Can Huskies Survive In India ?

It’s evident that huskies are loved by a huge number of people in India and it is among one of the most famous and most popular dog breeds in India

The blues eyes of huskies are enough to make us fall in love with them.

They have a appealing look and it is understandable that you may want to have this dog at your home.

But the question is Can Huskies Survive In India ?

I’m sorry to burst your bubbles but the answer is NO.

Huskies can’t survive in India. They are native to Siberia where the temperature goes down to even -40 degree Celsius. They have a thick coat which helps them to tackle the cold with ease. So, if you put them in a hot weather like in India where the temperature is mostly between 30-45 degree Celsius it would more than a torture for them.

Why Can’t Huskies Survive In India ?

Huskies have double coat, a fluffy dense undercoat that provides them warmth and keep the warmth inside.

They are so thick that they can handle extreme cold to the extent of -60 Celsius so just imagine how much they would suffer if you put them in a place like India.

Let’s put it this way, imagine if someone made your wear 5 sweaters 2 jackets and 2 scarf and let you outside in Rajasthan Desert that’s how huskies would feel if you try them to keep in Indiatemperature. I hope you got my point.

Apart from thick coats they have long guard hair on the top that provides protection from the sun and most importantly water.

Huskies have fur in between their toes and tick pads on their feet so that keep their paws warm.

And their bushy tail acts like a scarf when they curl up really tightly and put their nose inside their tail to protect it from the external elements.

So it is evident that huskies are naturally designed to tackle cold weathers.

Things You Should Know About The Breeders of Huskies In India

Since there is a good amount of demand for huskies in India many breeders are selling Huskies telling that they are they are comfortable in Indian Climate.

I would advice you to not fall into their trap.

No matter what people tell you, the truth is they are not made for Indian climate.

If you understand Hindi watch this video below to know about a man who bought Husky in India and how he is regretting his decision.

What If You Still Keep A Husky In India ?

If you still want to keep a husky at your home you need to be aware of these following things:

1. You will be providing a great tension for the husky as well as yourself.

2. You have to keep your AC on 24/7 for husky which will lead to high electricity bills.

3. Husky will always look sad and won’t be very active.

4. They won’t come outside the house which will lead to less socialization and exercise which is also bad for the husky.

5. Their fur may fall out completely and also there will be a less chance of them to survive.

In short, you are just planning to provide a hell for the husky if you are deciding to keep one at your house in India.


I hope your question of “Can Huskies Survive In India?” is answered.

So, if you have read this article thoroughly you might have changed your mind on owning a husky.

If you are really want to have a pet you should look are those dog breeds that suitable for Indian climate.

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