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Goat farming is quite popular in Kerala not from today but from ancient times. A good Revenue can generate in small investment in Goat farming in Kerala. The Kerala state is well known for the Green Paradise on earth that’s why Kerala is best suited for Goat Farming. Goat is the animal that can survive on green grass or a handful of grain. It can make a good revenue if it is done on a large scale in Kerala. 

Goat farming in kerala information
Kerala goat farming

More than 30 % Of areas in Kerala is the forest area. That can be quite beneficial for goat farming

Malabari is the local goat breed of Kerala which is quite a productive dual-purpose goat breed. The low cost goat farming is possible in Kerala because it has more green land for grazing.

Goat farming in Kerala can make a good profit it can make more profit if goat raised with indigenous chicken. In Kerala The Non-Vegetarian Population is more if going with this business can be a good idea.

Goat farming book in hindi

Housing Management for Kerala region

Housing arrangement for goats is one of the important part of goat farming business. This state is well known for the Heavy rains so, the Elevated floor is suggested for goat farming in Kerala. 

The elevated floor is a bit costly but it has its own advantages. It is labor-friendly no need to put extra effort in cleaning all the Manure and urine goes down. One more benefit in this farming you can raise desi or indigenous chicken down the floor. 

In commercial goat farming or stall, fed goat farming the open area for exercise should be double the living area. The housing or shed should be well ventilated for a better cross-section of air or for good health of the goats. 

Things You Should Know before starting goat farming in Kerala

  • Start with fewer goats.
  • Start with indigenous goat breed of Kerala (Malabari) because Kerala is the southern part of India other goat breeds will take time to set in the Environment of Kerala.
  • Clear your purpose of goat farming, why you want to do goat farming for Meat purpose, Milk purpose, Breeding Purpose, and  Eid Purpose.
  • Don’t overspent in the Goat housing in the beginning.
  • Take training or visit near farms.
  • Proper knowledge about medicine or vaccination is one of the main part of goat farming. If you learn which medicine has to give on which time then no one can restrict you in making a good profit in Goat farming.

Best suited goat breed In Kerala 

Goat farm PRoject report kerala

The productivity of Malabari Local Goat breed of Kerala 

Breed NameMalabari
Normal Height28-30 inches
Udder Size of adult DoeBig
Coat ColorPure White
Purpose Of BreedDual Purpose
Size CategoryMedium Sized goat Breed
Weight of Mature Male(2 years)45 to 50 kg
Weight Of Mature Female(2 years)40 to 45 kg
Age At First Kid15 Months
Average BirthWeight of kid2 kg(depends on No. of Kid)
Kidding Interval7 months
Number of KidCrops in 2 Year3
Gestation Length150 days
Repeating Heat Cycle 21 days
Single Birth Percentage8%
Twins Percentage75%
Triplets Percentage15%
Average Milk Capacity1.5 to 2  liter per day
Estrus period or Heat period Duration24 to 36 Hours

List of Goat farm in Kollam (Kerala)

Al Madina Nirmal Goat Farm – Mukkam, Mayyanad, Kerala 691303

  • Goat farm Mulavana – Mulavana, Kerala 691503
  • Palavacode Goat farm – Kattuputhussery, Kerala 695603
  • Chettukuzhy goat and fish farm – Kollam, Kerala 691306
  • Goat valley breeders and livestock – Kollam – Punalur – Tenkasi, Vellimon, Kerala 691014

List of Goat farm in Ernakulam (Kerala)

  • Goat Farms in Kerala – Syrian Church Rd, Hospital Junction, Kunnathery Thikavu, Aluva, Kerala 683101
  • K.R Goat farm – vadavucode 
  • Breeders Goat Farm – Sreenarayanapuram, Kodungallur, S.N. Puram-Asmabi College Road, Kerala 680665
  • Fathima Goat Farm – Near Thadikkakkadavu Juma masjid West veliyathunad, Po, Aluva, Kerala 683511

List of Goat farm in Pathanamthitta (Kerala)

  • Marukara Goat Farms –  Maramon Thottapuzhacherry Road, Thottapuzhacherry, Kerala 689549
  • Goats Villa – Goat Farm in kottayam mundakayam kerala

List of Goat farm in Trivandrum (Kerala)

  • Goat Farm Trivandrum

Goat farm in Kerala Project report      

This is the goat farm Project report in Kerala. The price of Malabari Goat female is 9000 and the Price of Malabari Goat Male is 12000. It is the project report of 10 females and one male Malabari goat of Kerala.

Weight of goatPrice per
Price of
1 goat
30 kg 10 female
Malabari Goat
300 ×3090009000×10=90000
40 kg 1 Malabari
Male goat
300×4012000 12000×1 = 12000
Total purchasing

Production of Malabari goat kids

1st cropKids
60% single 6 kids6
40 % Twins 8 kids8
2nd crop 
60% single 6 kids6
40 % Twins 8 kids8
Total kids in 14
months from both crop

Mortality 10% means 2.8 goats died. Therefore, 25 goats remaining. It can be either male or female

Feeding cost  10 rs per day in which concentrate and dry forage are taken green forage should be used your own.

Feeding cost

No. of goatGoat×feed
Cost of feed
11 goats feeding for
14 months at 10 rs
feed per day
25 kids, cost of feeding
7 Rs for 4 months
after that they are
ready for sale
10 kids save for Eid
purpose feed them for
remaining 6 months or
180 days with 10 rs
per day feeding.
Total cost 85750

Sale of Goats

No. of Kids for SaleKids x goat weight
x sale weight 
4 kids are sold from
first crop at age
of 6 months
11 kids are sold from
second crop at
age of 6 months
Total 96000
10 goats sold On Eid
at 500 rs per kg the
weight achieve on
1 year is 50 kg approx
Total sale of Animal cost 346000


Total Profit = total sale of animal cost – feeding cost

                   = 346000 – 85750

                 Total Profit = 260250 Rs.

You can earn simply earn 260250 Rs in 14 months from investing 102000 (10+1)  Malabari goats. In this report, the monthly expenses like shed cost, labor cost, feeding equipment are not included.

you have to spent money only once. after that you have to earn from production passively.

To see the actual project report of (100+4) goats with all the expenses click the link below                                                                                                                                            

Goat farming Project report of (100+4) Goats

Is goat farming profitable in Kerala

from the above goat farming project report, I can surely say that the goat farming in Kerala is quite profitable because in Kerala the goat meat-eaters are more compere to any other state. according to research, 97% of people in Kerala are meat are non-vegetarian. therefor the possibility of selling your product is 97%.

you have to only do goat farming with a focus to achieve success, if you raise 100 female goats on your farm then you can make serious money with this business. only once you have to spend money on buying goat after their kid’s production you have to earn money.

Kerala is the agriculture dominant state of India, the availability of green fodder is more compare to other states. if you grow your own feed at your land then seriously you can double your profit.

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