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Welcome to the farmingx.

farmingx is a community where the world can learn all about Goat farming, poultry farming, and dairy farming. here X denotes excellence in farming.

give proper knowledge to the farmer, especially our team is working continuously to spreading the knowledge about farming.

you will find easily on farmingx –

  • Full knowledge of goat farming, Goat breeds, goat housing, and goat disease symptoms and treatment.
  • Full knowledge of Poultry farming, poultry breeds, poultry housing, and poultry disease symptoms and treatment.
  • Full knowledge of Dairy Farming, dairy breeds, dairy Housing, and Dairy Diseases symptoms and treatment.
  • here are so many related posts you can find all about farming and improve your skills.

many entrepreneurs entering day by day in farming business but in the beginning, they are getting loss because of lack of knowledge. our experienced community is taking responsibility to share knowledge and experience.

if you read and follow our article definitely you can avoid the loss, in the beginning,

the world’s population increasing rapidly. on the other hand, the demand of milk and meat is also increasing. therefore the production output should be more.

our team strongly believes in, this is the opportunity for the developing countries

Our Mission

we want to share the knowledge of livestock farming on one click.

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