German Shepherd Price In India (2024) : Know The Prices In Your City

This is an article for the people who want to know about the price of German Shepherd in India.

German Shepherd also known as Alsatian is a widely popular dog breed in India after Labrador.

Everyone knows about this breed even the ones who aren’t dog lovers know the name..

It is famous for being an excellent guard dog and alerting its people from strangers.

As the name indicates, German Shepherd is native to Germany and since they are highly trainable and obedient dog. they are used for various purposes like disability assistance, search and rescue etc.

Keep reading this article to know more about the this breed and so you can make a decision whether you want to get this dog or not.

German Shepherd Price In India (2023)

German Shepherd in India is a quite expensive breed and may cost you above 25,000 and may even go up to 80,000 depending on certain factors.

A price of a German Shepherd may vary from place to place.

For instance, a price of a German Shepherd in Delhi may differ from the price in Bangalore

The price of dogs in India also differs on various other factors.

German Shepherd Price In Different Cities In India (2023)

Cities Price
Delhi 10,000-80,000
Bangalore 20,000-75,000
Mumbai 25,000-60,000
Hyderabad 20,000-70,000
Chennai 20,000-55,000
Pune 19,000-50,000
Lucknow 18,000-50,000
Bhopal 22,000-55,000
Patna 21,000-50,000

Factors That May Affect The Price Of German Shepherd

  1. Place: The place you are getting a puppy from is one of the major factors that affect the price of a puppy. If you get a puppy from a metro city like Delhi or Bangalore the price may be higher compared to non-metro cities.
  2. Breeder: The type of breeder you are buying from can also significantly affect the price. Good and reputed breeder has a higher price.
  3. Breed’s Quality: This is by far the most important factor that determines the price of the breed. The healthier the puppy is the costlier it will be.
  4. Purity of the breeds: Purity of the breed implies whether the breed is a pure German Shepherd or it mixed with some other breed. The cost may be according to the case.
  5. Show Dog: Show dogs refers to those dogs which are bred for dog shows. These dogs are generally every expensive.

German Shepherd Dog Features

Height Male (60cm-64cm) Female (55cm-60cm)
Weight Male(30-40kg) Female(30-35kg)
Lifespan 9-12 years
Temperament Highly Intelligent, Obedient, Loyal & Curious
Puppy Price 25,000-80,000
Popularity Highly Popular
Origin Germany
Grooming Yes
Common Health Issues Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia

Physical Features of A German Shepherd

1. Types of Coat

German Shepherd is a double coated breed which means it has two layer of fur top coat and undercoat.

These coats help the dog from harsh sunlight and also help in keeping warm in harsh cold,

Some German Shepherds are also considered as single coated. Technically they are still double coated but the undercoat is so thin that they are considered single coated.

Pure single coated German Shepherd are rare and they are considered a breed fault so they are not recognized by AKC.

2. Coat Color

The typical color of a German Shepherd that everyone is brown and black because that what the majority of this breed looks like.

But you would be surprised to know that German Shepherds come in various other colors other than the typical one.

The color solely depends on the genes and some color are considered breed flaws like White, Blue.

These color are very rare and not recognized by AKC.

Types of German Shepherd Lines In India

There 5 types of German Shepherd Lines, they all may look the same but there some slight features that differentiates them from each other:

1. American Show Lines

American Show Lines are mostly bred for dog shows where they are judged for their color, height, temperament, and overall dog’s appearance.

These dogs are also known as the AKC Lines.

American Show Line German Shepherds have a lighter pigment compared to European GSDs.

These dogs have a very sloppy back which gives them a unique look which some may like or not.

This type of German Shepherds are known to have low drive and energy compared to working line GDSs which make them poor guard dogs.

American Show Line German Shepherds make fine family dogs for families. They have a highly eager temperament and are very disciplined and trainable.

2. West German Show Line

West German Show Line GSDs have the features and temperament of a show dog as well the guard dogs which make them a little superior than the American Show Line GSDs.

They are active dogs and need a lot of exercise and socialization.

They are very protective of their owners and are always ready to fight the threat.

Western German Show Line GSDs are perfect for the families that want a loving, caring and protective dog.

The weight of a male dog should be in the 30-45kg weight range and female should be in 24-35kg.

3. East Working Line German Shepherd

The East Working Line GSDs have long and the darkest coat compared to all other GSDs. They come in black sable or sable, but some can be solid black, but it is very rare.

Breeding requirements for the East Working Line DDR German Shepherd are extremely strict.

These GSDs will only breed if they are well and do not have hip dysplasia. Even puppies are put through a series of tests to ensure that they have the right bone structure and temperament.

Hip dysplasia is a disorder that happens when the bones in the hip joint do not fit together properly.

4. West Working Line German Shepherd

West Working Line German Shepherds have a calm temperament and beautiful appearance. These GSDs have outstanding working capacity and solid drives.

These GSDs have a more reserved demeanor and beautiful colors.

Sable, yellow, bi-color, and black and tan are some of the colours available in the West Working Lines GSDs.

West Line GSDs can tackle disease/ health problems better than the East Line Working GSDs

These dogs are very good at sports and jobs like search and rescue and guarding their owners.

These dogs can be aggressive when they want to be and also know when to be calm which makes them the perfect choice for guarding.

5. Czech Working Line German Shepherd

Czech German Shepherds are the most loyal, elegant, and agile of all German Shepherd types, with the most strong urge. The jaws and shoulders of these GSDs are extremely strong.

These dogs, like East Working Line DDR GSDs, have very strict breeding requirements, which is why they are so healthy.

When compared to the other four forms of GSDs, these dogs have the fewest behavioral issues.

These Working Line GSDs are ideal for tracking down offenders, border guarding, security work, and search and rescue missions.

FAQs About German Shepherd

1. How much is German shepherd in India ?

As mentioned above depending on various factors a German shepherd can cost between 20,000 – 80,000.

2. Can German shepherd survive in India ?

Yes they can, but there are two types of German Shepherd: Short Haired and Long Haired. Short Haired German Shepherds are more suitable for Indian Climate compared to Long Haired German Shepherd since they have a thick fur which may cause discomfort to the dog.

3. Which German shepherd is best in India ?

Any Short Coated German Shepherd is best suited for India Climate.

4. What is the best dog food for German Shepherd ?

Any dog food which is free from by products and fillers is best for German Shepherd. There is a detailed article about the best dog food available in India with a buying guide in this website which will help you choose the right kind of food for the dog.

5. Which is a better choice single coated German Shepherd or double coated ?

All German Shepherds are double coated but the coat length could be different like: Short haired, Long haired or Medium haired. Short Haired is much easier to maintain as it requires less grooming compared to the other two.

6. Which would be a better choice Indian breed or a German Shepherd ?

An Indian breed is always a better choice in comparison to foreign breeds because they are native to India so they are way more capable to withstand the Indian Climatic condition. Furthermore, Indian Dogs are low maintenance.

7. Can you shave a German Shepherd ?

No, you must never shave a German Shepherd’s coat because the coat protects the dog form the sunlight and also keeps warm in winters. So, shaving the coat will only harm the dog.

8, Is German Shepherd a Guard Dog ?

Yes, German Shepherd is an excellent guard dog.

9. Do GSDs require grooming ?

Yes, they do require grooming pretty often.


Now that you know almost everything regarding the German shepherd price, the different types and all.

You would be wondering which German Shepherd is right for you ?

But before that you should question yourself what purpose you want a German Shepherd for ?

Do you want a dog who is affectionate, loyal and good with the children in the family or do you want a dog who would guard your house from the threat.

The answer lies in your question.

As far as the color of the breed is concerned you will most probably come across the typical color of GSD which is Brown and Black.

And like any other dogs they also need proper training, exercise and socialization.

If you think there is any questions unanswered you can ask them in the comment section below.

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