How To Clean Goat Poop ?

How to clean goat poop is the biggest headache if you have pet goats in your home. to solve this problem i have share two techniques.

When you have goats the question always comes to mind: How to clean goat poop?

Here in this post I’ll share what I do at my small goat farm.

I have provided wooden bedding to my goats because goats love to live at height. Goats did not like the wet place.

I have a sun joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer. I clean Goat poop Every day with a pressure washer from my goat bed.

I wash when the goat leaves the pen in the morning, further the goats play in open space till the bed gets dry.

The pressure washer is the solution for all my worries, you can do the same if you want to clean the poop with any of the best electric pressure washer.

The soap is also present in my pressure washer, it cleans faster and keeps the pen free from smell.

How to clean goat Poop with a Broom?

first of all, sprinkle water and leave it for 5 minutes till the water gets dry, after that you can use broom and wipe all the goat poop from the pen. this is one of the oldest way to clean the goat pen.

if you have more then one goats then cleaning with broom is right.

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