Goat Farming In UP Uttar Pradesh: How Can You Make It Profitable?

This is the complete guide of goat farming in Up Uttar Pradesh, How you can make it profitable Goat farming in this state, and what are the schemes for the loan.

If you are looking to start Goat farming in UP state Uttar Pradesh then you come to the right place. This post will guide you all about how you can start your goat farming business.

Goat farming is not a new business for the people of Uttar Pradesh. The goat has been raised in this state from so ancient times.

The environment of this state is best suitable for goat farming and anyone can surely make a huge Profit if they raised their goat with the proper management.

Goat is the friendly animal, the goat wants green fodder, dry fodder, concentrate fodder, and your love for their good health. You have to also provide them clean and better housing and management under the house for their better health. If you are ready to provide this all facilities to your goats then you can do this business very well and get the success in your goat farming career.

Goat farming is not rocket science, if it is raised with proper management with 4 to 5 things to keep in mind then you can do it easily and make good money. I can say this from my 5 years of experience in goat farming.

I can take the responsibility to guide you and train you in the perfect way of goat farming. You can contact me anytime. My contact details are on the contact us page.

Best Goat breed for Goat farming in UP state Uttar Pradesh

The Jamunapari Goat breed and Barbari Goat breed originated in Uttar Pradesh. Both are the best and profitable goat breeds in India. One is best for milk and another is best for meat. Let us discuss this goat breed one by one.

If you belong to Uttar Pradesh then don’t think to raise other breeds because these two breeds have a huge demand in the Indian market of goats. A Jamunapari quality male has the capability to sell in more than 30,000 or maybe more so why do you look to other breeds.

I am saying this from my experience and I have seen the value of Jamunapari Goat in the Indian market.

Jamunapari goat breed

Jamunapari goat is known as the queen of goats because of their beautiful look and productivity. It is quite good in milk as well as in meat production. The height and length of Jamunapari goat is quite good that makes it the heavy and large size goat breed of india.

The coat color of this goat is creamy white and horns tilted to backward, eyes color is orange and ears are long & pendulous.

It gives up to 2 liters a day after giving the bird to a kid. The Jamunapari goat is the quality goat breed that is exported to many countries to enhance the weight gain capacity and milk production of other goat breeds.

The Jamunapari Goat is mainly found in Chakarnagar and near the yamuna & chambal river area.

Barbari Goat Breed

Barbari is the popular and unique goat breed of India. This breed is found in Agra, Mathura, and nearby regions. This is the short height medium size goat breed that is mainly raised for meat purpose because the Barbari goat breed is mainly known for giving the twins triplets and quadruplets.

Barbari goat matures quite early and gives two times kiddings in 12 months. No other recognized goat breed except black Bengal matures early and gives two kiddings in 12 months.

The coat color of this goat breed is mixed white and brown and looks like a dear. The ears are straight and horns are curly moving to upward direction.

Where can you get the best goat farming training in UP?

Well being an experienced goat farmer I will suggest you don’t take the goat farming training from the traders because so many fake people provide goat farming training in uttar pradesh. Always take the training where 100 female goats are available in there farm.

There are a lot of institutes providing goat farming training in UP better then you go for government institute for training for the best results but the government doctors can give you theoretical knowledge but can’t get you practical knowledge of goats. I will suggest you take the goat farming training from Farmingx goat farm and training center which is located in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh to learn better goat farming. They provide you theoretical as well as practical knowledge. They always raised 100 female goats on the farm.

In that training you will learn all about goat farming from their roots to what treatment you have to give when your goat is sick.

Goat farming Scheme in UP to develop Goat Farm

The scheme for goat farming is not, especially for UP. Anyone who belongs to India can take the benefits of this scheme.

The NLM (National livestock Mission) is the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture and farmers’ welfare. Under this mission, the Government sanctioned 200 crores rupees every year financial budget in the development of the rural sector.

The NABARD (National agriculture and rural development) Provide the subsidy under the scheme of EDEG Entrepreneurship Development and Employment Generation.  Under the EDEG the Goat farmers can take benefits from IDSRR (Integrated development of small ruminants and Rabbit).

If you are a farmer, Entrepreneur, Run NGOs, company, cooperative, society then you can take the benefit of these schemes.

Goat farming Loan in UP to start a farm

You can take the loan from any rural bank, cooperative bank, UP state cooperative bank, UP state cooperative agriculture and rural development bank. Under the scheme of goat farming in UP  you will get a 25% subsidy on bank loans. If you are not taking out a loan then you can’t get these benefits.

Taking the goat farming loan in up is not an easy process, you have to go many times to bank. Not easy doesn’t mean impossible.

If you have the proper plan and goat farming project report and you show it to the manager and tell them about NLM and EDEG & IDSRR then you can easily take the loan from any bank.

How much Goat farming subsidy can you get in UP Uttar Pradesh?

The subsidy is provided by NABARD under the scheme IDSRR. The subsidy is dependent on the caste system of India. The SC/ST/BPL cardholders get a 33% subsidy and the General/OBC caste gets 25 %subsidy on the bank loan.

This maximum subsidy you can take up to 2.5 lakh rupees for example if you take the 10 lakh rupees loan from any bank then you have to deposit only 7.5 lakh rupees with interest. The government rules that you have to pay the installment after 2 years of your farm setup.

Is goat farming profitable in Uttar Pradesh?

Yes, of course, it is profitable because the demand of goat meat is increasing more and more with the demand. The price of per kg meat is also increasing in the Uttar Pradesh state.

The population of meat-eaters is much higher in this state and the youth also preferring to eat goat meat because of their unique taste.

Currently, the price of goat meat in Lucknow is 600 hundred rupees per kg and because of increasing demand, the goat meat is surely touched to 700 hundred in two years.

The goat eats less compared to cow and buffalo. The single-day feeding cost of goats is a maximum of 12 rs a day.

If you raised a single goat kid for 6 months then it can cost upto 2160 Rs.

If you sale the 6 month old single goat then it will be sold for 6500 Rs.


6500-2160 = 4340 RS

You can save approximately 4000 Rs for the single goat. If you setup 100 female goat in your farm then you can surely make a very good income.

Selling a goat for meat is only one purpose of goat farming. If you raised some goats for Eid then that will double your income. A single 50 Kg one-year-old goat selling price on the occasion of eid is approximately 18000 to 20000 in the state of Uttar Pradesh. If the goat is beautiful in look then it can be sold at a higher rate up to 35000 to 50000 Rs depend on the look and weight of goat.

I can say that if you do goat farming with proper management of the goat then you can make a very good income. For that, you have to raise the goat with proper management that you can learn from the goat farming training from a well-known goat farm.

How much does a goat farming project cost to set up a goat farm in UP?

It is hard to say how much project cost will come because it totally depends upon your plan and how much goats are you going to start a goat farming business in UP Uttar Pradesh. The selection of goat breeds also matters in the project cost.

Before starting a goat farm I can say that don’t spend too much money in the shed because goat doest require expensive shed. They require only sanitation, cleanliness, and quality feed.

Hardly you can start a goat farm with 25 goats and one male in 3 lakh rupees. And one lakh in the shed.

The total cost you need to start goat farming in UP is 5 lakh rupees. The return will come after 7 to 8 months of starting a goat farm.

The best part of goat farming business is that you have spent money only once on females after that the cycle continues. You have to sale the kids and generate profit Every year.

You can follow one of my goat farming project report of my farm where I am sharing how you can make 50,000 rupees a month or 6.5 lakh rupees in 14 months by following that goat farming project report.

FAQ about goat farming in Uttar Pradesh

Q.1) Is goat farming profitable in india?

Yes of course goat farming is profitable if you are done with focus and proper management. To make the profit in goat farming you can’t leave your goat to labor. At least you have to focus on 4 hours every day. It is the profitable business we have discussed above how you can make profit 50000 rupees every month.

Q.2) which goat is best for farming?

Every goat is best but for goat farming, in Uttar Pradesh Jamunapari and Barbari goat is best to make a good income. You can make a very good money if you raise this breed on your farm because the milk and meat production is best of this goat breed.

Q.3) How do you plan a goat farm?

Planning is quite important for every business. You have to plan which goat breed you have to raise in your farm, how much goats you have to start, which feed you should have to provide to your goats for better productivity. I will suggest you start with 25 goats and provide them better housing and green, dry and concentrated feed.

Final Words

We have discussed all the things about Goat farming in UP which Breed, schemes, and loans are included only thing remaining is goat housing which you can read another article of goat housing management. Starting Goat farming in UP is the correct decision because currently, the price of the live goat and goat meat is quite high, you can actually make a good profit.

Before starting goat farm do keep one thing in mind that you don’t have to spend a lot of money in the goat shed. Try to spend as minimum as possible and that money spent to buy pure goat breeds for better productivity and better results.

If you have any questions regarding goat farming feel free to comment below or contact me for personal suggestion my contact details in contact us page, i provide free goat farming consultancy to enhance the goat farming business.

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