All You Need To Know About Deonar Bakra Mandi 2024

Deonar bakra mandi is the Asia’s biggest Goat market, the Average selling Price of goat at time of Bakra Eid is 25000 to 30000 Every India Goat farmer knows this Name Deonar Bakra Mandi, it is Asia’s Biggest Bakra mandi, this Bakra mandi is in Mumbai Maharashtra. there is a huge rush Here at the time … Read more

Dairy Farm Project Report & Profit Guide – 421000 Rs Every Year

This Dairy farm Project Report and Profit Guide helps understand how much Money you can make in a year through 10 buffaloes with practical guide The Dairy farm project report is one of the precious Part at the beginning of Dairy farming. it helps to understand the potential of the Dairy farming business. This Project … Read more

Dairy Feed For Increasing The Milk Production

The milk production and Health of the animals totally depend on the Dairy feed. it should be full of nutrients like protein. carbohydrates, Vitamin,Minerals. Generally, the animals don’t speak for the feed, we have to provide them quality feed for quality milk production. The feed is an important source for the animals to stay alive, … Read more

Dairy Cattle Breed Complete Guide And List

Characteristics of animal-like color, weight, Avrage Milk production, Age at first calving. This parameter is important for selection of Dairy Cattle breed. The breed defines the particular group and physical characteristics of animal-like color, weight, Average Milk production, Age at first calving. This parameter is quite important for the selection of Dairy Cattle breed. There … Read more

Murrah Buffalo Milk Production Per Day: How Much Money You Can Make?

Murrah buffalo is one of the finest breed for starting a dairy farm. the best thing is that the murrah buffalo milk production is higer than other buffalo breeds of india. Hey if you are looking for Murrah Buffalo milk Production than you are at the Right Place. Here in this post, i will give … Read more

Best Chaff Cutter Machine For Agriculture With Price (2024)

The chaff cutter machine price ranges from 25000 to 50000 depends on the output capacity and Electric motor compatible with it. it is a much-needed tool for dairy farming. If you are looking for a chaff cutter machine for agriculture use then you are at the right place. Here in this post, I will suggest … Read more

Gir Cow Information

Gir cow is one of the popular breed of India which produce pure A2 milk it is one of the profitable breed of India. The price of its milk is 70 rs per liter. Gir cow is one popular cow breed of India. The native place of Gir cow breed is Gir Forest of Kathiawad … Read more