Dairy Farming In India Complete Guide

Dairy farming in india is one of the profitable business the best part of this business is that you can start earrning fron the first day.

Dairy farming in India has been happening since ancient times. The consumption of Milk in India is increasing with Population. A good Profit can be generated if someone has their own land for Dairy farming. Dairy farming is one of the Part of agriculture in India. A small farmer of India rear one or two cows or buffaloes and fulfills their needs of milk and, remaining milk sale for and earn Profit.

There are thousands of products made from milk Like Ice-cream, Ghee, Cheese, Sweets, Khoya and many more. Dairy farming in India can give extra income to the farmers, a good revenue can be generated from it.

Dairy farming in India is done only for milk. Milk is Produce through Cows and buffalos. In India Majority of People prefer Cow milk for consumption because it is best suited for Human Health. The kids, cow milk is best because it is Low in fat compare to Buffalo milk.

The Farmer who wants to do dairy farming for fat percentage and more milk Should Go through Buffaloes.

Why choose Dairy Farming?

Dairy farming in India is growing very quickly because good revenue can be generated with Dairy farming. Many people in India start their Day from drinking milk or some people End their day with having milk at bedtime. Milk is an excellent source of protein and calcium. The Milk is recommended for children for their Better Growth. It became the Basic Needs of Peoples of India.

Advantages of Dairy farming in India?

  • Most of the people in India are vegetarian they Prefer To drink milk, Eat Products of Milk in Lunch and Dinner like Paneer, butter.
  • Dairy farming is one of the Profitable Business. The best part of this business is that earning can be generated from day one through selling milk.
  • India is the agriculture-based country where organic fertilizer has always in High demand. Extra revenue can be generate through Vermicompost fertilizer. organic vermicompost fertilizer can be made through cow dung which has higher NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) value. The organic vermicompost is known as Black Gold.
  • There are thousands of Product made from milk. If you don’t want to sale milk you should go through by-products of Milk.
  • Cow Dung can also be use to make for Biogas.
  • The maximum cost spent on the Dairy feed for cows. The feed of one cow or buffalo is 80 to 90 rupees while they Produce milk which worth 350 to 400 rupees. The purchasing cost of a cow can be free in 1.5 to 2 years easily.

How to start Dairy farming in the Beginning?

  • If you are the beginner or planning for dairy farming than you have to start with fewer cows or buffaloes. It will be better if you get training or visit some farms near you before starting.
  • Select the Pure breed of cow or Buffalo which should be good in milk Production.
  • Don’t overspend on the Dairy housing in the Beginning. Start with better housing with less investment.
  • Get some Basic knowledge of Dairy disease symptoms and their treatment So you don’t need a Doctor for general disease.
  • Vaccinate your animal against highly contagious Viral and bacterial diseases Like FMD, Hemorrhagic septicemia, Brucellosis, Anthrax, Black Quarter, IDR, etc.

Best Cow Breeds suitable for Diary farming in India

Holstein Friesian – originated in Holland and milk capacity is 20 to 25 liter per day.

Jersey – originated in channel island and milk capacity is 15 to 20 liter per day.

Gir – originated in Gujarat India and milk capacity is 10 to 15 liter per day.

Sahiwal – originated in Punjab India and milk capacity is 10 to 15 liters per day.

Tharparkar – originated in Rajasthan India milk capacity is 10 to 12 liters per day.

Red Sindhi – originated in Punjab India and milk capacity is 10 to 15 liters per day.

Deoni – originated in Hyderabad India and milk capacity is 10 to 12 liters per day.

Sahiwal – originated in Punjab and milk capacity is 10 to 15 liters per day

Kankreg – originated in  Gujarat India and milk capacity is 10 to 15 liters per day.

Buffalo Breeds Suitable for Dairy farming in India

Murrah – the Best breed of India (Haryana) whose milk production is 8 to 10 liters per day.

Surti – originated in Gujarat and milk production capacity is 8 to 10 liter per day.

Mehsana – originated in Gujarat whose milk production 8 liters per day approx.

Jaffarabadi – it is the breed of Gujarat whose milk production is 8 to liters per day.

Bhadawari – it is the breed of Madhya Pradesh whose milk production is 7- 8 liter per day approx.

Phandarpuri – the breed of Maharashtra whose milk production is 8 liters per day.

Management of cows In the House

Select the Good locations with ease in the transportation of milk. The Dairy farm should Not away more than 20 km from the city.

There should be a separated pen of Lactating cows, Bull or Heifers or New Born cows.

A separated house should be available for milking.

The open Paddock area for exercising cows and Buffaloes should be double than the Living or shelter area.

The House of the labor should be near than Shelter of cows. Or Labor should be present on the farm 24 Hours.

Care and Management of New Born calf

A small or marginal doesn’t Follow these rules which causes the mortality and morbidity in dairy farming in India.

  • After Birth of the calf clean the nose and mouth from the hanky or clean clothes for better breathing.
  • Allow the Mother to lick the calf body for the Good Blood circulation of the calf.
  • Clean the navel cutting Equipment with Tincture iodine and cut the navel 2 to 4 inches away from the end and apply tincture iodine on it properly. The iodine solution keeps away from serious bacterial infections.
  • Provide 1 to 2 liters of colostrums to the calf in 2 hours after birth to provide immunity against some serious disease.
  • The colostrum feeding in 2 hours after the birth of the calf provides immunity for up to 3 months. After 12 hours after Birth, the colostrums feeding will not provide immunity.
  • Deworming should be done after one month against the internal parasite.
  • After 3 months the calf is ready for vaccination. Do follow the vaccination schedule against some major disease according to your area.

How to get High Milk production

For Higher milk productions from cows and buffaloes provide them comfortable housing of separate pens according to age, sex, and weight. Don’t keep overcrowding in the house or provide them a good space. The comfort of the animal keeps them stress-free, which directly enhances milk production.

Keep the house always clean, dry and Hygiene. Spread limestone powder twice a week. Keep the house free from Flies. The cleanliness in the house directly affects the production of milk.

One of the most important things for dairy farming in India or anywhere. Provide the Best feed to your cows and Buffaloes. The feed should be according to the weight of the animal. the feed should Mixture of Green, Dry forages and concentrate (Dana, grains) in a whole day. the Quality feed to the cows always give the high Production of milk.

The dry matter intake in the feed should be 2 to 2.5 % according to the weight of dairy animals.

The milk has 80 to 85 % water content in it, So water should Always present in front of Animals.

The milk production largely depends on the Parenting of the cows, if the mother of cows Produce high milk than chances of high milk production will Be More.

Record Keeping

Recording Keeping Plays a major role in the successful dairy farming in India. Most of the dairy farmers in India don’t keep the records. Records help in the tracking of production which can be improved in the future.

Milk Production record: per day milk production record should be maintained to check the Lactation length or how much milk produced by the cow in one lactation.

Breeding record: in this record which bull semen or bull is use for the breeding or date of breeding is noted. This record helps to know the delivery date of the cow so the pre-plan arrangement for delivery is settled.

Feed record: if any cow or buffalo is producing less milk than feed record helps to detect is it sick or not or is it providing low-quality feed. Why is it producing low milk? This record also helps in profit records or how much revenue generated throughout the year.

Economics of Dairy Farming in India

The Dairy industries or Dairy farming in India is growing very fastly with 5 to 6% growth annually. The annual milk production in 1979-1980 is 29 MMT (Million Metric Tones) is noted. The milk production in the year 2001 is 89 Million tones are Noted or The Production in 2011-2012 is 123 million tones is noted.

India is the second-largest milk producer in the world after the USA.

India is the Top Buffalo milk Producer in the World. The major part of milk comes from Buffalo milk.

Artificial insemination

Artificial insemination in the cow and Buffaloes has a higher conception rate, the advantage of artificial insemination is that you have no need to raise an Expensive bull on your farm. It is a cost-effective Process.

Numbers of animals can be inseminated at one time with the use of quality  Semen of one Bull.

Artificial insemination can be done at our your doorstep in which no need to find the bull

After Heat detection inseminates the cow after 10 to 12 Hours. For example, Heat detect in the evening than inseminate the cow in the morning.

Growth Of Dairy Farming in India

India Ranks First in the consumption of milk. The milk has become the need of every family in India because is one of the good source of Calcium and protein. Recently many Entrepreneurs came forward to do this business because dairy farming in India has huge potential and Demand for milk and milk products continuously increasing more and more.

High Milk Producer companies of India

Amul Gujarat

Dudhsagar Dairy Gujarat

Vasundhra dairy Nagpur Maharashtra

Dynamix Dairy Industries Ltd Maharashtra

Hatsun Agro Chennai

Sterling Agra, New Delhi Mother Dairy Delhi

Dairy Farming with A2 Milk

currently the A2 milk has huge demand in 2 tier and Metro cities. the price of A2 milk is Higher than normal milk. the dairy farming in India in some cities are converting into A2 milk. the indigenous breed of India like Gir cow, Sahiwal, Kankrej cows produces A2 milk.

if anybody is planning for Dairy farming who lives near the Metro or 2 tier city than go for Gir dairy farming in India.

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