Damascus Goat Complete Guide

Damascus goat is popular for their strange face, it is the high milk production Dairy goat breed or popularly known for twins & triplets in each gestation.

Damascus Goat is the popular dairy goat breed. it is one of the cute goat which looks damn cute or adorable and different from the other.  This goat breed is originated in Syria, Lebanon, and Cyprus. Damascus is the capital of Syria.

This goat breed is known from the other names like Damascene goat, Aleppo goat, halep Goat, Baladi Goat, Chami goat and most famous Shami Goat in all the Middle East or other regions of the world.

Damascus  Goat Produce high milk Production in their Lactation Period.

This goat breed is popular in  Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and other Arab countries of the middle east.

This goat is quite friendly or docile in temperament,

Why Damascus Goat different from others

The Damascus Goat Skull has a Large Unique. it is called Roman nose which is convex in shape. The Head of this goat breed makes them different from the other goat,  Generally, The lower jaw is away from the upper jaw Gives them a perfect look.

The Udder Size of this Goat is large and long which produces High milk. The milk has high-fat content in it.

It is the large size goat breed commonly raise for the Ornamental purpose.  the Eyes of this goat is oval in shape or white in color.

Normally the Ears are long and they are pendulum shaped as shown in image. The size of the ears is 30 to 35 cm.

General information about Damascus Breed

The gestation period of this goat is 150 days, generally, they give birth to one kid after the first gestation. From the second gestation they ready to give twins and triplets. Generally, they give rarely birth to quadruplets.

Age at first kidding of this goat breed is 18 months. While the Male goat of this breed matured in 14 months. They normally give 3 kid crops in two years.

The coat color of Damascus breed is usually brownish-red. Or generally, the adaptability of this goat is quite good they can adapt any type of environment.

The Normal adult Damascus Goat Height is 35 inches.

The lifespan of Shami goats or this goat is 12 years.

Milk Production of this Goat

It is generally raised for milk purpose because they are very good in milk production generally they produce 2 to 2.5 liters in the first eight weeks after kidding. After that, milk production slightly drops every week.

Meat Production of shami goat

Generally, goat meat is tastier than any other meat. Every goat breed used for meat purpose. the Damascus goat also used for meat purpose. this breed is of large size and it quite good in weight gain.

the goat produces 50% eatable meat according to their live body weight so A six months old goat of 20 kg live body weight can easily produce 10 kg meat

Housing requirements for this Goat

This goat looks different from other goats so obviously the Price of this goat is expensive than others. Generally, this goat requires clean dry and hygiene places to live they don’t like an unhygienic place. For better Productivity and easy weight, gain goat Provide them clean, dry housing and also provide them clean open paddock area for exercise.

This goat breed like an elevation place to live. To take the good productivity from this goat provide Housing at elevation.

The pen of the goats should be according to their age. There should be a separate pen of Pregnant goat, lactating goat, Breeder goat.

Feed for This lebanese Goat

There should be enough dry matter intake in the diet of this goat. The dry matter comes from dry forages and concentrate fodder.

Generally, 300 g concentrate to adult goat is enough but if it is breeder goat or using for ornamental purpose provide them 100 g concentrate more. Also, provide Extra 100 g concentrate to the Pregnant or lactating goat.

The goat kid should be feed according to their weight. Do one thing in mind don’t overfeed to the goats. The overfeeding to goats can cause enterotoxaemia disease.

Important facts in selecting the Breeder of Damascus goat

For better results, a quality buck is need for the upcoming flock.

  • A breeder buck should be vaccinated or free from the disease.
  • The age of the breeder buck should be 2 years.
  • The breeder should be good in weight gain
  • legs of the breeder buck should be strengthened.
  • The buck should be tall, Tight body, aggressive and well productive.
  • The conversion of feed to meat should be well.
  • The testicle of male goat should be same size.

Care and management of the goat

If you are raising a big flock for the Damascus goats then proper care and management are require. For the good care and management A good feeding schedule, vaccination schedule, the Right selection of antibiotics at the time of illness is required.

  • The proper vaccination should follow at the age of 3 months after kidding.
  • The vaccination schedule should be according to the disease of your region for the better known of the disease of your region contact veterinary doctor near you.
  • Generally, the adult goat required 10 Sq ft area for better living in the house. Provide them a sufficient area.
  • Generally, the Damascus goat has long hair so externally and internally deworming is essential. So deworm your animal in every 3 months for better productivity.
  • Either if you are raising two goats or more than two spread the limestone powder once in a week on the place of living of goat

Health Management for raising Shami Goat

Weighing of Goat

If you are raising goat than you have to know the weight of your goat. It helps to check the productivity of your goats. How much the feed they are taking or much the weight they are gaining. If it is not gaining weight properly than the goat may be in problem. The problem can be internal parasites or any other disease.

Hoof trimming

Hoof trimming is another crucial part of raising goat. The hoof should be check every month if it is grown than it should be cut otherwise the goat can be lamb.

Goat temperature

If the goat shows loss of appetite, standing alone from other goats than check the temperature of goat, it may be sick,  give them proper treatment to goat. The normal temperature of goat is 100 ℉ to 103 ℉. If the temperature is above than normal than the goat may be sick.

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