Space Requirement For 100 Goats Complete Guide

It is a complete guide of total space requirement for 100 goats in commercial as well as semi-intensive goat farming system, you can make shed in 1500 sqft for 100.

if you are looking for a space requirement for 100 goats then this post is for you?

Before taking to goats in the farm you should know how much area is required for 100 goats so you preplanned your shed area.

Generally, in commercial goat farming the goat requires shed area to live safe in excessve weather as well as open paddock area for the exercise of goats because in most of the modern farm goats don’t go for grazing. If you are taking your goat outside for grazing then no need for too much open paddock area.

The open paddock area is quite important for the better health and weight gain of goats.

Generally, goats require area according to their age. When the goat is 3 months old it requires a small area. When it is at 6 months of age then they require more area. And finally, when it matures it requires large space in the house or shed.

If you are planning for 100 female goats then think also about their kids.

A female goat has a 5 months gestation period, after five months they give birth, normally with two kids, some give single or some goats also give triplets.

So before designing the shed, always keep in mind about the upcoming kids. I am telling this from my own experience. I have been doing goat farming for the last five years. I also provide free goat farming consultancy and paid goat farming training.

Space requirement for 100 goats according to their Age

Let us discuss about space for 100 female goats

Shed Space for 1 adult female = 15 Sq Ft

Therefor, for space for 100 female adult goats = 100 x 15 sq ft

Shed space for 100 female adult goats = 1500 Sqft

Open space for 100 female adult goats = 3000 Sqft

Space required for Kids at an average of 5 Sqft

Therefor total kids of 100 Goats is – 100 x 1.5 = 150

Shed Space required for kids = 750 sqft

open area for Kids 150 x 10 sqft =1500 sqft

Age Shed Area Open Paddock Area
0-3  Months 2-2.5 Sqft (1 x 2) 4-5 Sqft
3-6  Months 5-8 Sqft (2 x 3) 10-15 Sqft
6-12 Months 8-10 Sqft (2 x 5) 15-20 Sqft
Adult female 15 Sqft (5 x 3) 30 Sqft

Total shed area (Kids + female) = (1500+750) = 2250 sqft

Total open area for (Kids + females) = (1500 +3000) = 4500 sqft

The total space requirement for 100 goats (Shed + open paddock ) = 2250+4500 sqft

The total space requirement for 100 goats (Shed + open paddock ) = 6750 sqft

If you’re planning for 100 adult male goats then you require the same area as adult female shed 1500 sq ft. and open 3000 Sq ft.

If you are going to plan for 100 kids then you require a 250 sq ft area and 500 sq ft open paddock area.

Do keep in mind if your are planning for 100 adult female goats then you should plan for the upcoming kids. You can contact us for shed design. Hope we will properly guide you free.

Labor requirement to raise 100 Goats

Generally, goats are the animals that require smaller space as well as less feed to eat compared to other livestock. It is easy to manage 100 goats because in our country goats are managed by a woman and kid.

For the 100 female goats, 2 labors are sufficient in the stall feeding commercial goat farm. The two can properly manage them, providing feed, milking goat properly, and give medicine to goat when they are sick.

I have seen so many times that only two shepherds maintain the 2000 to 3000 sheep & goats on highways, so for the proper management and good labor can easily maintain 100 goats.

Goat shed size for 100 Goats

For the 100 females and their 150 kids, the total area required should be 3500 sq ft. in this area the 100 female goats, breeding buck, young females and young males, office and store room is included.

All the required things for the well established goat farm are covered under 3500 sq ft area.

Make the pen in the shed and Always raised goats according to their age for their better productivity and proper weight gain. If you raised all goats in one compartment then they fight each other and the big goats don’t let eat to small goats. Because of that, the kid doesn’t gain weight properly. I am an experienced goat farmer. I know each and every aspect of commercial goat farming.

I have a 4500 sq ft farm of 200 goats capacity. I always raised 100 goats on my farm. I make the pen according to age. If you want to see then you can come to my farm on any weekdays you are most welcomed. I will properly guide you. You can also get goat farming training by us.

Goat farm profit calculator

I can’t make the goat farm profit calculator but i can simply teach you how you can make profit in goat farming and how much you can earn in goat farming with 100 goats.

Lets us discuss

For taking an example to understand I am taking the project for one sojat goat you can simply convert it into 100 goats by multiplying it with 100.

Purchasing cost

Weight of goat Price x weight Total cost
30 kg one female sojat goat 320 x 30 11200 =12000 Approx

The goat gestation period is 5 months and we can take the two kiddings in 14 months. after giving birth to the kid they required some rest for proper management of their internal parts for the next breeding.

I have raised a matured female goat for 14 months and I have taken the two kiddings in 14 months. Normally goats give 2 kids in each gestation period.

We get the 4 kids in 14 months

I have raised first 2 goat kid for 14  months  and 2 goat kids i have sold in 6 month of age

14 months = 420 days

6 months = 180 days

Feeding cost

No of goats Goats x months x dyas Feed cost
1 Female Goats 1x 12 x 420 5040
2 male goats for 14 months 2 x 12 x 420 10080
2 male goats for 6 months 2 x 10 x 180 3600
Total feed cost 18720 Rs

Selling cost & goat farming profit calculator

I have sold the 6 months old goat in 7500 each and I have sold 14 months old goats on the occasion of eid in 15000 rs each.

Age of goat Selling price Total  Sale cost
6 month old 7500 x 2 15000
14 months  old on Eid 15000 x 2 30000
Total profit 45000 Rs

Profit calculator = total profit – feeding cost

Profit calculator = 45000 – 18720

Total Profit = 26280 Rs

Remove the expenditure of farm management, electricity cost, labor cost, medicine cost and other which costs around 6000 Rs

Net profit from a single goat is 20000 Rs per sojat goat. After selling all the kids you have left your female goat for the next production cycle that’s the beauty of goat farming.  Your investment cost is always in your hand.

I take the responsibility of how to handle goats and their proper management for better productivity. For that, you have to take training from our popular goat farm in central India Madhya Pradesh known as  farmingx goat farm.

Frequently asked questions about space requirements for 100 Goats?

Q.1) How much land is required for 100 goats?

Basically to grow your own green fodder for 100 goats with making shed and open paddock area. The total space required should be a minimum 1.5 acre. You can make a good profit in commercial goat farming if you have your own land.

Q.2) are goats a good investment?

Of course goat farming is the good investment. A single goat gives you approximately 4 kids in 14 months. After selling all kids your goats remain with you for the next production cycle. I am running an farmingx goat farm and I can say that investing in goats would be a great deal.

Q.3) can goats survive on just grass?

It can’t survive in commercial or stall feeding goat farming systems but the goat can survive in just grass in semi-intensive goat farming. In which you don’t have to spend money from your pocket only just you have to send goats for grazing with labor.

Final words

Finally raising 100 goats on a farm is not rocket science but it requires proper management and focus, then you can make a very good passive income with that. The space requirement for 100 goats is 4500 square feet. The labor is enough for raising 100 goats on the farm either you are doing commercial goat farming or semi-intensive goat farming.

I also discussed the goat farming profit calculator after reading that you calculate the profit on your own. These are the basic thing of goat farming. If you have any query in mind feel free to comment below or you can contact us anytime our farm is always open for visitors and serious learners of goat farming.

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