Poultry Breeds Information Guide

The Poultry breeds classified according to their purpose or use. the selection of breed is the key part of Poultry farming. Worldwide Poultry Breeds & class.

Poultry Breeds

Breed means a group, which defines the physical characteristics or a variety of poultry bird like color, size, and shape, bird comb, feather, shanks, structure, behavior or temperament. The Poultry breeds should be classified according to their purpose or use. the selection of breed is the key part of Poultry farming.

Chickens are available in different color, shape, and size worldwide. More than 300 of the combination of physical characteristics of chickens are available. The chickens are known from the origin, classes, and variety and they Need Comfortable Housing.


Variety is the description of any breed. in which physical features of breed include like beard and muffs, comb type, plumage and its color which is available in all breeds. In some breeds, there are the number of colors available in a single breed like white, buff, partridge or barred but the body and physical feature are same in that type of cases variety known only by color.

Comb type

Comp type is the key part in the identification of the type of breed generally single, Pea and Rose are the common comb type. Comb exist in almost all the breeds. In some varieties, all things like color, beard, and muffs are the same the only difference is comb type. That time breed is known only by comb.


The class indicates the group of breeds developed in the same region or geographical area. There are four classes

American class – Plymouth rocks, Dominique, Wyandotte, Rohde island red, Buckeye, New Hampshire, Delawares, jersey giant

Mediterranean class – leghorns, Ancona, Andalusian, Minorca.

English class – Dorkings, Cornish, Orpington, Sussex, australorp.

Asiatic class – Brahma,cochin, langshan.

Shape Types

Each breed has its own type shape. Shape and size is another key part for identification of breeds.

A lot of breed present worldwide with different different characteristics,

The poultry breeds are classified

Meat production or broiler breeds

The broiler breeds kept only for the meat purpose. The breeds come under the broiler is not much good in egg production. For meat production generally, see the weight of cock and hen. In these categories, all chickens are very good at weight gain. in meat production, most of the chickens perform very well in backyard poultry. The FCR of all the chickens is better in the backyard.

Their breeds available for broiler farming or meat production are as follows:

Breed Origin   Variety  
Cornish U K Buff
white laced red,
American Buff
white buff
silver penciled
Red jungle
India Red, brown
New Hamp-shire American         –
American White
Delaware American Columbian
Brahma China Buff
Light dark
Bresse France white

Egg production or layer breeds

The birds in these categories are very good for the purpose of the egg. Generally, 100 to 120 or more eggs lay in a year. Some of the hens lay 200 to 250 eggs in a year. Each poultry breeds has its own specialty, temperament, and variety.

Breed Origin Variety
Leghorn Italy Single comb,
Rose comb,
Dark brown,
white buff-white,
light black, etc.
American Buff, blue wheaten,
Silver, white,
Blue, red-brown.
Spain Blue, blue-black
Legbar UK Golden, cream silver
American Black, brown
Hamburg Germany,
Silver Penciled,
Golden penciled,
Silver spangled and
Golden spangled.
Isa brown France Brown
Ancona United Kingdom Single comb,
Red comb
Black, mottled white

Dual purpose breed for meat and eggs

Generally, all the hens give both meat and egg. But under dual purpose breed hen are very good in egg laying, as well as also good in weight for meat when they are adult.

Breed Origin Variety
island red
American White, silver penciled,
Barred, Buff, Partridge,
Columbian, etc.
Single comb, rose comb.
Wyandotte American White, Golden Laced,
silver laced.
Sussex UK Red, Speckled, light, etc.
Turkey Buff, red, black,
blue cuckoo,
white, etc.
Red Ranger Europe Red, light brown
Marans France Black, wheaten, buff,
black copper,
golden cuckoo,
Columbian etc.
Dominique American Barred
Orpington UK Buff, black, white, blue
Langshan China White, black, etc.
Houdan France Mottled black &white
Barnevelder Netherland Double laced.
Dorking UK White, silver-gray
and colored.
Australorp Australia Greenish black.
Buckeye American Mahogany red

Ornamental chicken breeds

Ornamental chicken breeds are those which are used for exhibition, household pets, shows or games. The chickens in this breeds are fancy, beautiful in look or docile or peaceful in nature compared to others. The feather and comb and color are unique. Thes chickens are costly.

Breed Origin Variety
Silkie China White, black
Polish Europe Buff laced,
Bearded golden
and silver,
Bearded white,
White-crested black,
Non-bearded golden,
Silver and white.
Cochin China Buff,
Black, white
Ayam Cemani Indonesia Black
Japanese Bantam Japan Buff Columbian,
Black-tailed buff,
Black-tailed white,
Brown red, blue red,
Blue mottled, etc.
Onagadori Japan White,
Black-breasted red,
Black-breasted white.
Minorca Spain

Single comb black,
Rose comb black,
Single comb white,
Rose comb white.

Faverolle France Black, white,
Blue cuckoo, etc.
Sebright UK Silver, gold
Sultan Turkey white
Welsummer Netherland Red partridge
Phoenix Germany White,
Black-breasted red,
Black breasted white.
Serama Malaysia Red-black

Indian breeds of chicken

Breed Origin Variety
Kadaknath India Full black
Aseel India Black, Red,
black with white spotted, etc.
Punjab brown India Brown, buff, red
Chittagong India Buff,
Brown, etc.
Ankleshwar India Buff,

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