Pitbull Dog Price In India (2024): Everything You Need To Know

In this article you will find out about the pitbull dog price in India and if is it the right pet for you and your home.

Pitbull is the common name for a type of dog descended from bulldogs interiors.

“Pitbull is not a breed it is just a general term commonly used to describe all dogs with common traits and characteristics.”

This is a moderately popular dog in India and it is also one of the costliest ones since it is a foreign dog.

So, to get a complete understanding of pitbull, like it’s price in India, the monthly expenses, if they are really dangerous, how to check the quality and how to take care of it, keep reading this post.

Pitbull Dog Price In India

A pitbull dog price in India can generally range between ₹30,000-₹80,000

The price of a dog may differ depending on the location and the breeder you are buying from.

This means that a pitbull dog price in Chennai could be different than other cities in India

There are many factors other than the place which could influence the price of a dog.

A pitbull is expected to cost higher just like other foreign breeds like golden retriever in India because they are imported.

Pitbull Dog Price In Different Cities In India (2023)

This is the list pitbull dog price in India in different states/cities

Note: The price given below is not the exact price but just a rough estimate

States/Cities Price
Delhi 20,000 – 80,000
Mumbai 55,000-90,000
Punjab 15,000-50,000
Jaipur 25,000-80,000
Chennai 30,000-90,000
Hyderabad 25,000-70,000
Bangalore 35,000-90,000
Kerala 25,000-60,000
Pune 25,000-80,000
Uttrakhand 15,000-60,000

Factors That Affect The Price Of A Pitbull In India

All the factors that influence the price of a pitbull in india are as follows:

  • Quality: The quality of the breed has a huge influence on the price of a puppy/dog. A healthy pitbull will cost you higher than the one which has some defects or illness.
  • Purity of the breed: Purity of a breed also affects its price, if a Pitbull is pure as in it is not a mixed breed it will cost you higher.
  • Breeder: If you buy a Pitbull from a repeatable breeder it is going to cost you accordingly compared to a puppy mill.
  • Location: Every location will have a different price range, it will cost higher in in the metro cities like Delhi, Chennai etc.

Where Can You Get A Pitbull In India

There isn’t a lot of demand for pitbull in India so buying a pure healthy breed could be one the difficult tasks.

But there are places where you can buy this breed, and those are:

  • Breeders
  • Puppy Mills
  • Pet Shops
  • Adoption
  • Online (OLX etc.)

Breeders: They are the best option for buying a pet if you want to get a healthiest pitbull puppy. You must verify if the breeder a reputable and has pretty good knowledge about pets and breeds.

Pet Shops: If you go with proper research and caution before you deal, you can a find a good quality pitbull from pet shops as well.

Puppy Mills: Puppy mills is one of the worst places you can a pet from. The pets are not brought up in a good environment and they are not fed well. There is a high chance that the pitbull you are buying has aggressive traits along with some health issues and you don’t want that. Puppy Mills offer affordable prices which attract customers and they end up falling into the trap.

Adoption: Adoption is also great way to get a puppy and plus it’s free. You can find someone who has a pitbull that has given birth to puppies recently ask them if they are ready to give them up for adoption or you can search online.

Pitbull Dog Features

Height 45-53 cm
Weight 16-35 kg
Lifespan 9-16 Years
Temperament Loyal, Obedient, Stubborn, Friendly, Aggressive
Puppy Price 20,000 – 80,000
Popularity Moderate
Grooming No
Common Health Issues Hypothyroidism, Obesity, Hip Dyplasia

Different Types of Pitbull

As mentioned in the beginning of the article pitbull is not a specific breed rather it is a term used by Americans to describe a type of dog.

Below are the different types of Pitbull

  • American Pit bull Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • American Bully

American Pit bull Terrier

When people talk about the pitbull breeds the american terrier is what they are most likely referring to. They are the most popular of all the pitbull breeds.

The UKC considers the American pit bull terrier as the only official pit bull breed in the USA. The average height and weight of an American pit bull terrier is 17 inches to 21 inches and 14-27 kg respectively.

These dogs have traditionally been trained as fighters. They are polite, obedient by nature, and careful around unfamiliar faces. They can also be very naturally violent it depends on how the owner has taken care of the pup.

It is recommended that proper socialization and regular exercises in order to reduce the aggression.

American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier Pitbull price in India

The American Staffordshire Terrier is another kind of that commonly considered to be a working dog. The breeding tradition of these dogs goes back to the 1970s, when an all-round working dog was favored by the American people.

These dogs have an estimated height of 17 to 19 inches and a weight of about 60 to 40kg. They are among the the heaviest kinds of Pit Bulls and the biggest.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Pitbull Price In India

Staffordshire Bull Terrier dogs were first bred by the full minors of England for their desire for smaller, quicker and more reliable working dogs.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is comparatively lightweight among the all types of pit bulls, weighing about 10 to 17 kg with a height of about 14 inches to 16 inches.

Their body shape is muscular and their coats are polished but easy to manage. This breed is characteristically named after a popular spot in England, these dogs are friendly and trustworthy and can blend well into a small but active family.

American Bully

American Bully Price In India

American Bully is the result of cross-breeding between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the English Bulldogs. It is a popular and a recent type of pit bull.

The American bully comes with an overwhelming fighting spirit and a desire for hard work, all of which are inherited from the parents.

An American bully’s average height is 16 to 20 inches, while her weight is proportional to its height. They can be good family companions and members and hence can serve as great pets at the same time.

Best Dog Food In India For Pitbulls

As any other dogs, pitbull also need good dog food which is free from by products and low quality ingredients

The below are the list of best dog food which is high quality and will help your dog get all the nutrition that it needs for a proper growth and healthy life.

If you need help choosing the best dog food you can refer to this post on best dog food in India on this website.

FAQ’S About Pitbull Dogs

1. Are Pitbull Dogs Aggressive ?

Pitbull Dogs are generally conceived as one of the aggressive dogs in the world.

But one needs to understand that the temperament of any dog totally depends on how you keep them.

If you take good care of the dog and its health, properly socialize them with other dogs, give them proper love and attention there is nothing that you have to be afraid of.

They are just as sweet and loving as any other dogs.

2. Is Pitbull a guard dog ?

As much as much people think pitbulls are violent they are not good guard dogs.

They don’t have those natural instincts that qualify them for guarding.

Moreover, pitbulls are/were never bred for this purpose.

The only thing that can make this d

3. Is Pitbull a family dog ?

Yes, pitbull is a family and a companion dog breed

4. Do they shed ?

Yes, even though they are single coated they shed more than other single coated dogs, but the good thing is that they don’t need haircuts since their coat is short which makes them easy to maintain.

5. Why is pitbull considered dangerous ?

Because they are highly misunderstood because of some instances

Pitbulls are not really that dangerous, and any instances where pitbulls have been aggressive is just a result of bad and reckless parenting.

Pitbulls can be one of the sweetest dog breeds if you take care of them in the right way and give them proper love and affection.

6. Is pitbull safe to have at home ?

Yes, pitbull is perfectly safe to have at home

7. Can Pitbull live in India ?

Pitbulls can live fine in a moderate temperature

8. Is the Pitbull Dog Banned In India ?

No, there is no specific ban on pitbull in India.

This is a pure misunderstanding which might have arise due to its repetition of being a violent dog.

Getting a pitbull is perfectly legal in India.


I hope you now have a clear idea about pitbull and its price in India.

And if you have read the whole article you’d now know that pitbull is highly misunderstood dog they are wrongly labeled as a dangerous dog.

When you get a pitbull puppy make sure you do you get it from a good breeder that knows his job.

And also make sure of the place that the puppies have been kept and raised because this ultimately reflects on the dog’s behaviour.

Pitbull is a good family pet and there is no need for you to be intimated by this pet if you do your responsibilities.

If you are a busy person who isn’t home most of the time then this dog isn’t for you. This dog requires a lot care.

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