Cocker Spaniel Price In India (2024): How Much Do They Cost?

Cocker Spaniels are gun dogs that have been popular companions for centuries, in the UK and US.

According to AKC, Cocker Spaniel ranks at 30 for the most popular breed in the world.

These dogs are friendly, playful & very affectionate. They make great family pets because they adore children and get on well with other animals in the home.

The average price of a Cocker Spaniel in India will vary depending on where you’re looking to buy from, but as a general rule you can expect to pay up to ₹15,000 for one from an animal shelter or rescue center. The price can be significantly higher if you’re looking for one from a breeder, as it may cost anything from ₹25,000 upwards up to ₹90,000 or more.

In this article, we will further look into the price of cocker spaniel dogs in other states in India.

Cocker Spaniel Dog Price In India (2023)

A Cocker Spaniel puppy costs between ₹30,000-₹90,000 depending on various factors like age, gender, place, bloodline and the type of breeder you are buying from.

Make sure you check their age, health and temperament, before you buy a puppy from any kind of breeder.

Never buy a puppy that is below 4 weeks old, in the initial stage a puppy needs its mother’s milk to get the proper nutrition.

Cocker Spaniel Price In Delhi

The price of cocker spaniels in Delhi starts from ₹25,000-₹80,000. A dog of high quality can cost even higher.

Top Breeders of Cocker Spaniel in Delhi

  • Sri Sai Pet World

Cocker Spaniel Price In Kolkata

A Cocker Spaniel Price in Kolkata is in the range of ₹30,000-₹90,000 according to some breeders in West Bengal.

Cocker Spaniel Price In Kerala

The price of a Cocker Spaniel in Kerala ranges from ₹30,000 to ₹90,000 depending on its availability and the breeder you’re buying from.

Cocker Spaniel Price In Mumbai

The cost of a Cocker Spaniel puppy in Mumbai ranges from ₹40,000-₹90,000 and the show quality ones can be anything up to lakhs of rupees.

Cocker Spaniel Price In Chennai

The price of a cocker spaniel dog in Chennai starts at around ₹40,000 and can go up to ₹90,000 depending on its gender and quality. The price also depends on where it’s being imported from.

Cocker Spaniel Dog Price In Bangalore

An English Cocker Spaniel Dog Price in Bangalore starts from ₹40,000 and can reach up to ₹90,000 when they are healthy and come from a reputable breeder.

Cocker Spaniel Price In Pune

A cocker spaniel puppy price in Pune will cost around ₹30,000-₹80,000 according to breeders in Maharashtra. Buying locally could help you cut down on the cost of these breeds.

Cocker Spaniel Price In Hyderabad

The price of an English Cocker spaniel puppy in Hyderabad ranges from ₹35,000-₹90,000 according to breeders in Andhra Pradesh

Cocker Spaniel Price In Chandigarh

A cocker spaniel puppy price in Chandigarh ranges between ₹30,000-₹80,000. The price can be even higher if the puppy is imported or bred locally.

Factors that can affect the cocker spaniel dog price in India


The age of the puppy is the major factor that determines the price of a cocker spaniel. The younger they are, the costlier they will be.


A female cocker spaniel dog will cost you less compared to a male one due to the huge demand for male dogs.


The place you are getting your dog from also impacts the price significantly. Locally bred dogs cost less than the ones being imported.

Registered/Pedigree Dog

If a cocker spaniel is registered that means it is a pure breed with no health issues so it is obvious it will cost higher than the ones that are not registered.


The type of breeder you choose to get your cocker spaniel dog from also impacts the price. An ethical breeder who has a good reputation will always be expensive but they will be worth every penny instead of trying to save money and ending up with a dog that has major issues.

English Cocker Spaniel Information: Origin, Characteristics Etc.

The English cocker spaniel is a breed of dog that originated in the 1800s. The American Kennel club acknowledged the English cocker spaniel as a breed in 1878.

English cocker Spaniels are intelligent and friendly dogs with an independent nature. The English cockers make loyal companions and can be trained easily with reward-based methods.

They are natural hunters who will still enjoy chasing small animals if they are not kept busy enough or exercised enough.

A cocker spaniel stands tall at 35-40 cm and their weight ranges from 24-30 pounds.

Height 38-45cm (males), 36-41cm (females)
Weight 13-14 kgs
Lifespan 12-15 years
Price in India ₹30,000-₹90,000
Temperament Friendly, Active and Gentle
Colors Black, Brown, Red etc.
Origin United Kingdom
Coat Type Double
Hypoallergenic No
Maintenance Level High
Popularity in India Moderate-High
Tolerance to Indian Weather Moderate
Grooming Yes
Child Compatibility Good


According to AKC, English Cocker Spaniel comes in the following colors

Difference between English Cocker Spaniel vs American Cocker Spaniel

It is really important to know the difference between these two breeds before you go to buy one.

There are a lot of pet owners that get cheated on because they know the difference between these two.

English Cocker Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniel share the same heritage, but both have some differences.


The english Cocker spaniel came first, the american spaniel was developed later on in the 20th century.


The temperament of an American spaniel is much calmer, gentle compared to the English one which sometimes has aggressive tendencies.


The appearance of both of these spaniels are similar but still differentiable. The english one has a longer face whereas the american spaniel has a shorter punched face.

The head of an American spaniel is more rounded compared to an English spaniel that has a flat head.

The height of an American spaniel is smaller in comparison to an English cocker spaniel.


The price of an american cocker spaniel is also 20% costlier compared to an english cocker spaniel.

Cost of Owning a Cocker Spaniel

The initial cost of owning a Cocker Spaniel dog will be quite expensive but over time these expenses will become very stable so it is really important that you prepare for these expenses before you even decide to get the dog.

VET Fees

This includes two appointments every year for checkups for the dog. It includes all the flea treatments and all of the worming treatments so all of that together is about ₹14,000-₹20,000 per year.

For major surgery it can cost anywhere between ₹40,000-₹50,000 per session.

Dog Food

The cost for a dog food depends on the type of brand and quality you are going for personally. We would suggest you go for premium food that has free by-products and fillers.

According to the studies, most dogs that end up in hospitals with major health issues are the ones that have been fed cheap low quality dog food.

Choosing a premium food will ensure that your puppy will be healthy in the long run and free from health diseases.

The average monthly cost for a dog food will be between ₹3,000-₹5,000 per month.


Cocker spaniel dogs require constant grooming because of their lengthy hair. With this breed, combing is essential.

If you skip a few sessions, the hair will be either tangible or mat. A dog-friendly metal comb with medium tooth spacing is perfect, since it should glide easily over your spaniel’s coat.

The cost for grooming your dog will be around ₹2,000-₹4,000 per session but if you want to save the money you groom your puppy on your own.


Training is one of the most essential things when you own a dog. It is quite important for you to discipline the dog if you want to live a comfortable life.

Training a cocker spaniel is quite easy since they are very intelligent and not as stubborn as other dogs like husky and corgi.

If you have the time you can either train the dog by yourself by investing in a training program or hire a professional that will cost you around ₹2,000-₹4,000 per session depending on the experience of the trainer.

Insurance Cost

You need to invest in good pet insurance in case of an emergency because if your dog ever needs a major surgery it will be hard to keep up with the expenses.

Insurance will cover most of the major expenses. There are different companies in India that offer Pet Insurance one of them is Bajaj Allianz.

The monthly fees for insurance will vary depending on the plans and the company you have chosen, but it will be anywhere around ₹4,000-₹5,000 per month.

Dog Accessories

Dog accessories are really important if you want to give your dog the best environment where it can comfortably live in, it also makes taking care of the dog much easier.

Some of the major dog accessories are: Leash, Harness, Bed ,Toys, Treats, Brush, Poo Pads/Bags, Cattel, Soap, Shampoo etc.

On an average you will have to spend over ₹5,000-₹7,000 for the first month after that it will be around ₹2,000-₹3,000.

Things you should know before getting a cocker spaniel 

Constant grooming : Cocker Spaniels have a long soft coat that needs quite a bit of grooming to keep their coat look good. You need to take time to brush them every 2 to 3 days.

High level energy breeds: The cocker spaniel is a high energy breed they are lively and active and tend to be very puppy-ish for their whole lives.

They do like to play with children but intense play can go in two directions.

Either your dog gets too playful and the game turns too energetic and wild or your dog gets annoyed and begins correcting your children for playing too rough.

Neither of which are good things if you are a calm person that likes peace and quiet the cocker spaniel may not be the breed for you in any case letting children and dogs play together is a wonderful idea but should always be done under close supervision so that the games never get out of hand and neither the dog nor the children find themselves in any situations.They bark a lot: They bark a lot. They are excellent alert dogs that will let you know of the danger. Generally male ones tend to be aggressive compared to female dogs.

FAQs about Cocker Spaniel In India

How much does a Cocker Spaniel cost in India?

A cost spaniel costs between ₹25,000-₹90,000 in India if you bought from a reputable breeder.

Is Cocker Spaniel suitable for India?

A cocker Spaniel can live in comfortably in India given that you are taking the absolute best care of the puppy and it’s needs

Is a Cocker Spaniel a good house pet?

Cocker Spaniel is an incredible house pet that will do along with anyone in the family due to their friendly and kind temperament

Are cocker Spaniels high maintenance?

Yes, Cocker Spaniels are high maintenance dogs that require constant attention, love and care. Their coat needs to be properly groomed and brushed daily.

Can cocker spaniels be left alone?

Cocker Spaniels are not the type of dogs that can be left alone at home for a long time due their separation anxiety. They love to be close to their owners.

Do cocker spaniels bite?

Cocker Spaniel puppies bite during their teething but this can be corrected through proper training.

Should I get a male or female cocker spaniel?

Male cocker spaniels will be a better choice if you need a dog that will alert you of threat and danger. Female cocker spaniels are less aggressive and less likely to fight or bark at strangers.

Are cocker spaniels hypoallergenic ?

No, cocker spaniels are not hypoallergenic. They do carry some allergens that will make someone allergic to dogs.

Do Cocker Spaniels Shed ?

Yes, cocker spaniels shed but it depends on the type of cocker spaniel it is.

Which dog food brand in India is good for Cocker Spaniels (adults)?

Orijen and Royal Canin are one of the best dog food brands in India that is good for Cocker Spaniel. You can feed your dog home food (boiled chicken) as well which is far better than any packaged food.

Can cocker spaniels swim ?

Yes. cocker spaniels can swim just like any other dog breed. They are known to be one of the best natural swimmers.

Can cocker spaniels eat bananas ?

Yes, they can eat bananas, try to cut them into pieces and feed it to them once a week.

Are cocker spaniels aggressive ?

Cocker Spaniels are generally a very kind and gentle breed but they can develop aggressive tendencies if they are not treated well.


Now that you know the cocker spaniel price in India and the cost of maintaining them, it is now pretty obvious that they are very expensive dogs.

They are the kind of dogs that craves affection and attention from their owners pretty much all the time.

They are going to be a part of your life so, as a responsible dog parent, you need to be sure that you are ready for the commitment and the expenses that will come with a dog.

In most of the cases the dogs end up in a shelter or given up adoption because the owners are not able to keep up with their pets.

Don’t be that person.

There are a lot of other dog breeds in India that are low maintenance and they require moderate amounts of care.

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