9 Best Dog Breeds for First Time Owners In India

It is necessary to research about the type of breeds before getting a dog because not every dog breed is perfect for first-time owners.

According to Indian Express34% of pet owners abandon their dogs on the streets, and 32% abandon cats after having them for a few months.

These kinds of things happen because they weren’t aware of the huge responsibility it requires to take care of a dog before getting one.

They are overwhelmed with the amount of time, money that goes into taking care of a dog and they end up giving up on them because they can keep up with them.

No dog is truly first-time owner friendly. You have to put in the extra effort in everything for your pet just like you would your own child.

All dogs are high maintenance in some way or the other. It’s just that some dogs require less care than others and that’s what makes the difference.

So in this article we are going to share the list of Best Dog Breeds for First Time Owners in India so that you do end up making a wrong choice.


Best Dog Breeds for First Time Owners in India

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever is always the first choice for most people when they decide to get a dog since they are one of the most popular breeds in the world.

Even in India, they are the most preferred dog breeds and that is because they are perfect for family.

They have a very friendly, out-going personality that makes people adore them. These dogs are the kind that will want to be friends with everyone.

Training them is also a piece of cake, most labradors learn basic commands in 4-5 days of training.

The only downside of this breed is that they shed a lot. They shed throughout the day and it can get pretty annoying to clean all of that.

Indian Spitz 

Indian Spitz used to be the most popular dog breeds among Indians in the 80s before the Labrador Retriever.

They are also one of the best dog breeds for first-time owners, they have a kind, gentle and active type of temperament which is perfect for a family.

The type of food they require is also really affordable, home cooked chicken will do for them.

Just like Labrador they shed too much as well but since they have a long fur it is even more visible and it can get really messy.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise is another beginner friendly dog breed that is simple to train and also get along with children.

They are hypoallergenic which means they are perfect people who are allergic to dogs. Since they are really small they don’t require much food compared to large dog breeds.

But they are really expensive to get and also very prone to get hurt and sick due to their small size so you have to be careful of that.

German Shepherd 

The German Shepherd (also known as Alsatian) is the most popular dog in India after Labrador Retrievers.

They are known for their intelligence, strong sense of smell and the ability to learn things quickly, so training them is a very easy task, and that’s why they are

They are also very loyal, great with children and other family members but not so much with strangers which also makes them a perfect watchdog for the house.

There are many types of German Shepherds available in the market single coated german Shepherds are most suitable for Indian climate.


Pugs are perfect for those people who don’t have time to walk their dogs outside daily since these dogs are lap dogs that only like to eat and sleep all day.

The downside of having pugs is that they can get sick pretty easily and also have breathing problems.

They can’t handle extreme temperatures (both cold and hot) and according to dogtime.com they have even less tolerance to heat than Huskies, because they are prone to get heat strokes.

There are pocket and teacup versions of pugs available in the market which you totally avoid.


Poodles are a popular and adaptable dog breed that make excellent companions.

The poodle is adaptive to its surroundings and can thrive in a variety of environments, including those with children.

There are three sizes of this breed: toy, miniature, and standard. There are also mixed breeds of poodles like, MaltipooCavapooGoldendoodle that have similar characteristics.

All of them are brilliant and learn quickly. Grooming is required on a regular basis to keep their curly, ever-growing coat in good condition.

Indian Pariah

Indian Pariahs are nothing but our very own desi dogs that you see on the streets everywhere are one of the best dog breeds in India.

They are well adapted to Indian climates, have strong immune systems, highly intelligent, and excellent guard dogs.

The downside to these dogs is that they will not be comfortable in an indoor environment in the beginning since they are meant to be outdoor dogs.

But if they are brought up indoors as puppies there will be no problems, they are the best dog one could ask for.


A south Indian dog breed from Tamil Nadu that has gained popularity in southern part of India in recent times are also one of the best dog breeds for first time owners.

Rajaplayams are almost comparable to German Shepherd dogs in terms of intelligence and the ability to guard the house and their owners.

They are highly trainable dogs and they don’t shed much compared to other breeds of dogs, which means no grooming cost is required and that makes them one of the best low maintenance dogs for novice owners.

The only disadvantage to this dog is that there is a high chance that you may end up with a dog that is hearing impaired so you need to be careful of that.

Shih Tzu

If you want a cute looking lap dog Shih Tzus are one of the best dogs even better than pugs in some cases.

They have a very kind, gentle and playful temperament and crave human companionship so they will follow you wherever you go.

These kinds of characteristics are enough for people to fall in love with this breed.

The major advantage of having this breed is that they are hypoallergenic just like Bichon Frise which is a great thing.

And the disadvantage is that they are fragile and can get hurt easily if kids play with them roughly.

Conclusion (Best Dog Breeds for First Time Owners in India)

So these were the list of dog breeds for first time owners in India you can get for your home right away.

As mentioned before, you have to be ready to cater the needs of a dog regardless of how low-maintenance they are.

They are like babies their whole life and dependent on you for almost everything from food to shelter.

So as a responsible dog owner you have to be mentally prepared for all consequences that may come in your way.

You can also hire a professional dog trainer if you don’t have the experience or you are short on time, but never abandon your dog.

If you have any query regarding this you can comment down below and I will try to reply to you.

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