Beautiful Gulabi Goat for Higher Income in Goat Farming

The Gulabi goat looks quite beautiful compared to normal breed goats. it gives higher returns the demand for this type of goat is more and increasing rapidly.

The Gulabi goat is all-time money for a goat farmer they can sell kid to mature goat at a higher price. recently I have sold out my one-month-old Sojat goat Gulabi kid in 11500 rs.

i have many gulabi sojat kid at my farm all looks quite adorable.

What Does the Gulabi Means?

Gulabi is a Hindi word, and it represents a color. The Gulabi means Pink color. The Gulabi goat is That which has a pink Muzzle, and the whole skin color is Pink. Not all goats are pink in color.

if the Breeder is in pink color and met with a pink color goat then the result comes pink goat. In simple words, pink cross with pink then crossing results will definitely come in pink color.

How To detect Gulabi Goat?

The Gulabi Goat has Pink Muzzle (nose), Ears are seen pink, and the back vaginal skin looks pink. and the simple and easy to detect rub hand and move goat hairs in opposite direction the skin will seen totally Gulabi.

What is the Gulabi goat Price in india?

There are two to three types of Gulabi goat breed available in India in which Sojat goat, Patira goat, and Jamunapari Hansa goat is present.

in Pakistan rajanpuri Goat are Gulabi and Most of The Sanne goat breed of switzerland are Gulabi.

All these breeds of goats come in the expensive goat breed. these breeds are quite sensitive and look adorable.

The price of sojat gulabi female starts from 15000 to 30000 depeds on the quality of goat.

The price of patira gulabi mature goat strats from 2000 to 45000 it also depend on the quality.

last but not least. the queen of goat jamuanapari gulabi hansa goat. its price starts from 15000 to 40000 rupees.

this is the average price that I have checked from the traders, I know a lot about goats and their breeds because I am in the Goat farming business for a long time.

i have started commercial goat farming in 2017 and continue doing till date. I am also providing goat farming training at my farm which is placed in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh.

Where will You get these Gulabi beautiful Goats?

The best place to buy this Gulabi male and female goats at a cheap rate from there the have originated for example Gulabi Sojat goat originated in Sojat Pali District, so if you can buy in cheap rate then research about the traders in Sojat pali.

Gulabi patira goats mainly found in Gujarat so if you are looking to buy Patira Gulabi goat then Ahmedabad Riverfront mandi is the best place. this mandi organized every Sunday at riverfront Ahmedabad which is approximately 8 to 10 km far from Ahmedabad kalupur railway station.

for Jamunapari Hansa Chakarnagar Uttar Pradesh is the only place where you can found Gulabi Hansa Goat.

before buying this goats do research about the price of Gulabi Goats.

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