10 Dogs Under 5000 In India [2024]

In india for a middle class family getting a dog is really expensive especially the foriegn breeds if you buy from an ethical professional breeder.

But not only are the cost of dogs expensive but maintaining them is also equally more expensive.

The initial expense for a dog is really costly for example, food, toys, bed and vaccination.vet expenses which could become really overwhelming for someone who is middle class in India.

So in this article, I’m going to list out all the dog breeds in India under ₹5,000. These are not only cheap in price but also they are low maintenance thus you will have to spend less money to maintain them.

10 Dogs under ₹5,000 in India (2022)

Indian Spitz

Indian spitzs are without a doubt the most cheapest dogs available in India, if you are looking for a fancy looking dog at a cheaper price.

There are hardly any breeders that would give this dog for more than ₹10,000.

Indian spitz are actually a mix of an indian dog and german spitz, and since these dogs have indian genes they thrive really well in Indian climate and have no problem during the summer.

The food is not an issue either because you don’t have to go feed the fancy packaged food they will do well with home food like chicken and milk.

Even though they are one of the cheapest dogs to buy you still need to be careful of where you are buying this dog from.

Please do a proper investigation, ask about their parents and don’t compromise on the quality.

Indian Pariah Dog

Pariah Dogs are in fact the best dogs you can have as a pet in India, and what’s even better is that you don’t even need to spend a single penny to buy them.

Indian pariah dogs are just the regular street/stray dogs that you come across everyday in your life.

They have the strongest immune system out of the other foriegn dog breeds, they can handle any weather and they can eat anything.

If you are a pet lover and really need a dog without having to burn your wallet, there is no better choice than this dog.

There are several NGOs and dog shelters in India, those who dedicate their life to save these creatures you can go to them and adopt one.

Some shelters might ask some adoptions, but the majority of them don’t.


Another truly Indian dog breed that is known for being a great guard dog. They are very territorial in nature and won’t allow strangers to come anywhere near them.

The population of this dog is very low and they are really mostly available in the southern part of India only (especially Tamilnadu).

If you are really looking for a cheap guard dog, rajapalayam is the best choice ever. Since rajapalayam is an Indian dog.

It is really necessary to socialize a rajapalayam with other dogs and animals from they are puppies because it will be really hard to maintain them once they are older because these dog only like to interact with people they know.

The sad part of this breed is that they are almost on the verge of extinction and they also come with a lot of health issues and the most common one is defeaness.

This would be a lot common in cheaper rajapalayam under ₹5,000 so be careful and do a proper research about the breeder and the place you are getting your dog from.


Another south indian dog breed known for its hunting nature and aggressiveness, they are almost on par with rajapalayam when it comes to being territorial.

They need proper training for not being aggressive towards strangers. They have a really distinguished look when compared to other local dogs.

They are very skinny with a long face and a long skinny tail, which could be very misleading considering how aggressive they can be.

And they are perfect for Indian weather and thrive pretty well in summer, not in winters since southern india is mostly hot.

You can easily get a chippiparai in India with a ₹5,000 budget, they eat both veg and non veg and don’t require a complicated food diet.

Labrador Retriever 

Labrador Retrievers are the only cheapest foreign breed that you can get in India, since they are the most popular and preferred dog breeds for the first-timers.

They are so much in demand and they are literally available everywhere so there is a higher chance of getting this dog for a cheaper price since there is a lot of competition.

If you are lucky enough you can have a health labrador puppy under 5,000 rupees in India. There is moderately high maintenance, and they shed a lot.

They are terrible guard dogs, they trust everyone and their barks are not even threatening enough for someone to scare them off.

So if you are looking for the friendliest dog under ₹5,000. Labrador is the best choice for you.

Bhakarwal Dog 

Bakarwal dogs are the friendliest and most beautiful dogs you will ever come across, they are mostly available in the northern part of India, like uttarakhand, Shimla.

They have thick furs that protect them from the cold, and the heat. You can get this dog for almost free since they are just like stray dogs with thick fur.

They are also popular for being a vegetarian dog and known to prefer veg over non veg diet, well it is not proven yet so it’s hard to tell how true it is.

But as far as food is concerned they will be perfectly alright with homemade cooked food, like curd rice, milk and some chicken.

Bully Kutta

Bully kutta is basically an Indian version of a bull dog mostly available in Punjab and Pakistan region.

They are really protective of their owners and are great guard dogs just like Rajaplayam and chippiparai.

They were initially bred by farmers to protect their sheep from the outside threats, they are almost extinct and rarely available.

But they don’t really cost much more than ₹5,000-₹10,000. They are friendly with their owners but just as aggressive towards strangers so a proper training will be required.

They are known to being easily obese, so you might need to be careful of what food you give them.


This is almost similar  to street dogs and they are kind of hard to differentiate from the regular street dogs.

But they are great guard dogs like all the Indian dogs mentioned in this list. They are also very territorial and don’t allow strangers or other dogs in their zone.

Sometimes these fights get so intense they are hard to handle. They have a strong immune system and can thrive in any weather condition and food.

A Kombai puppy can cost anywhere between the range of ₹3,000-₹5,000, some breeders may charge more depending on the quality of the breed.


Pomeranian is another foreign breed that is considered to be cheaper to get in India, but still they are not as cheap to get it under ₹5,000.

There is a high risk that you might get cheated by the breeder if you are not knowledgeable about the breed.

People mistake pomeranian and Indian spitz as the same, which makes the breeders easier to fool people.

There is a detailed article written about this very topic which will help you differentiate between these two breeds.

Pomeranian are really friendly and cute fluffy dog breeds that have the power of making anyone fall in love with them.

They are really high maintenance and shed a lot, they have a low immune system. You can get this dog for free if you adopt them from a shelter or anyone you know in person.

Rampur Greyhound

Rampur Greyhounds, like the name suggests, originate from rampur and look almost similar to chippiparai.

They are tall and skinny, have a long face and long skinny tail, they have a great sense of smell and are really good companion dogs for humans.

They are also very good at protecting their owners and are very territorial in nature just like other Indian dog breeds.

You can easily get this dog for a cheaper price, the price range will be around anywhere between ₹3,000-₹5,000.

They do well with home cooked food, milk cheese and chicken. They are also one of those breeds that are on the verge of extinction.

Things you should be aware of before getting a dog under ₹5,000 in India

The following are the things you should be aware of before getting a cheaper dog in India.

Higher risk of getting an unhealthy dog

You have a risk of getting an unhealthy dog with diseases if you blindly trust the breeder you are buying from. Please do proper research about the breeder and the dog before you make the decision to finally buy the dog.

Never go to puppy mills to buy a dog.

Puppy mills are the worst place to get a dog from, the way the animals are treated there and the conditions they are put in is the worst. Getting dogs from these places have higher chances of behavioral, health, and physical issues.

Dogs are cheaper as low as ₹2,000, but they will definitely not be worth your money, time and most importantly your mental peace.

You will still incur expenses

Once you buy a dog for a cheaper price your expenses don’t end there, you have to spend for their food, vet visits etc. till they die. So it’s a huge commitment and expense for 12-16 years.

Try to adopt if possible.

It is your choice whether you want to adopt or not but there are so many abandoned dogs, cats in the world that need a loving home. Sure quality won’t be guaranteed but you won’t have to spend any money and you will also give a living being a better life that it deserves.

FAQs about dogs under ₹5,000 in india 

What is the best dog under ₹5,000 in India ?

The best dog under ₹5,000 would be Indian spitz dog since they are cheap and also look of a foriegn breed, they do well in Indian weather conditions and don’t demand packaged food.

Are cheap dogs safe to buy ?

Yes, they are safe to buy as long as they are free from health issues or diseases like rabies etc always ask for these documents before you get a dog, and if you bought a unvaccinated dog then makes sure that the first thing you is to properly vaccinate them to keep yourself and others safe.

Does adopting cost money ?

Most animal shelters don’t charge money but some shelters do charge money as adoption charges (they are still cheaper than buying a dog).


So this was the list of dogs that are under ₹5,000 in India, these dogs are best for a middle class family that can’t spend a huge amount of money to buy expensive foriegn breeds.

The thing you should keep in mind is that having a dog is a huge responsibility and if you are really short on budget then you shouldn’t have a pet for a while till you are financially stable enough.

Another thing is that you should keep in mind you really have to be constantly dedicated to cater to your dog’s needs because they are dependent on you. If you can’t do that then you shouldn’t have a dog.

Consider all of these before you finally decide to get a dog so that you don’t end up regretting your decision and not abandon them. Be a responsible human being.

If you have any questions regarding this you can comment down below and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

If you want to know the price of other dog breeds in India, then there is a detailed list of dog prices in India.

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