Goat Feeding Tray Designs & Importance Of Goat Feeders: 2024

This is the complete information about Goat feeding tray designs and their types. Learn the importance of Goat feeders in commercial goat farming System.

If you are looking for the scientific design of the goat feeding tray then you came on the right page.

If you are doing commercial goat farming then a Goat feeding tray is important for your goat farm. The feed tray should be likewise which avoids the wastage of expensive feed and improves farm productivity.

in a commercial goat farm, 70% of costing is spent only on Goat feed, and Day by day the Price of feed is increasing continuously. Design the feeding tray scientifically So your expensive feed couldn’t be wasted.

There are so many types of feed tray in the market but they are a waste of money. I will show you the well-designed tray which we use on our goat farm. This tray designed According to the height of the goat.

Always keep the feeding tray in the open paddock area of your farm. Don’t keep inside the shade.

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Types Goat feeding Tray and their designs

You can design a tray from so many types according to the need of your farm. You can simply feed the goat in Tub. but it has so many disadvantages your expensive feed can be waste and your farm can go in loss.

In this post, I will share with you the scientific designs of feeding trays. In which the wastage will be zero.

Hexagonal Shape Goat feeding Tray

In this design, you can feed Dry Fodders, Green Fodders and concentrate fodders without any wastage

I personally like the hexagonal designed feed tray. Generally, 10 to 12 Goats can easily be fed in this medium-sized Hexagonal tray.

This tray is made of iron sheets, rods, and iron angles. The cost spent in the making of hexagonal feed tray is 4500 Indian rupees approximately.

The best part of this type tray is that once you make it, Runs for long-lasting.

Rectangular shaped Goat feeding Tray

The rectangular shape feeding tray is the preferable tray in India. Approximately 98% of commercial goat farmers Use rectangular designed trays because it is easy to lift. The two people can easily lift this type of tray. It can be made at a low cost because of its simple design.

The Green, Dry, and concentrated feed can feed in a single tray. It requires less storage space. A welder can easily make a medium-sized rectangular tray in 4000 Indian rupees.

Rectangular Goat Feeding tray with waterers 

This type of tray water pot is compatible with a feed tray. This type of tray is not successful in commercial goat farms that have more than 25 goats on their farm.

Generally, goats don’t drink too much water at the time they eat concentrate. They mainly focus on eating. So, in my opinion, it’s not worth it.

How to make cheap Goat feeders from Scratch?

Yes it is possible to make a cheap Goat feeder from scratch and goats love to eat Hay and any other Green and dry feeder in it because Goats love to play and Homemade goat feeders are the best toy for them.

You can Use a Drum and cut from the bottom in square shape. The hay and green fodder can be placed from the top. The Goat eats according to their need and no wastage of feed happens in this type of Goat feeder. The only cons of this type of tray are that you can not place concentrated feed in it.

What should be the height of the Feeding tray?

The feed tray should be according to the age and size and type of goats.

Male female and kid should be in different compartments so everyone gets enough feed because some big goats fight with small goats and don’t let them eat.

Feed tray for Adult Goat

Generally, the height of adult male and female goats remain between 32 to 35 inches approximately. Feed tray should be half of their height. This is a scientific consideration. I read this in a well known veterinary book in my college days.

The height of the adult goat feed tray should be 18 to 20 inches. This is a normal tray height. This tray height is good for adult Indian local goats and medium height goats. If you are raising Beetal, Sirohi, and Jamaunpari goat then you should increase the height 2 to 4 inches.

If you are raising Black bengal and Barbari goats then the feed tray for adults should be 16 inches.

Feed tray for Kids

Generally, kids start eating fodder and concentrate feed at the age of 30 days. Provide them feed according to their age and body weight because the heavy diet can cause diarrhea.

The 6 Inches Height of tray is considered best for the Kids.

Types of Goat Feed

There are three types of feed should be given to the goat for their better productivity and weight gain. Either you are doing milk purpose or meat purpose these three feed is equally important for commercial goat farms.

Green Fodder 

Greed fodder is quite important for goat health. It completes the Requirement of vitamin A. if you are doing stall feeding goat farming then you have to definitely provide Green feed to goats. It increases the productivity of goats.

If you are not giving green fodder to goats then you have to complete the vitamin A requirement from external sources. Through Vitamin A injections.

Dry fodder

It’s equally important as green fodder. The dry fodder completes energy requirements of  goats. Without Dry fodder you can’t expect the weight gain in goats. The dry fodder or hay is the main feed after concentrate feed.

Concentrate feed

Concentrate feed is one of the most important in all the three feeds it completes the nutritional requirement of goats. It should be given according to the bodyweight of the goat. Too much concentrate can cause of Bloat.

The concentrate feed should be the 0.5 to 1% of the live body weight of goats.

Importance of Goat feeders in commercial goat farming

In commercial goat farms generally goats don’t go for grazing. All the feeding requirement is completed under the goat sheds and you can’t place the feed on the floor because it can be contaminated with bacteria and protozoa. So giving feed in the tray is always good for their health and productivity.

Hanging hay feeder for Goats

Hanging hay feeder is generally hang by rope. The hanging hay feeder is quite good for the kids.  Because kids are always in the growing phase and any height can be adjusted in a hanging hay feeder.

you can’t use the hanging tray for adult goats they can waste too much feed in the ground. Generally, the adult goat plays with them because it is not fixed so it can turn easily.

Final words

when i started my goat farm i provide feed in the tub and my goats waste half of the expensive feed on the ground. after some i researched a lot on goat feed and feed tray. finally i am happy with the rectangular feed trays.

Before Jumping To any other Goat feeding tray design. I will suggest you go for the Rectangular Goat feeding tray. it is most usable and better for commercial goat farming. It takes very little space on the farm and it is cost-friendly. It is a one-time investment and runs long-lasting

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