Nabard Subsidy For Goat Farming 2024 : Learn How to Get?

Learn completely about how to get NABARD subsidy for goat farming in 2023 that help you make a good infrastructure and raise quality goats in your farm

Goat farming comes under the agriculture business. This business has a very bright future because of increasing the Demand for Goat milk, meat, and manure. NABARD subsidy for goat farming is given by the Indian government that helps to start this Business.

Every Indian can take advantage of this subsidy. This Subsidy is only available if you take a bank loan from any of nationalize banks either it is state bank of India, Bank of India, and cooperative banks.

Goat farming is a business that requires investment in the beginning if you start goat farm from 50+2 or 100+4 goat unit.

Goats also require a good house form the protection from Excessive weather conditions. The Goat farming loan helps in investment in the house and the goat unit.

What is NABARD?

National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) is the subsidy provider to all agriculture businesses and startups. The Government of India sanction hundreds of crores rupees every year for the agriculture development, this money reaches to the farmers through subsidy.

Once the loan is passed by the bank then it is easy to take the subsidy through NABARD.

The Goal of NABARD is the development of Rural India. Crores of farmers have taken the benefit in the form of Subsidy.

One of the Emerging Scheme ‘’Kisan credit card’’ is also developed by NABARD.

How to Get NABARD subsidy for Goat Farming?

First of all, if government giving subsidy on goat farming loan then everyone should take the benefit of it.

The NABARD goat farming subsidy is based on the Caste system of India. The BPL/ST/SC caste get 33% subsidy on loan and the General/OBC caste gets a 25% subsidy on goat farming loan.

To Get the Subsidy first you have to apply for the loan any of the nationalize where the interest is less compared to other banks.

Generally, the banks first ask for the Goat farming project report and your future planning, some banks also aks about where you have taken the goat farming training. if you have a training certificate then you can attach it with the loan file.

A training Certificate is optional but if you took training then the chances of getting a loan are more compared to not have.

Other Document required to take Subsidy?

  • Aadhar card
  • 4 passport size photos
  • Loan approval

Generally, you don’t have to do anything if the loan is sanctioned, you have to say manger to take subsidy. The process is done by the bank.

Maximum NABARD Subsidy For Goat farming

The maximum NABARD subsidy for goat farming is 2.5 lakhs either if you take more then 10 lakh rupees loan. The goat farming subsidy by Nabard is the same for all states of India.

For Example, if you take a 10 lakh rupees loan yo will get 2.5 lakh rupees subsidy after the loan sanctioned.

Getting a loan for goat farming is not easy because so many people apply for goat farming. if you want to take the goat farming loan and get the NABARD subsidy then Check the Article below

NABARD Goat Farming Project Report: Where to Get?

The project report is compulsory to take the loan for Goat farming. I have made the complete goat farming Project report that will help you understand, what is the goat farming business and how much you can earn in a year.

This project report may help you in the business as well as to take the loan. You can also download the goat farming project report PDF

How much one can Earn in Goat Farming?

This question comes in every goat farmer before starting of Business. Goat farming is a profitable business but it is required patience in the starting once the production comes the cycle runs continuously.

Earning in goat farming depends on how many goats you have on the farm. For example, if you have 100 goats on the farm than you can make a very good income through it.

You can make 6 to 7 lakhs rupees easily with 100 goats, you can make more if you raised quality breed in your farm. The only thing you need to focus on the management on the farm.

Good management on the farm can convert good money for you. You have to grow your own green fodder.

Goat farming is the business in which 70% of the cost spent on goat feed, if you grow your own feed then feed cost would be low and profit will be more.

If you have your own land then goat farming can make good source income for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nabard Subsidy for goat farming?

Q.1) How can I get loan from NABARD?

NABARD is the subsidy provider they don’t give loan,  to take the loan you have to apply in any nationalise bank with project report and project cost.

Q.2) How can I get subsidy for goat farming in tamilnadu?

You have to apply for the loan to get subsidy, once your loan is sanctioned the subsidy direct come to your loan account. The subsidy is 25% for GEN/OBC and 33% for BPL/ST/SC.

Q.3) How many Goats can you have per acre in india?

You can easily raise 200 Goats per acre in India, the goat is an animal that requires limited space, or single labor can raise 100 goats easily with proper farm management.


Here in this post we much discussed about NABARD subsidy for goat farming and how to get it. The process is simple and totally depends upon the loan. Once the loan is sanctioned, you don’t need to to do anything to get the subsidy.

So if you really want to take the subsidy first make a plan or project report of goat farming and show it to the bank manager and tell them I am planning on this business and I have insufficient fund to start this so I have to take loan from your bank.

But do one thing in mind, apply for the loan in the month of december to january because the financial year start from first april and government sanction money to give the farmers in the form of subsidy after financial year. So you have to apply befor starting of finacial year.

Hope you get the correct information, if you like the post do share and want more information do comment below.

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