Pug Price In India (2024): How Much Would It Cost?

Pugs became one of the most popular dog breeds in India because of those cute “Vodafone Ads”

These Vodafone Ads were so popular that people started calling this dog as “Vodafone Dog” instead of Pugs.

Another reason why it is so popular in India is because it is a perfect lap dog which is ideal for a family dog.

It is also a toy breed which means their maximum height would be 10-11 inches which makes them one of the smallest dog breeds in India.

In this article, we will talk about the price of a pug in India, as well as it’s maintenance cost, and things you should know about before getting this breed.

Pug Price In India (2023)

A Pug Price in India can range from ₹15,000-₹50,000 depending on the various factors like quality, place, the breeder you are buying from.

Toy breeds are expensive and since pugs come under toy breeds they are also expensive.

The prices in metro cities are usually higher compared to non-metro cities in India.

These are dogs easily available with most breeders and pet shops in India since they are popular.

If you want to learn about the price of the other dog breeds in India you can can refer to them in one of our posts in this website.

Pug Price In Delhi

The price of a Pug in Delhi ranges anywhere between ₹20,000 – ₹40,000 and in case of show quality the prices go upto lakhs.

Pug Price In Kolkata 

The price of a Pug In Kolkata costs in the range of ₹15,000-₹30,000.

Pug Price In Bangalore

In Bangalore, the cost of pugs between ₹20,000-₹45,000 depending on the availability and the breeder.

Pug Price In Kerala

In Kerala, A pug will cost in the range of ₹15,000-₹25,000 or may be even cheaper.

Pug Dog Price in Punjab

The price of a pug dog in Punjab starts from ₹15,000-₹30,000 according to breeders in Dog Show or Shop.

Pug Price In Different Cities In India 

The price mentioned here is not the exact price but an estimate.

Place Price (₹)
Andhra Pradesh (Amaravati) ₹10,000-₹25,000
Arunachal Pradesh (Itanagar) ₹10,000-₹20,000
Assam (Dispur) ₹15,000-₹25,000
Bihar (Patna) ₹12,000-₹20,000
Chhattisgarh (Raipur) ₹13,000-₹20,000
Goa (Panaji) ₹14,000-₹30,000
Gujarat (Gandhinagar) ₹15,000-₹28,000
Haryana (Chandigarh) ₹14,000-₹18,000
Himachal Pradesh (Shimla) ₹14,000-₹20,000
Jharkhand (Ranchi) ₹15,000-₹28,000
Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal) ₹14,000-₹30,000
Maharashtra (Mumbai) ₹15,000-₹29,000
Manipur (Imphal) ₹14,000-₹17,000
Meghalaya (Shillong) ₹16,000-₹25,000
Mizoram (Aizawl) ₹24,000-₹28,000
Nagaland (Kohima) ₹13,000-₹28,000
Odisha (Bhubaneshwar) ₹14,000-₹26,000
Punjab (Chandigarh) ₹14,000-₹30,000
Rajasthan (Jaipur) ₹14,000-₹38,000
Sikkim (Gangtok) ₹13,000-₹26,000
Tamil Nadu (Chennai) ₹14,000-₹28,000
Telangana (Hyderabad) ₹13,000-₹38,000
Tripura (Agartala) ₹14,000-₹25,000
Uttarakhand (Dehradun) ₹16,000-₹27,000
Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow) ₹13,000-₹38,000

Type of places you can a get a pug from in India

There are three types of places you can get a Pug in India

Breeders: Breeders should always be your first choice, because they know about the pets and the business they are working in.

An ethical breeder ensures the health of the mother and their puppies which further ensures that you will get a high quality dog with no health issues.

Puppies from the breeders are mostly expensive but they will be worth it.

But this doesn’t mean you should blindly trust the breeder, you should do the proper research about the breeder and about the pug beforehand.

Pet Shops: Most pet shops sell dogs along with pet accessories. These shops are mostly profit oriented; they may not have much expertise in breeding and there is a high chance that you might get an unhealthy pug.

Puppy Mills: If you consider yourself a pet lover, never get a puppy from the mill. They are the absolute worst place you can get a dog from. In fact, most pet shops get their dogs from Puppy mills.

The reason why puppy mills should be avoided is because the types of conditions the dogs put in are really bad.

The mothers are used as a puppy making machine. The main objective of puppy mills is to sell as many puppies as possible and make money from it.

The main reason people buy dogs from puppy mills is because they are quite cheap.

Puppies from these places may have gone through traumas which leads to behavioural and health problems.

Maintenance Cost of A Pug In India

The initial expenses at the puppy stage are going to be costly but as the puppy grows the expenses become much more stable.

The maintenance cost of a pug can be divided into following parts:

Vet Cost

Maintaining a pug can be a little expensive because pugs are fragile and they can get hurt easily which means there will be frequent VET visits.

A consultation with a veterinarian may cost you around ₹800 to ₹2000 per visit, for surgeries it may cost more than ₹20000.

You also have to vaccinate the puppy for rabbis and other diseases which can cost you ₹1000-₹3000 per dose.

Dog Food Price 

Standard dog food will cost ₹2000 to ₹3000 rupees monthly and for premium dog food may cost more than ₹ 4000 rupees.

This detailed article about dog food in India which will help you choose the right kind of dog food for your pet within your budget.

Dog Accessories Cost

The expense of accessories is not as recurring as dog food but it is still one of the most important things to invest on if you are planning to get a dog.

The cost of everything from dog bed to crate will cost you ₹5000 to ₹7000 depending on the quality.

Grooming Cost 

Even though they have a short coat, pugs shed a lot and they need regular grooming.

Grooming a pug is quite easy to do yourself if compared to other dog breeds like husky or a German shepherd.

But if you need the help of a professional groomer it may cost anywhere between ₹1000 – ₹3000 per session.

Dog Training Cost

Training is the most important thing to do when you have a dog.

An untrained dog can make your life a living hell.

So it is always advisable that you should train your dog as soon as you bring him home so that it doesn’t act on his own and doesn’t make a mess.

Pugs are notorious for being stubborn and kind of hard to train.

Teaching basic commands like sit, stand and roll is quite easy for even a new dog owner.

Potty training could take some time. It is still easy if you are dedicated to investing your time in teaching.

If you are short on time there are always professional trainers available who will do the job for you.

A professional trainer will cost you somewhere around ₹5000 – ₹25000 depending on how repeatable and experienced the trainer is.

Insurance Cost

Insurance can save you a lot of money which you cannot otherwise. Surgeries can cost quite a lot in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore.

There are some banks that offer insurance for pets. Bajaj Allianz offers best plans for Indian pet owners

You can insure a dog ranging in age from eight weeks to eight years. The cost of the premium insurance could be between ₹200 to ₹10,000.

Expenses ₹ (monthly)
Veterinarian Cost (in case of injury and sickness) 7,000
Dog Food 4500
Dog Accessories 4000
Training 10,000
Grooming 2000

Pug Info: History, Features, Temperament etc.

Height 25-28 cm
Weight 6-8 kgs
Lifespan 12-16 years
Pug Puppy Price ₹15,000-₹50,000
Color White and Black
Temperament Friendly, Loyal, Playful
Origin China
Coat Type Double
Hypoallergenic No
Popularity in India High
Maintenance Level High
Common Health Issue Respiratory Issues, Obesity
Litter Size 4-6

Pugs are said to have originated from China but there is still a debate that it could be from Europe.

Pugs were specifically bred for being a lap dog who could give companionship to the owners.

Pugs do not have a set height, however most are between 25 and 28 cm tall and weigh between 6.3 and 8.1 kilogrammes.

They have a smooshed face and a muscular tiny head is larger than their body. They also have a distinctive short curled tail.

Pugs are very playful dogs that need moderate exercise and training with daily exercise and plenty of play time but not too intense due to their flat body type.

They are also not very tolerant to extreme temperatures.

Additionally these dogs love to be around their humans most of the time so they are not good for someone who is out of home for work a lot.

Pugs are relatively easy to educate and train but they can be really stubborn at times.

They are terrible guard dogs but they are good at alerting their owners of suspicious and strangers.

They need to be properly socialized with new dogs and people when they are a puppy so that they don’t develop fear and behavioural issues.

The pug is generally a healthy dog but their skull structure can lead to brachycephalic airway obstructive syndrome causing respiratory problems.

Heatstroke is also very common with this breed.

So overall it is quite a high maintenance dog.

Types of Colors of Pugs Available in India

Fawn Pug

The most common pug is a fawn pug. In fact, the majority of pugs come in fawn-color.

A fawn pug’s colour might vary somewhat. They range in color  from light cream to dark cream, with varying tints of gold. Undertones of crimson, orange, or silver are possible.

Not only do these colours differ, but they can also be shaded differently, with certain regions of the body having a different colour than others.

Black Pug

Black Pugs are the most popular color after the fawn one. These dogs come in a dark black coat that covers their entire body. On their bodies or feet, some may have little white markings.

The most subscribed youtuber PewDiePie has a dog called Edger who is also a Black Pug.

Silver and Silver-Fawn Pugs

Silver and Silver-Fawn pugs are really rare but they have a lovely grey coat colour that can attract people.

This coat colour, like the fawn colour pugs, has light and dark variants.

Things you should know before getting a Pug In India 

Pugs are lazy: Pugs are notorious for being lazy dogs. They spend most of their time sleeping and eating.

Terrible guard dogs: Since pugs are very small in size they are terrible at guarding your house. They can’t protect you from anyone, instead they need protecting from you. But they are good at alerting their owners if someone gets into your house.

They crave attention: This is a type of breed that needs social interaction so they need constant attention and socialization. If you are someone who doesn’t have much time to spend with your dog then this dog is not the one for you.

Can’t handle hot weather: Pugs tolerance to high temperatures is very low. They get overheated quickly. You have to make sure that they always have ampel water and air conditioning.

If you live in a place like Delhi or Chennai without an air conditioner then it will get really miserable for the dog.

Pugs are prone to health issues: They are mainly prone to allergic dermatitis which makes their body super itchy and also they are very fragile so they also get easily injured.

Pugs have breathing issues: They usually have trouble breathing through their nose so if you find making strange noises while sleeping or eating means that they are having trouble breathing so need to pay close attention to how they are doing.

They easily gain weight: Pugs get fat really quickly which can also cause breathing issues so it is always important that you know what food you are giving to your pet. Always make sure you take them out for a walk regularly and put them on a diet frequently.

Need to clean their face everyday: Pugs have wrinkles on their face so it is important that you clean in the folds everyday or else there is going to be dust that will stay in there will eventually cause skin troubles.

They shed a lot: Pugs shed a lot so if you are some that like their house to be clean then this isn’t the breed for you.

How to check the purity of a Pug in India

It is necessary to thoroughly check things about the dog before you decide to buy one so that you don’t end up getting cheated by the breeder and get an unhealthy pet:

The following are the things you need to check before buying a pug.


The first thing you need to ensure is the age of the pug. Never get a pug which is under 3 months old.

Pug must be around it’s mother and with its own kind in the first initial stage of its life. Some breeders don’t wait that long and may try to sell you so that they can make profit as soon as possible.

If you get a pug within a few days after it’s born it won’t get the proper nutritions that it should need and it will have major health and behavioral issues in the future.


The second thing you need to check is their face. As you know pugs have a smooshed face with wrinkles on their head.

You come across a pug that has a slightly longer face then it is not a pure breed.

The color of their mouth and nose will always be black regardless of their overall color.


This depends on the type of color of pug you are going for, if it is black then their whole body should be black.

In case of fawn colored pugs only the mouth, nose and paws should be black.


The next thing you should notice is the ears. Pugs don’t have pointy ears like most dogs so if you see if you it could be a cross-breed.


Pugs have a small curled tail this is also one of things that ensures that it is a pure breed pug.

FAQs about Pugs

Are pugs good dogs for novice owners ?

Pug could be a good choice for a novice owner but you might need to put in the work as it is a high maintenance dog.

Do pugs sleep a lot ?

Pugs usually sleep more than other dog breeds and as they grow old they tend to sleep a lot more. A pug sleeping between 10-14 hours a day is totally normal.

Do all Pugs struggle to breathe?

Pugs have breathing problems due the shape of their skull and the squished nose that they have. This is a very common health issue with pugs. If you ever notice your pug’s breathing issue worsening then you need to immediately take him to the VET.

Can pugs swim?

Pugs can swim but since they have breathing issues they are not considered good swimmers.

Do pugs shed ?

Pugs shed quite a lot and this could become kind of annoying for some people.

In that case you could go for a black pug they tend to shed less compared to the fawn colored pugs.

Can Pugs Survive in India ?

Pugs are intolerant to extreme temperatures whether hot or cold. They get hot too quickly.

India has a very dynamic climate and it can get really hot in summer upto 45 degrees in some places which is definitely not an ideal temperature for a pug.

The ideal temperature for pugs is somewhere between 15 C and 20 C so it is necessary to have an air conditioning system at home.

Are pugs friendly with strangers ?

Pugs are generally good with strangers so they are not good guard dogs but they can sometimes be good at alerting suspicious people.

If you are looking for a good guard you can go for German Shepherds, Pitbull, Rottweiler, Rajaplayam etc.

Can pugs be left alone at home ?

Pugs crave companionship so they are the type of dogs to be left at home but if they are trained well you can leave them alone for a while.

And since they sleep for a long period of time you can leave the house at that time.

What foods can pugs eat ?

Pugs love to eat and they are also prone to become overweight very easily so it is important to make sure the amount of food and type you give to your pug.

Pug’s diet should always be adapted to the age and level of physical activity you either go for commercially produced dog food in India or homemade food.

If you have any doubts about the amount of food you should give you consult a veterinarian.

Do pugs like to cuddle ?

Pugs do like to cuddle with their owners as they love companionship but they prefer to sit on laps.

Sometimes it can become too hot for your pug to cuddle.

Are pugs easy to train ?

Pugs are easy to train but they can also be very stubborn at times.

It is preferred that you teach them to obey you as soon as you get them in your house.

Conclusion: Pug Price in India (2023)

Now that you know the price of pug in India

The question is, is this dog the right choice for you ?

The price of a pug in India is expensive but still affordable for Indian standards.

If you don’t have the money to get a dog yet wait for a while but never make the mistake of getting puppies from puppy mills or someone who sells for a cheaper price.

It is always wise to go for a reputable breeder instead of trying to save money.

You may get a pug for a cheap price but will have to bear more expenses than with a normal dog if the dog turns out to be one with health issues.

Maintenance costs can be expensive so make sure to get insurance for your dog in case of uncertainties.

As mentioned above already that pug is not at all a guard dog.

And since they are indoor dogs they are very fragile and get hurt easily.

So they are very much dependent on you for everything.

They get heat strokes often when the temperature goes higher.

And in a place like India where the temperature is mostly high during summer you need to be really careful with your pug.

Pug is in no way a low maintenance dog.

So this dog is the only good for those who are ready to take responsibility for the dog’s health and be committed to it.

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