Boo Dog Price In India: How Much They Cost Yearly ?

Boo is not a breed but just a name of a teacup pomeranian owned by Irene Ahn, a Facebook employee.

Its unique toy-like look made him go viral in social medias especially Facebook in 2010.

Boo died in January 18th 2019 in his sleep after 12 years of age.

In this article, we talk about the price of a dog in India, how much they cost yearly to maintain so that you can make a decision that you won’t regret.

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Boo Dog Price in India (2023)

The price of a boo dog in India will be somewhere between ₹40,000-₹90,000, depending on the many factors like gender, age, quality, place and how reputable the breeder is.

There is a huge chance that you may get cheated by the breeder by charging you a higher cost  if you are not aware of boo dogs. They are nothing but teacup pomeranians 

Boo Dog Price in Delhi

In Delhi, a boo dog costs in the range of ₹40,000-₹90,000, the prices may vary on the basis of quality, age and gender.

Boo Dog Price in Bangalore

Boo Price in Bangalore starts from ₹40,000 and goes upto ₹90,000 according to some breeders in Bangalore.

Boo Dog Price in Punjab

The cost of a boo dog in Punjab starts from ₹40,000 and goes to ₹90,000 according to the availability, place and the reputation of the breeder.

Boo Dog Price in Chennai

Boo Dog Price in Chennai ranges between ₹40,000 and ₹90,000 according to the breeders in Tamilnadu.

Boo Dog Price in Mumbai

The price of a boo dog in Mumbai ranges between ₹40,000-₹90,000 and can go upto lakhs depending on many factors.

Boo Dog Price in Pune

In Pune, you can expect to buy a boo dog between ₹40,000-₹90,000.

Boo Dog Price in Kerala

A boo puppy costs between  ₹40,000-₹90,000 on the basis of gender, age and the type of breeder you are getting a dog from.

Boo Dog Price in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, a boo dog costs anywhere between ₹40,000-₹90,000.

Boo Dog Price in Kolkata

A boo dog price in Kolkata ranges from ₹40,000-₹90,000 according to breeders and several dog shows in Kolkata.

Boo Dog: Characteristics, Temperament, Lifespan etc.

As mentioned earlier, boo is basically a teacup pomeranian that is groomed roundly. A teacup is a type of dog that is genetically modified to stay small forever.

This type of haircut started getting popular in the 2010s, and they are still popular to this date for small type dogs.

We have written a detailed article about teacup and pocket dog breeds and their prices in India.

The height of a boo dog can range between 12-20 cm and they weigh somewhere around 4-5 kg.

Boo are pomeranian but not every pomeranian can be boos, One small sized pomeranian can be boo.

Boos have a very friendly, and active temperament so that they are perfect for family and since they are small they are perfect for small apartments as well.

The lifespan of a boo dog is between 9-12 years which is shorter than the regular pomeranians since they are genetically modified, but some can live upto 15 years.

The grooming requirement for this dog is really high if you want to maintain the look of the boo dog, this also reduces shedding and the need to combine them everyday.

Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Breed Pomeranian
Color Orange
Gender Male
Alternate Name World’s cutest dog
Age 12 Years
Owner V of BTS
Temperament Playful, Kind
Price ₹30,000-₹75,000
First Appearance 2010
Popularity High
Status Deceased

Things you need to know before getting a boo dog in India.

They are fragile: They can get hurt pretty easily so they are not as independent as other large dog breeds.

Grooming requirement: Since they are nothing and just pomeranians, you need to groom them regularly to maintain that look.

Health Issues: The teacup type dogs usually get sick really often, so you have to be ready to pay the expenses for vet visits or surgeries.

They are easy prey: Since they are really small they can be really easy prey for other animals so you need to be extra careful when you are taking your pup out for a walk.

They are not guard dogs: This is pretty obvious because of their size, they cannot protect you from anything the most they can do is alert you.

FAQ: Boo Dog Price in India (Yearly Cost)

What is the cost of a Boo dog in India?

The cost of a Boo Dog in India is basically between the range of ₹30,000-₹90,000 which can vary according to breeders, gender, age etc.

How much are the dog supplies for a Boo?

A new boo dog owner may expect to spend between 3,000 and 20,000 rupees on supplies. Every year, the expense of replacing some of them should be between ₹1,000 and ₹7,000. The cost of a thing varies depending on where you shop, where you travel, which brands you buy, and how nice the product is.

What is the cost of preventive medical care for a Boo?

The first year of preventative medical treatment for a Boo puppy should cost between ₹25,000 and ₹50,000, and every adult year should cost between 30,000 and 60,000 rupees. The costs of spay/neuter (which range from ₹7,500 to ₹10,000, respectively) are not covered.

How much food does a boo eat and how much will it cost?

A Boo puppy will eat around 25 kg of dry food per year, while an adult will eat about 30 kg (it varies for each dog and food brand). An adult dog should cost between ₹15,000 and ₹40,000 per year, whereas a puppy should cost between ₹4,000 and ₹30,000 per year.

How frequently should a Boo dog be groomed by a professional, and how much does it cost?

In order to retain its short coat and look. Boo must have his fur groomed every month or two months after style. So you will have to visit the groomer 10-12 times every year. Each grooming session for this breed should cost between 700 and 2,000 rupees, depending on the groomer and the services performed.

Is Boo Dog available in India ?

Yes, boo dogs are available with most dog breeders in India since they are just teacup pomeranians.

Conclusion: Boo Dog Price in India

Now that you know the price of a boo dog in India the next question is if this dog is right for you ?

They are above average in cost  when compared to actual pomeranians. This could be a deal breaker for most people.

And since they are very delicate you need to give extra care and effort so that they don’t end up getting hurt.

They can’t be left alone at home for hours so if you are a working professional you need to look for other choices.

They may look like toys but they are actually living beings so you can just get them and give them away when you are bored.

You need to be responsible and be ready to give your time and efforts for your pup.

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