Teacup Dog Price In India (2024): Truth You Need To Know

Teacup dogs have gained a significant amount of popularity in recent times since most people seem to like dogs more when they are puppies.

They may look really adorable and easy to carry around but they come with a lot of health and psychological issues.

These types of dogs are genetically modified through cross breeding of small dogs like Chihuahua and Pomeranian etc.

As you can figure out from the name of “Teacup” is a type of dog that can fit into a teacup or a paper cup.

It is not the name of a specific breed.

In this article, we will look into the different types of teacup dogs available in India and its price.

Teacup Dog Price In India (2023)

These dogs can be really expensive since they are bred only for business purposes since there is a demand for these types of dogs.

Any teacup dog’s price in India can range between ₹25,000-₹90,000.

The price of a dog depends on different factors like breeder, dog’s health etc.

Teacup Dog Price In Hyderabad

A price of a teacup dog in Hyderabad could be ₹25,000-₹70,000. The price might change depending on the quality of the breed.

Teacup Dog Price In Delhi

A teacup dog price in Delhi ranges between ₹25,000-₹75,000. Depending on breeders, the breed qua

Features of A Teacup Dog

Height 10-17 inches
Weight 1-2.5kg
Teacup Dog Price In India ₹25,000-₹90,000
Temperament Calm, Playful, Friendly
Maintenance High
Lifespan Depends on the quality but usually almost 10 years
Common Health Issues Hydrocephalus

As mentioned earlier, a teacup dog is generally really small in size in some cases even smaller than a regular small dog breed.

They are so small that they could even fit into a pocket or a cup.

But there is no official size recognized by Kennel Clubs.

They could weigh anywhere between 1-1.5 kg and 10-17 inches in height by the time they are adults.

Types of Teacup Dog In India

These are the following breeds that are the most popular teacup dogs in India

Miniature Pug

Pugs as you know are already considered a small dog breed but miniature pugs are even smaller than that.

This dog is a perfect example of a teacup dog.

A miniature pug is usually

Teacup Yorkie

The Teacup Yorkie, also known as the Toy Yorkie or Micro Yorkshire Terrier, is a smaller version of the same pure breed Yorkie. It’s a small dog breed that stands 12.7cm to 17cm tall and weighs 0.5kg to 1.8kg. The Teacup Yorkie has an average lifespan of 12 years.

Teacup Poodle

A poodle has many different types and one of them is teacup poodle which weight between 0.7 kg to 1.2 kg

Teacup Chihuahua

There is rumour that chihuahua itself is a result of cross breeding but it is yet proved.

They are better than most teacup dogs and possess less health issues compared to other teacup dog breeds.

But there are other types of chihuahua which are bred with other small breeds and result in Teacup version

A teacup chihuahua typically weighs between 1 kg-1.8 kg and height 15 cm.

Teacup Pomeranian

There are many types of Pomeranians available and one of them is the miniature/teacup pomeranian which may weigh between 0.8 kg to 1.5 kg.


This breed is a result of crossbreeding between Maltese and miniature poodles.

The height of Maltipoo is 20 cm and weight is between 1 kg-1.8 kg.


The height of this breed usually ranges between 23-28 cm and weight could be 2-3 kg


A Maltese is one of the small dog breeds which could be a better choice. weigh around 2-3.5 kg and 23 cm in height.

Teacup Papillion

Another miniature/teacup dog which weighs around 2-2.5 kg and height is around.

Miniature Schnauzer

An adult Miniature Schnauzer’s height is 30cm-32cm which makes this dog this highest one in this list.

Health Problems In Teacup Dogs

Due to high amount of crossbreeding and genetic modification they posses these common health issues:

  • Hydrocephalus
  • Gum Disease
  • Weak Bones
  • Patella Luxuriation

Things You Should Know Before Getting a Teacup Dog In India.

These are the following things you should be aware of before deciding to get a Teacup Dog:

They are fragile: This should be obvious because of their incredibly small size they are more prone to being easily hurt.

Horrible Environment: Most breeders put them in horrible environment which is one of the reasons

Most of them come with health issues: These types of dogs usually come with defects in their bodies since they are cross bred.

Short Life-span: It is known that smaller breeds have longer Life-span compared to larger breeds but in case of teacup and Miniature they usually have shorter span.

High Maintenance: They are also high maintenance since they are easily prone to danger and they may need frequent Vet visits.

May not be perfect for Indian Climate: Indian Climate is very diverse and it may not be appropriate for the dog. They won’t be able to withstand extreme heat or cold.

FAQs About Teacup Dogs In India

How long do teacup dogs live?

A teacup dog should if healthy can live about 12-15 years but because of cross breeding they are they’re lifespan have reduced due to many health issues.

Why are teacup dogs bad ?

They are bred unethically and only for business purposes.

To achieve a teacup dog, breeders select the smallest dogs and make them mate with other small dogs until genetic modification of small dog breeding achieves the desired size and this leads to them having many health risks, that’s why purchasing a teacup dog is not advisable or ethical.

And they are very fragile and high maintenance.

Why are teacup puppies so expensive?

They are expensive because it takes a lot of time to produce the desired size of a teacup dog and they are bred by breeders to make profits.

Can teacup dogs be left alone?

As teacup dogs are very high maintenance and fragile it is not advised to leave them alone at home for long.

Also, some of the teacup dogs suffer separation anxiety.

So, make sure there is someone to take care of the dog when you are out.

Are teacup dogs hypoallergenic ?

Maltipoo and Maltese are the best choice if you are looking for hypoallergenic teacup dogs and they don’t shed.

Do teacup puppies stay small?

A year old teacup dog measures almost 17 inches or less but there is no official size mentioned by Kennel Clubs for these types of dogs.

Can you take out your teacup dog for a walk ?

Yes, you can but you always need to stay attentive because they can be an easy target for other dogs because of their size.

Are teacup dogs yappy ?

The temperament of a dog differs from breed to breed. Yes, they can be yappy but that can be corrected through proper training.


Hope you know the reality of these teacup dogs and how expensive they are compared to Indian Standards.

They are irresistible because they are tiny and cute but they are also suffering.

There are many small dog breeds in India that are better and healthier than teacup breeds.

If you really need teacup dogs but don’t feel like contributing to these cruelty among these breeds.

You can rather adopt them than buy them. That would help them more.

You should go for this breed only if you are ready to take the expenses that come with this breed and the determination to take care and give them the environment and the life that they deserve.

You can also go for these other dog breeds in India that are way compatible with Indian climate and are very low maintenance, if you are some who can’t be home all the time to take care of the dog.

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