Goat Farming Project Report and Profit Guide of (100+4) goats (Updated)

This Goat farming project report shows, how can you earn a profit through goat farming business. what you have to feed and what you have to sell. if you actually want profit from goat farming read this article step by step.

Goat farming in India is growing day by day rapidly because the price of goat meat is increasing fastly, the young entrepreneurs looking for this profitable commercial goat farming business.

A goat farming Business plan is the first part of the business before starting it. All the equipment needed for the commercial goat farms and profit guides is available in this project report.

Please do keep the following points in mind while reading this 100 Goat Farming project report :

  1. This is an expense statement for 14 months or 1 year 2 months by Indus Goat farm located in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh
  2. Before starting a goat farming business it is very important that you should have good knowledge of the same.
  3. Take Goat Farming Training from a reputed goat farm Before starting.
  4. Visit other goat farms and before starting yours to survey the housing, system, fodder management, handling goats, how to castrate bucks, etc.
  5. Please survey the land location, road access, water facility, and other useful things.
  6. Land cost is not included in this report.
  7. Never use goat milk for personal use, as kids need this milk for up to 3 months.
  8. Goat gives kids twice in 14 months, the gestation period of 150 days.
  9. Under stall fed condition the ratio of kids is 60% twins and 38 % single and 2% triplets.
  10. Deworming the goats routinely.
  11. The expenses of vaccination and medicines are 100 rs. Per goat per year.
  12. Hint: goat farming should not be profitable if purchasing green fodder outside the farm.
  13. Concentration fodder: a mixture of maize, groundnut, barley, wheat bran, mineral mixture, salt.
  14. Green fodder: Moringa, berseem, sorghum, Hybrid Napier, subabul, lucern, dashrath, depends on the soil requirement of the area.
  15. To make the additional income in commercial goat farm sale manure or make vermicompost fertilizer from the manure. Use manure to cultivate green fodder for the farm And sale remaining manure.

Why Project Report Required For goat farming?

The goat rearing Project report is required to set up the goat farm or take the idea that how much I can earn through this business. You can follow this report and can earn the highest Profit through this profitable venture.

This is the Proven goatery Project report from one of the oldest goat farm of India, they worked on Sirohi goat breed because they gain weight quickly on stall feeding and one of the profitable goat breed of India.

This goatery Project report is quite helpful to take the Bank loan and get a Goat farming subsidy from NABARD. on the basis of this project report bank sanction loan easily. it is the whole goat farming business plan you can follow and earn maximum profit in this venture.

this goat farming business plan is designed to understand easily for any of the bank Employees and hundreds of farmers from Maharashtra state have taken the loan form this Project report.

At the end of this article you can free download this project report.

A Goat farming project report for bank loan

Profitable Goat Farming Project Report & Business Plan

This goat farming business plan teaches you, how to do goat farming, how to start goat farming, and how can you make it profitable.

to make these business profitable, you just only have to follow these project report.

1. Goat purchasing cost

We purchased 100 matured Female and 4 Male. Weight of Female goat is 30 kg and a weight of 1 male 35 kg. the rate we purchased the Sirohi goat is 210 Rs/kg.

the total cost of goat farming mainly depends on the purchasing of animals.

210 rs
per kg
of 1
weight of
1 does
is 30 kg  
weight of
1 buck
is 35 kg

Note: in India, you can easily start with 210 re per kg live goat weight with Goat Breeds like Sirohi, Barbari, Black Bengal and indigenous breed of any region

2. Goat Production cycle (14 months)

The ratio of kids is 60% twins and 40% single. 90 goats out of 100 are getting pregnant. We are getting 2 crops in 14 months With 10% mortality rate.

1st crop  kids MortalityRemaining
60% of
60% of
is 54
11 kids
40% of
kid, 40%
90 goats
36 kids
4 kids
(in 7

2nd crop        
60% of
of 90
goats is
54 x 2
10 %
11 kids
40% of
kid, 40%
of 90
goats is
36 kids
36 x 1
4 kids is
(in 7

in 14
November goat training

we get 129 kids in one batch (7 months). Or 258 kids in  14 Months.

3. Housing & Shed requirement for (100+4) goats:

Housing and equipment are the one-time investment in the commercial goat farm. Beginning investment is the needs of every business and these business require shed and equipment in the beginning.

Generally, 1 female goat required 10 Sqft Area. Male required 15 Sqft Area. Kid needs 5 Sqft Area.

We are Taking Area for (100+4) goats + 130 kids + 30 Bucks For Eid Purpose.

GoatsGoats x
per goat
rs per
per does)  
4 bucks
60 x 200
130 kids
per kid)
30 bucks
30 x 15450
of shed  
   432000 Rs

4. Required Equipments Used to Start a Goatry Farm

Names Number cost
Chaff cutter  120000
1000 rs per
1000 x 55000
water pots,
200 rs per
200 x 51000
Total cost of

5. Feeding cost of (100+4) Goats and kids

Cost of
104 Adult
goat feed
10 Rs per
day for 14
or 425 days  
129 kids
goat feed
6 RS per
day for 4
months or
120 days
(2 months
on milk
After 6
months they
are ready
for sale  
129x 6x
29 kids save
for Eid &
feed them
6 months
180 days
with 10 Rs
per day
feed cost
Total cost
of Feed  
  • 10 Rs per day per goat cost is the only cost of dry and concentrate fodder, green fodder should be cultivated in our form to maximize the profit. The cost of cultivation of green fodder is not included in this project report.
  • approximately 60% to 70% cost spent on the feed in commercial goat farming.

6. Monthly Expenses of a Goat farm

Names NumberCost
Vaccine &
20 Rs per
104 goats
with kids
362 x 207240
5000 Rs
per month,
1 labor is
enough for
100 goats.  
5000 x 1260000
Water &
500 x 126000
Total cost  

7. Sale of Animals

No. of kids
for sale
Kids x goat
weight x
sale weight 
1st crop      
100 kids of
6 months
with an
weight of
20 kg is
ready for
sale in 210
rs per kg  
29 bucks of
12 months
with average
weight of
50 kg is for
sale on Eid,
is for sale
in 320 Rs
per kg
2nd crop      
100 kids of
6 months
with average
weight of 20 kg
is ready for
sale in
210 rs per kg  
Manure of
goats in
1 year  
Total sale
of Animal

Total Fixed investment or goat farming project cost = Goat purchasing cost + Cost of shed + Equipments

Total Fixed Investment or goat farming project cost = 649400 + 432000 + 26000

Total Fixed investment or goat farming project cost = 1107400 Rs

Fixed investment is the one-time investment cost that is not included in the profit in this project report because every business needs the beginning investment.

Total profit =  Total sale of Animal cost – (total cost of feed + total monthly expenses )

Total Profit = 1312000 – ( 587080 + 76240 )

Total Profit = 1312000 – 663320

Total Profit from 100 goats = 648680 Rs

you can simply earn 648680 rupees in 14 months by following this commercial project report. The profit can fluctuate according to the market rate of goat feed. 

The process for goat farming project report for 200 Goats is same, you can double all the profit and other useful things.

How much one can earn in goat farming?

From the above Discussion you read in The goat farming project report of 100+5 you can earn easily 6.48 lakhs rupees in 14 months. you can go beyond the limit if you raised quality goat and Goat bredd that looks beautiful and acheive promising body weight.

Raised any breed in your goat farm but follow this project report so you can earn maximum profit. I have seen in my goat farming career that the goat sold from 15000 to 1.5 lakhs depends on the quality of the goat. You can sell them easily there is not any rocket science in that.

Bonus Tips: Goat achieves maximum bodyweight after one year of age. After one year Buck matured eats more, achieves good weight, and provides maximum returns.

What are the challanges in goat farming?

Yes, there are some challenges you should aware before entering into goat farming. the main challenges are

  • Detect the Sick Goat and give them treatment on time
  • Detect the Heat and mating with Breeder on time
  • you have to know about Goat disease their symptoms and treatment
  • vaccination and Deworming Schedules of Goats
  • Proper knowledge of medicine
  • Where to sale the Goat

Every business has challenges if you do the proper research and get the Proper Goat farming training from an Experienced goat farm than surely the challenge will convert into the routine. The training is quite important to avoid loss. Training costs you five thousand rupees while a single goat costs you more than that. the choice is yours.

if you Raised goats from the proper management and provide them good nutrition then you can Surely Do that Easily.

Where can I get the Goat farming Project report for Bank Loan?

Hey, don’t worry about the Project report for bank loan, I will provide you the same project report for bank loan in PDF format which worth around 1000 rupees. Many Indian Entrepreneurs get the loan Easily. This powerful project report has the potential to convert the bank manager. He/she can easily say yes after reading this project report because there is nothing any fake thing in this report. it is fully practical and made by a professional indus goat farm.

This is the business model of well known Indus goat farm. FREE download Project report on goat farming PDF on clicking the below link (click on download)

NABARD goat farming project report Requirement

NABARD (National bank for Agriculture and Rural Development ) is the government bank that provides a subsidy to start goat farming business and other agriculture business this project report helps you to get the loan. this is one of the best NABARD goat farming project report PDF you can download and take the loan easily.

Goverment sanction 200 Crores every year for agriculture and rural development, and this 200 crore provide in the form of subsidy.

you can apply for the loan at the beginning of the year. some government nationalize bank give the goat farming loan. if you want to take a loan to start a goat farming business then download this project report and apply for the loan.

Well, Barbari goat farming project report is the same as it is because the buying and selling price of Sirohi and Barbari goat is equal. the only difference in Barbari goat is that you can more kids compare to Sirohi goat.

What Investment Required to Start a Goat Farm?

well, it totally depends on how many numbers of Goats are you going to start, you can start with 10 female goats & you can also start with 100 female goats. it totally depends on you.

the high-quality pure breeds like Boer, Beetal, Jamunapari, sojat required more investment compare to the Sirohi goat breed.

The best number for starting Goat farming is 25 or 50 goat with two male breeder Goats.

for 100 female Sirohi goats you have invest approximately 12 lakhs rupees.

Important tips for the beginner’s goat farmers and Entrepreneurs

  • Do proper care and management during the transportation of goats in the beginning.
  • Select the breed according to your region.
  • don’t do over expenses on goat shed at the beginning of the farm.
  • get the proper training before starting a goat farm.;
  • follow the proper vaccination and deworming schedule to get the maximum profit.
  • your feeding cost should not be more than 10-15 rs per day per goat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) How do You make a Goat farming Project Report?

This project report is completely Practical from one of the best goat farm in India. this goat farm works on Sirohi goat breed from the last 5 years. while making this project report the Indus goat farm Maintain all the cost on Excel sheet noted each and everything.

Q.2) What is the Profit margin in goat farming?

it depends on your management and feed. Normally, the profit margin is 60% but if you grow your own concentrate feed then Profit can be 80%

Q.3) Should i start Goat farming business with 100 Goats?

yes you can start with 100 goats but if you don’t know anything about goats and their managment, you have to take goat farming training first and learn properly how the business is. you can also hire a Veterinary doctor for better management of goats.

One Request?

I have put so much effort to make this project report on goat farming through my own Experience to provide value for the upcoming Goat farmers or Goat farming Community. i have my own goat farm and this project report is completely practical. It will be very helpful for me if you share this post on social media, WhatsApp Groups, and for those who need it. SHARING IS LOVE

Final words on Goat farming project report

This is the complete goat farming project report and Business plan that helps you to start your goat farming venture. This project report is not only for taking a loan for goat farming, this report will help you understand how to do goat farming, this is the complete way from the experience one. if you follow this project report and raised 100+4 goats on your farm you can make the same money also. This is the simple way of goat farming that no-any goat farmer will teach you.

for the maximum profit, you have to raise goats for meat purpose as well as for Eid purpose, this planning is capable to make lakhs of rupees for you.

Happy Goat Farming!

Goat Farming Training By Indus Goat farm & Training Center

To Become a successful farmer, Goat farming training is quite important. Training helps you to learn everything about goat farming. Get the training should always be from the experience goat farm that has its own farm and personal experience of raising 100 Goats on the farm so trainees can understand how to manage goats.

if you have some land to set up a goat farm and grow your own feed then you can surely make good money with this business.

 If you want to start a goat farm then you should have to take training first after that you have to start goat farming business. Training from a reputed goat farm can save you from begening mistakes.

if you are looking for training then Indus goat farm is the Solution to all your queries, on an average 30 people take training from the institute and farm. All our previous trainees are doing successful goat farming they give very positive feedback about our training.

Learn the topics and syllabus of our training below in this post.

Why Goat farming training important?

Because of the lack of knowledge, in the beginning, most of the goat farmers face some losses because of poor management. The principle of goat farming says first learn then earn.

Goat farming is one of the businesses that have a bright future and it is profitable if done in the right way. To taste the success in this business you have to enhance knowledge about goat disease, Goat feed, Goat breed, Goat marketing, Goat purchasing, and all the terms related to goats. All these terms you can learn if you take training from a reputed goat farm.

Commercial Goat farming is growing quickly in India because of increasing the demand for goat meat. People of India love to eat the Goat meat that’s why the price of goat meat is continuously increasing day by day. And it will also increase in the future because the taste of goat meat is unique and there is no religious taboo on eating goat meat in India. 

Most of the training center doesn’t teach you about goat farming and provide the basic training but only can’t make you expert in this field. 

Goat farming training by indus goat farm

We are getting very Positive Reviews & feedback from our trainees that motivate us to do our best in upcoming trainees. we continue researching & learning more about Goat farming so we can share our knowledge to our trainees.

The trainees are coming at our farm across the India to learn the Business and start the Profitable goat farming venture.

Frequently asked questions In goat farming Training?

Which Goat is best for farming?

All goats are best for farming but if I have to choose the best three than I will go for 1.Sirohi Goat, 2.Jamunapari Goat & 3. Barbari Goat. This goat is the best and most productive goat for farming. Most of the goat farmers making a very good income through these goats.

Is Goat Farming Profitable in india ?

I will say a big, yes There is a huge demand of Goat meat in India and increasing timely. A single goat sold on Eid is 15000 Rs in a year and money spent on raising a goat is 5000 rs on the basis of this research I can say that Goat farming is profitable in India and the future of goat farming is very bright.

How can i improve goat farming ?

This is the question from those who have already a farm and want to improve their Goat farming Skills. First of all, you have to go through a Proper Goat breed after that you have to focus mainly on Sanitation at your farm and lastly provide them a Nutritious feed to improve their productivity. Add the mineral mixture in the feed to complete their Vitamins & Mineral requirement.

What is the profit margin in Goat farming ?

Well, this is a very good question for beginners who want to make their career in goat farming. you can get 70% returns on investment in the goat farming business. if you have some land of your own and you grow your own dry, green & concentrated feed (dana) then the profit will double and no one can beat this Business at all.

How Do goat farms make money?

Generally, Goat farmers make money by Selling goats for meat, Selling goats On Eid, and Selling Milk and Goat manure. All these sources are the money-making formula of goat farmers.

goat farming training to get success

How many Goats Do I Need to start goat farm ?

start with 25 goats to lean goat farming properly at your own farm after you will get some experience add Goat in your farm as much as you can according to your need.

Are goats high maintenance ?

Not at all, Goats are the poor man’s cow they have very low maintenance compared to Cows & buffaloes. As per My experience, you have to spend 100 Rs per year on Vaccination or 100 Rs on general medicines. they are in very small size so single labor can handle 100 goats.

What is the easiest breed of goat to raise?

Sirohi Goat is the best goat breed of India they gain very good body weight in a short period of time. their maintenance is zero and the mortality rate is very less. the demand for this goat is more.

How many acres do you need for a goat farm ?

for my own experience, I have set up a goat farm in 1 acre which is equal to 3.63 Bigha in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh. where I grow my own green fodder and set up my 4500 Square feet Goat farm.

What is the most Expensive Goat Breed ?

The Expensive goat breed are Boer Goat, Beetal Goat and Jamunapri Hansa Goat, Patira goat, Hyderabadi Goat, Kota Goat etc. All these goat breeds comes under the expensive goat breed of India.

What is the best Feed for Goat weight gain ?

the Dry fodder and concentrate feed is the best feed for weight gain. give it proper amount don’t feed extra otherwise it can converted into bloating

How tall should a fence be for goats ?

At 6 Feet considered best for a goat farm. the goats raised safe under the fence and No wild animal can harm your goats under 6 feet Fence.

How Do I start a goat farming ?

Generally, To start goat farming you have to choose a goat breed first and grow your own fodder aside and make a goat shed according to the number of goats are you planning for. Make a proper Business plan on the paper and take the goat farming training. In training asks all your questions from your mentor. for the training Indus goat farm is the best option where all your queries would be solved and answered by Mentor.

What Topics should be covered in goat farming training?

All this topic covered in the 2 days training of Indus Goat farm. Indus goat farm is the best goat farming training center in India. The training they provide has excellent feedback you can read in the above image.

This syllabus of our training is 50% practical & 50% theoretical, that will help you understand efficiently.

our goat farm is 100% organized and best in our state. we are working on intensive farming and getting best results, you can learn from our experience.

1. Introduction of Goat farming

Basic of commercial goat farming, How much investment required to start goat farming business, The anatomy of goat, Goat farming business, then and now.

2. Goat Farming Methods

Types of goat farming method and its advantages and disadvantages. 

3. Goat Breeds

The number of registered and unregistered goat breeds of India and their Productivity, their age at first kidding, how to identify them.

Exotic goat breeds available in India and their productivity and much more about goat breeds.

4. Importance of goat shed 

Types of the goat shed design and its advantage and disadvantage, low investment goat shed, shed direction or orientation, feeders and waterers management, ventilation, space requirement for 50, and 100 goats.

Daily management in goat housing, Importance of sanitation in the farm and much more about the shed.

5. Goat Feed

Goat feeding management, green fodder, dry fodder, and concentrated fodder schedule time and quantity. Importance of Goat nutrition and much more about feed, what to feed Eid Bucks for heavyweight.

6. Breeding management of goats 

The best season of breeding, selection of breeding buck, Age identification of goats, Heat detection techniques of goat, qualities of a breeding buck. Care and management of goat.

7. Kid management of goat

How to manage kids from day 1 to 90 days, kid feeding and Birth management.

8. Viral and bacterial disease of goats

Common Disease of goats and their causes, symptoms, Treatment, and prevention. (All major diseases covered)

9. External and internal Deworming schedules of goat

All about External and internal parasites. How to get rid of external and internal parasites, Dipping.

10. Vaccination schedule of goats

Importance of vaccination of goats and their importance in goat farming business. Vaccination according to state. 

11. General practical training 

Hoof trimming, How to castrate goats, the importance of Tagging, Marking, Dressing, Brushing (Practical)

12. Goat economics of India

Future prediction of goat farming business, How to get the bank loan and subsidy information, Goat insurance.

13. Basic about Artificial insemination

What is artificial insemination and its advantages and disadvantages(theoretical)

14. Integrated businesses with goat farming

Importance of goat manure, vermicompost, Azola cultivation

15. Goat Meat and Meat Products

In the above topics, I mentioned the one topic has so many subtopics. All are important and covered in the 2-day training of Indus goat farm.

These 15 topics will be covered in training and all your queries will be answered. The training syllabus is 50% practical and 50% theoretical. The syllabus is designed to easily understand.

the above subject completes all the useful things you can ask anything related to goat farming question, you will get all the solutions to your hurdles in this training. I am giving you a guarantee that you will be satisfied with this training and will start your goat farming career with success.

with this training, the mentor provides you the best tips and training on how you can prepare your goat for eid and earn good money.

I mainly focus on low-cost goat farming and told to trainees how you can do goat farming at a cheap cost.

Also focuses on Goad disease, Goat feed, Goat breed

How Goat farming Training certificate is important to get a loan?

the training certificate plays an important role to get the loan from the bank and take the Subsidy. Indus farm provides a good-looking training certificate to their trainees to solve their problem in getting a loan. this certificate has a lot of value in India and make difference from others.

the training certificate will provide after training. we can’t provide our certificate without training.

Role of Training for succesful goat farming

Generally, the farmers involving in this business know nothing about animals needs their nutrition requirements and what treatment goat needs when they are sick.

To become a successful goat farmer, goat farming training plays a major role. The training from a reputed goat farm will teach you all the needy aspects of goat farming and also helps you when you need or when you run your goat farm.

The trainer also teaches you the required general medicines for goat when your goat is ill. 

A short investment in Goat farming training can save you from Loss. if your one expensive goat saves from the disease than it means your training is successful.

Indus Goat farm & training center

You can get the best training from the Indus goat farm. This is the leading goat farm in central India. Indus goat farm provides 2 days Commercial goat farming training in the last week of every month.

They cover all the topics from the above list. The best part of this training is they teach from live examples. They focus on both practical and theoretical knowledge of goat farming. 

The main objective of this training is to improve the knowledge of goat farming beginners. The Indus goat farm was established in the year 2018, they running successfully and making a profit from this business. 

The discussion with training members and answers to their questions is the main focused part of the training.

This goat farm located in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh. They provide the hotel facility to the training members for two to three days. The date they provide on their official website. It is the best training center in central India.  

They also help the farmers after training, every time you can call or message and ask everything about the treatment. They also provide a goat farming training certificate after training. In this training, everyone for every state of India can come and get training.

In my opinion, without getting information about any type of business there is a big risk you can pass and you can fail but it is better to get training. Investment on your own to collect information is always worth it.

Generally, Goat farming training by the government is not that worth better to take the training from experienced Goat farm. generally, a government officer that gives training has no personal experience of rearing goats.

Indus Goat Farm is the member of Goat Spot Community. this community is the best community in the world where you get all about goat farming. This community has Both Paid and free membership.

All Breed of Goat are Profitable its totally depend on purpose of your goat farming. it may meat Purpose, Breeding Purpose & Eid Purpose. You can a Good income with all this three purpose of goat farming.

Which Breed of Goat is Most Profitable?

All Breed of Goat are Profitable its totally depend on purpose of your goat farming. it may meat Purpose, Breeding Purpose & Eid Purpose. You can a Good income with all this three purpose of goat farming.

For Meat Purpose – Sirohi Goat, Black Bengal, Osmanabadi Goat, Malwa Goat, Barbari Goat are considered best Goats you can make Easily a good income with this goat breed.

For Breeding Purpose – Sojat Goat breed, Boer Goat Breed, Beetal Goat Breed, Sirohi Goat Breed are the best some goat farmers are making lakhs of rupees in a month by this purpose of goat farming.

For Eid Purpose – Kota Goat Breed, Sojat Goat Breed, Gujri Goat Breed, Sirohi Goat Breed, Patira Goat, Beetal Goat Breed are Best for this purpose.

Make a plan according to the purpose of goat farming and start working on it.

All the above Purposes except milk purpose are best for Goat farming in India.

Future scope of Goat farming or why you should enter in this Business?

The graph curve of goat farming is increasing. I have never seen any downfall in this business. The goat meat price is continuously increasing. India is the top exporter of goat and goat meat throughout the world. millions of goats sold at the Eid festival in India.

In my area, the price of goat meat is 550 Rs per Kg and I know it will touch 600 Rs per kg in the next year. You can expect the potential of this business. 

Generally, the goat starts to eat a little bit after one month and for a goat farmer, the cost spent on one goat after one month is around 10 to 12 rupees average per day. 

Goat farming MathsHow Much You can Earn?

If you reared one female goat for 14 months. Normally one goat Probably gives two kids in one gestation period(5 months). We raised goat and their kids.

We sold two kids in 6 months remaining 2 kids we raised for one year for sale on the Eid festival because we can get more price at this festival. 

Normally, The cost spent on goat feed for one goat is 12 rs per day.

(14 months=420 days, 5 months = 150 days, 1 year =  365 days)

1 Female for 14 months  – 1 x 420 x 12 = 5040 Rs

2 Kid for five months – 2 x 150 x 12 = 3400 Rs

2 Kid for 1 years – 2 x 365 x 12 = 8760 Rs

Total cost spent on feed =  17200 Rs

Now I have to sale all my goat’s kid then what money I will get

 2 kids, I sold in 6 months in 5000 rs = 10000

2 goat I sold in Eid festival in 15000rs = 30000

Total =40000

 the money I got in my hand is 40000

What I spent on feed is 17200

therefore 40000-17200 = 22800 rs

in this Training, the Indus Goat Farm also teaches you how can you earn more than that and the hidden principles of goat farming.

You earn 22800 and you have your female goat left in your farm. You can expect how much you can earn with 100 female goats. To check the project report of 100 female goats click on the link Goat farming project report of (100+5 goats).

Government Support to Goat Farming

The Goat Farming Business Supports 38 Thousand Crore Every year to India economy according to livestock census 2012. this business has a very bright future and the government continuously supporting to Start the goat farming business through subsidy.

In Every Financial Year Government sanction 200 crores to agriculture and Rural Development. The government of India provide subsidy to start Goat farming business, This subsidy is based on the caste system. the SC/ST/BPL gets a 33% Subsidy and OBC/Gen gets a 25% subsidy to start this business.

This Subsidy is Provided by NABARD after getting a loan. So many people of India take this benefit every year to start this business.

if you have insufficient fund to make infrastructure for goats and buy quality Goats then you have to go for loan.

More Questions?

Q.1) What is the price of goat farming training?

The Price of our 2 days training is 4500 Rs in which the hotels & food facility is included. only you have to book your seat and start training.

Q.2) Do you provide lifetime support?

Yes, we provide full free consultancy service for our trainees after training, they can ask anything on a phone call or WhatsApp. their problem will be solved as soon as possible.

Q.3) How many trainees attend in single batch?

The 30 trainees attend training in a single batch, every trainee has an authority to ask any questions anytime.


Here we give a short example of one goat and their kids. You can earn good money if doing this business.

Generally, one farmer can easily raise 100 goats with one labor because the size of the goat is small compared to other livestock.

You can earn very good money if you have some land and you will grow your own concentrate feed like Makka, wheat, and Jo (Barley). then your cost of feeding will be less and you will earn good money.

if you really want to make money with this business then you have to learn first about their Priciple management.

Get the goat farming training from Indus goat farm they will teach you more in-depth about goat farming or how you can succeed in this business.

Goat Vs lamb meat: Which is best?

There is a big battle between goat Vs lamb meat, both look the same but there is a pole apart difference between them.

I have to clear before,

LambLess than one-year sheep
Mutton More than one-year Sheep
Goat meatLess than one year Goat
ChevonMore than one year Goat
goat vs lamb meat comparison

tastewise both are different but, lamb meat is softer compared to goat meat. I have tested both types of meat but I always love to eat goat meat because it is delicious and makes a difference compared to lamb meat.

in Europe & America, the Population of lamb is more compared to Goats while in Asia & Africa the goat population is more compared to lamb. This data is according to the livestock census.

Lamb Meat overview

the young sheep which is less than one year known as a lamb. the lamb meat is mostly preferred in the united states because it is lean and softer while on the other hand sheep meat is quite fatty.

The color of lamb meat is pink which tests better than the sheep.

don’t be confused about lamb or Mutton

Lamb vs Mutton: which one tastes better?

One-year-old sheep are known as lambMature 1-3 years old sheep known as mutton
Lamb meat is in pink colorMutton color is in deep red
US people preferred lamb meat compared to sheep meatMutton is more popular in Europe
The fat percentage is less compared to sheepThe fat percentage is more in mutton or sheep.
As compared to sheep meat, lamb meat is fine, softer, and delicious.Tastewise mutton taste more delicious than lamb

Goat meat overview

In Asia and Africa, peoples prefer goat meat compared to lamb and sheep meat. the weight of goat is less compared to lamb and sheep that’s the reason goat meat tastes better.

Goat meat is also called mutton in Asia and Africa. the average live weight of a goat is 20 kg approximately. A 20 kg live goat gives 11 kg net meat

People love to eat goat meat curries, biryani, Mexican and Jamaican dishes of goat meat. My mouth is watering taking the names of such dishes. hahaha

The goat meat comes under the red meat, it is harder compared to sheep meat. The protein percentage in goat meat is more compared to lean meat.

What is goat meat called?

goat’s meat called chevon. the common name of goat in various countries is ”goat” and the adult goat

Nutrients comparison between Goat meat vs lamb meat

100 gm cooked and roasted goat and lamb contain:

Goat meatLamb meat
Protein (g)2725
Fat (g)321
Iron (mg)3.71.9
Cholesterol (mg)7597
Sodium (mg)8672

According to the above nutrients compositions, Goat meat is healthier compared to lamb meat. the lamb meat is higher in fat contains more calories.

Source: USDA GOV

lamb vs goat meat: which is healthier?

high fat & cholesterol meat is considered bad for the health while a high percentage of protein considered good for health.

on average Human body requires 50 g of protein daily but not able to get this because of the higher cost of meat.

the 100 gm cooked goat meat contains 27 g protein while on the other hand lamb meat contains 2 grams less protein. lamb meat has higher fat and calories which is bad for health.

Finally, it has been proven that goat meat is healthier compared to lamb meat.

Sannen Goat Breed complete information

it is heavy medium size breed

Saanen Goat is the Dairy goat Breed also known as the queen of dairy goats. Sannen is a popular Goat Breed worldwide. The sannen Goat is very good in milk production as well as in Meat production. It is the Dual purpose Breed. This breed is largely used in crossbreeding to enhance the milk production of the other breeds.

This breed is originated in sannen valley of Switzerland. The reason of saying Queen of Dairy Goat because it produces the highest milk production compared to other Goat breeds in the world. The average milk production of sannen goat is 2 to 2.5 liter per day.

sannen goat is known as world's best dairy goats

The sannen goat is imported to more than 70 countries. The milk of sannen is used for drinking and other milk products like Yogurt, Butter Milk, butter. The milk of sannen goat is also used for Goat milk soap and other expensive Beauty products.

The breed is known for their beautiful look. It is the pure white color breed.

Sannen Goat Breed Profile

Breed Name Sannen
Other Name Queen of Dairy Goat
Origin Switzerland
Normal Height 30-36 inch
Udder Size of Adult Doe Big
Coat Color White
Purpose Of Breed Milk Purpose
Size Category Medium  Size Breed
Weight of Mature Male
(2 years)
70 to 80 kg
Weight Of Mature Female
(2 years)
50 to 60 kg
Age At First Kid 14 Months
Average Birth Weight of Fid  2.5 to 3 Kg
Kidding Interval 7 months
Number of Kid Crops in 2 Year 3
Gestation Length 150± 5 days
Repeating Heat Cycle  21 days
Single Birth Percentage 20%
Twins Percentage 70%
Triplets Percentage 10%
Average Milk Capacity 2 to 2.5 liter per day
Estrus period or
Heat period Duration
24 to 36 Hours

Sannen Goat Price in india

The price of sannen goat in India is high because this breed is available on some farms and most of the farms did not provide female sannen. this is the reality of this goat in India.

you have to pay a high amount to buy sannen female.

The cost of sannen 3 months old kids is 20,000

the cost of 12 months sannen female goat is 55000

The cost of 12 months old male goats is 50000

sannen goat weight chart

This weight chart of the male sannen and is noted at optimum feeding of stall-feed goat farm in which highly nutritious feed is given time and all goats are vaccinated & dewormed properly.

 AgeWeight in (Kg)
1.sannen goat Birth weight2.5 -3.5
2.Weight at 3 months10
3.Weight at 6 months25
4.Weight at 9 months45
5.Weight at 12 months60
Sannen Kid looks preet and adorable

Characteristics Of Sannen Goat

The Milk production of sannen is good, it is approximately 2 to 2.5 liter which quite good numbers. This Milk Production Helps Newborn kids and provides immunity. Enough Milk production of the goat is one of the reasons for less Mortality.

The sexual maturity of sannen is early. The female Goat is ready for Breeding at the age of 9 months which is quite good for Commercial goat farming. After 5 months of gestation, the Goat is ready for birth, Therefore, Age at first kidding is 14 months.   

Early maturity is the sign You can get More production of Kid and Milk in the whole life of Goat.

Appearance of Sannen Goat

Sannen goat is a medium-sized breed. The main coat color of sannen goat is pure white color. They have short white hair on the whole body. The height is short approx 30 to 35 inches of adult male and female.  The sannen kids look pretty adorable and can become very good pet.

The Ears are horizontally straight or Pink in color from inside, the muzzle is also pink in color. The pink color is the shadow of Switzerland’s cold climate. The color of the eyes is mainly brown.

Normally, The male goat has a beard. the horns are long & V-shaped and tilt roundly to Backside Gives them a perfect look.

The medium size tail hangs downward. Generally, they have large size udder.

Sannen Goat milk per day Production

Sannen goat is mainly raised for milk production worldwide compared to meat.  it is the milk purpose breed also known as the queen of Dairy Goat.

the sannen goat produces fat content in the milk is 3 to 3.5 % with Protein 2.5% in the first 2 to 3 months after kidding.

The milk cycle or lactation cycle starts from day one after birth and it continuously goes on up to 3 months in which the milk production is at peak level in 14 to 35 days of lactation after that milk production fall continuously week to week is noted.  

The peak milk production is 2.5 liters per day after that it reduces up to 1.5 liters. See in the figure. If the Does gives twins birth than milk production per day is Large as compared to single birth.

This production of milk totally depends on the feed type, the feed has enough dry matter for good milk production.

lactation cycle of sannen goat.

Meat Production of sannen goat

The quality sannen male is selected for breeding purpose rest are used for the Meat purpose, this breed produces fine quality tasty meat which people prefer to eat.

The weight of an adult males of 1 year reaches up to 45 kg on providing good feed in stall feeding rearing system and the female reaches up to 35 to 40 kg. the meat is tasty and fine of an adult goat.

The weight of male increases and it becomes more fine with castration

sannen goat breed gives quick return always.

Mortality of Kid

The mortality of kid is less in sannen goat because the goat produces milk in good quantity which gives immunity to the goat up to weaning.

The Mortality in sannen goat is approximately 5 to 6 percent is noted with good management of farm which provides enough feed to the goat at the time of gestation and lactation period.

Care and management for the Sannen goat

  • The breed is mainly from Switzerland than they required cool temperature, therefore the house of Sannen goat should be well ventilated, clean, dry and Hygiene all the time for the better production of meat and milk.
  • Provide them quality feed for high milk production. Milk production totally depends on feeding Dry matter.
  • There should be variety in the goat feed. Don’t feed the same type of feed every day.
  • The feed should be green dry and concentrate on a whole day diet.
  • For the better production provide concentrate in the morning, green forage in the day and Dry forage in the evening.
  • Do proper care against Viral, Bacterial, fungal and Parasite disease of goats.
  • Prior vaccination is better than cure So Vaccinate Before all the animal against the viral disease of goat according to your region.
  • For internal parasite deworming should be done twice a year pre and post-monsoon.

Advantage of Sannen Goat or why you have to raised Sannen goat in your farm

  • You can sale the milk from day one, Milk gives quick returns.
  • These breed fulfill the milk requirement of the family.
  • It is better to raise 5 sannen goats at the same rate of one cow.
  • It is the dual-purpose breed.
  • Mortality % is less compared to others.

Gujri Goat: Heavyweight Cross Breed of India

Gujri goat is one of the popular breeds in the current situation. it is mainly known for its tall height and maximum weight gain.

with the proper feeding, it can give very tough competition to Beetal goat. the main thing is that it is available at a very reasonable price.

Gujri Goat breed male price 30000

The Guri goat breed is a crossbreed and has 85 percent of gens of Sirohi goat. simply it is a mixture of Sirohi and sojat goat.

it is available in twoi colors and mainly found in Rajasthan.

The demand of Gujri breed has more at the time of Eid because of their higher weight gain.

Gujri Goat weight gain chart

This Gujri goat breed can acheive utp 120 kg body weight on Braley (Jo) and hari patti with proper feeding timely. if you will not provide hari patti and Jo daily then chances of their weight gain is less.

 AgeWeight in (Kg)
1.Birth weight3.5-5
2.Weight at 3 months10-15
3.Weight at 6 months25-30
4.Weight at 9 months45-50
5.Weight at 12 months70-75

this weight is noted on timely feeding of single birth male goat, it can be differ if the goat give twins or triplets.

this weight is acheived on proper feeding of jo and hari patti. not any rocket science included on it.

What is Gujri Goat Price at the time of Eid?

the price is quite important if you are going to start a goat farm but if you are looking to start a goat farm my honest opinion is to get the goat farming training first after that invest in the Goat farming business because the investment is more in it.

Guri goat price at Normal Days

The goat price is mainly depends on Age, sex, weight and their look.

the 3 months old male Gujri goat kid price is started from 6 thoushand to 10 thoushand.

the 12 months old male gujri goat price is 20 thoushand approximately. this price is reveald by one of goat farm of rajasthan

Guri goat price at Time of Eid

The only matured one-year-old male goat sell at the time of Eid and Gujri goat achieve 75 kg in one year and most of the time it sold at the price of 30 to 35 thousand.

Final words about Gujri Goat

This Rajasthani goat is the best among all the breeds. it gives tough competition to all other goat breeds of India. it looks quite beautiful. if you want to start goat farming for eid purposes then Gujri goat is one of the best options for you. raising Gujri goat at the farm for Eid can be highly profitable.

Beautiful Gulabi Goat for Higher income in Goat Farming

The Gulabi goat looks quite beautiful compared to normal breed goats. it gives higher returns the demand for this type of goat is more and increasing rapidly.

The Gulabi goat is all-time money for a goat farmer they can sell kid to mature goat at a higher price. recently I have sold out my one-month-old Sojat goat Gulabi kid in 11500 rs.

i have many gulabi sojat kid at my farm all looks quite adorable.

Gulabi goat looks adorable

What Does the Gulabi Means?

Gulabi is a Hindi word, and it represents a color. The Gulabi means Pink color. The Gulabi goat is That which has a pink Muzzle, and the whole skin color is Pink. Not all goats are pink in color.

if the Breeder is in pink color and met with a pink color goat then the result comes pink goat. In simple words, pink cross with pink then crossing results will definitely come in pink color.

How To detect Gulabi Goat?

The Gulabi Goat has Pink Muzzle (nose), Ears are seen pink, and the back vaginal skin looks pink. and the simple and easy to detect rub hand and move goat hairs in opposite direction the skin will seen totally Gulabi.

What is the Gulabi goat Price in india?

There are two to three types of Gulabi goat breed available in India in which Sojat goat, Patira goat, and Jamunapari Hansa goat is present.

in Pakistan rajanpuri Goat are Gulabi and Most of The Sanne goat breed of switzerland are Gulabi.

All these breeds of goats come in the expensive goat breed. these breeds are quite sensitive and look adorable.

The price of sojat gulabi female starts from 15000 to 30000 depeds on the quality of goat.

The price of patira gulabi mature goat strats from 2000 to 45000 it also depend on the quality.

last but not least. the queen of goat jamuanapari gulabi hansa goat. its price starts from 15000 to 40000 rupees.

this is the average price that I have checked from the traders, I know a lot about goats and their breeds because I am in the Goat farming business for a long time.

i have started commercial goat farming in 2017 and continue doing till date. I am also providing goat farming training at my farm which is placed in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh.

Where will You get these Gulabi beautiful Goats?

The best place to buy this Gulabi male and female goats at a cheap rate from there the have originated for example Gulabi Sojat goat originated in Sojat Pali District, so if you can buy in cheap rate then research about the traders in Sojat pali.

Gulabi patira goats mainly found in Gujarat so if you are looking to buy Patira Gulabi goat then Ahmedabad Riverfront mandi is the best place. this mandi organized every Sunday at riverfront Ahmedabad which is approximately 8 to 10 km far from Ahmedabad kalupur railway station.

for Jamunapari Hansa Chakarnagar Uttar Pradesh is the only place where you can found Gulabi Hansa Goat.

before buying this goats do research about the price of Gulabi Goats.

How To Clean Goat PooP?

When you have goats the question always comes to mind: How to clean goat poop?

Here in this post I’ll share what I do at my small goat farm.

I have provided wooden bedding to my goats because goats love to live at height. Goats did not like the wet place.

I have a sun joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer. I clean Goat poop Every day with a pressure washer from my goat bed.

I wash when the goat leaves the pen in the morning, further the goats play in open space till the bed gets dry.

The pressure washer is the solution for all my worries, you can do the same if you want to clean the poop with any of the best electric pressure washer.

The soap is also present in my pressure washer, it cleans faster and keeps the pen free from smell.

How to clean goat Poop with a Broom?

first of all, sprinkle water and leave it for 5 minutes till the water gets dry, after that you can use broom and wipe all the goat poop from the pen. this is one of the oldest way to clean the goat pen.

if you have more then one goats then cleaning with broom is right.

Patira goat breed details for Breeding farm setup

If you are looking to start a breeding farm with Patira goat then you are going in the right direction. The Patira goat is known for its beautiful look because the coat color of this goat is white and its skin color is pink.

Th another main characteristic of this goat breed is their weight gain. If you raise one Patira male buck for Breeding and cross all female goats with them then the result you will get will be quite good.

This type of breeding can take you to the next level of goat farming because everyone wants pure white and beautiful goats.

Where patira goat is originated?

the Patira goat breed is an unrecognized goat breed by the government of India, because it is a rare breed and not present in large numbers but in Gujarat state it present in very large numbers.

As per availability in large numbers i can say that patira goat origin is Gujarat.

Patira goat Breed details and their characteristics

The coat color of this goat is pure white without any spot on it. The muzzles (nose) of patira goat is pink in color.

Most of the patira male buck comes without Horns that increases their look.

you can see the wrinkles on the throat of Patira breeding buck. The Patira buck is mainly used for enhancing the Beauty of the upcoming flock.

What is the price of Patira goat?

the patria goat are expensive compared to other goat breeds because of their quality and their beautiful looks.

The 3 months old patira goat kid price strats from 10000 to 12000 and 1 to 1.5 years old patira goat breeding buck price is around 40000 to 50000 approximately.

I have seen one of patira breeding buck which us 2 years old which weighs around 75 kg has been sold in 65 thousand rupees in bhopal in the year of 2018.

Patira goat weight gain chart

this goats comes under the heavy goat breed.

The patira goat weight at the age of 3 monts is around 12 to 15 kg approx.

3 months – 12 to 15 kg

6 months – 22 to 25 kg

9 months – 35 to 40 kg

12 months – 55 to 55 kg

please note that this weight can be achieved on proper feeding timely. The feed should be packed with green, dry and concentrated feed.

Black Bengal Goat Breed Information

black bengal goat breed

There are 570 Goat breeds in the world, 146 is in Asia, Black Bengal Goat is one of them. Every Breed has its own characteristics.  The Black Bengal Goat Breed is the Meat Purpose Breed, which is originated in Bangladesh and the Bengal region of India. The Black Bengal is Largely used for Meat Purpose in Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Assam, Jharkhand, And Northeast region of India.

This is the small size goat Breed But produces High-quality Fiber (Skin), the skin of Black Bengal is largely used for Expensive Leather products. which has a very huge demand all the time.

This breed has the capacity to produce Twins, Triplets, and quadruplets in one gestation period. This is one of the most productive breed in the world, Who got pregnant Twice a year. And always give multiple kids.

The Breed Performs well in the Arid and Semi-Arid region or semi-intensive Goat farming method. The small size of this Goat requires Less feed compared to other Goat Breed.

Black Bengal Male goat Breeder for breeding

Black Bengal Goat weight by age and Breed Profile

Breed Name Black Bengal
Other name Bengal Goat
Origin Bangladesh, west Bengal
Normal Height 24-28 inches
Udder Size of Adult Doe Medium
Coat Color Black
Purpose Of Breed Meat Purpose
Size Category Small Size Breed
Weight of Mature Male
(2 years)
45 to 48 kg
Weight Of Mature Female
(2 years)
35 to 40 kg
Age At First Kid 14 Months
Average Birth Weight of kid 2 kg
(depends on No. of Kid)
Kidding Interval 6 months
Number of Kid Crops in 2 Year 4
Gestation Length (Pregnancy) 150 days
Lactation Period (Milk) 120 Days
Repeating Heat Cycle  21 days
Single Birth Percentage 10%
Twins Percentage 60%
Triplets Percentage 25%
Quadruplets 5%
Average Milk Capacity 1.5 to 2  liter Per day
Estrus period or
Heat period Duration
24 to 36 Hours

Characteristics Of Black Bengal Breed

The black Bengal Goat produces high-quality meat. its meat is taste is unique and tasty compared to other Goat Breed. the reason of its tasty Meat is its size. It is the Dwarf Breed and their Muscle is strengthened. 

After slaughter it also gives the quality skin which has huge demand, The expensive leather products like Shoes, Bags, Jackets, are made from the skin of this goat. The skin of this goat Exports Mainly to the European countries where they make quality products.

Early sexual maturity is the main characteristics of this breed, they Became ready for meeting at the 7 months of age.

 Appearance of Bengal Goat

The coat color of thBengal goat can be recognized from its name. they are mainly found in black color in large numbers.

This breed comes in the categories of the Dwarf breed, the Height is of the Bengal goat is approximately 24 to 38 inches and the length is 28 to 30 inches.

The both mature male and female goat has Beared. The horns are medium size tilt towards back the length of horns 6 yo 7 cm are noted. The Ears are also small in size of length 13 cm approximately.

The Eye Color is Brown and Tail is a small size. The female has a large udder.

Black Bengal Meat Price

Black Bengal produces high-quality meat, there is a unique taste in the meat and people love to eat. the black Bengal meat price 500 rs per kg in Bengal region

The weight of the adult black Bengal goat around one year male is 30 kg approx and the adult female is 25 kg approx.  one goat has 50% meat in their body after slaughtering. So one goat produces around 15 kg quality meat.

The Bengal Goat Breed require less feed compared to other and weight is very, it is effective for the semi-intensive farming method.

The black Bengal male can achieve more weight if they reared on stall deeding and provide good feed.

Black Bengal Goat Milk Production

Black Bengal is the meat purpose breed and milk production of the goat is quite low. The milk production is at peak level up to one month after giving birth to the kid. In the First month, It Gives around 1.5 liters per day after that it falls regularly.

the Bengal Goat gives multiple kids in one gestation so the Milk should be fed only to the Kids.

Space Requirement

the Black Bengal is small in size but they need enough space for better growth.  The space for the goat varies according to age. They required shed for living and for the protection against inclement weather. As well as they require open space for the Exercise.

Age of goatsCovered areaOpen paddock
0 to 3 Months 0.2-0.25 0.4-0.5
3 to 6 Months 0.5-0.75 1.0-1.5
6 to 12 Months 0.75-1.0 1.5-2.0
Adult Goats 1.5 3.0
Pregnant and lactating goats 1.5-2.0 3.0-4.0
Bucks 1.5-2.0 3.0-4.0

These covered area and open paddock are in square meter

Care and management

  • The house of the goat should be dry clean and hygiene for the good feed conversion rate and better productivity,
  • House must be ventilated for the cross-section of air. Fresh air inside and contaminated and harmful gases outside.
  • For the better productivity of the goats, the goats must be vaccinated against the major goat disease, like PPR, ET, HS, FMD.
  • Provide feed to the goat according to the weight and age. The feed should not be much or should not be less. The feed should be a mixture of Green, Dry and concentrate in the whole day.
  • Overcrowding in the house is the major cause of the disease, stay away from overcrowding in the house. The goat must be separated according to their age.

Advantages of Black Bengal goat and Why You should have to raise this Goat in your Farm

  • Black Bengal goat produces high-quality meat and skin.
  • This breed is easily available in the Bengal region.
  • The investment cost to start black Bengal is quite less compared to others.
  • The capacity to Produce multiple kids in one gestation is more compared to other goat breeds worldwide.
  • The farmer can easily take 2 crops (twice kids) in one year.

Black Bengal Goat farming Profit

the profit in Black Bengal goat farming is more compared to other goat breeds in the Bengal region. People love to eat the meat of this breed. they don’t prefer other goat breed meat.

this is a highly productive breed and capable to give multiple birth in each gestation. generally, this gat breed gives more than two kids in each gestation. so you can expect this, how much profitable is this goat breed.

Malwa Goat Breed : Best goat for Eid Festival

Malwa goat belongs to malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. It is an unrecognised breed of india.

This breed achieves a very good weigh on proper feeding timely. It performs well on stall feeling. The demand of these goat breed is more at the time of Eid festival.

Malwa goat weight chart

The birth weight of malwa goat is around 3 to 3.5 kg when the kid birth twince.

If the kid birth single the weight could be around 4 to 4.5 kg.

It achieves 15 kg bodyweight at the age of 3 months.

It can achieve 20 to 25 kg live bodyweight at the age of 6 months and 30 kg bodyweight at the age of 9 months. And at one year age the malwa goat becomes mature and ready for breeding at this age it achieves around 50 kg live bodyweight.

Note: this weight is noted under good supervision, properly dewormed, and quality feeding under stall feeding condition.

Where you can Malwa goat?

Well to get the malwa goat, you have to search alot, you also have skills to recognise the pure breed malwa goat.

Ujjain, indore, Bhopal, Dewas, jeerapur, agar, ratlam and nearby malwa region are some places you can find quality bucks and does.

Crosssing malwa does with sojat females can give you good results.

What is the price of malwa goats (male & female)

You can get these breed at very cheap price compared to other goat breeds of india.

The price of malwa goat could be according to their age and body weight. The beautiful goats can costs you more.

The average price of one year matured female could be around 12000 rs approximately while the matured Malwa buck costs you around 14000 approximately.


Malwa goat breed is one of the best breed, it could be quite good if you start your goat farming carrer with this breed.

this breed can double your income if you raise it for eid festival and Durga Puja.

i have Malwa goat at my farm, the best thing i noticed in it is, the malwa goats matures early either it is male or female goat.

Raising this goat is easy compared to other if you belong from Madhya Pradesh.

Happy Goat Farming!