Goat Farming In Delhi NCR Complete Guide 2024

This is the complete guide of goat farming in Delhi. Here you will learn how to start goat farming in Delhi and where you get the proper training to start business.

Hey if you are looking to start or get knowledge about goat farming in Delhi then these post would be quite beneficial for you.

Goat farming is a profitable business in Delhi if you have some space or land. Goat farming is a business that can be started at a low cost. That’s the reason the government supports these business too much.

There is a lot of potential in this business. Everyone knows of the increase in goat meat demand as well the per kg price of goat meat touching the sky in every 6 months.

If the condition is the same then I am sure the price will touch 800 rs per kg after a limited time. That would be the good news for goat farmers.

After discussing the potential of goat farming business in Delhi, let us discuss how you can start in this state and what is the essential point you should know before starting.

How can you start goat farming in Delhi?

It would be quite better if you start goat farming near Delhi and it would be much better if you have your own land. Goat comes under the small ruminant that requires less pasture and concentrated feed compared to large animals.

Before starting a goat farming business you have to clear the purpose of your goat farming. Which purpose is best for goat farming Delhi, in my opinion, Delhi is the place there is a huge demand for goat milk as well as goat meat. So the purpose of your goat farming may be milk purpose, meat purpose, breeding purpose, or Eid purpose. Every Purpose is profitable in Delhi.

You can select any one or you can do with the combination of all these purposes. If you want to do all these purposes then you have to make a good strategy. You have to take the Dual purpose breed which is best in both milk and meat.

After choosing the purpose of goat farming now it’s time for selecting the best goat breed for goat farming in Delhi.

Best goat breed for goat farming Delhi

Breed plays an important role in goat farming. All your profit depends on the selection of goat breeds. Breeds should be selected according to environmental conditions. For example, we can’t raise black Bengal goats in the Delhi region.

Some breeds are productive in their regions only and some breeds of India like Sirohi and sojat are best. You can raise anywhere in India.

There is no specific recognized breed of India belongs to Delhi but some breed of the nearby region are best for goat farming in Delhi which are

Barabri Goat

Barbari is the finest goat breed for commercial goat farming in India, they are most productive and mature early. The age of maturity of Barbari goats is 9 months and the gestation period is the same as other goats.

Barbari goat is known for giving two kids in each gestation some time it gives triplets and quadruplets.

The barbari goats look like deer, its coat color is white with brown spots on it, they have a short height. On a  quality goat feed, barbari goat is capable of achieving 40 kg in a year without castration. Weight can be more if you castrate the goat.

Beetal Goat

Beetal is the dual-purpose goat breed of Punjab, beetal is the best goat breed for goat farming in Delhi NCR. It achieves a very good weight and produces a very good amount of milk.

This breed is the heaviest goat breed of India that has the capability to achieve 100 Kg body weight in 15 months on proper feeding conditions.

The coat color of beetal goat is mainly black also available in brown and mixed colors. Normally they produce 2 to 2.5 liters of milk in a day.

Sirohi Goat

Sirohi is another best goat breed of India which is suitable for any type of environmental condition in India. The Sirohi goat breed belongs to Rajasthan India. It is the dual purpose profitable goat breed of India which is used for both milk and meat purpose goat farming.

You can raise this breed anywhere in India. It is available in large numbers and mostly used for meat purposes.

The coat color of this breed is brown with dark brown patches on it. They achieve a very good height and weight in less period of time.

Goat farming training in Delhi NCR

If you are a beginner and don’t know anything about how to do goat farming and what are the necessary aspects of goat farming.  As per me, you have to take training first to avoid losses in the beginning.

There are lots of things you need to know like vaccination schedule, emergency medications, deworming for ecto and endoparasites, Housing requirement, the space requirement for goats. Breeding management,  kid management, feeding management, loan process, marketing of goats. Important goat breeds, goat reproduction, preparing Eid buck, qualities of breeding buck,  some practical guide.

All the topics are the primary need you should know before starting a goat farm.  So before taking goat farming training in Delhi from goat farm tell them about such topics they covered in the training otherwise don’t take training from that goat farm.

The farmingx goat farm and training center teaches all the topics of goat farming that located In Ujjain Madhya Pradesh

Otherwise, you can take the goat farming training from a government veterinary institute in Delhi NCR.

If you don’t know such things properly before starting a goat farming business then you are going in the wrong direction.

Is goat farming business profitable in Delhi NCR?

Well, there is a lot of potential for goat farming business in Delhi because there is a huge demand for goat meat and meat products.  The demand for goat meat is increasing fast every six months. currently, the per kg goat meat price is 700 rs per kg and definitely, in one or two years, it will touch 800 rs per kg in the Delhi NCR region.

The goat meat is quite beneficial for infants. the doctors recommend goat milk for babies because goat milk is lactose-free and beneficial for those who are lactose intolerant.

I have seen, some days of dengue disease the goat milk is sold at 2000 rs per liter in delhi.

Goat farming is quite profitable business in delhi NCR I have a project report on Goat farming business in which you can understand the whole goat farming business completely so read it properly. This is the project report of 100 female goats and 4 males.

Goat price in Delhi

The price of goats depends on the quality and breed of the goats. More the goat is beautiful than their price will be more. The local indigenous goat of Delhi region you can get in 7000 rs while another goat price in Delhi depends on Breed lets us discuss one by one

The goat price depends on per kg body weight some goat farmers sale their goats on per goat that is called Nag in India language

Sirohi goat price in Delhi – 260 to 300 Rs per kg Body weight

Beetal goat price in Delhi – 450 to 500 Rs per kg body weight

Sojat Goat price in Delhi – 350 to 450 Rs per kg body weight

Jamunapari Goat price in Delhi – 350 to 500 Rs per kg bodyweight

Totapari goat price in Delhi – 340 – 500 Rs per kg Body weight

Barbari Goat price in Delhi – 250 – 300 Rs per Bodyweight

Boer goat price in Delhi – 1500 rs per kg

Sannen goat price in Delhi – 1000 rs per kg

The exotic goat breed price is more than the India goat breed.

Is it worth starting a goat farm in Delhi?

Yes, the goat farming business is worth starting, many young entrepreneurs entering into this business. Even the government supports a lot of this business and provides subsidies to start this business.

A good revenue can be generated if done with proper management and with a better goat breed. I have seen many farmers do goat farming and close the business in a midway. You will not get overnight success in this business.

Goat farming requires a minimum of one year of time to set up. After one you will get some money in your pocket.

So I will recommend you to start a goat farming business with proper strategy.

Final Word

We have discussed a lot of things in this post. From the start there are a lot of things remaining if you want to start a goat farming in Delhi NCR then read my blog.

you will get the complete solution of goat farming. As I told you don’t forget to take the goat farming training from the reputed goat farm to decrease the mistakes in the beginning. Goat farming is profitable in Delhi because the demand is more than the production. The best thing is that you can scale this business as much as you want. So make the goal first, what you have to achieve while doing this business, and then start properly.

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