Patira Goat Breed Details For Breeding Farm Setup

The goat farming will be a highly profitable if you start with patira goat breed but do one thing in mind that start with less numbers of goats.

If you are looking to start a breeding farm with Patira goat then you are going in the right direction. The Patira goat is known for its beautiful look because the coat color of this goat is white and its skin color is pink.

Th another main characteristic of this goat breed is their weight gain. If you raise one Patira male buck for Breeding and cross all female goats with them then the result you will get will be quite good.

This type of breeding can take you to the next level of goat farming because everyone wants pure white and beautiful goats.

Where patira goat is originated?

the Patira goat breed is an unrecognized goat breed by the government of India, because it is a rare breed and not present in large numbers but in Gujarat state it present in very large numbers.

As per availability in large numbers i can say that patira goat origin is Gujarat.

Patira goat Breed details and their characteristics

The coat color of this goat is pure white without any spot on it. The muzzles (nose) of patira goat is pink in color.

Most of the patira male buck comes without Horns that increases their look.

you can see the wrinkles on the throat of Patira breeding buck. The Patira buck is mainly used for enhancing the Beauty of the upcoming flock.

What is the price of Patira goat?

the patria goat are expensive compared to other goat breeds because of their quality and their beautiful looks.

The 3 months old patira goat kid price strats from 10000 to 12000 and 1 to 1.5 years old patira goat breeding buck price is around 40000 to 50000 approximately.

I have seen one of patira breeding buck which us 2 years old which weighs around 75 kg has been sold in 65 thousand rupees in bhopal in the year of 2018.

Patira goat weight gain chart

this goats comes under the heavy goat breed.

The patira goat weight at the age of 3 monts is around 12 to 15 kg approx.

3 months – 12 to 15 kg

6 months – 22 to 25 kg

9 months – 35 to 40 kg

12 months – 55 to 55 kg

please note that this weight can be achieved on proper feeding timely. The feed should be packed with green, dry and concentrated feed.

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