Murrah Buffalo Milk Production Per Day: How Much Money You Can Make?

Murrah buffalo is one of the finest breed for starting a dairy farm. the best thing is that the murrah buffalo milk production is higer than other buffalo breeds of india.

Hey if you are looking for Murrah Buffalo milk Production than you are at the Right Place. Here in this post, i will give you the complete guide of milk Production of Murrah buffalo. This is the complete practical guide.

I have a Murrah buffalo at my farm I have to buy Murrah buffalo from Karnak Haryana from Buffalo farm. i have to go there to visit the farm and the farmers whose name is Sonu showed me the buffalo and i bought and transport to my farm.

Murrah buffalo is known for the highest milk production Buffalo breed in India. Their milk production depends on the quality feed are you providing to Buffalo.

Murrah Buffalo Origin

Murrah buffalo originated in Haryana you can easily find in the Gudgaon, Fatehabad, Hisar, Rohtak, Jhajhar, bhiwani Districts. this breed is also available in some places of punjab in large Numbers.

This breed can be adapt in any environment of india. only proper feeding and care required.

Murrah Buffalo Milk Production Per day: Practical Guide

No doubt, Murrah is the best Milk producer buffalo breed of India. if you are planning to raise the Murrah buffalo in your farm for Dairy farming than you are planning correctly. The can take the highest milk production if feed them enough dry matter in the feed.

Highest Milk Production of Murrah buffalo

I have seen many Murrah buffalo produce 15 liters per day milk Production after giving birth to calves. After some time the milk production goes down a little if you not feeding your buffalo properly.

If you complete their nutrition require then Murrah Buffalo will complete your milk requirement. Every one wants High milk production but no one wants to complete the Nutritional requirement of a Buffalo.

Average Milk production of Murrah Bufalo

Normally, a medium quality Murrah buffalo Gives 10-liter milk per day on medium feeding full with green forages and limited concentrate feed with the mineral mixture. Any type of Murrah buffalo can give this amount of milk per day.

To increase the milk production you have to complete their calcium and other mineral; in their gestation period time.

What is the Murrah Buffalo price in India 2020?

This is one of the common question every body wants to know what is the murtah muffalo price?

This is one of the expensive buffalo breeds of India. Their price starts from 70,000 to 1,20,000 depends on how much milk Murrah buffalo produce in a day.

if you’r the experience dairy farmer then you can cover this amount in 1.5 years by selling their milk and sale the buffalo after milk production and you can also mating with the male buufallo near you and continoue the milk Production.

Murrah Buffalo vs Jafarabadi buffalo: which one should you choose?

Murrah buffalo is expensive than Jafarabadi because the milk production per day of Murrah buffalo is more than Jafarabadi.

Jafarabdi is also the good breed of buffalo but comparison between this two Buffalo breed is not the good at all becuse both the breed give tough compition to each other.

same jafarabadi produces higher milk than Murrah and Most of the muurah buffalo produces Higher milk production than jafarabdi.

How many Days Murrah buffalo Produce milk in a year?

These things also depend on the quality feeding, on proper feeding to Murrah buffalo timely then this breed has the capability to give milk 300 days. if you are feeding cottonseed cake and Soya Doc to your buffalo every day in their lactation period than this buffalo breed can give milk more than 300 days.

if you’re getting an average 8 liters a day from Murrah buffalo then seriously you can make good money by selling the milk. India is the top milk producer in the world and there is a huge amount of milk that comes from the Murrah breed.

Is it worth to buy Murrah buffalo?

Yes of course it is worth buying Murrah buffalo you can make very good money from Murrah buffalo by selling their milk. higher milk production means more money.

This breed has the capability to adjust any type of environment in india.

i have seen most Murrah buffalo in south India. in south India, they raise a quality breed in their farm and sell the Murrah buffalo milk in 100 rs per liter in metros 2 tier cities.

of course, the price is high but this breed will surely give you maximum returns. you can trust this breed blindly because it is the number one buffalo breed of India.

What is the Murrah Buffalo feed cost per day?

with the proper managemnt and full of nutritious feed the the murrah buffalo feed cost per day comers under 70 to 80 rupees. in which Dry fodder, green fodder and concentrated feed is included you have to also gibes calcium suppliment for better milk production by murrah breed.

you can also raise on 50 to 60 rupees per day but it is better to fed high-quality feed to high-quality breed to their right use otherwise it can decrease the milk production. you can not get what you expected from Murrah buffalo.

FAQ about Murrah buffalo milk production?

Q.1) what is the lactation and gestation period of Murrah buffalo?

the lactation period of Murrah buffalo is in between 300 to 320 days and the gestation period is of 9 months.

Q.2) is Murrah buffalo profitable for dairy farming?

yes, of course, a lot of people making handsome income through the Murrah buffalo. you can make a very good income with 10 Murrah buffaloes.

Q.3) what is Murrah buffalo milk yield per lactation?

The average Murrah buffalo milk yield per lactation is 2500 to 2600 liters approximately if you feed them quality feed timely.

Final Words

Murrah buffalo is one of the high milk-producing buffalo breed of India. Farmers raising Murrah buffalo and making very good money. The youtube is full of Murrah buffalo milk production per day.

As per me, starting a Murrah buffalo farm in any city can be very much profitable.

Raising one Murrah buffalo can easily make 10,000 rupees profit per month. if you raise 10 buffalo then you can make 1 lakh rupees a month. But raising 10 buffalo in the farm needs guts and knowledge about dairy farming.

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