Goat farming training in Rajasthan


Goat farming has become the leading Business in Rajasthan. The Goat farming training in Rajasthan is much needed for the people of this state. because they don’t do goat farming scientifically and not getting Profit as much as they can.

In this article, we are discussing goat farming training in Rajasthan. There are many training centers available in Rajasthan but selecting the best training center in Rajasthan is a big deal.

goat farming training in rajathan

Most of the People of Rajasthan go outside to get the training. The central institute of research on goats provides 8-day training in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. But they have limited seats, the Selection process of Cirg is quite long.

The Second Best training center is Indus Goat Farm and training center in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh, they provide a very good 2 Days goat farming training at their own farm. They have very good knowledge of Goats and Goat farming. They are highly experienced. 

You can get their syllabus in the images below, in which all Topics are covered of goat farming.

Goat farming training in Rajasthan by government

The best way to get goat farming training in Rajasthan by government is to visit Krishi Vigyan Kendra near your region. Every KVK Krishi Vigyan Kendra provides training. They are always ready to help you and they also provide you with free important medicine and vaccines.

Animal husbandry Rajasthan Provides training every 3 months. The training are provided by veterinary doctors, they also teach how to do the best marketing of goats, Goat economics of Rajasthan and which breed is best for the climate of Rajasthan. They also provide free medicines and vaccines.

Goat farming subsidy in Rajasthan

The goat farming subsidy in Rajasthan is provided By NABARD National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. They provide subsidy after loan sanction directly to your loan account. 

This subsidy is according to the caste system, the BPL Cardholder and SC/ST Caste get a 33% subsidy on the total bank Loan and OBC & General caste get a 25% subsidy to start goat farming in Rajasthan. 

This subsidy is for the rural development of India. You have to apply for a loan before starting the financial year. Generally banks provide loans on a first come first serve basis.

Goat farming training by indus goat farm

Goat farming project cost

Generally, you have to decide the cost according to how much money you have. You can start Goat farming business for one lakh rupees at a low level, and you can also start goat farming in Rajasthan with 5 lakh rupees.

You have to decide first the unit of goats, (25+1) goat is best for a low level in which 25 females and one male Breeder goat, Or you can also start with (50+2) in which 50 females goats and 2 male breeder goats. 

The major cost spent on the Goat shed design and in purchasing Goat breeds. Spent money on goat shed as low as possible. 

Rajasthan is known for Hot climate and generally, goats love hot climates and hate cold and wet climates. so any breed of India can be raised in Rajasthan.

Best Goat Breed for Goat farming in Rajasthan

The climate of Rajasthan is best suitable for goats. Any goat breed can sustain in Rajasthan. The productivity of goats increases in this state because of the climate. The 70 percent of cost only spent on goat feed you can get goat feed in Rajasthan easily, the khejri is the tree of Rajasthan that is available easily. Goats love to eat Khejri tree leaves. 

The best goat breed for the environment of Rajasthan are as follows:

Economics of goat farming in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is at the top position in a number of goats. Rajasthan has  2 crores of goats which is 16% of the total population of goats according to livestock census 2012. 

Rajasthan also has more available goat breeds compared to any other state. Rajasthan has Sirohi, Sojat, kota karoli, Ajmeri Goat breed, and all these goats have better productivity.

Important points Before getting goat farming training

Before taking training to any institute or any farm, ask about the syllabus of training. There should be following points include in goat farming training-

  • Introduction of goat farming and all methods of goat farming
  • Important points before designing goat farming shed
  • Importance of goat feed and goat feed formula
  • Important registered and nonregistered goat breed of India
  • Breeding management of goats
  • Identification of goat age
  • Kid management
  • Selection of breeding buck and heat detection technique
  • Viral and bacterial disease of goat – symptoms, and treatment
  • Vaccination schedule according to the region of India
  • External and internal deworming and their importance
  • Loan procedure for goat farming
  • Integrated business with goat farming
  • Azola cultivation & manure management of goats
  • Goat Economics of India
  • Transportation of goats


There are limited places that provide goat farming training in Rajasthan so you can move to nearby states like Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh for goat farming training. Indus goat farm is the best goat farm that provides the best training at a reasonable cost. They provide training every month the last week. Training plays an important role in the goat farming business to avoid huge losses in the beginning.