Goat Farming in West Bengal Complete Guide For Begginers

Looking to start goat farming business then Goat farming in west Bengal has the greatest opportunity. The people of Bengal love to eat goat meat. This business is growing quickly in this state and the best part is that the government of West Bengal also supporting to start this business and giving subsidy to the goat farmers.

West Bengal state is the top consumer of Goat meat in India and Goat farming in West Bengal is increasing like a skyrocket & has bright Future.

The goat is the small size animal compare to other livestock, A single man or woman even a kid can handle Numbers of goats. The goat is the animal that can live on grazing and complete its stomach requirement on its own.

Black Bengal suitable for goat farming

The gestation period of a goat is 150 days you can get minimal 2 kids in each gestation. Basically, If you are from the Bengal region or raising Black Bengal goat then you can expect more kids in one Gestation. Because this breed is known for giving multiple kids, The Twins, triplets, and quadruplets in each gestation are normal for the Black Bengal Goat. It is the most productive goat breed and produces multiple kids

The goat is known for giving Milk, meat, and manure. This 3M can give you good income. Goat farming is the business you can see the profit after six months of raising goat so don’t expect the profit early in this business.

Best Breed for Goat farming in Bengal  

There are so many Goat breeds available in India for goat farming but selecting local goat breed for Goat farming in West Bengal is the best way to start goat business.

The main advantage of starting goat farming from the local breed is that there is no headache of survivability. Local breed sets easily in the same environment. Even after 30 to 50 kilometers of transportation.

Black Bengal

The Black Bengal produces the world’s tastier goat meat. The people of Bengal say they don’t like to eat the other breed goat meat. Black Bengal is also the most productive goat breed in the world. This breed has the capability to give multiple births in single gestation.

The Black Bengal goat gives triplets, quadruplets and some times quintuplets (Five). This breed has recorded to give six to seven kids in single gestation. No other breed has the capability to give to the number of birth like this. No doubt Black Bengal is the Best goat breed for Goat farming in west Bengal.

It is little size goat breed and it is also famous in Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Tripura, and whole Bengal region.

The coat color of this breed is mainly black according to their name but it is also available in Brown color in the Bengal region. This breed has the capability to survive in small roughages. Black Bengal has small and straight ears also have a small height. The color of eyes is brown and the tail moving in the upward direction.

The main advantage of this goat breed is that they mature too early in 7 months of age they mature and in 12 months of age, they are ready to give their first kid. Goat farming in West Bengal is profitable with this breed. The weight of Adult Black Bengal goat male is around 30 to 35 kg and Adult female goat weight is 25 to 30 kg.

How much does a black bengal cost?

first of all, you can get the pure breed easily in the best Bengal. the pure breed mature female black Bengal cost 8000 to 10000 rupees approximately.

you don’t have to go any farm to take this breed, you can see this breed in any rural region of Bengal. Even in near states of West Bengal.

in my opinion this is one of the best and popular goat breed of whole north-east region of india.

The cost of mature male black Bengal is approximately 15000 rupees. No need to search a lot you get it easily.

I went west Bengal one year back for my personal work and because I am a goat farmer I check the black Bengal goat price in Kolkata that was 10000 rs. the weight of that buck was approximately 35 Kg. that buck had the quality to become a breeder. I hope you get the price of black Bengal female and buck. I have less experience with the kid price if you know drop the black Bengal kid price in the comment.

Goat farming Training in West Bengal

Before starting goat farming in West Bengal the training is the most important part of this business. Training from a reputed goat farm is much needed to save from big loss. Because in the starting someone knows nothing about this business, which type of House should be best for goat farming, Goat feed for weight gain, important Vaccination of goats breeding schedule and much more important things related to this business.

There are many training center in west bengal but i will suggest to take the goat farming training from who have atlist 100 goats in their farm. otherwise say no. an unexperienced teached can;t teach you well.

Method of Goat Farming in West Bengal

There is three popular methods of goat farming business and it should be select according to your purpose and needs of goat farming.

Extensive management system

in this method of goat farming, the goat is fully dependent on grazing and farmer take their goat outside for 5 to 6 hours for grazing. In this method, no extra feed is given to the goat when they return home. The goat is fully dependent on grazing.

In this method, the weight gain is less compared to another method. This method is the old method and accepted by the landless farmers, the farmer is know nothing about goat farming and doesn’t take the Profit as much as they can get because the mortality is more in his method.

Semi-intensive goat farming method

In this method, the proper goat housing is provided to the goat. This is also a good method for goat farming in West Bengal. As every goat farmer knows the major cost spent only on goat feed in this business to minimize the feed cost the farmers take outside their goat 2 to 3 hours for grazing and provide a little amount of concentrated feed to the goats when they return at home. This farming method is accepted by some goat farmers.

Intensive management goat farming Method

The intensive management goat farming method is also known as commercial goat farming or stall-feed goat farming method. Good revenue can generate by this method. This method is growing quickly because land for grazing is getting short day by day.

The proper housing is provided to the goats and goats don’t go outside for grazing in this method. This method is growing quickly for goat farming in west Bengal.

In this method Green, dry fodder and concentrate feed provided to the goats. the open paddock area arranged for exercising and a free environment of goats. In this method of goat farming, the weight is gained quickly. This method is the future of goat farming.

Bengal goat info

List of Goat farm in Kolkata

I have rarely know three goat farm. i did not personally met with them farmers but i contact through message in social media this goat farm are

  • Mondal goat farm kolkata
  • SNP goat farm
  • Al-shafi Goat farm
  • bengali goat farm kolkata
  • Debojit goat farm

Economics of Goat Farming in West Bengal

According to the Livestock Census of 2012, the total population of goat in India is 135 million. In which West Bengal has 11.51 million Goats which is 8.5 % of the total goat population of India. The west Bengal ranks 4th in India in the total population of the goat.

The West Bengal contributes 3280 crores of rupees to the Indian economy through goat and their products.

Future scope of goat farming business in West Bengal

The present of this business is quite good and the future of goat farming in West Bengal is also bright. A large number of population of this state is Non-vegetarian and the price of the goat meat is always on a hike. This Business can be done for Meat Purpose, Breeding Purpose and for Eid purpose. All three purposes have its own profitability. This is the scalable Business and A good profit can generate through it.  This business has a lot of potentials to make money.

Care and Management of Goats

  • The proper Housing should be provided to the goats for their proper growth and to save from the inclement weather like excessive summer, winter and rainy season.
  • The (20 x 60) ft shed size is enough for the 100 goats. The open paddock area should be double the shed area.
  • Spread the limestone powder in the shelter every 15 days to kill and stop the growth of bacteria.
  • The male-female and kid should have separate pens for their best growth after 3 months of age.
  • Stay away from overcrowding in the house, it is the biggest cause of Mortality in the House.
  • With proper housing, the proper Feed should provide to the goats to stay away from major diseases. The proper amount of protein, carbohydrate, and fat should be available in goat feed.
  • Feeding milk to a kid should be according to their weight, the overfeeding milk to a kid can cause Diarrhea.
  • The green, dry and concentrate feed should be available in the whole day diet of goats for the proper weight gain.
  • The extra concentrated feed should be provided to pregnant and lactating goats.
  • Provide feed at the same time every day for their best growth.
  • All goats should be vaccinated to save from major upcoming disease.
  • the vaccination schedule should be designed according to the available disease present in goat farming in west Bengal
  • Get the proper training before starting goat farming business to avoid loss in the beginning.
  • One Breeder male is sufficient for the 25 female goats.
  • The important veterinary medicine should always present in the farm.
  • Extra care should be provided to newborn kids. Firstly give them colostrum in half hours after birth to provide immunity.
  • Deworming of goat should be done pre or post-monsoon.


To earn maximum profit in Goat farming in west Bengal the green fodder should be of your own farm. You have to decide your method of goat farming according to your objective. Always try to minimize the cost on goat feed. It is a profitable business if done in the right way. Because of increasing the demand for goat meat day by day, the future of this business is quite good. Most of the peoples in west Bengal are Non-vegeterian so the demand of goat meat is always at the peak in this state.


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