Sussex Chicken Complete Information And Facts

Sussex chicken originated in England. it is prolific egg layer as well as quite good in meat purpose. it lays 220 eggs peryear each egg weighs 60 g. Sussex chicken is the English class Dual purpose breed. The breed is originated in Sussex. Sussex is the historic county of southeast England. The breed is developed between … Read more

Leghorn Chicken Characteristics And Information

Mediterranean class leghorn chicken developed in italy. mainly raised for egg purpose. Mostly used for layer farming laying egg capacity is 300.Mature early The breed leghorn chicken mainly originated in Italy. It comes in Mediterranean class. Leghorn is one of the best egg producing breeds. The breed exported from Italy to America in the mid … Read more

Dominique Chicken: All You Need To Know

Dominique chicken is the oldest breed of USA. they are prolific egg layer which lay 240 eggs in a year. they lay large size brown color egg which weigh 60 g. Dominique chicken breed looks similar to the Barred Plymouth Rock. The breed is originated in the United States of America. Dominique chicken is one of … Read more

Cochin Chicken Information And Breed Profile

Cochin chicken developed in china after that imported to is ornamental purpose breed. the breed is heavy.the standard cock weigh is around 11 lbs. Cochin is the Asiatic class breed. Mainly kept for Ornamental purpose. Cochin chicken is the heavy breed but has a loose feather. It is mainly originated in China after that imported to … Read more

Phoenix Chicken Characteristics And Breed Information

Phoenix chicken known for their good look, soft feather and Long Tail. the breed originated in germany. there are three varieties recognized by APA. Phoenix chicken is popular for its long tail. This is the ornamental purpose breed. it is originated in  Germany. It is the cross result of Onagadori chicken and other unknown breeds. … Read more

Cornish Chicken Characteristics And Breed Detail Information

Cornish chicken is class breed. which is manily used for meat pupose. also known from other name call indian game fowl. it lays around 170 eggs in a year. Cornish is the English class breed. Cornish chicken is originated in Shire county of Cornwall England before 1843. This breed is accepted by the American Poultry Association in … Read more

Ancona Chicken Characteristics And Information

Ancona chicken generally raised for egg pupose. they lays 240 egg in a year by single hen. they black mottled White looks beautiful. originated in italy. Ancona the name comes from the port city of Ancona Italy. The Ancona chicken is a Mediterranean class fowl. This breed firstly imported to England in 1851 after that … Read more

Poultry Housing

Poultry housing is important part of Poultry business. comfortable housing is basic need of birds. My Poultry Shed layout, Brooding, grower, layer House. Poultry Housing – why it is required Like human poultry birds also required the house for the protection against inclement weather like the excessive summer, winter and rainy season. We are rearing … Read more