Best Chaff Cutter Machine For Agriculture With Price (2024)

The chaff cutter machine price ranges from 25000 to 50000 depends on the output capacity and Electric motor compatible with it. it is a much-needed tool for dairy farming.

If you are looking for a chaff cutter machine for agriculture use then you are at the right place. Here in this post, I will suggest you the best chaff cutter that will provide you the best value for your farm.

A chaff cutter is a basic need for livestock farms. Generally, the Cattle, Buffalo, and goat required 2% green fodder according to their Bodyweight. If you are doing livestock farming ‘’Pashupalan’’ then a Chaff cutter is quite important for your farm.

Why are Chaff Cutter Machine important for farms?

Generally, if you don’t cut the grasses then animal wastage all your green fodder if they are not cut in pieces.

I am also running a farm where I am raising cows, Buffalo, and Goats. At the beginning of my farm I give the berseem without cutting and 60% of my green fodder wastes.

When I bought a green fodder cutter machine, my problem of wasting the green fodder has been solved.

With the help of this machine, you can make tonnes of silage easily. Generally, the maize silage is mostly used to make silage.

Types of chaff cutter machine for agriculture

There are two types of chaff cutter machines used in livestock agriculture farming both are the best but different in cost, you have to select the machine according to the number of cows, buffaloes, and goats on your farm.

Chaff cutter mainly used in Goat farming and Dairy farming, and silage making Etc.

Chaff cutter machine with Motor or Electric chaff cutter

If you have more than five animals on your farm then you should use a chaff cutter with a motor because it can save your time and labor cost. With the help of this machine, you can cut 100 kg of grass in just 10 minutes.

This type of chaff cutter also known as Electric chaff cutter machine

The motor is run by electricity and cut the grass faster than manual, it is easy to use that helps to run your big farm in an efficient manner.

The cutting size of grasses may vary depending on the density of grass, for example, the Stem size will be different or the same, and leaf size will be different.

The electric chaff cutter can run on 1HP motor, 2 HP motor, and 3HP motor, and 5 HP motor, it depends on you. Powerful the motor is, faster production of grasses you will get.

Price Range of electric chaff cutter

The Price of an Electric chaff cutter machine ranges from 25000 to 50000 depending on how big the machine is.

Manual chaff cutter machine or hand operated chaff cutter 

If you have five animals on your farm then you can use a manual chaff cutter, it works slowly and the output of grass totally depends on the working efficiency of man. The faster you run, the more cutting grass you will get.

The size of cutting depends on the speed or running of round run by man.

Price range of Manual chaff cutter

Price range of Manual chaff cutter starts from 5000 and ended up to 20000

Tractor operated chaff cutter machine

This is costlier than the above two chaff cutters. It is mainly used to make silage and as per me, this machine is not user friendly compared to a chaff cutter with a motor.

If you have 100 large size animals like cow or buffalo the you can go with a tractor operated chaff cutter.

Best chaff cutter machine with price

1. Jay Bhavani JB100 chaff cutter

This is one of the best Vidhata chaff cutters I have ever seen. It is a multipurpose machine of jay Bhavani company which is located in Rajkot. The best thing about this machine is that you can cut green fodder and you can also grind the maize, wheat, barley, or any type of grains.

I am personally using this machine for my farm. This machine has solved all my problems, I have 100 small size animals on my farm and I feed them fresh green fodder(Lucerne, Berseem, Makhan grass).

You can trust on this machine, this chaff cutter machine price is 25000 rs only with a motor. This machine has the pulverize fitted in it. I am using a Nataraj 2 HP motor with it.

With the help of this machine, I cut green fodder for 100 animals in less than 15 minutes. This is the complete solution for Goat farming, dairy farming, sheep farming, horse farming.

This chaff cutter is built very heavy from inside as well as outside.

The grinding capacity of JB100 is 50 kg in 7 minutes. I am saying this on my personal experience because I am using it. I grind maize every week for my farm.

The maintenance of this chaff cutter is zero only i have to do greasing twice a month.

The best thing about this machine is that it is run in a single phase.

2. Vidhata JF 2D chaff cutter

The Vidhata JF 2D is also a multipurpose electric machine. This machine is costlier than JB100, you can also cut grasses and grind the grains for concentrate feed.

The JF 2D is the imported machine from Brazil, it is made quite heavy you can grind the Maize, wheat and any type of grains with this machine.

Vidhata JF 2D is built powerful and give tough competition to Their rivals’ grass cutter machines.

In some villages of India JF 2D is also known as kutti machine.

I have visited many dairy farms in which they are using JF 2D and the best thing is that they are a happy customer of JF2D

Of Course, this machine is costly but having this machine on the farm makes a difference. The vidhata JF 2D chaff cutter machine Price with motor is 42000 Rs approx.

The Vidhata JF 2D is run on 3 phase.

Frequently asked questions?

Q.1) Which is the best Electric or manual chaff cutter?

Electric chaff cutter is best because it saves time and energy. If you have more than 10 cows then you should definitely buy an electric one.

Q.2) How to make a chaff cutter machine at home?

There are a lot of tools required to make a chaff cutter machine at home like a Welding machine, milling machine and Drilling machine to make holes. So better you buy online or from shops.

Q.3) How to get a subsidy for a chaff cutter?

Some authority shops provide subsidies, to get the subsidy on chaff cutters you have to submit aadhar card copy, passport size photo, and a 6-month-old bank account.


To solve the green fodder cutting problem chaff cutters are much-needed tools. Here in this article, we have discussed the best chaff cutter machine, this machine is not the normal machine. I have personally used both machines at my farm before writing this post.

I will suggest you go for JB 100 machine because it is run on a single-phase while the JF 2D is operated on a Three Phase that requires too much electricity.

If you have the three-phase connection at your farm then you can think about JF2D. the choice is yours. I have selected this best two from the long list.

If you any queries feel free to ask in the comment section

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