Goat Farming In Nepal Complete Information For Beginners

Goat farming in Nepal has a huge opportunity because it is a developing country and the number of goat farm here is very less compare to other countries.

If you are looking for Goat farming in Nepal then you’re at the right place. Goat farming is the best suitable business for this country because Nepal is known for its nature and greenery environment.

The large part of the greeny plus Hilly area may be beneficial because goats love to eat green fodder and half of their better health is dependent on Green fodder.

In the goat farming business, 60% of the total cost is spent only on their feed and if you control the feed cost then no one restricts you from getting success in goat farming.

The Best part of this business is that it can be done by a man or woman. Goats come under the small animal category and their nature is very calm. The women or a kid can handle many goats with proper management.

What is the scope of goat farming in Nepal?

Well, the scope of goat farming in Nepal is increasing day by day because the hilly areas are considered profitable for goat farming.

The Breeding purpose of goat farming is good. The youngsters of this country are looking to the future in this business because the goat is a good source of meat, milk, fiber, and manure.

It produces two kids in each gestation and the gestation period is short compared to other livestock. The market for selling goats for meat and for breeding is good.

The people of Nepal love to eat goat meat that’s the reason it is one of the costlier meat in Nepal.

Recently I have seen the Boer goat farming in Nepal is increasing and getting fame because the characteristics of Boer goats are growing rapidly.

Boer goats have the capacity to achieve 70 kg in just 6 months that’s the reason the farmers of Nepal are attracted to Boer goats.

Why should you start goat farming in Nepal?

Because of increasing the demand for goat meat in Nepal many young entrepreneurs are attracting to the Goat farming business. We wish them the best of luck to expand these businesses in the country.

Approximately, 60% of live goats in Nepal come from India, if Nepal has large green areas and all the required things for goat farming are available so why import goats from India.

This Is a business opportunity for the people of Nepal. If they raise goats on their own and educate the farmers of Nepal then they can cut the supply chain of goats from India.

If the demand of Meat is more then why should you depend on Meat for other countries.

Which type of goat farming is Best suitable for Nepal?

There are three types of goat farming you can choose any one of them. All three have their own pros and cons. The type of goat farming depends on how much land you have.

Goat is the selective feeder, it eats the leaves according to their need and completes their nutrition requirement.

Let’s focus on the type of goat farming

1. Extensive Goat farming:

In this type of goat farming, all the goats go outside for grazing for 5 to 6 hours and feed dry and green leaves according to their need and complete their Nutrition requirement.

In Extensive goat farming, farmers don’t spend a single rupee on goat feed. This is the old type method and old farmers work on the extensive goat farming method.

If you have hilly areas near your farm then you can work on this method.

2. Semi-intensive goat farming

This is the best method of goat farming which I like the most because this method is a mixture of extensive and intensive goat farming.

In this method, the goat goes for grazing outside for 2 to 3 hours, and the handful of concentrate fodder (a mixture of grains) given to the goats after grazing.

Health and growth wise this is the best method for goat farming in Nepal.

You can make a good income applying this method of goat farming in your country.

3. Intensive Goat farming or Stall feeding goat farming

This another best goat farming method in which goats don’t go outside for grazing. All the feeding and nutrition requirements of goats complete under the stall.

The green, dry and concentrated feed should be given to goats at the time interval and the open space is given for exercise and better health of goats.

This method of goat farming is increasing across the world and becoming successful.

How to start Goat farming in Nepal in four steps?

Step 1: First of all, before buying the goats grow two to three types of green fodder crops in your farm area to complete the green fodder requirement of goats.

The Berseem, lucerne, Hedge Lucerne, moringa are highly nutritious rich in proteins green fodder crops that saves a lot of your money.

To become successful in goat farming always grow your own green fodder and don’t buy from outside.

Step 2: with growing green fodder crops make the shed for the goats, so before buying goats the house and feed is the most important part of goat farming. Do arrange these two things first.

The size of the shed should be according to the number of goats and their kids. For example, if you are planning for 100 goats then you should also plan for their upcoming kids.

Generally, a goat gives two kids in each gestation period, sometimes it gives a single. 100 goats also plan for their 150 upcoming kids. And 4 breeding bucks.

Step 3: Select the Breed according to the purpose of your goat farming for example if you are planning for meat purpose goat farming then select the breed which is best in meat production. For example Sirohi, Barbari goat breed is best for meat purpose goat farming

For breeding purpose goat farming Boer, Sannen, Jamunapari, Beetal, Sirohi, Barbari, Sojat are the best breed for breeding purpose goat farming.

For Milk purpose goat farming Jamunapari, sannen, beetal, Jakhrana are the best in milk production. You can select any one for milk production.

Step 4: After taking the goats on the farm, do their proper caretaking, breed best with best for higher production. Provide proper Nutrition to the goats.

if you are doing stall-feed goat farming then you have to provide calcium, liver tonic, and vitamins to the goats twice a week.

If you know nothing about goat management and their disease and are curious to learn then you can take goat farming training. In which you can learn all about goat farming from starting to end.

Final words

Well, In my opinion, Nepal is a developing country and in this situation setting up the goat farm in Nepal is the right time.

But as per me Boer goat farming in Nepal has huge demand but don’t start with the Boer goat if you know nothing about goat farming, first of all, learn complete or get training and start with the local breed of Nepal after than come with the expensive breed then chances of your success will be more.

Goat farming has a huge opportunity because this country has all the things which are required for goat farming.

If you have any queries and want to learn more about goat farming then feel free to ask in the comment box or you can contact us for any queries.

Happy Goat Farming!  

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