Gir Cow Information

Gir cow is one of the popular breed of India which produce pure A2 milk it is one of the profitable breed of India. The price of its milk is 70 rs per liter.

Gir cow is one popular cow breed of India. The native place of Gir cow breed is Gir Forest of Kathiawad and Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Junagadh & Amreli district of Gujarat India. This breed is also known from various names in Gujarat and which are Bhodali, Surti, Kathiwari, Gujarati, Sorthi, And Desan.

The Average Gir cow milk Production is 10 liters Per day after giving birth to the calve. the Indian cow Gir Breed is also popular in the other countries like Brazil and North America, Australia and New Zealand. Gir cattle has been used in the development of Brahman cattle breed of North America.

This cow breed has been also used for the improvement of many indigenous Breeds of India.

Generally, This cow breed has become very popular in the last ten year because it Produces pure A2 milk. The A2 milk has huge demand in metros cities of India. The milk which has A2 Beta casein. And it is a healthier choice than regular milk.

This Breed has the capability to adapt to any type of environment in India. The Gir cow always gives quick and maximum returns to the Dairy farmers of India. Many Gir cow farm is generating very good profit through the Milk and Manure.

Manure and urine are also an important By-product of Dairy Farming. it is used to make organic fertilizer and Pesticides.

The interesting thing is that Brazil has presently more Gir cow than India. Approximately brazil has around 5 million Gir cows. In Brazil or South America, The Gir cow Known from the Name Bos Indicus Breed.

Gir cow Breed Profile

Breed Name Gir
Origin Junagadh, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Amreli
Normal Height of Cow 4 to 4.3 ft
Normal Height of Bull 4.3 to 4.6 ft
Udder Size of Cow Large
Coat Color Red, Red with white spot, Brown, Brown with white spot.
Purpose Of Breed Milk Purpose
Size Category Large Size Breed
Weight of Mature Cow (Average) 380 to 400 kg
Weight Of Mature Bull (Average) 540 to 560 kg
Age At First calving 3 to 3.5 years
Average Birth Weight of calve 18 to 20 kg  
Lactation Cycle or Milk cycle 300 Days
Dry Period 60 to 70 Days
Gestation Length 9.5 months
Milk yield Capacity in one lactation 2800 liters
Life span of Gir Cow 20 Years

Characteristics of Gir Cow

The Gir cow is mainly known worldwide for their A2 milk. There is huge demand for semen of Gir Bull in various countries. They also want to produce quality milk.

Gir cow is the good mother and the behavior of the cow is very docile and calm. They are very adorable.

The Gir Bull is Mainly used for draught purpose in the agro-farm or any other heavy works. Because the hight of the bull is good legs are strengthened they can draught as much as weight.

The Gir Cow is the best-suited breed for commercial Dairy farming. This Breed has the ability to adapt in any region of India.

The Gir cow milk made cultured ghee is very costly people Believe that there are medicinal properties in it and the milk of this cattle is quite beneficial for Brain Growth of The children’s.

Appearance of Gir Cow

The Appearance of the Gir cow is mesmerizing.  The coat color of this cow is mainly Red, Brown Or Red with white spots in it. There are 3 to 4 varieties of this cow is available. The Black and Brown Gir cow has also been seen.

The Gir cattle has large Round shape forehead and the horns are curved in some cows the horns turned back or in some, it turned upward. The Eyes ball is mainly black in color. The Ear is pendulous leaf-shaped. Big Hump after the neck is main, to recognize of Gir cow.

They have large size well-developed udder. The tail is long up to the knee of adult cow. The dewlap is large in size compared to another breed.

Milk Production of Gir Cow

The milk production of Gir cow is at peak level from 0 to 70 days after giving the birth to a calf. After that, the milk production slightly decreases week to week.

In the first 2 months after giving birth to the calf, the milk production may around 10 to 15 liters.

The normal lactation cycle or milk yield cycle of Gir cow is 300 days and It maybe 325 days. The normal milk Production of Gir cattle in one lactation is 2800 liters. The milk yield totally depends on what type of feed are you providing to your cow. How much Dry matter intake in cow feed.

If you will provide Quality feed than the cow Will Produce Quality Milk.  The average Fat percentage in Gir cow milk is 4.5% which is quite good Milk Purpose Cattle Breed.

The Highest milk Yield of Gir cattle is 3000 liters is noted in one lactation.

Housing Requirement for the Gir cow

For better milk production and reproduction, Housing plays a very important role for the commercial purpose of Gir Cattle farm. The house should be both shelter and Open paddock. The open paddock is for the exercise of cows. The open Paddock should be double the shelter or House of cows.

  • The house should be well ventilated for the cross air circulation or to remove the gases of rumination and dung.
  • The living pen in the house should be separated for Cows Heifers, bull and Calves.
  • Stay away from overcrowding in the House.
  • The feeding trough and watering trough should be according to height or age of cows.
  • Because 80% of water is present in milk so the availability of water should be always in front of cows every time for large production of milk.
  • Spread the limestone powder every week to kill bacteria in the house.

Space requirement for the Gir Cow

Age Covered Area (m2) Open Area (m2)
Gir Calves below 8 months 1 2
Gir Calves above 8 Months 2 4
Gir Heifers 4 8
Gir Bull Calves 4 8
Lactating cow 12 25
Gir Bull 12 120

Care and Management of Gir Cattle

By the way, there is less mortality and morbidity in the Gir cattle but protection against some major disease is important for commercial Dairy farming. it said that Prior vaccine is better than cure. the minimum age for the vaccination of is 3 months.

  • Follow the Indian vaccination schedule Protocol
  • Keep the health record of the animal and culled the weak debilitated animal from the house.
  • Internal deworming should be done pre or post-monsoon.
  • The sick animal should be transferred in quarantine house Quickly.
  • The antibiotic medicines and injection should be always available on the farm. The disease like pneumonia and Diarrhea are common and be treated through antibiotics.

Feeding Management

The cow should be fed nutritious feed for better milk production. The feed should be packed with protein, carbohydrates, Vitamins, and Minerals.

The dry matter intake in the feed should be 2 to 2.5 % of the total body weight of the cow. In which concentrate and dry forage should be mixed. The concentrates feed should be one percent of the total body weight of the cow.

Products Made from Gir Cow Milk & Manure.

Products from milk

A2 Ghee

  Products from Cow Manure

Vermicompost fertilizer
Cow dung cake
Cow dung ash
Dhoop batti
Havan Diyas
Bio Gas

Gir cow Price

The Price of Gir cow depends on how much milk they are giving after birth. Higher the milk than the price of the cow will be higher. The Price range starts from 50,000 Rs to 85,000 Rs per cow with their calve. This cow has Lower Price than Buffalo But the rate of milk is higher than Buffalo.

Why you choose Gir cow for your Farm?

  • It is the highly productive breed of India.
  • The behavior and temperament of this cow breed are calm and docile.
  • It maximum returns from their milk and manure.
  • The price of milk is more compared to other breeds. In metros city of India, the Price of Gir cattle milk is 120 to 150 Rs/liter or in two-tier cities the cost of milk is 70 to 80rs per liter.
  • A good revenue can generate from the by-products like Manure and urine from this cow.

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