Goat Farming In Telangana State An Opportunity For Farmers In 2024

Goat farming in Telangana has huge potential, a good source of income can generate because the demand for goat meat & its products is more than its production

Huge money you can make if you do Goat farming in Telangana state. This is the state where meat demand is more compared to any other state in India.

Sheep and goat meat both are popular in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state and the availability of meat-eaters in this state is 98%.

The demand for Meat in telangana state is more than its production.

If you have your own land and start meat purpose goat farming or sheep farming in Telangana state then surely you can make good revenue.

Goat farming is not a new business for the people of Telangana, it is done from ancient times. People in this state love to eat meat in Dinners.

The future scope graph of goat farming is increasing exponentially, if you start this business from today then it will generate profit from the next year.

What is the Goat meat rate in Telangana?

I have never seen a downfall in the rate of goat meat. Currently per kg price of goat meat in Telangana is 700 Rs per kg approximately. This is the normal day price. The price on Sunday or festival day is different, sometimes it hits 800 Rs per kg.

If you are looking for meat purpose goat or sheep farming in Telangana state then you’re thinking right. Don’t be late, start soon.

The many traders are taking goats from the farm & shepherd and selling to butchers and making a good profit in this state.

Year  Price of meat
1980 20 Rs
1990 50 Rs
2000 100 Rs
2010 300 Rs
2020 700-800 Rs
2022 RS ???? will tough 1000 Rs

I am sure that in upcoming years the rate will touch 1000 Rs per kg.

Tips To start goat farming in Telangana

Step 1: If you are a beginner and know nothing about goat management then Before starting farm Take goat farming training first.

Step 2: Clear your objective, what type of goat farming you want to do for example meat purpose goat farming, milk purpose goat farming, breeding purpose goat farming, and Eid purpose goat & sheep farming.

Step 3: Grow your own 2 to 3 types of green fodder, if you have more land then also cultivate grains for concentrate feed.

Step 4: Don’t leave farm on labors. At Least give time to detect the goat’s health every day.

Step 5: Don’t sell goats to traders, sell directly to butcher.

Goat vs sheep farming Telangana: Which is best in Telangana?

Both are the best and can be done intensively. The price of sheep meat is more compared to goat meat. The reason for the difference is that sheep meat is softer than Goat meat.

But, in taste goat meat is tastier than sheep meat.

You can raise sheep and goats together on one farm but you have to make Pen or raise them separately because The goat eats faster than sheep.

If you feed together then sheep will remain hungry better if you separate each other.

The demand of sheep meat is more compared to goats in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The growth in the price of meat is increasing faster in telangana.

Profitable Goat breeds for Telangana

There are no goat breeds belonging to Telangana because of the partition with Andhra Pradesh. But the recognized goat breed of Andhra Pradesh you can see in Telangana as well. The breed’s name is Teressa.

The other breed you can raise in telangana states are:

  1. Sirohi
  2. Osmanabadi
  3. Sojat
  4. Beetal
  5. Sannen
  6. Boer

Goat farming in Andhra Pradesh is the same as Telangana because the environment is the same in both states. The feed rate is also the same.

Goat farming subsidy in Telangana

The Government supports starting this business by providing subsidies. The Government knows the business is profitable because of its huge demand for meat and milk in this state.

The subsidy is based on the caste system of India. There are 4 types of castes which are SC, ST, OBC, & General.

The Goat farming subsidy in Telangana state is 33% for ST, SC & BPL cardholders and 25% subsidy for OBC and general.

The Subsidy is provided By NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture And Rural development).

You have to take the loan to get the subsidy.

What is the interest rate of Goat farming loan in Telangana?

The interest differs from bank to bank. The government bank like SBI, Bank of India takes less interest compared to other banks.

Generally the average interest rate is 12% approximately.

The private bank also sanctioned a loan to start this business and their interest is to be 13% approximately.

Sheep population in Telangana

As per the 20th livestock census, 2019 Telangana emerged at number one position in the sheep population that are 19.1 Million heads.

state Sheep population
Telangana 19.1 Million
Andhra pradesh 17.6 Million
karnataka 11.1 Million
Rajasthan 7.9 Million

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1) Is sirohi goat breed best for goat farming in Telangana?

Yes, Sirohi goat breeds have the capability to adjust to any environment in India. It is the meat purpose goat breed that gains weight quickly. Suitable for meat purpose goat farming.

Q.2) Is milk purpose goat farming profitable in Telangana?

Yes, it is profitable in Telangana but you have to put effort to make your own market of milk for kids, infants, old age people, or in hospitals. Once you promote the benefits then you can sell goat milk up to 60 rs per liters.

Q.3) what should I feed to goats for more weight gain?

A balanced diet is much needed for better weight gain. The whole day diet includes green fodder, dry leguminous fodder, and concentrates feed. Give all the three according to body weight of goats.


Goat farming is a business that you should not leave on labor, you have to spend at least 3 hours every day to see the condition of goats.

The diet of goats should be balanced. The better you feed better you will get the results.

Livestock is a business that is always profitable in India. The goats are a good source of milk, meat, and manure. It requires less space to live compared to other livestock. Overall, Telangana is the highest meat consumer state of India, meat goat farming in Telangana is profitable and has great scope in the future.

Starting goat farming in this state would always be a worth decision.

If you have queries in mind related to goat farming then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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