Goat Farming In Assam: Guide To Success In 2024

Goat farming in Assam has a huge opportunity because a lot of green forage available here, the price of goat meat is too high & people of this state love to eat goat meat.

Goat farming is one of the leading businesses in the agriculture sector, if you have your own land and want to make a difference in the agriculture sector then raising goats on the farm is one of the profitable compared to other livestock. Goat farming in Assam has a very bright future because the number of non-vegetarians is more than the other states.

The price of goat meat and its products are high in this state, the demand of meat is more than its production.

If you are looking to start commercial goat farming in Assam then you can succeed easily. There is not too much competition in this business.

The goat farming business takes time to get profit in the beginning but once your cycle continues then this business can make good money for you without putting extra efforts.

raising 100 goats in your farm is not rocket science, you have to keep some management in your farm. For example:

  • provide Nutrition to your goats,
  • proper caretaking of newborn kids
  • provide good quality green, Dry and concentrated feed to your goats
  • Keep you shed dry and hygiene 24 x 7

How to start a goat farm in Assam?

A lot of people from this state ask me the same questions on how to start a goat farm in Assam and I always tell them you have to make a low cost shed first and sow green fodder near your farm area.

Starting goat farming business in Assam you have to keep following points in mind

  • Goat Housing
  • Goat Breed
  • Goat feed
  • Goat Medicines

All these four points are the pillar of goat farming Business. You can not leave a single point.

goat farming project report will make your job easy to understand this business.

Which type of housing is best for goat farming in Assam?

Before making a shed for the goats you should always look for your weather condition. Assam is the high rainfall area and humidity is more, So elevated sheds are best for goat farming in this state.

Elevated sheds are considered best for goat health because they remain dry and hygiene all time. The urine and droppings of goats go down.

Dry shed is the most important for the better health of goats and the best thing of an elevated shed is that it dries quickly.

Which Goat breed is most suitable in Assam?

There are two breeds of goat that are best suitable for the Environment of Assam which are Assam hill & Black bengal.

Suitable goat breeds in assam are as follows

Assam Hill Goat

Assam hill is the local goat breed of Assam and it is considered best for anywhere in Assam. The productivity and performance of this goat breed are quite appreciable.

The coat color of this breed is mostly white and brown, the ears of this breed are straight like a spoon, this breed has a very small height. The milk production of this breed is less that’s the reason their kid didn’t survive because of lack of milk production by their mother

This breed is known for giving multiple kids in each gestation period. The Assam hill gives 60% twins, 35% twins, and 5% single.

Black bengal

One of the finest goat breeds of the easter region of India. You can look this breed anywhere in the West Bengal and north region.

The coat color of this breed is mostly black but you can see brown, white, and mixed of both.

The black Bengal goat breed matures early at the age of 8 to 9 months while the other goat breeds mature at 12 months of age.

This breed has the capacity to produce more kid in each gestation. I have seen a black Bengal goat she gave birth to six kids in a single time. Six kids in single gestation are like happiest thing for a goat farmer.

Well raising Black Bengal on your farm can make good money for meat purpose goat farming in Assam.

What feed should I give to my goats?

Well, it totally depends on the purpose of your goat farming, if you are planning for the meat purpose goat farming then semi-intensive type goat farming is best suited for you.

In semi-intensive goat farming goats go for grazing for 4 to 5 hours and after grazing come to the shed. In this type of farming, not enough feed is required for the goats. Only a handful of concentrate feed is required that completes the carbohydrate requirement for goats.

If you are looking for complete stall feeding then all green, dry, and concentrated feed is necessary for the better health of goats.

The 60% cost is only spent on the quality feed for goats, in which green, dry, and concentrate feed is included.

What are the important medicines required in goat farming?

Some important medicines should always be available on the farm because goats are animals that don’t speak about their health.

The common disease of goat is pneumonia and diarrhea in kids.

The Antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, B complex, antidiarrheal powder, dewormer tablets should always be available on your farm

Vaccination is an important part of goat farming, your goat should be vaccinated for their extra immunity.

You will not face any mortality if you vaccinate your goats, Join goat farming community

Assam Government support in goat farming business

Well, the government of Assam always stands with you for any type of agriculture business, the government supports under the scheme of entrepreneurship development and employment generation under the national livestock mission.

You can take a loan in the goat farming business and take advantage of the subsidy which is given by the national agriculture bank and rural development.

The subsidy depends on the caste system of India. For general & OBC the subsidy is 25% while the ST, SC, and BPL can get 33% subsidy.


Here in this post we have learn about goat breed and their management. There are lot of things remaining you can check in the other posts of my website. Goat farming in assam is always be profitable because the percentage of non vegetarians are higher than other states of india.

The demand of goat meat is higher than production thats the reason the price of goat meat and its products is always on the peak.

This business is simple and easy with higher demand, if you are looking to start then first learn goat farming properly after that start with 20 goats with one breeder.

The 20+1 goats is the good number to start after some learning you can add goats in your farm as much as you want.

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