Pomsky Price In India (2024): How Much Do They Cost ?

Pomsky is a designer dog which is developed by crossing Siberian Husky and Pomeranian through artificial insemination.

Due to their unique and cute looks this dog has become popular in the western countries especially in North America and Europe.

Recently this dog has been gaining some traction among Indian dog lovers as well.

So, in this article we will look at the pomsky price in India and what are things one needs to consider before buying one.

Pomsky Price In India

A pomsky puppy or dog in India can cost in the range of ₹40,000-₹1,20,000 depending on the quality, color, size and place.

Pomsky are not actively bred in India and often imported from other countries so it is definitely on the pricey side.

Before you get a pomsky in India make sure you are buying from a trusted reputable breeder who is well experienced.

Pomsky Price In Delhi

The price of a Pomsky puppy in Delhi starts from ₹60,000-₹90,000 and the price can go even higher in case of show quality ones.

Pomsky Price In Kolkata

Pomsky Price in Kolkata is between the range of ₹45,000-₹80,000 depending on the availability.

Pomsky Price In Kerala

A pomsky puppy costs between ₹50,000-₹80,000 in Kerala depending on the availability and the quality of the breed.

Pomsky Price In Bangalore

In Bangalore, the price of a pomsky is between ₹50,000-₹90,000 and the show quality breed may go upto lakhs of rupees.

Pomsky Price In Pune

Pomsky Price In Pune starts from ₹55,000-₹80,000 according to the breeders there, the prices may differ according to availability and the type of breeders.

Pomsky Price In Mumbai

In Mumbai, you can expect a Pomsky to cost anywhere between ₹55,000-₹1,00,000, imported dogs will cost you upto lakhs of rupees.

Pomsky Price In Hyderabad

A pomsky puppy costs in the range of ₹60,000-₹80,000 in Hyderabad. The prices may depend on the availability, health conditions of the dog.

Pomsky Price In Chennai

The price of a pomsky puppy or a dog in Chennai starts from ₹40,000-₹80,000. The prices may differ depending on whether is imported or bred locally.

Pomsky Information: History, Features, Temperament etc.

Height 30-35 cm (male), 29-33 cm (female)
Weight 10-13kg (male) , 9-11kg (female)
Lifespan 12-15 years
Pomsky Price In India ₹40,000-₹1,20,000
Temperament Active, Playful
Origin USA
Popularity in India Low-Moderate
Coat Type Double
Colors Black & White, Fully White, Brown etc.
Hypoallergenic No
Grooming Yes
Maintenance Level High
Common Health Issues Behavioral Issues, Skin Allergies and Dental Issues.

Pomsky is a result of crossbreeding of Pomeranian and Husky. This breed has been around since a decade according to breeders and it wasn’t until 2012 Pomsky was actually recognized by the Americans. These dog are still yet to be recognized AKC.

The height and weight of the pomsky can be inherited from either of their parents. Male pomskies may reach a height of 12 to 15 inches and weigh up to 13 kg. Females, on the other hand, can reach 13 inches in length and weigh up to 11kg.

They have a surprisingly long lifespan of 15 years if they take care of them properly.

Since they are a crossbred the temperament of Pomsky dogs can be of either of their parents or the mix of both.

When it comes to temperament they mostly inherit from huskies, they are very active and social animals they demand attention all the time well.

They are also great alert dogs for your house since they can sense danger but they are also really friendly as well which make them the ideal pet for the family.

They have thick coats just like Huskies which make them not suitable for Indian Summers. You need to have an AC up running 24/7.

Types of Pomsky

There is no standard look for a Pomsky dog since both pomeranians and huskies are so different in size and looks.

Some Pomskies are 1/4 Husky while some are 3/4 Husky. The majority of them, though, are 50/50, with a Husky mother and a Pomeranian father.

However a pomsky will never be exactly 50 percent Husky and 50 percent Pomeranian.

When you cross two breeds that are so opposite in size and appearance, you’re playing genetic roulette.

So you can end up with a dog that is 90% Husky and 10% Pomeranian. Even if they are among the same litter.

Huskies have distinct personality features. And, if you buy a Pomsky, you must be prepared in case your dog turns out to be 90% Husky-like.

According to the responses of a survey conducted by a Youtube channel named James and Luarnt, majority of Pomsky owners reported that their Pomskies are more Husky-like and than pomeranian-like with 60% resemblance in the looks and behaviour.

Some of the responses even claimed that their pomsky are 100% husky-like. So you are basically be getting a miniature husky.

Things you should know before getting a Pomsky in India

There are certain curial things that the first time buyer need to know before deciding to get a Pomsky In India

Not suitable for Indian Climate: Just as huskies or other thick coated breeds, they are not made for the climate that India has during summer. So make you arrange accordingly for the Pomsky so that they can live a comfortable life in your house.

Looks: Since Pomsky doesn’t have a set standard look or size so it will be very difficult for a new pet owner to be sure whether they are getting a real pomsky or not. You could either end up with a pomsky that looks a pomeranian or the one that looks more like a husky.

Not for small apartments: This might come as a surprise since Pomskies are not that big but they are kind of dogs that are full of energy that like to run wild and play so if you live in small apartments without a backyard you have to take them out for walks more often.

Need a lot of Exercise and Socialization: Just like huskies these dogs need a regular of at least 1-2 hours with 12,000 steps a day. Lack of socialization and exercise can develop behavioural issues in Pomsky.

High Maintenance: Apart from being really pricey, they are also very high maintenance. A novice owner may get really overwhelmed with the amount of work and efforts that need to take care of this breed.

Small Dog Syndrome: This is a behavioral issue that is commonly found in Pomsky and other small dog breeds.

This happens when you are too casual with your dog and don’t let them know their place.

For example, spoiling them with treats and food without training them or being too forgiving when they make mistakes. This develops a sense of superiority in them and they won’t listen to you and your commands.

They shed a lot: Since both pomeranians and huskies are heavy shedders it should not be a surprise that Pomsky sheds as well. You have to keep up with their coat maintenance every 2-3 months otherwise it will become matted and tangled.

Brushing them regularly will also prevent them from developing any skin allergies.

Vet visits: It is important you take your Pomsky to vet regularly since they are prone to get sick easily. A vet will conduct a full examination of the puppies and keep them healthy.

FAQs : Pomsky In India

Is Pomsky available in India?

It’s tough to find Pomsky here in India, although some breeder with big names might import it for you for a really massive price.

Can pomskies live in India ?

Pomskies can live in India although they are not made for the Indian climatic conditions but if you can create an environment in which they can live without any discomfort

What is the maintenance cost of owing a Pomsky in India ?

The average annual cost of owning a Pomsky in India is between ₹50,000-₹70,000 including the expense of food, shelter and veterinary etc.

Are pomsky hypoallergenic ?

No, pomskies are not hypoallergenic since their parents aren’t either. So, if you are asthamtic or allergic to dogs this is not the right dog for you.

Can pomsky eat chicken ?

Pomskies can definitely eat chicken in fact they are the best source of protein for the dogs.

Can Pomsky be left alone ?

Pomskies can be left alone if they are properly trained for it but since they are not the type of dogs that can stay inside for a long period of time without making a mess.

Are pomskies aggressive ?

They are not generally an aggressive breed but can develop some behavioral problems that can lead them to be a bit yappy and aggressive and that is mostly a result of bad parenting.

How often should you take your pomsky for a walk ?

You should take your pomsky for a walk 2 times everyday of 1-2 hours, once in the early morning and once in the evening.

Do Pomskies shed ?

Yes, they do a lot. Both pomeranians and huskies shed so it is natural for pomskies to shed as well.

Are Pomskies great with kids ?

Most pomskies are great with kids however it is better to tell your kids not to hurt the dog by pulling their ears or tails which can let pomskies snap at them.

Are Pomskies great with other dogs ?

Yes, they are great with other dog breeds. While pomeranians are a bit aloof on the other hand huskies are a pack dog so when it comes to socializing and playing pomskies are more like huskies.

Can pomskies live with elderlies ?

No, since pomskies and high energy dogs that require play time and walks elderlies won’t be able to keep up with them.

Are pomskies good guard dogs ?

No, they don’t make great guard dogs but they can be a great watch or alter dogs for the house.

Conclusion : Is Pomsky Right for you ?

Now that you know the price of a pomsky in India you might be wondering if this dog is right for you and your family ?

The answer is they are not for everyone. Pomskies are not the little ball-of-fur that you see on the Internet, and that they require a lot of care, they are a great dog for a variety of people.

They’re great for couples. And they’re great for single people, as long as they’re active, and willing to play with their Pomsky, and take them out to burn energy.

If you are looking for a lap dog that will stay with you on the couch, while you’re watching TV, then a Pomsky is not the right dog for you.

They’re just very demanding, playful dogs that need owners who can match their energy level.

And also Pomsky are not for Indian summers, Just like huskies they love snow. They are their best when the weather is cold.

Our final advice is that you need to do your research, before you get a Pomsky.

A Pomsky lives between 12 and 15 years. It is a long-term commitment and unless you’re able to cater their needs you shouldn’t get this dog.

But we also hope that you watch other videos about Pomskies, as well as videos about Huskies.

Yes, Pomskies are just as cute as advertised. But they also demand a lot of care.

And because of their Husky lineage, they’re not nearly as lovey dovey, as their cute looks might imply.

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