Behind The Scenes of Gir Cow Milk Benefits : 2024

There are number of Gir cow Milk Benefits, Gir cow Milk is considered best For children’s Brain Growth,it is also best for those who are Lactose intolrant.

The Gir cow milk benefits are considered Better compared to regular milk. first of all, the Gir cow milk is best for Children Brain Growth. This milk helps in the skill development of children. People who consume Gir cow milk they will stay away from the Disease like Type one Diabetes, coronary Heart Disease, indigestion, Autism in children, schizophrenia and other neurological disorders.

The cow is considered as ”Go Mata” and its milk is considered as ”Amrit” in Hindu Shastra. Our Desi cow or Gir cow is Best and consumption of their milk has more beneficial compared to Other Hybrid Exotic breeds.

The Person after having the Gir cow milk will feel free, calm in behavior or the ability to think will be better.

The Gir cow is the popular indigenous cow breed of India. That is mainly found in the Gir forest of Gujarat. The Gir cow produces Pure A2 Milk and the other Highly Productive Breeds like Mix Breeds  & Holstein Friesian Produce A1 milk.

 The Gir cow milk Is beneficial for Those who are lactose intolerant. It is easily digestible and it is packed with all the required nutrition for the Human body. The available  Fat percentage in the milk is 4 % which are assumed good fat quantity for the humans.

Other Benefits of Gir cow milk

Autism in children is the disease which has symptoms like Trouble communicating, delay in development, Weak in learning, not interacting with other, malnutrition, etc. The Gir cow milk benefits Help in the improvement of the children’s against Autism.

The Gir cow milk Protect or improve from such disorders. you can think what will be the improvement and growth of the Normal children’s after having this milk.

Benefits of Gir cow Ghee

Gir cow Ghee provides good fat that required for the Body. It also Provides, Energy, Growth, Power, Makes the voice melodious, Protects skin, slows down aging, etc. Ghee is considered an important part of the Indian diet and it is used in all the Indian recipes. It should be pure and Healthy. Gir cow Ghee is costly but it is a healthier choice than others.

Gir cow Ghee is Good against asthma. The Gir Cow Ghee Provide Energy to the Lungs and restrict Narrowing and helps in better Breathing

Best Gir Cow cultured ghee Which is very fine in test

How Gir cow milk different from others.

The Gir cows Are the earlier breed Which Produces A2 Milk Protein in their milk Along with amino acid called Proline. While in the Other mix Hybrid Breeds This Proline Got converts into Histidine amino acid at the same position.

Beta casomorphin or BCM7 is the opioid Peptide, it is bad for Human Health and it is one of the cause of Indigestion or Type One diabetes, respiratory depression or other Disorder.

Proline prevents the release of BCM7 in the body because it is strongly bond with BCM7. while Histidine is a weak bond with BCM7. So it is easily released in the body on the consumption of A1 cow milk.

90% of Indians consuming A1 milk. This may be the one cause of the disease. So take the Gir Cow Milk benefits it Would be a better choice for those who are health conscious.

Nutrition in the Gir cow Milk

Gir cow milk is a Healthier choice than regular milk. It is pack with all the required nutrition in the required amount for the Body. It is the Good source of calcium and protein which are good for Bone growth or Strong teeth.

A Glass of Gir cow milk is pack with Nutrition. It has all the Proteins, Vitamins and Mineral those which are essential for Healthy life And Proper Body functioning.

Composition of 100 gm Gir cow milk

  • Fat – 4 %
  • Lactose- 4.7%
  • Protein – 3.2%
  • Energy (Kcal/100 ml) – 69
  • Calcium (mg/100 gm)-122
  • Phosphorus (mg/100 gm)-119
  • Vitamin A (IU)- 126
  • Vitamin D (IU)- 2.0
  • Magnesium (mg/100gm) -12
  • Potassium (mg/100gm)- 160
  • Zinc (mg/100gm)- 0.5

Important information about Gir Cow Milk Benefits and Gir cow

Gir Cow milk is a bit costlier than regular milk. The demand of this milk is increasing day by day in metros, two-tier or three Tier cities of India. The people are becoming aware of  Gir cow milk benefits day by day.

The hump of Gir cow makes them different from others. Normally The jersey Holestian Friesian and other Exotic cow Breeds are flat they don’t have Hump. People accepted Gir Holy Cow of India.

In the 1900’s India didn’t focus on Gir Cow Breed while the Semen of Gir cow is imported by Brazil and now they have more Gir cows than India. In South American countries the Gir cow Known As Bos indicus Breed. they Know the Gir cow Milk Benefits and used Gir cow To improve their Local Breed.

How to Take Gir cow milk

The Right way to drink milk, that it should be warm and don’t take Salt or Sour fruit with it. this may Be Bad for the Health.

After the sports activity body requires protein and mineral for recovery so have A glass of Gir cow milk will be more beneficial.


the Gir cow breed is one the old cow breed of India and Having Gir cow milk is a good choice it provides immunity and increases your strength. it has a lot of other medicinal use, of course, it is costlier than regular milk but Nowadays you have to pay extra money for quality products.

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