Phoenix Chicken Characteristics And Breed Information

Phoenix chicken known for their good look, soft feather and Long Tail. the breed originated in germany. there are three varieties recognized by APA.

Phoenix chicken is popular for its long tail. This is the ornamental purpose breed. it is originated in  Germany. It is the cross result of Onagadori chicken and other unknown breeds. the Onagadori is imported from Japan for the cross. This color full bird is attractive in look. They have a long tail which is more than 90 cm long makes them different from the other.

The man behind the creation of this breed is Hugo du Roi. Mr. Roi was the first president of the German Poultry Association.

This breed is imported in the United States of America in the mid of 1924. They are medium sized breed which has a very soft feather.

There are two varieties of Phoenix recognized By APA (American Poultry Association) which are

  • Silver Phoenix chicken variety approved by APA in 1965.
  • Golden Phoenix chicken variety approved by APA in 1983.
  • Black Breasted red Phoenix chicken variety recognized recently in 2018.

Phoenix Chicken Facts and its productivity

Name of Breed Phoenix
Other Name No
Origin Germany
Disposition Docile, Calm and friendly.
Variety Silver Laced
Golden Laced
Black Breasted Red
Comb type Rose Comb
Main color Silver and Golden
Purpose Ornamental
Cock weight 2 kg to 2.5 kg (4.4 lbs to 5.5 lbs).
Cockrel weight 1.5 kg (3.2 lbs)
Hen weight 1.6 kg to 1.8 kg (3.5 lbs to 4 lbs).
Pullet weight 1 kg (2.2 lbs)
Egg capacity per year 110-120 eggs
Egg weight 45-50 g
Egg color White
Egg size Medium
Skin color Black
Survivability %  
up to 6 weeks

Characteristics of Phoenix chicken

The soft feather and a long tail which gives beauty to the breed. generally, this breed is docile or calm in behavior and can be handled easily. They are fine family pet which performs well in free-range or in the back yard.

Phoenix is crossed with many other ornamental breeds to develop beautiful results. There are more breeds in Japan who has a long tail like breeds in Japan

Phoenix chicken use mainly for ornamental purposes.

Are Phoenix chicken Good Mothers

The Phoenix is quite popular in Poultry Exhibition. The productivity of laying eggs is not soo good but Phoenix chickens are good mothers and sisters as well. They rarely show broodiness depend s on their mood. They are the good caretaker of their chicks.

Appearance of Phoenix Chicken

Phoenix looks perfect in appearance all the focus of the breed is attracting from their long tail. The breed is a soft feather, medium in size and clean leg.

The comb-type in both varieties is single comb which is upright in position and have five to six long tip which is bright red in color

Shanks are free from featheror yellow in color. There are normally four toes equally spaced or yellowish.

Wattles are smooth and equal size bright red in color. Earlobes are half of the wattles or white in color gives them a different or attractive look.

The plumage is soft and long makes them perfect ornamental breed.

The beak is medium in length, slightly curved. The head is medium.

Breast is full. Plumage color of breast differ variety to variety.

Meat Production

They are fair in meat production. The conversion of feed to meat is also fair. The weight of chicken totally depends upon the quality of the feed. For the better growth of the chicken feed should be balanced with all the nutrition, protein, vitamins and minerals.

The average standard weight of cock ranges between  2 kg to 2.5 kg (4.4 lbs to 5.5 lbs).

The average standard weight of Hen ranges between  1.6 kg to 1.8 kg (3.5 lbs to 4 lbs).

Care and management

  • The house should be well ventilated for better growth and fresh air circulation.
  • The house should be clean dry and disinfected.
  • Phoenix is an expensive ornamental breed, so vaccination from the age of the first week is essential for better immunity.
  • Provide them quality feed for the quality results.
  • The plumage of Phoenix is large so they susceptible to the problem of mites and ticks. So external deworming is essential in case of Phoenix.

Breed Enhancement

Phoenix is quite good in look. In my opinion, it will give good results if it will cross mated with Rohde island Red or Plymouth Rock. this cross enhances their productivity of laying eggs as well as gain their body weight. if the Rohde island red or Plymouth rock not available in your region then you can choose the best productive Local Breed of your region.

Why choose phoenix?

Is Phoenix good for your farm?

  • It is the beautiful ornamental purpose breed. which look very attractive and can increase the beauty of your farm.
  • The behavior is docile, calm and friendly can be handled easily.
  • Provide Extra caring for their chicks.
  • Phoenix is Different from the others.

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