Which Goat Is Best For Farming In India?

The biggest concern before starting goat farming is which goat is best for farming in India. the breed you have to select according to the environment of your nearby region.

If you are planning for goat farming in India and looking for which goat is best for farming then you at the right place. Here I will recommend some best goat breeds of India which can available easily and will give you maximum returns.

First of all, I tell you all goat breeds are not the same, some goat breeds are best in milk and some goat breeds are best in meat. So select the goat breeds according to the Purpose or objective of your goat farming.

For example, if you are planning to sell goats on Eid then Sojat goat, Sirohi goat breed is best for Eid festivals. The question comes in your mind why this goat breed is best for Eid. Then I will tell you these two goat breeds are best in weight gain and at the time Eid festival heavy size goat are more popular.

Hope you understand what i want to tell you. Let us discuss more about the Goat breeds and their purposes.

Purpose of Goat farming: Which goat is best for farming?

There are three purposes of goat farming, you have to know before involving in this business. So you can not make mistakes in the beginning. Our goal is to make you aware so you can make a good profit without wasting time.

People don’t know much about this business and start and do mistakes, in the beginning, better you take goat farming training to avoid mistakes.

Meat purpose goat farming

In meat purpose goat farming you have to raise goats for meat. For this purpose, you have to raise goats and give them quality feed for weight gain. After achieving the proper weight you have to sell it for the butcher or in a slaughterhouse.

Every goat gives meat, but as per my experience, you have to go for a Desi goat breed or local breed of your region if you want to do Meat purpose goat farming.

For example:

  1. If you are from Maharashtra the Osmanabadi is best for meat purpose goat farming.
  2. If you live in Uttar Pradesh you should choose Barbari goat.
  3. Tellicherry is best if you belong from south India
  4. Sirohi for Rajasthan

Milk Purpose goat farming

Generally, Goat milk is not very popular in India but the goat milk is quite helpful for infants and for those who are lactose intolerant. You have to do marketing to sell goat milk. The milk has so many medicinal uses and you can sell it easily if you approach some hospitals. I have seen some of my friends selling 4 to 5 liters of milk daily at 100 Rs per liter goat milk.

Best goat breed for milk in india are:

  • Sirohi
  • Jakhrana
  • Beetal
  • Jamunapari
  • Sannen

These are some best milk purpose goat breeds in India which give 1 to 1.5 liters milk per day.

Breeding purpose goat farming

With this purpose of goat farming, you can start with any breed which has more demand in your region. This purpose is one of the profitable purposes of goat farming and you can make very good money from breeding purpose goat farming.

Some Profitable Goat Breed for breeding Purpose goat farming:

  • Sirohi Goat
  • Sojat goat
  • Black Bengal Goat
  • Barabri goat
  • Jakhrana goat
  • Boer goat
  • Sannen goat
  • Jamunapari goat
  • Beetal Goat

Which Breed of Goat is most profitable?

As per my experience in goat farming, I can say that Pure breed Sirohi, Sojat, Barabri, Beetal are the most profitable breeds in India. If you belong to the northeast region then you should go with Black Bengal goats.

Frequently asked questions

Q.1) Which goat breed is best for goat farming in karnataka?

Kanni adu goat, saanen goat, Boer goat, Osmanabadi goat, malabari goat are the best goat breeds for the environment of goat farming in karnataka.

Q.2) Which goat breed is best for goat farming in maharashtra?

The Osmanabadi goat breed originated in the Osmanabad district of Maharashtra region. This goat breed is best for goat farming in Maharashtra. The other breed you can raise in Maharashtra is the Boer goat, Saanen goat, Sirohi goat, sojat goat Kota goat, etc.

Q.3) Which goat breed is best for goat farming in tamilnadu?

Kanni adu, Malabari goat, sirohi goat, Boer goat are the best breed for goat farming in tamilnadu

Q.4) Which goat breed is best for goat farming in madhya Pradesh?

Malwa goat belongs to Madhya Pradesh and the environment of Madhya Pradesh is suitable for goat farming. It is the central part of India and there is no excessive weather. Sirohi goat sojat goat also performs best in Madhya Pradesh.

Final words

Here in this post, we discuss the goats and their purposes. You should always select the breed of your region because the same breed in the same region gives the maximum output and their productivity also remains better.

For the maximum output in goat farming, you have to raise a pure goat breed in your farm, our goat breed has more demand compared to crossbreed or local breed.

Hope you get the answer to which goat is best for farming. You can send your queries in the comment section related to goat farming the team farmingx is always ready to help the goat farmers.

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