Jamunapari Goat Breed Productivity Guide : 2024

Jamunapari goat is also known as Queen of Goats because it looks quite beautiful it is the dual-purpose goat breed of India that gives 2-liters milk a day.

The Jamunapari goat breed is originated in Etawah District of Uttarpradesh India. The name of this goat is derived from its habitat across the river Yamuna, it Pronounces Jamuna By Local people. Jamunapari goat is the Dual purpose goat breed. it is also known as Queen of goats because it is Beautiful in look and large in size. It is one of the most productive goats of India, The Production of Milk And Meat is Very High as compared to other Breed.

Jamunapari goat Breed developed over centuries through natural selection by the goat keepers of Uttarpradesh, under harsh climate, tropical disease, Good quality food.

The Jamunapari Goat has been extensively used for upgrading the local goats not only in India but also in so many Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bhutan Bangladesh, due to its high Production and Potential in milk and Meat, and adaptability for a wide range of agro-climatic condition. this Breed is very popular in Indonesia, in Indonesia this Breed is known from  Kambing Etawa.

Jamunapri is the fast-growing Breed of India, in 0 to 3 months of age it gains weight 110 gm per day and during 3 to 12 months of age, it gains weight 130 gm per day Under semi-intensive Goat Farming system. This weight gain will be more 10 to 20 gm per day in intensive farming or stall feeding farming.

Jamunapari Goat Breed Profile

Breed Name Jamunapari
Origin Uttar Pradesh India
Normal Height 32-35 inches
Udder Size of Adult Doe Big
Coat Color Creamy White
Purpose Of Breed Dual Purpose
Size Category Large Size Breed
Weight of Mature Male (2 years) 70 to 90 kg
Weight Of Mature Female (2 years) 50 to 60 kg
Age At First Kid 18 Months
Average Birth Weight of kid 3.5 kg (depends on No. of Kid)
Kidding Interval 7 months
Number of Kid Crops in 2 Year 3
Gestation Length 148-150 days
Repeating Heat Cycle  18-21 days
Single Birth Percentage 70%
Twins Percentage 30%
Triplets Percentage Rare
Quadruplets No.
Average Milk Capacity 2 to 2.25  liter per day
Life span 10-12 years

Characteristics of Jamunapari Goat

Jamunapari is one of the popular breeds of India. Which is quite good in milk and meat production. It is also used to Improve the Meat and milk production of the other lower production goat breeds. The breed has been used for Cross Breeding in so many Neighbour countries of India.

The Male Adult Jamunapari looks quite Majestic, the tuft of long hairs on the rear Legs Gives them perfect Looks. The sexual maturity in males comes at 12-14 months of age.

The jamunapari Goat performs well in semi-intensive and intensive goat farming. it is also used for ornamental purpose.

The breed is in high demand, and there is no need of marketing in the sale of jamunapri Goat.

Appearance of jamunapari Goat

There are 28 Known Breeds in India and Jamunapari is in the Top who Looks Beautiful, Good in Milk, Quite good in weight. That’s why it is called the Queen of Goats.

The face of the Jamunapari Goat is quite impressive, the face of the goat is big in size and has Roman Nose and Thick hair on the nose gives them a perfect look.

The Ears are Long and folded and the same color with the face. The length of the Ear is approximately 30 cm.

Horns are medium in size, tilted towards the backside.

Eyes are oval in shape or Brown in color. The udders are large and in wedged shape.

The length of the body is around 35 to 37 inches in the adult male goat.

The hair on the Rear legs makes this breed different from the others.

Milk Production

The jamunapari goat breeds compete with the Top milk-producing Breed with  Beetal Goat Breed of Punjab. This breeds also comes in the category of Milk purpose Breed because The production of milk is quite well. It produces around 2.25 liters milk per day in the first month after giving birth. After that, it drops Each week up to the end of lactation.

Normally 250 to 300 Liters of milk yield is noted in the lactation period of 150 to 170 days.

The fat percentage in the milk of jamunapari goat is 4 % with 2.5% protein in it.

Meat Production 

Because this is quite good in weight so obviously the production of meat is good. the Goat produces around 55% consumable meat from the total live weight of the goat. An adult 50 Kg goat Gives around 28 kg Meat.

The capability of conversion of feed to meat  (FCR) is quite appreciable in jamunapari Goat which gains weight 100 to 130 gram per day on Normal feeding with 1 to 2 hours of grazing.

The Meat is preferable to eat at the age of  9 to 10 months of Goats and this goat achieve good weight at this age.

This goat breed gives maximum returns at low-cost management.

Growth of Jamunapari Goat

Age of Goat Weight of Goat (Kg)
Kid weight At the time of Birth   3-3.5
0 – 3 months 10-12
3- 6 months 22-24
6-9 months 30-36
9-12 months 45-50
2 Years 60-70 (Average male & female)

General Housing Management

  • Generally, like humans Goats also like to live in clean and Hygiene place. So for the better Production from Jamunapari Goats Provide them better Housing.
  • Provide separate housing according to the age of goats.
  •  The housing should be disinfected from every week for good health of the goat.
  • House should be well ventilated for the incoming of fresh air and outgoing of harmful gases made from rumination and manure of goats.
  • The soil in the house should be rotated and burn in every 3 months to kill the bacteria.

Feeding Management

  • Jamunapari is the type of goat which can achieve weight more than expected at the quality feed.
  • The Goat feed should be Packed with Nutrients like carbohydrate, protein, minerals, and vitamins for better productivity.
  • There should be enough Dry Matter intake in the whole day feed.
  • The green, Dry forages and concentrate feed should be present in each day of goat feed.
  • Extra 100 gm concentrate Feed should be provided to the breeder and pregnant goats.

Health Management

  • For the Indian tropical condition, vaccines like PPR, Enterotoxaemia, Foot and Mouth Disease, Hemorrhagic septicaemia, Goat pox should be done at the age of 3 months.
  • External and internal deworming should be done pre and post-monsoon.
  • If there are more than 25 goats on the farm than there should be quarantine House in the farm, to stay away from economic loss.
  • The new entry in the should be placed in the quarantine house for first 30 days. In which all the vaccination and Deworming should be performed in the quarantine.
  • All the needed medicine should be available on the farm every time.

How to select the Breeder of jamunapari Goat

  • For the good upcoming results, the age of jamunapari breeder should be 2 years or 4 teeth.
  • The breeder should be of good height, good weight, strengthened legs, Tight and aggressive.
  •  FCR (Feed conversion rate) of the breeder should be well.
  • The breeder should be Disease free.
  • The testicles should be of the same size.

Is jamunapari Goat is good for you

  • Yes off course jamunapari is good for the commercial goat farming.
  • It gives maximum returns from meat and milk.
  • It can be used as an ornamental purpose.
  • High in demand Because of beautiful look in the festive season like Eid and Durgapuja.
  • The breeder can be used for crossbreeding for the goats near about you.

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