Gujri Goat: Heavy Weight Cross Breed of India

Gujri goat is popular for their tall height and heavy weight gain, it can Acheive Upto 120 kg weight easily withing two years.

Gujri goat is one of the popular breeds in the current situation. it is mainly known for its tall height and maximum weight gain.

with the proper feeding, it can give very tough competition to Beetal goat. the main thing is that it is available at a very reasonable price.

The Guri goat breed is a crossbreed and has 85 percent of gens of Sirohi goat. simply it is a mixture of Sirohi and sojat goat.

it is available in twoi colors and mainly found in Rajasthan.

The demand of Gujri breed has more at the time of Eid because of their higher weight gain.

Gujri Goat weight gain chart

This Gujri goat breed can acheive utp 120 kg body weight on Braley (Jo) and hari patti with proper feeding timely. if you will not provide hari patti and Jo daily then chances of their weight gain is less.

Age Weight in (Kg)
1. Birth weight 3.5-5
2. Weight at 3 months 10-15
3. Weight at 6 months 25-30
4. Weight at 9 months 45-50
5. Weight at 12 months 70-75

this weight is noted on timely feeding of single birth male goat, it can be differ if the goat give twins or triplets.

this weight is acheived on proper feeding of jo and hari patti. not any rocket science included on it.

What is Gujri Goat Price at the time of Eid?

the price is quite important if you are going to start a goat farm but if you are looking to start a goat farm my honest opinion is to get the goat farming training first after that invest in the Goat farming business because the investment is more in it.

Guri goat price at Normal Days

The goat price is mainly depends on Age, sex, weight and their look.

the 3 months old male Gujri goat kid price is started from 6 thoushand to 10 thoushand.

the 12 months old male gujri goat price is 20 thoushand approximately. this price is reveald by one of goat farm of rajasthan

Guri goat price at Time of Eid

The only matured one-year-old male goat sell at the time of Eid and Gujri goat achieve 75 kg in one year and most of the time it sold at the price of 30 to 35 thousand.

Final words about Gujri Goat

This Rajasthani goat is the best among all the breeds. it gives tough competition to all other goat breeds of India. it looks quite beautiful. if you want to start goat farming for eid purposes then Gujri goat is one of the best options for you. raising Gujri goat at the farm for Eid can be highly profitable.

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