Sussex Chicken Complete Information And Facts

Sussex chicken originated in England. it is prolific egg layer as well as quite good in meat purpose. it lays 220 eggs peryear each egg weighs 60 g.

Sussex chicken is the English class Dual purpose breed. The breed is originated in Sussex. Sussex is the historic county of southeast England. The breed is developed between the year of 1902 to 1903. The breed is very popular in Great Britain and Canada.

The Sussex chicken is quite good in weight and also used from many years in the development of the other local breeds. This breed is available in very large numbers.

The breed comes in the heavy category which very soft feathers. Sussex chicken has the quality to become a fine family pet.  Sussex is the prolific egg layer and excellent meat production makes it Dual purpose breed.

Sussex chicken recognized variety

The 8 varieties of Sussex chicken is identified by PCBG (Poultry club of Great Britain ) or 3 Sussex chicken recognized variety by APA (American poultry association) both in bantam and normal sized. The variety varies from country to country. The main variety of Sussex is speckled which is very popular.

The main varieties available in large numbers are:

  • Speckled Sussex chicken
  • Light Sussex chicken
  • Red Sussex chicken
  • White Sussex chicken
  • Buff Sussex chicken
  • Brown Sussex chicken
  • Silver Sussex chicken
  • Coronation Sussex chicken

Facts and Productivity of Sussex chicken

Name Of Breed Sussex  
Other Name of Breed Speckled Sussex.  
sussex chicken Origin England  
Development year 1902-1903  
Disposition Calm, friendly and active  
Variety &
Sussex chicken colors
Comb type Single comb  
Main color Speckeld  
Purpose Dual Purpose  
Cock weight 3.5 kg to 4 kg (8.5 lbs to 9 lbs).  
Cockrel weight 2.8 kg (6.1 lbs)  
Hen weight 2.8 kg to 3.1 kg (6.5 lbs to 7 lbs).  
Pullet weight 2.6 kg (5.8 lbs)  
Egg capacity per year 200 -220 eggs  
Age at first Egg (days) 140-150  
Egg weight 55 – 60 g  
Egg color Brown  
Egg size Large  
Skin color White  
Feather on Shank No  
Survivability %  upto 6 weeks 98    

Characteristics of Sussex chicken

Sussex chicken is active, calm and friendly in behavior. It is good foragers or good mother and sister and always show broodiness. the look is attractive and prolific at free-range or in the backyard. a large number of flock increase the look of the farm.

The multicolor plumage of speckled variety looks very beautiful can be used for exhibition purpose.

The breed is dual purpose raised for both meat and egg. It lays large size brown color eggs, Capacity of laying an egg is quite good. the standard weight of normal size cock and Cockrel is excellent. It gives rapid returns to the flock owner

Appearance of Sussex chicken

All the varieties of Sussex are in single comb the comb is vertically upright in position, which is red in color with five to six number of the tip. the size of the comb varies with variety.

The bread is heavy or soft feather. Breast is full broad or deep.

Beak is strong, curved and yellow in color. Eye color is red.

The shanks have no feathers. The skin or shanks color is white. The tail is well spread with an inclination of 45º.

Ear lobes or wattles are bright red in color. Ear lobes are half of the wattles. Wattles are soft or loose and equal in size.

The color full plumage of speckled varieties gives them a very beautiful look. The light variety has black hackles sheds gives them perfect look and buff variety have also black hackles from the neck.

Meat production of Sussex chicken

The breed Sussex is active and good foragers. The ability of conversion feed into meat in short interval of time is quite good which results the Sussex is very good in weight.

3.5 kg to 4 kg (8.5 lbs to 9 lbs) is the average standard weight of cock.

2.8 kg to 3.1 kg (6.5 lbs to 7 lbs) is the average standard weight of Hen.

Egg production

Sussex starts laying eggs at the age of 19th  to 20th  and continuously lays up to a 70th week. It performs quite good in free-range or in the backyard for layer purpose.

A single hen lays around 200 to 220 eggs in a year. 4 to 5 eggs in week Which brings in the category of good layer breed. it gives a large sized brown color egg which weighs 58 to 60 g.

The weight of the hen at the time of first Egg is 2 kg approx.

Breed Enhancement tips

The breed Sussex can be enhanced if they cross with Rohde island red or Brahma. Mating with Rohde island red can increase the egg production capacity or mating with Brahma can increase the weight of the next generation birds.

Management for better Growth and Health

  • House should be clean, disinfected and a dry whole day for better growth.
  • There should be enough open backyard area free range which gives freshness to the birds.
  • If raising more than twenty chickens than prior vaccination is very much needed to stay away from viral and bacterial disease. So follow the proper vaccination schedule.
  • Deworming and debeaking is necessary for poultry birds for their better health and increase immunity. Deworming at intervals of eight weeks give good results.
  • The feed of chicken is full of nutrition, carbohydrates, vitamins, and Minerals. Which increases the weight and egg production.

Why choose Sussex?

Is Sussex is good for your Farm ?

  • Sussex is the dual purpose breed. they have the ability to find their own food.
  • It fulfills the nutrition requirement of the family from their meat and eggs. It gives rapid returns
  • The behavior of Sussex is very calm, active and friendly. It can be handled easily by children.
  • Always go broody. excellent mother Can be used as a natural incubator.
  • Usually, they don’t fight if big flock.

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