All You Need To Know About Goat Farming In Karnataka

Starting the Business of Goat farming in Karnataka is Good choice because this is agriculture dominant state, this business can be done at low cost Possible.

Goat farming is not a new business in Karnataka. Goat farming in Karnataka is growing quickly, Goat farming is done from so many years by landless farmers but due to the huge demand for Goat meat in Karnataka, it became a new enterprise. Goat rearing turns from grazing to stall feeding in Karnataka.

In my opinion goat farming should be done by all the farmers it can make good money if it is done properly. The main advantage of this business is you can scale it as much as possible if you have a few lands where you can grow your own green fodder for goats.

The organic goat milk and its By-products like (cream and soap) are popular in Karnataka and near regions.

This business requires a low initial investment. Single labor is capable to handle 100 goats.

The goat is the only animal that can survive on poor roughage. And it gives a higher return with less investment.

How to start goat farming in Karnataka

Important aspect Before starting goat farming in Karnataka

Goat Housing

Goat shelter is one of the important aspects of the beginning of commercial goat farming. The housing design directly affects the health of the goat. It should not be closed or not be fully open.

  • The house should be well ventilated for the cross-section of the air.
  • It should be clean, Dry, and Hygiene for the best health of the goats.
  • The waterer of goats should be outside the farm.
  • The width of the shelter should not be more than 20ft and the length can be as long as possible. It depends on how much land you have.

Goat Breed

The selection of Goat breed is equally important. Select the breed of goat which are suitable for goat farming in Karnataka. You can also start with the local goat breed of Karnataka in the beginning after getting some experience you can shift to an Expensive and exotic goat breed.

Goat Breeds that are suitable in the environment of Karnataka

  • Malabari Goat
  • Osmanabadi Goat
  • Sirohi Goat
  • BoerGoat
  • Sannen Goat Breed
  • Kanni Adu

Goat feed

Weight gain is quite an important part of commercial goat farming. The good health and weight gain of goats totally depend on what type of feed are you providing to your goats. In stall feeding goat farming system the goat feed should be Green, dry, or concentrated for better productivity. All the revenue of goat farming depends on goat feed you can not earn much with low-quality goat feed.

According to my experience, the cost of feed on one goat at my goat farm comes 10 Rs per day. I give 250 g concentrate to one adult goat and 400 g Dry fodder or 500 g green fodder each day. The productivity at my farm is good and the animals are healthy with zero mortality rate.

Goat Disease Management

Disease management is the backbone of commercial goat farming. Prior vaccination is better than cure. The vaccine-like PPR, FMD, ET, Goat Pox, And HS are important for successful goat farming in Karnataka.

Always follow the vaccination schedule in the farm for better health of the animals.

Care and management of goats

  • Generally, goat-like live in a dry environment they don’t like wet. So for better productivity or health of goats, the farm area should be always dry and hygienic.
  • There should be separated pens for Goat kids, pregnant goats, nonpregnant goats, castrated goats, and Breeding Buck.
  • The 100 g extra concentrated feed should be given to pregnant goats and breeders of the farm.
  • Extra arrangement plans should be done for winter and Rainy days.
  • Deworming of goat should be done pre or post-monsoon for better productivity.
  • Antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and painkillers should always be available on the farm.

Subsidy on Goat farming in Karnataka

Karnataka is in the second Position after Maharashtra which Provides the highest subsidy to goat farmers. Generally, the subsidy is provided by NABARD (National Agriculture Bank And Rural Development). The subsidy depends on the Caste categories system. The Schedule caste and tribes get 50% subsidy on Goat farming loans and other general and OBC caste categories get 25% Subsidy till 2019.

The Process of getting a subsidy is that you have to take a loan on starting goat farming from any nationalized, cooperative and Rural bank. After that, you have to write an application with the project report and submit it to the NABARD office for getting the subsidy.

After Approval from NABARD, the subsidy comes at the end of the Loan.

Goat farming in Karnataka Project report PDF

The project report is important for getting a bank loan or understanding the Profit guide of the goat farming business. Here we are attaching the (100+4) goat Project report of the Sirohi goat. Sirohi goat is one of the most profitable goat breeds of India. the goat has the capability to survive in every environment in India. You can download the Project report by clicking the link below.

Scope of sheep and goat farming in Karnataka

Not in Karnataka, there is a good scope of goat meat all over the world. Goat meat is considered tastier compared to other meat and there is no religious taboo on eating goat meat.

Alone Bangalore has a huge demand for goat and sheep meat. The consumption is more than the Production of goat meat. The total population of goats in Karnataka is 4796147 according to the livestock census of 2013.

Due to increasing the demand for goat meat in Karnataka, the price of goat meat per kg is also increasing every month. I didn’t see any fluctuation or downfall in the Price of goat meat it is always on the hike. Presently, in Bengaluru, the price of goat meat is 550 rs per kg and it will be 600 to 700 in the next couple of years. So in my opinion goat farming is always a profitable business.

Final words

The Business of goat farming in Karnataka is Booming continuously and it will be a great deal to start goat farming in this state as we discussed you can make handsome money. This business is quite easy if management is perfect than a single man can manage 100 Goats definitely in Staal feeding goat farming system.

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