have very limited charges compare to other banks the interest is less compared to other banks. The best part is any village area has the SBI bank.

NABARD Subsidy for Goat Farming 2020

The Full form of NABARD is National Bank For Agriculture and Rural Development. The NABARD office is available in every state capital.

The Mission of NABARD is to ‘’Promote sustainable and equitable agriculture and rural development through participative financial and non-financial interventions, innovations, technology and institutional development for securing prosperity. 

The NABARD makes Budget provision every year for rural development. The government of India sanctions Approximately 200 to 250 crores rupees budget every year.

This Budget provides agriculture loan subsidy for rural development.

The goat farmers get subsidies from this budget. This budget starts in the month of April. So Do keep in mind always apply for Goat farming loan from Sbi in the month of January & February because the loan is based on first come first served.

The 250 crore budget is quite a small amount to all over India and banks complete the budget in the starting two months. 

Nabard Subsidy for Goat farming loan from Sbi is based on the caste system of India. Below poverty/Schedule caste/Schedule tribes BPL/SC/ST gets 33% subsidy on the goat farming while the People comes under OBC & General gets 25% subsidy which is Maximum 2.5 Lacs rupees.

This subsidy directly comes in your Bank loan account through NABARD. You have to pay a 10% margin money for the total cost of the project.

For commercial goat farming, many farmers of India are getting the benefit of the Agriculture loan subsidy which is provided by the Indian government. This Loan helps to start the new venture of Goat farming. This is one of the schemes to provide employment to the rural peoples. 

What is the Loan Repayment And interest Costs?

Most of the cases the Loan Repayment period is Nine Years with Two years Grace period. The cost of interest may vary according to time.

Generally, the interest rate on Goat farming loan from Sbi in 2020 is 11.20% Per annum. This Sbi agriculture loan rate may vary year to year.

You can repay this loan in Monthly installments or in quarterly installments. You can also Pre part this loan amount in the middle.

If you are unable to pay an installment on time then the bank Apply penalty on you. This is the bank rule and no one can escape from the bank rules and regulations.

Goat farming training by indus goat farm

Documents Required for Goat farming loan

  • Original Land Registry Papers
  • Aadhar Card
  • 6 months old Bank Account 
  • Caste certificate If SC/ST/OBC
  • BPL card if available
  • Domicile certificate
  • 4 Passport size photo
  • Goat farming project report
  • Residential Proof

NABARD Bank Loan online Application Form

You can simply download the NABARD bank online application form for the process of getting a loan. This Goat farming loan from Sbi comes under the category of Integrated Development of Small Ruminants & rabbits (IDSRR). 

You have to fill this form and submit it to the bank to get the Goat farming loan from Sbi.

This is the fiesr step of goat farming loan process, Without this form you can’t take the loan.

The Eligible Financial institutions and Banks to get the Goat Farming Loan By NABARD

  • Commercial Banks
  • Urban Banks
  • Regional Rural Banks
  • State Cooperative banks
  • State Cooperative Agriculture and rural development banks

After Sanction Of Proposal By Banks/Financial Institutions, the controlling officer will upload the details as per the template prescribed in the EDEG (Entrepreneurship  Development & Employment generation) Portal within 30 days of sanction and block eligible subsidy amount. 

On successful upload and post validation, the bank will release the entire credit / first installment as the case may be. 

The details of the entire credit / first installment may be updated within 30 days of the first upload. Thereafter, the loan amount shall be disbursed in suitable installments, if required, depending on the progress of the unit.

Loan for Agriculture Graduate

If you are an Agri graduate then you have to take the loan from ACABC (Agri Clinic & Agribusiness center). The ACABC provides a 35 to 40% subsidy to Agri graduates.

It is one of the best schemes to Start any AGRI Business like Goat farming, poultry farming, bee farming, Dairy farming, and any Agriculture related business. The ACABC also provides training for the all agribusiness.

What is the Goat farming loan interest rate?

The goat farming loan interest rate is 9.90%, The grace period is two years if you take the loan on EDEG scheme by goverment, in which you have to repay the goat farming loan in 6 to 9 years.

The interest rate may differ bank to bank, before taking the loan ask manager for the interest rate, also ask for grace period.

tell the bank manger for the subsidy by NABARD, if the bank not providing subsidy then go for other bank.

Apply in the bank before financial year for easy getting the subsidy.

Basics of getting Goat farming loan from sbi

Getting The Goat farming loan from Sbi is not an easy task, you have to apply two months before the start of the financial year. The Manager asks for the purpose and interest in goat farming. How much you know about the business and did you get goat farming training? 

Which goat breed are you going to start your farm and what is the productivity of that Breed of goat, what is the capacity of generating the kids of goat and the purpose of your goat farming. These are some basics about the interest of your goat farming.

SBI agriculture loan interest rate 2020

The interst rate increases in 2020 and The Sbi agriculture loan interest rate 2020 is 11.20 per annum. This rate can be difeer bank to bank if you take goat farming loan from canara bank then the rate would be differ.

But in my opinion getting goat farming loan from SBI is best, the process is quite simple they get loan easily.

FAQ about Goat farming Loan

Q.1) How can i get loan for goat farming?

The process is quite simple first get the knowledge about goat farming business you can take goat farming training after that make goat farming project report and apply to any government loan, also told your bank manager to get the NABARD subsidy after sanction of the loan it is easy to get the subsidy from NABARD.

Q.2) Which Bank is best for Agriculture Loan?

You can take an Agriculture loan from any bank either it is government or private but I will recommend you to go for a government bank for a goat farming loan. The government loan has less loan interest compared to Private. The State Bank of India, Bank of India, Narmada Jhabua Gramin Bank, Punjab National Bank, co-operative bank are some government banks to take loans.

Q.3) what is the interest rate of goat farming loan?

The interest rate for goat farming loans is 9.95% per year from the nationalized bank. it can be more if you take loan from any private bank like AXIS Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC, YES, Kotak Mahindra Etc.

Q.4) How can i get NABARD subsidy in goat farming?

well, to get the benefit of subsidy you have to take loan first and once the loan is sanctioned then getting subsidy from Nabard is easy. You dont have to do anything to get the subsidy the bank manager will do every process for you.


India is an agricultural dominant country. All the food comes from this sector and the agriculture sector plays an important role in the Indian economy. Without this sector country can’t grow too much that’s why the government continuously helps to enhance the agriculture sector. Goat farming loan from Sbi helps to start the business and this bank gives respected amounts of loans to the goat farmers.

That’s why the goat sector alone contributes Approximately 35 thousand crores every year to the Indian economy. Goat farming is a profitable business and it is growing rapidly because of increasing the demand for Goat meat. People of India love to eat goat meat. Goat meat is more expensive than any other meat available in India. The future of Goat farming is looking very great.

Goat Farming in Bihar


If you have your own land then Goat farming in Bihar can generate good money for you. Bihar is the agriculture dominant state of India and Goat farming is the part of agriculture. 

Animal husbandry supports farmers during crop failure. If it can support in a bad time then this business has the potential to make money throughout the year. The goat milk, meat, and manure has huge demand in Bihar. It is a profitable business that growing rapidly in Bihar.

goat farming in bihar

A six-month-old goat cost around 5 to 6 thousand rupees. If the goat is one year old and you sold it on Eid then it costs around 15000 rupees in Bihar. I am showing this a minimum cost. The price will be more if the goat is healthy and looks attractive.

Before starting this business you have some knowledge about that, better you will take training for commercial goat farming to avoid losses in the beginning.

The State Government of Bihar brings a lot of schemes related to goat farming, they have faith in this business. This business provides employment for small farmers and landless people. But nowadays many entrepreneurs attracting to this business and starting goat farming in Bihar on spending a good investment.

Goat Farming training in Bihar

Training plays an important role in every business. If you know nothing about this business then start researching about this business or commercial goat farming in Bihar. 

The Goat farming training in Bihar is provided by the Krishi Vigyan Kendra of every District. You can also learn through the Bihar Krishi app which is available in the play store.

goat farming training in bihar
goat farming training by indus goat farm and training center.

If you want to learn commercial goat farming, then better you take the training from reputed and experienced goat farm near your region.

There are various goat farm in India that provide goat farming training in which Indus goat farm and training center in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh is one of the best goat farms, in my opinion, they will teach you all about goat farming.

Many farmers took training from Indus goat farm and successfully running and maintaining their goat farm with profitability.

Suitable Goat Breed for Goat farming in Bihar

There is no recognized Goat breed of Bihar but black Bengal goat is best-suited goat breed in Bihar. The Black Bengal is the breed known for producing multiple kids in single gestation. It gives birth to twins, triplets quadruplets normally. 

The Black Bengal is the meat purpose goat breed and the taste of black Bengal goat meat is the best in the world. The only disadvantage of this breed is their milk production, it produces very less milk.

Barbari Goat is another goat breed suitable in Bihar. This is the meat purpose goat breed. Barbari goat breed has the potential to double your income in limited time. This breed matures early and produces twins and triplets most of the time. A lot of goat farmers in Bihar start their commercial goat farming business with this breed.

Advantages of Goat farming in Bihar

  • The available goat population in Bihar is quite less, these state imports goats for slaughter from nearby states. The competition is less if you start Goat farming in Bihar then chances to get quick success is more compared to other states.
  • The goat is the animal that can live in arid or semi-arid regions, a low-cost goat farming is possible.
  • The small gestation period of goats and they give twins and triplets in each gestation.
  • Single labor can handle 100 goats.
  • The size of a goat is small compared to cow and buffalo, it requires less housing.
  • Less feed requirement and competition is less.
  • No religious taboo on eating goat meat in India.
  • The demand for goat meat is more than production.
  • Supportive income with milk and manure.

Goat farming Loan in Bihar

The Bihar state government mainly focuses on employment and gives crores of rupees through loans to start this business or related to other agriculture business. Bihar is the agriculture dominant state of India.

The government gives loans under the Entrepreneurship development & employment generation (EDEG) scheme. They also provide subsidies in goat farming. This subsidy is provided by NABARD (National bank for agriculture & rural development). This subsidy is 25% for General and OBC and 33% for SC/ST and BPL cardholders. Every person in India can take advantage of this subsidy.

Important things keep in Mind Before starting Goat farming in Bihar

The Goat Housing, Goat Feed and Goat disease are the pillars of commercial goat farming in Bihar you have to mainly focus on that and be prepared before starting a goat farm. Do research as much as possible form the internet, Books other sources. 

Goat Housing

Housing is an important aspect of commercial goat farming in Bihar. If you are from a high rainfall area then you should go to an elevated shed otherwise there is not any problem in the ground floor shed.    

Don’t overspend your money in the expensive shed in the beginning. Because goat farming requires 1 to 1.5 years to generate profit. Most of the people Leave this business midway. This is a simple and easy and profitable business.

Goat shed or house should be dry and hygiene all the time for the better comfortability of the goats. 

The house should be well ventilated and the lime powder should be spread in every 15 days to disinfect the shed.

The Adult female goats required 10 sqft area in the shed 15 sqft open paddock area near the shed.

There should be enough feeder and waterer in the house of goats. Generally, 1 feeder is enough for 10 Goats.

Goat Feeds

60% of cost spend only on Goat feed, try to minimize this cost. If you have your own land then grow your own Green, Dry and concentrated feed. If you grow our own concentrated feed then this business is like the gold mine. 

The  Green Fodder crops are Lucerne, moringa, cow pie, Napier, Berseem, Gwar, etc.

The concentrated feed crops are Makka, Jwar, wheat, oats. This all Fodder are best Suited for goat farming in Bihar and also climate-friendly for Bihar state

Give 250 g of concentrate feed per day to the adult goats. A better feed to the goats will give you better results. The goat feed should be concentrated in the morning, Dry fodder in the midday and green fodder in the evening.

Concentrated feed formula (100 kg)

IngredientsWeight in Kg
Gram 17
Soy or Groundnut Cake30
Wheat Bran20
Mineral Mixture2
Total100 Kg

The mineral mixture is quite important for the commercial or stall feeding goat farming. It completes the mineral requirement of the goat and helps to enhance the productivity of goats.

Goat Disease

Management of Goat disease is another important part of goat farming, you have to know the basic medicines for the goats. To decrease the mortality and increase the profitability of your goat farm.

You have to take commercial goat farming training to get the knowledge about goat disease their symptoms and treatment. The Indus goat farm & training Center provides you all about goat disease and their treatment.

There are some major goat diseases like PPR, Enterotoxaemia, Goat Pox, Haemorrhagic septicemia, Foot & Mouth Disease.

Care and management of Goats

First of all, I will tell you to care and effective management is quite an important part of goat farming in Bihar. You have to spend time with goats you can’t leave your goat alone. You have to love your goat and provide proper treatment on time to generate profitability. 

  • Separate the pen according to age and don’t overcrowd in each pen.
  • Feed colostrum to the kid under half an hour after birth.
  • Cut the naval 3 to 4 inch far and  Apply Tincture iodine to avoid bacterial infection.
  • Feed milk to kids according to their weight.
  • Do Extra care and management for pregnant goat
  • Provide extra feed to a pregnant goat at the last month of pregnancy
  • Select the best breeding buck for the better upcoming flock
  • Spread the limestone powder every week in the pen.
  • Provide disinfected water to goats.
  • Deworm your goat pre or post-monsoon.


Goat farming can be done in Bihar from ancient times, but now it is shifted to stall feeding Goat farming for commercial purpose. The farming required little investment to start and any person can start with a low cost or (10+1) unit depending on your investment how much money do you have otherwise you can take out a loan. Goat farming in Bihar has a very good scope and it can become a money-making machine if done in the right way. Goat is a friendly animals. They take limited space & limited feed to live compared to other livestock. It also gives you maximum returns in a limited interval of time. 

Goat farming in MP – Madhya Pradesh

goat farming in mp

A lot of People starting Goat farming in MP Because this business has the potential to double the income in a limited period of time compared to any other business. Starting commercial goat farming in Madhya Pradesh will be a good decision because the number of farms available in this state is less compared to other states. 

Goat comes under the small ruminant category who can live in small roughages and on a handful of concentrate feed(Dana). The per-day cost of raising a goat is quite less compared to other livestock.

goat farming in mp

The indigenous breed of this state is Malwa but till now Malwa is an unrecognized goat breed of India. Malwa is a productive goat breed. This breed has the capability to give multiple births in each gestation period.

The Goat Produce Milk, Meat and Manure. The Goat Meat has a High demand in Madhya Pradesh compared to any other Meat. Milk and Manure are the By-Product of Goat. These also Give a respected amount of money on selling this to the Goat farmer.

The price of Live goat is quite High at the time of Eid in Madhya Pradesh. This Business makes good money at the time of Festivals. Most of the Goats Exported to Mumbai from Madhya Pradesh at the time of Eid, it is the reason for the hike in price. Places like Indore, Bhopal, Dewas, Ujjain, Jabalpur, the cost of the one-year-old goat is around 20,000 to 50,000 on Eid.

Overall, in my opinion, Goat farming in MP has a Bright Future. A lot of youngsters are attracted to start this business, Because this is a simple Business that has a huge potential, and 100 goats can easily be handled by single labour. This business can be scaled as much as possible. The only thing you need is land of your own in which you can grow your own green fodder.

Goat farming Training in mp

Before starting this business, you have some theoretical & Practical knowledge about goat farming and for that Goat farming training is quite important to avoid loss in the beginning. Better to take the knowledge from Experience goat farmer. Before starting goat farming in mp you have to visit some goat farm to learn more about Goats. 

Animals don’t speak about their problem and their disease. To know much more about that goat farming training is important. You can get experience on your own. It will take 1 to 2 years. It is better to learn from other experiences. 

Goat farming training by indus goat farm

The Indus goat farm in Madhya Pradesh provides 2 days Goat farming training and completes all the syllabus in these two days.

In these two days, you Learn all about Goat farming Business, the importance of goat breeds, goat Feed management, goat farming principles, Vaccination schedule of Goats, how to give the injection to Goat with all 3 routes. internal and external deworming, goat meat and meat products. A viral and bacterial disease of goats their symptoms, treatment and Precaution, breeding management principles, How to get bank loan etc.  

They started their goat farming journey in 2018 and successfully doing goat farming. The owner of this farm is well educated and has very good knowledge of commercial Goat farming. They also provide free visits to their farm.

List of Breeds for starting Goat farming in MP

The climate condition of Madhya Pradesh is suitable for Goat and you can start goat farming in mp from any of the breeds. It is better to start from a recognised breed compared to local or desi breed because local or desi don’t give as much profit as recognized Goat Breed

If you raise local goats it will eat the same as other breeds but it will be sold in less amount because a brand is always a brand. Local things can’t replace the brand.

Suitable Breeds in Madhya Pradesh

Suitable Exotic Goat Breed for Goat farming in MP

Goat Farming Loan In MP

The loan is much more important for goat farming in mp because most of the people don’t have much money in hand for starting this business. Goat farming is a business that requires money for Goat Housing, Goats and goat equipment.

The Government of India helps to start this business and give subsidies on bank loans. You have to take a loan to get this subsidy. You have to provide a Goat farming project report or training certificate for the proof that you know about goat farming. Goat farming loan in MP is for the person who wants to do something in this business and provide employment to the poor people.

You can get this loan from any of the recognized banks of India. The interest on this loan is around 10% yearly. And you have to pay this loan in quarterly installment.  To get this loan you have to submit the document like the Land registry, and personal detail document.

Goat farming subsidy in MP

The subsidy is provided by the NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development). This subsidy is based on the caste system of India. If you are under BPL/SC/ST then you will get a 33% subsidy by NABARD and if you are under General and OBC then you will get a 25% subsidy By Nabard this subsidy comes directly under your Loan Account.

It is easy to take this subsidy, first of all, process the loan and then Process for the subsidy if you will get the loan then you can get subsidy easily. They are ready to give subsidies for Goat farming in MP.

Advantage of starting Goat Farming In MP

  • Madhya Pradesh is an agriculture-based state. Getting the green, dry and concentrated feed is easy at a reasonable price. 
  • The Environment for Goat farming in MP is quite suitable for any type of breed. The Madhya Pradesh has all three seasons: summer, winter, and Rainy that matters a lot for the better health of Goat.
  • Madhya Pradesh is in the center of India, so importing or exporting goats to any other state is quite easy and cost-effective.
  • The demand for Goat meat is increasing day by day in MP. currently the cost of per Kg goat meat is 500 rs. That is a good sign for the goat farming in MP.
  • You can start Goat farming in MP with a low initial investment.

Goat housing 

  • Do keep in mind before starting goat farming in mp that doesn’t overspend money on Goat shed at the beginning of goat farming, you have to start with less amount. After getting some experience spent as much as you can.
  • Generally, goats don’t require expensive shed they need only hygiene and ventilated houses for better living.
  • Provide them enough space for a living don’t overcrowd in the house.
  • The feeding and drinking equipment for goats should be according to the number of goats. For 10 goats 1 feeder and 1 drinker is enough.
  • Spread limestone powder every week is necessary on the farm.
  • The pen should be separated according to age. 

Goat Feed

  • Do proper arrangement of Goat feed before taking a goat in the house
  • The Green, Dry and concentrated feed should be properly available in the each day Diet of the goat.
  • The feed given to the goat should be according to their age and weight
  • If the goat is not gaining weight properly then try to change the feed.
  • The cost of goat feed should not be more than 10 rupees per goat.

Economics of Goat farming

According to the livestock census 2012, the total population of goat in India is 13.5 crores. In which Madhya Pradesh contributes 80 lacks Goats and ranks on number 8th position.

The goat sector alone contributes 38590 crores to the total economy of India. Which is a very huge amount. Normally, People of India prefer to eat goat meat because it is lean and has lower cholesterol compared to any other meat.

The Price of Goat Meat is increasing like Skyrocket which is Positive sign for Goat farmers they can make a good money with the goat farming business.

Join Goat Farming Community


As a Result, If you are planning to start the goat farm and you are from Madhya Pradesh, then you can start this business. This business has the potential to make good money. No doubt it is one of the profitable businesses and many of the goat farmers making good money on doing commercial goat farming in mp. Madhya Pradesh comes in the central part of India and this may be one of the biggest advantages of this business, you can supply your goat everywhere at low cost.

Best Goat Breeds in India for Goat farming

In this article, we selected the best goat breeds in India for goat farming. The selection of goat breed for starting a goat farm is an important task. All of your business and profitability depends on the selection of goat breed. 

Always start goat farming business with pure breed don’t go for local or non-descriptive goat breed.

best goat breeds in india for goat farming

There are 22 recognized goat breeds in India and so many unrecognized goat breeds. All the recognized breed has their own quality some breeds are better in milk some best in meat and fiber production.

In my opinion, Select the goat breed according to the purpose of your Goat farming So first of all clear your purpose of goat farming.

The main advantage of goat farming in India is that eating goat meat is not religious taboo. You can raise goats, you can sale their Milk, Meat, Manure, Kids and make a good profit. That’s why the goat is considered as an ATM (all-time money) for the farmers.

This business is now shifting from Extensive goat farming to commercial goat farming in India.

There Is Three purpose of Goat farming in India.

To start goat farming business, better you gain some knowledge about it and take goat farming training to avoid losses in the beginning.

Best Goat breeds in India for Meat purpose Goat farming

In this purpose of Goat farming. You reared goats for meat purposes. In which non-descriptive or local/desi goats are best because they are cheap. But the main disadvantage of desi goat is they are non-habitual for commercial or stall fed goat farming.

So to rear desi goats you have to take them out for grazing for 4 to 5 hours daily. But the main advantage of grazing to goats is they are cost-effective. You can save a big feed cost.

The weight gain in desi goats is lower compared to recognized goat breed. The main advantage of a recognized goat breed is that you know the data on how much it gains weight in a month in this quantity of food. 

Due to increasing the cost and demand of goat meat the meat purpose goat farming is increasing day by day. Currently, the price of goat meat is 550 to 600 rs per kg. From a single 15 kg carcass meat, you can make good money.

Every Goat breed produces meat but goat breeds that gain quick weight and give multiple kids in each gestation are considered as meat purpose goat breeds.

Local or Desi Goat Breed

If you are planning for meat purpose goat farming and want to start a slaughterhouse then non-descriptive or local goats of your region are the best and profitable.

Barbari Goat Breed

The barbari goat is the best goat breeds in India for meat purpose goat farming. This breed has the capacity to produce multiple kids in each gestation. This breed matures early and ready for mating at the age of 7 to 8 months. 

Barbari goat breed is originated in Uttar Pradesh this breed comes in the category of small size goat breed. This is another best goat breed of India for goat farming. The coat color of this small size goat breed is white with brown spots in it. Looks like a dear.

Osmanabadi Goat Breed

Osmanabdi goat breed is originated in Maharashtra India. This is one of the best goat breeds in India for goat farming or for meat purpose goat farming. This is the medium-sized goat breed and most of the time produce twins triplets and quadruplets in each gestation. 

The quality of osmanabadi goat breed is quite good and has huge demand in Maharashtra. It is a profitable goat breed for goat farming.

The coat color of this breed is mainly black with medium-size ears. The height of this breed is quite good. This breed is not used for milk purpose.

Best Goat breeds in India for Milk purpose goat farming

In India Milk purpose goat farming is not popular but goat milk has tremendous benefits for health. It is considered that goat milk is quite beneficial for newborn babies. You can easily sale a packet of pure goat milk in hospitals and make good money.

In the metro cities in India, the goat milk has huge demand and I know some goat farms are selling goat milk at 150 rs per liter.

During the time of Dengue disease, I saw some goat farmers are selling 100 ml goat milk in 150 rupees.

The milk purpose goat farming has a lot of advantages. You can do goat farming with a dual purpose.

Jakhrana Goat Breed

Jakhrana is the best goat breeds in India for milk purpose goat farming. This breed has the capacity to produce 5 liters milk in a single day on good feeding. 

Jakhrana is the breed of Rajasthan. This goat breed has the potential to provide maximum profitability to the farmers. This is the dual-purpose goat breed. This breed comes in the category of large size goat breed. It can produce a good amount of milk as well as a good quantity of meat.

The coat color of Jakhrana is black and you can recognize this goat breed from their ears. The color of their ears is Black with a large number of white dots in it. 

Jamunapari Goat Breed

Jamunapari goat breed is known as the queen of goats in India because They look quite beautiful. Some experts said Jamunapari is the best goat breeds in India for goat farming. 

This is the dual-purpose goat breed. The milk production is well, as well as the production of meat is quite good.

Jamunapari goat breed has the capacity to produce 1.5 liters of milk in a day on average each day of their lactation period. 

This is the most profitable goat breed in India and it comes under the category of expensive goat breed.

The Jamunapari goat breed is the breed of Uttar Pradesh. The coat color of Jamunapari goat is pure creamy white. They have long ears and orange eyes. This is the large size goat breed and weight gain in this goat is better compared to other goat breed.

Beetal Goat Breed

The Beetal Goat breed is the best dual-purpose goat breed of India. This breed can achieve 100 kg of live weight easily in a minimum time interval. Milk production is also best. 

The beetal goat can produce 3 liters a day normally on proper feeding of green, Dry and concentrated feed. 

This is the most expensive goat breed of India. The beetal goat is also known as Punjabi goat because it belongs to Amritsar Punjab.

The coat color of this goat is black, brown, and black and white. The beetal goat is one of the tallest goat breed in the world.

Some countries are importing this beetal goat breed to enhance and improve their local breed on crossing with beetal goats. Recently A goat farm in Punjab exported 100 beetal goats to china.

Eid Purpose goat breed in India for Goat farming 

A good revenue can be generated through Eid purpose goat farming in India. The cost of a good looking and heavy goat sold in good money. Most of the farm is generating good money on selling goats on eid.

The minimum cost of the goat at the time of eid is 20,000 to 1 lakh rupees. It totally depends on the quality and weight of the goat. The weight of goat will more then the price of the goat will be more.

Sojat Goat

Sojat Goat is considered the best goat breed of India for goat farming or for Eid purpose goat farming. The minimum cost of a good sojat goat at the time of eid is 20,000 to 25,000 normally.

If you raise 25 male goats for a single year then you can easily make 5,00,000 rupees on selling on Eid. the Expenditure on raising this goat is 1.5 lakhs rupees so you can easily earn 3.5 lakhs rupees minimum. This is the worst-case scenario.

The sojat goat is the breed of Rajasthan. This is an unrecognized goat breed of India. The coat color of this breed is pure white or gulabi. The weight of this goat is quite good. It can easily achieve 50 kg weight in a year.  

Kota Karoli Goat breed

The Kota goat breed is becoming popular day by day. This breed is became popular in the last 2 to 3 years. it is an expensive breed best suited for Eid purpose goat farming in India. 

This is the unrecognized goat breed of Kota Rajasthan. Kota goat is an aggressive goat breed which gain weight quickly on proper feeding. The 2-year goat easily achieve 120 kg live weight on optimum feeding

The market rate of Kota goat at the time of Eid is 1000 rs per kg normally.

Breeding purpose Goat farming

This is another best way of goat farming good money can generated through it. You can do this type of goat farming from Any recognized goat breed. But to Do this goat farming you have proper knowledge of goat farming. 

The Sojat, Jamunapari, Barbari, Beetal, Osmanabdi, Jakhrana, Kota, Totapari, Malabari, Patira, Hydrabadi are some best Goat breed of India for Breeding purpose goat farming. you can select any of pure breed to start this type of business.


Selection of breed is one of the important tasks of goat farming and getting pure breed for the farm is another major task of goat farming. We discussed the best goat breeds in India for goat farming. You can start with any of the breed we mentioned above all are the profitable breeds.