Dairy Farm Project Report & Profit Guide – 421000 Rs Every Year

This Dairy farm Project Report and Profit Guide helps understand how much Money you can make in a year through 10 buffaloes with practical guide

The Dairy farm project report is one of the precious Part at the beginning of Dairy farming. it helps to understand the potential of the Dairy farming business.

This Project report of a dairy farm is important for the bank loan. This Dairy farm project report is described in the good research and it is easy to understand which helps directly to beginner’s dairy farmers or Entrepreneurs.

This is the Project report of 10 Buffaloes or it defines how much you can earn through the dairy farm.

This dairy farm project report is easily understandable of how much profit you can make in a year in Dairy farming with cutting all the expenses.

Potential of Dairy Farm Business

First of all, this is a profitable business if doing it in the right way. It is profitable but Dairy farm required a lot of Passion, Hard work, good management of records and proper Knowledge.

Milk and milk products have huge demand all over the world specially the buffalo milk. Buffalo produces high-fat milk which is quite good in making any type of milk products. The marketing is not much required in the selling of milk

Buffalo Produce Manure which is equally important like milk, A good organic fertilizer make thorough it. If Manure is used to make Vermicompost fertilizer than it can give a good income to the Dairy farmer. Vermicompost fertilizer is known as Black Gold in India as well as in the whole world. It makes a value for dairy farmers.

The Best part of this business, which I liked the most is that Earning starts from day one By selling milk. So before starting keep in mind that start with the buffalo who given birth to a calf recently or purchased a cow with their calf. Or the buffalo which are good in milk production.

Why Dairy farm project report important

Generally,Project report is required for any business, the project report helps to understand the Business plan and easy for making own mind mapping. This project report will also help you in getting loan from any natinalize or any other co-opertative bank.

this is the practical guide of dairy farm how you can make money a real estimation guide.

Dairy Farm Project cost

The cost of animal is included with transportation. Select the animal that is better in milk production or disease-free.  A good or healthy buffalo shines or the Eyes should be free from discharge.

Cost of High Breed  Buffalo 50000 50000×10 500000
Cost of Shed for 10 Buffalo. (5×8=40sqft) per cows 40×10=400 Sq.ft 400×200 (200rs per sq.ft) 80000
Shed for 10 calves (10 sq.ft per calves) 10×10 = 100 100×200 20000
Chaff cutter 35000
cost of equipments 8000
Fixed cost 643000

Feeding cost

lactation Period 
280 days
Per kg Feed Kg/ Animal Cost/day 10 cow feeding Cost
Concentrate Feed 20 4 80 80×280×10 224000
Dry feeder 2 4 8 8×280×10 22400
Green fodder 1 30 30 30×280×10 84000
Dry Period 80 Days
Concentrate feed 20 1.5 30 30×80×10 24000
Dry Feeder 2 2 4 4×80×10 3200
Green feeder 1 18 18 18×180×10 32400
Total Feeding cost         390000

Milk Production

Liters/day  1 lactation Total (Liters)
Milk production of 1 Buffalo 8 8×270 2160
Milk production of 10 Buffalo 8 8×270×10 21600

Other Expenses

Insurance 1500/Buffalo 1500×10 15000
Medical expenses Yearly 10000
Labour Yearly 72000
Electricity Yearly 6000
Total     103000


Sale of Milk of 10 Buffalos, 40 rs Per liter 21600×40 864000
Sale of Manure (Vermicompost)   50000
Total   914000


Vermicompost fertilizer has huge demand in India it has Higher NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) value. It can give good returns. It is the By-product of Dairy farming.

Economics of Dairy farming Project report

Fixed or Non Recurring cost = 643000

Total Recurring cost = Feeding cost + other Expenses

                           = 390000 + 103000

Total Recurring Cost = 493000 Rs

Total profit in a Year = Total income – Total Recurring cost

Total profit in a year = 914000-493000

Total Profit in a year = 421000 Rs   or 35083 in a month.

Dairy farm Bank Loan Subsidy By NABARD

Dairy farming is popular business in rural areas. The National Bank for Agriculture And Rural Development NABARD Provide a subsidy to start or set up Dairy Farming Business Which Helps directly to the Beginners Farmers. This Subsidy is different according to the caste categories.

The Loan subsidy is 33% for SC/ST or  25 % for the General or other Outlay Public.

The Farmers, Entrepreneurs, NGO’s or companies can thake the benefits of this Subsidy.


Dairy farming with buffalo gives a good income. It’s Better to start with less or 10 buffaloes which is easy to handle. 4 lakh in a year is good amount.

Don’t overspend on the Dairy house or Shed in the beginning; some of the people spent a big amount on the shed which is not good for un-experienced Beginners.

General Information of Dairy Farming for the Beginners

The Making of your own Hay or silage directly increases the Milk Production of Buffaloes. Cow or Buffalo require enough Dry Matter intake in their Diet For Better Performance.

At the Beginning of the Dairy Don’t Keep the Bull Buffalo for the mating of next calving Arrange Nearby or Go for Artificial insemination. Keeping of Bull can directly affect Your Profit.

Keep The House Clean, Dry or Hygiene for the Better Performance of The Buffalos. This Keep the Animals Disease Free.

Spread Limestone Powder every week it keeps the farm disease-free or Stays away from flies and Ticks.

Before starting to do proper research about Dairy farming or visit Dairy farm near your region and gain some practical knowledge from an Experienced person.

Always stay in touch for the veterinary doctor or ask General medicine of Pneumonia or fever of animals.

Follow the vaccination schedule for your animal properly because prior vaccination is better than cure, A low-cost vaccinations can save your expensive animals.

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