Kadaknath Chicken Complete Information Guide

Along with the delicious taste, there are a lot of health benefits in the meat of Kadaknath chicken. It is highly nutritious compared to any other breed.

Kadaknath is the Indian Meat purpose chicken breed which is different from the other indigenous or Desi chicken breeds of India. The appearance of this Kadaknath chicken is the whole black.

Kadaknath is the only black colour meat chicken breed of India. The cause of black meat is due to the deposition of melanin pigment or it is because of a genetic condition called Fibromelanosis.

Kadaknath chicken mainly originated in Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh India. It is also known from the other name called kalimasi. This chicken breed is mainly raised by tribes of Jhabua district.

Presently The kadaknath chicken meat is trending in whole India. The main characteristics of this chicken breed is the colour of meat, skin and bones are black which is quite unique or not available in any other chicken breed of India.

The quality of the meat of this chicken breed is extremely good or the taste of meat is unique. Best for those who get bored of eating the same chicken meat and want to taste the Different.

Kadaknath chicken health Benefits

Along with the delicious taste, there are a lot of health benefits in the meat of this chicken. It is highly nutritious compared to any other chicken breed of India.

To find nutrition in the vegetable are a big deal. People in India love to eat chicken in dinner because chicken is the major source of protein. If anyone chooses kadaknath in the meat than it would be quite beneficial for them.

Kadaknath chicken has a rich source of B vitamins(B1, B2, B6, B12), vitamin E, Vitamin C and 18 amino acids. It is also a rich source of Calcium, Phosphorus which is quite beneficial for the Bone strength.

The consumption of kadaknath meat helps to strengthen the immune system.

It also helps in better kidney functioning or proper blood flow, Best for the TB, and heart disease.


chicken is a rich source of protein. the Protein is much needed for the human body which directly provides strength to the muscles. the kadaknath breed has a higher Protein percentage compared to any other Breed of chicken. The Protein present in kadaknath meat is 26% while the other Breed has 18%.

It would be quite good if you will get 8% more protein with the same amount of chicken.


lesser the fat in the diet is better for the health. Less fat in chicken is one of the prime health benefits of kadaknath chicken which is quite beneficial for the athletes. The available fat percentage in this kadaknath is 1 while the other has 18% fat. There is a big difference in fat.


in today’s time, 70% of the total population in the world eats chicken. Cholesterol is the major problem for the heart patient or also for the normal person. The available cholesterol in kadaknath chicken is less compared to other chickens, cholesterol in the kadaknath meat has 185 mg/100 gm chicken while the other has 220 mg/100 gm.

Kadaknath Chicken Price

The Price of kadaknath chicken depends on region to region in India the retail price of Live 1.5 kg kadaknath is 900 to 1000 Rs. it is Bit costlier than other indigenous Chicken breed or Desi chicken. the reason behind the higher kadaknath chicken price is because of the huge demand for its unique Black colour meat.

The demand for its meat is higher than Production. Production is quite low while the demand is high. Most of its meat is used for export.

Kadaknath chicken Breed Profile

Breed Name Kadaknath
Other Name Kalimasi 
Origin Jahbua District of Madhya Pradesh
Speciality Black coloured meat
Comb Type Single comb
Variety Jet Black, Pencilled NeckGolden feather
Main colour Black
Purpose Meatpurpose
Disposition Calm
Breed size Medium
Cock weight 1.5 kg
Cockrel weight 0.9 kg 
Hen weight 1.2 Kg
Pullet weight 0.8 kg
Egg capacity per year 120 eggs
Age at first Egg (days) 140
Egg weight 45 g
Egg size Large
Egg colour Brown
Skin colour Black
Shank colour Black
Survivability % up to 6 weeks 99


The Appearance of this chicken breed is quite attractive and adorable. It can also be used for ornamental purpose.

The body colour of this chicken is the whole black with a little bit greenish plumage, the skin is black or the meat is black. The colour of the eyes is black.

The beak is slightly curved or black.

The breed has a single comb with four to five tips or black in colour. The wattles are equal in size or black in colour.

The shanks of this chicken breed are without feather.

Every part of kadaknath chicken is black excepting Eggs.

All the internal organs and bone marrow and arteries are black.

Kadaknath chicken farming 

There is a huge opportunity in kadaknath Poultry farming because it is the most popular and only black meat chicken breed in India. The consumption of this chicken is more than production.

There is a small initial investment required to start kadaknath chicken farming if you have free space. It can easily be done on the backyard with few hens. a small project report with profit guide is shown below.

The kadaknath chicken is ready for sale in 4 to 5 months. It can easily achieve 1.5 kg in 5 months. You can make good money with kadaknath chicken farming.

The average standard weight of male kadaknath is 1.5 kg while the female achieves 1 to 1.2 kg.

This chicken breed has good FCR (Food conversion ratio), And the capability to achieve good weight in short duration time.

The disease in this breed is quite low compared to broiler chicken.

A day-old kadaknath chick price is 45 rs and the one month old chick price is 80 to 100rs.

Kadaknath chicken Egg Production

Kadaknath hen starts laying eggs at the age of 20th to 21st weeks. Generally, they lay up to 120 eggs in a year. The egg shale colour is brown. The weight of one egg is 45 g.

There is a myth about the Black colour egg of kadaknath but actually the egg colour is brown.

The selling price of one egg of kadaknath is 20 to 25 Rs.

The kadaknath hens are an excellent mother who always show Broodiness.

Kadaknath chicken meat production 

This chicken Breed is primarily used for meat production. They achieve quite lower weight in the backyard. If they fed or raised like broiler chicken they can achieve good weight in short duration of time.

The black coloured chicken meat is becoming more popular day by day. A lot of farmers came forward to do kadaknath chicken farming in most of the regions of India.

How to care and management?

  • For the better health of chickens provide them good housing. Housing should be well ventilated, clean, dry and hygiene or disinfected for better health.
  • Lighting in the house should be good.
  • Provide them enough space and don’t overcrowd in the house, overcrowding in the house is the main cause disease.
  • Provide good Poultry feed to the chicken which directly helps in weight gain. The feed of the chicken is packed with all the nutrition like Protein, carbohydrates, Vitamins and minerals.
  • The feed should be according to age like starter, grower, and finisher poultry feed for better weight gain.
  • Generally, they have less disease compared to broiler poultry but don’t take a chance, vaccinate the chickens properly for the immunity because the prior vaccine is better than cure.

Other black meat chicken breeds in the world

Ayam cemani – originated in Indonesia
Silkie – originated in China

Comparison of kadaknath chicken with Desi chicken

Kadaknath chicken Desi chicken
Eggs production in a year 110 – 120 70 – 80
Weight of egg 40 – 45 g 30 – 35
Egg colour Dark Brown Light Brown
Price of Egg 20 – 25 Rs 10 – 15
Egg Spoilage during Hatching 20% 30%
Tenderness of meat Lean and soft Hard
Meat colour Black  Light Red
Market Price (5 Months) 800-1000 Rs 500 – 600
Health Benefits More Less

Kadaknath chicken farming Profit Guide

It is a simple profit guide of the 200 kadaknath chicks raised for the 5 months. A good revenue can generate through this, or this is simply easy. They can handle easily, a single woman or child can raise 200 chickens.

The 200 chickens can be raised in the backyard if you have some space.

Fixed cost
Shed cost (10×40) 15000
Recurring Cost
200 chicks (1 month old,
80 Rs per chick)
12 bags of 50  kg
Company Poultry feed
4 Quintal Maze 8000
Medicines 1000
Total Recurring cost 44200
Mortality (10%) 20 chicken died
180 chickens sold at the rate of
800 Rs Per chicken
150 Eggs sold at the rate
of 15 rs per Egg
Total Income 146250

Total Profit = Total income – Total recurring cost

                     = 146250 – 44200

Total Profit = 102250 Rs (In 5 Months)

The kadaknath chicken can be a good source of income for those farmers who want to raise this chicken. They have unique characteristics and peoples always go for the different. Currently, this chicken breed is going viral all over India.

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