Best Goat Breeds In India For Goat Farming Complete Guide

choosing the best goat breeds in India for goat farming is the tough task for every goat farmers, Here we selected most profitable goat breed of india

In this article, we selected the best goat breeds in India for goat farming. The selection of goat breed for starting a goat farm is an important task. All of your business and profitability depends on the selection of goat breed.

Always start goat farming business with pure breed don’t go for local or non-descriptive goat breed.

There are 22 recognized goat breeds in India and so many unrecognized goat breeds. All the recognized breed has their own quality some breeds are better in milk some best in meat and fiber production.

In my opinion, Select the goat breed according to the purpose of your Goat farming So first of all clear your purpose of goat farming.

The main advantage of goat farming in India is that eating goat meat is not religious taboo. You can raise goats, you can sale their Milk, Meat, Manure, Kids and make a good profit. That’s why the goat is considered as an ATM (all-time money) for the farmers.

This business is now shifting from Extensive goat farming to commercial goat farming in India.

There Is Three purpose of Goat farming in India.

To start goat farming business, better you gain some knowledge about it and take goat farming training to avoid losses in the beginning.

Best Goat breeds in India for Meat purpose Goat farming

In this purpose of Goat farming. You reared goats for meat purposes. In which non-descriptive or local/desi goats are best because they are cheap. But the main disadvantage of desi goat is they are non-habitual for commercial or stall fed goat farming.

So to rear desi goats you have to take them out for grazing for 4 to 5 hours daily. But the main advantage of grazing to goats is they are cost-effective. You can save a big feed cost.

The weight gain in desi goats is lower compared to recognized goat breed. The main advantage of a recognized goat breed is that you know the data on how much it gains weight in a month in this quantity of food.

Due to increasing the cost and demand of goat meat the meat purpose goat farming is increasing day by day. Currently, the price of goat meat is 550 to 600 rs per kg. From a single 15 kg carcass meat, you can make good money.

Every Goat breed produces meat but goat breeds that gain quick weight and give multiple kids in each gestation are considered as meat purpose goat breeds.

Local or Desi Goat Breed

If you are planning for meat purpose goat farming and want to start a slaughterhouse then non-descriptive or local goats of your region are the best and profitable.

Barbari Goat Breed

The barbari goat is the best goat breeds in India for meat purpose goat farming. This breed has the capacity to produce multiple kids in each gestation. This breed matures early and ready for mating at the age of 7 to 8 months.

Barbari goat breed is originated in Uttar Pradesh this breed comes in the category of small size goat breed. This is another best goat breed of India for goat farming. The coat color of this small size goat breed is white with brown spots in it. Looks like a dear.

Osmanabadi Goat Breed

Osmanabdi goat breed is originated in Maharashtra India. This is one of the best goat breeds in India for goat farming or for meat purpose goat farming. This is the medium-sized goat breed and most of the time produce twins triplets and quadruplets in each gestation.

The quality of osmanabadi goat breed is quite good and has huge demand in Maharashtra. It is a profitable goat breed for goat farming.

The coat color of this breed is mainly black with medium-size ears. The height of this breed is quite good. This breed is not used for milk purpose.

Best Goat breeds in India for Milk purpose goat farming

In India Milk purpose goat farming is not popular but goat milk has tremendous benefits for health. It is considered that goat milk is quite beneficial for newborn babies. You can easily sale a packet of pure goat milk in hospitals and make good money.

In the metro cities in India, the goat milk has huge demand and I know some goat farms are selling goat milk at 150 rs per liter.

During the time of Dengue disease, I saw some goat farmers are selling 100 ml goat milk in 150 rupees.

The milk purpose goat farming has a lot of advantages. You can do goat farming with a dual purpose.

Jakhrana Goat Breed

Jakhrana is the best goat breeds in India for milk purpose goat farming. This breed has the capacity to produce 5 liters milk in a single day on good feeding.

Jakhrana is the breed of Rajasthan. This goat breed has the potential to provide maximum profitability to the farmers. This is the dual-purpose goat breed. This breed comes in the category of large size goat breed. It can produce a good amount of milk as well as a good quantity of meat.

The coat color of Jakhrana is black and you can recognize this goat breed from their ears. The color of their ears is Black with a large number of white dots in it.

Jamunapari Goat Breed

Jamunapari goat breed is known as the queen of goats in India because They look quite beautiful. Some experts said Jamunapari is the best goat breeds in India for goat farming.

This is the dual-purpose goat breed. The milk production is well, as well as the production of meat is quite good.

Jamunapari goat breed has the capacity to produce 1.5 liters of milk in a day on average each day of their lactation period.

This is the most profitable goat breed in India and it comes under the category of expensive goat breed.

The Jamunapari goat breed is the breed of Uttar Pradesh. The coat color of Jamunapari goat is pure creamy white. They have long ears and orange eyes. This is the large size goat breed and weight gain in this goat is better compared to other goat breed.

Beetal Goat Breed

The Beetal Goat breed is the best dual-purpose goat breed of India. This breed can achieve 100 kg of live weight easily in a minimum time interval. Milk production is also best.

The beetal goat can produce 3 liters a day normally on proper feeding of green, Dry and concentrated feed.

This is the most expensive goat breed of India. The beetal goat is also known as Punjabi goat because it belongs to Amritsar Punjab.

The coat color of this goat is black, brown, and black and white. The beetal goat is one of the tallest goat breed in the world.

Some countries are importing this beetal goat breed to enhance and improve their local breed on crossing with beetal goats. Recently A goat farm in Punjab exported 100 beetal goats to china.

Eid Purpose goat breed in India for Goat farming 

A good revenue can be generated through Eid purpose goat farming in India. The cost of a good looking and heavy goat sold in good money. Most of the farm is generating good money on selling goats on eid.

The minimum cost of the goat at the time of eid is 20,000 to 1 lakh rupees. It totally depends on the quality and weight of the goat. The weight of goat will more then the price of the goat will be more.

Sojat Goat

Sojat Goat is considered the best goat breed of India for goat farming or for Eid purpose goat farming. The minimum cost of a good sojat goat at the time of eid is 20,000 to 25,000 normally.

If you raise 25 male goats for a single year then you can easily make 5,00,000 rupees on selling on Eid. the Expenditure on raising this goat is 1.5 lakhs rupees so you can easily earn 3.5 lakhs rupees minimum. This is the worst-case scenario.

The sojat goat is the breed of Rajasthan. This is an unrecognized goat breed of India. The coat color of this breed is pure white or gulabi. The weight of this goat is quite good. It can easily achieve 50 kg weight in a year.

Kota Karoli Goat breed

The Kota goat breed is becoming popular day by day. This breed is became popular in the last 2 to 3 years. it is an expensive breed best suited for Eid purpose goat farming in India.

This is the unrecognized goat breed of Kota Rajasthan. Kota goat is an aggressive goat breed which gain weight quickly on proper feeding. The 2-year goat easily achieve 120 kg live weight on optimum feeding

The market rate of Kota goat at the time of Eid is 1000 rs per kg normally.

Breeding purpose Goat farming

This is another best way of goat farming good money can generated through it. You can do this type of goat farming from Any recognized goat breed. But to Do this goat farming you have proper knowledge of goat farming.

The Sojat, Jamunapari, Barbari, Beetal, Osmanabdi, Jakhrana, Kota, Totapari, Malabari, Patira, Hydrabadi are some best Goat breed of India for Breeding purpose goat farming. you can select any of pure breed to start this type of business.


Selection of breed is one of the important tasks of goat farming and getting pure breed for the farm is another major task of goat farming. We discussed the best goat breeds in India for goat farming. You can start with any of the breed we mentioned above all are the profitable breeds.

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