Goat Farming In Andhra Pradesh: How You Can Start In 2024?

Goat farming in Andhra Pradesh has a very bright future because the demand for goat meat and their products are very high in this state compare to other states.

If you are looking to start goat farming in Andhra Pradesh then your decision is right because there are 98 percent of meat-eaters in this state.

The meat price in Andhra Pradesh is higher than the other states in India. As per my knowledge, the Goat Meat price is 700 rs per kg and Sheep meat is 740 Rs per kg.

The 2020 year is the correct time to start goat farming in this state, You can get the maximum returns if you belong from this state.

How to start Goat farming in Andhra Pradesh?

First of all, to start goat farming in this state or any other you have to focus first on the goat shed design and green fodder.

The Goat house is one of the most important part of goat farming. After the goat house, you have to mainly focus on Goat feed. If you are planning for stall feeding goat farming then do one thing if you are doing intensive or stall feeding then 60% of the cost comes only on goat feed.

You manage the cost of feed and do all things cheaply.

Generally, the goat requires Green, Dry, and concentrate feed. More dry matter in the goat feed, the higher the weight they achieve.

So try to feed enough dry matter to your goats for maximum returns,

How to get Goat farming Subsidy in Andhra Pradesh?

The subsidy is the same for all over India, Generally, Subsidy is given by NABARD and it is based on The caste system Of India.

The General, OBC can get a 25% subsidy on the bank loan, and ST, SC, and BPL card hole can get a 33% subsidy on Bank loan.

You have to take a loan first, to get a subsidy, The subsidy on a bank loan, not to start the business.

Some people have in mind that if will start this business and will get a subsidy. It is not true. The Goat farming subsidy in Andhra Pradesh is only on the bank Loan.

The subsidy is same in Andhra Pradesh as well as goat farming in telangana.

How To get Goat farming loan in Andhra Pradesh?

The Process of taking Goat farming loan is simple and easy, same like the other loans.

But this loan is for business so you have to make Project report first to get loan on Goat farming.

You can also have some basic knowledge about goat farming so if you are a beginner then better you take goat farming training to make things easy.

You have to submit some Documents to take Goat farming loan in andhra pradesh:

  • Andhra Pradesh Domicile certificate
  • 4 passport size photos
  • Aadhar card
  • Land papers
  • Goat farming project report
  • 6-month-old Bank account

Which Goat breed perform best in Andhra Pradesh?

Selection of goat and sheep breed is one of the big task in goat farming.

  • Breeds play an important role
  • Select the breed according to the purpose of your goat farming
  • Select the breed which easily adjusts to the environment of Andhra Pradesh
  • You have to know the skill to detect pure breeds.

Osmanabadi Goats

Osmanabadi goat is the breed originated in Maharashtra because the Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra is border touch that’s the reason this state is not new for this goat.

Osmanabadi is the meat purpose goat breed and this breed is known for giving multiple kids in each gestation. This breed comes under the medium size goat breed. If your purpose of goat farming is milk then this breed is not for you.

There is no specific breed that belongs from Andhra Pradesh so you have to select other states.

Sirohi Goat

This is the number one goat breed of India because it can adapt in any type of environment, the Sirohi goat is the dual-purpose goat breed you can raise them on your farm for both milk as well as meat purpose goat farming.

This is the large size goat breed and 50% goat farmers in India raise Sirohi breed in their farm.

The coat color of Sirohi Goat is brown with light brown patches on it. The demand for pure Sirohi goat breeds is increasing more and more.

You can start Sirohi goat farming in Andhra Pradesh that will surely make a good source of income for you.

Kanni Adu

Kanni adu is the popular breed of tamilnadu which can be easily adjust on this state. It is meat purpose goat breed. If you are looking for meat purpose goat farming then Kanni adu is the breed for you.

The sheep meat is very popular in Andhra pradesh which always cost 50 rupees more than goat meat. You can also raise sheep with goats.

As per me, if you want to raise sheep then you must be send them for grazing. The sheep is only popular in south region of india. If you are geo targeting whole India then you must go with this goat breed.

Boer goat

Boer goat farming in Andhra Pradesh is getting popular day by day, This is an exotic breed of goat which originated in southern Africa that the reason it is one of the most expensive breed of goat.

If you are looking for breeding purpose goat farming then you can choose Boer goat, the starting price of Boer goat is 1500 rs per kg which is too much.

Boer goat is mainly used to enhance the weight gain capacity of other breeds because Boer goat weight gaining capacity is much higher than other Goat breeds.

Boer is best for commercial breeding purpose goat farming, which can make very good money for you. The marketing of your farm is much required is raising Boer goat on your farm.

Goat farming in Andhra Pradesh project report

A project report is one of the basics to understand the whole process business, you can understand the whole business by project report, in project report goat breed, goat housing and other expenditure cost are mentioned that helps to understand how much money you have to spend on goat housing and Goat breed.

What will you earn and what you have to spend this is the basics points of the project report. That’s the reason if you go to take a loan then the bank manager first asks to submit the project report.

The manager read the project report and understand after investing in this business are you able to repay of the loan then he sanction the loan.

I have made project report of (100+4) goats that will surely help you understand the business

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1) How to fast weight gain of goats?

Proper feeding on time to goats gains weight the whole day feed must include green, dry, and concentrate feed.

Q.2) What feed should i give for weight gain?

The concentrated feed must be designed while two to three grains with deoiled cake and mineral mixture. The leguminous fodder of dry and green helps in weight gain.

Q.3) What is the most important thing you should keep in mind before starting goat farming in Andhra Pradesh?

The house of goat must be ventilated for the better health of goats and proper sanitation should be done on the farm. Also, give them nutritious feed to goats helps you get the success.

Final words

Goat farming is one of the scalable business in Andhra Pradesh. The demand for goat and sheep meat increasing more and more that’s the reason per kg price of meat is increasing more and more every six months. I can surely say that in some it will touch thousand rupees per kg in upcoming days in Andhra Pradesh.

Starting goat farming will be good at this time, you can scale it as much as you want.

Before starting Goat farming in Andhra Pradesh  keep in mind this sky scrapper technique by farmingx goat farming and training center which are as follows

  • Don’t spend too much money on goat shed
  • Before starting a goat farming business grow your own green fodder
  • Sanitation must be proper in the farm
  • Keep your goat vaccinated
  • Keep required emergency medicine in your farm

Hope you will get the good information by us, we welcome you to this goat farming world.

Happy Goat farming!

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