Goat Farming Project Report and Profit Guide of (100+4) goats (Updated)


This Goat farming project report shows, how can you earn a profit through goat farming business. what you have to feed and what you have to sell. if you actually want profit from goat farming read this article step by step.

Goat farming in India is growing day by day rapidly because the price of goat meat is increasing fastly, the young entrepreneurs looking for this profitable commercial goat farming business.

A goat farming Business plan is the first part of the business before starting it. All the equipment needed for the commercial goat farms and profit guides is available in this project report.

How Much Does it cost to start a goat farm in india?

it totally depends on how many goats you are looking to start.

Please do keep the following points in mind while reading this 100 Goat Farming project report :

  1. This is an expense statement for 14 months or 1 year 2 months by Indus Goat farm located in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh
  2. Before starting a goat farming business it is very important that you should have good knowledge of the same.
  3. Take Goat Farming Training from a reputed goat farm Before starting.
  4. Visit other goat farms and before starting yours to survey the housing, system, fodder management, handling goats, how to castrate bucks, etc.
  5. Please survey the land location, road access, water facility, and other useful things.
  6. Land cost is not included in this report.
  7. Never use goat milk for personal use, as kids need this milk for up to 3 months.
  8. Goat gives kids twice in 14 months, the gestation period of 150 days.
  9. Under stall fed condition the ratio of kids is 60% twins and 38 % single and 2% triplets.
  10. Deworming the goats routinely.
  11. The expenses of vaccination and medicines are 100 rs. Per goat per year.
  12. Hint: goat farming should not be profitable if purchasing green fodder outside the farm.
  13. Concentration fodder: a mixture of maize, groundnut, barley, wheat bran, mineral mixture, salt.
  14. Green fodder: Moringa, berseem, sorghum, Hybrid Napier, subabul, lucern, dashrath, depends on the soil requirement of the area.
  15. To make the additional income in commercial goat farm sale manure or make vermicompost fertilizer from the manure. Use manure to cultivate green fodder for the farm And sale remaining manure.

Why Project Report Required For goat farming?

The goat rearing Project report is required to set up the goat farm or take the idea that how much I can earn through this business. You can follow this report and can earn the highest Profit through this profitable venture.

This is the Proven goatery Project report from one of the oldest goat farm of India, they worked on Sirohi goat breed because they gain weight quickly on stall feeding and one of the profitable goat breed of India.

This goatery Project report is quite helpful to take the Bank loan and get a Goat farming subsidy from NABARD. on the basis of this project report bank sanction loan easily. it is the whole goat farming business plan you can follow and earn maximum profit in this venture.

this goat farming business plan is designed to understand easily for any of the bank Employees and hundreds of farmers from Maharashtra state have taken the loan form this Project report.

At the end of this article you can free download this project report.

A Goat farming project report for bank loan

Profitable Goat Farming Project Report & Business Plan

This goat farming business plan teaches you, how to do goat farming, how to start goat farming, and how can you make it profitable.

to make these business profitable, you just only have to follow these project report.

1. Goat purchasing cost

We purchased 100 matured Female and 4 Male. Weight of Female goat is 30 kg and a weight of 1 male 35 kg. the rate we purchased the Sirohi goat is 210 Rs/kg.

the total cost of goat farming mainly depends on the purchasing of animals.

210 rs
per kg
of 1
weight of
1 does
is 30 kg  
weight of
1 buck
is 35 kg

Note: in India, you can easily start with 210 re per kg live goat weight with Goat Breeds like Sirohi, Barbari, Black Bengal and indigenous breed of any region

2. Goat Production cycle (14 months)

The ratio of kids is 60% twins and 40% single. 90 goats out of 100 are getting pregnant. We are getting 2 crops in 14 months With 10% mortality rate.

1st crop  kids MortalityRemaining
60% of
60% of
is 54
11 kids
40% of
kid, 40%
90 goats
36 kids
4 kids
(in 7

2nd crop        
60% of
of 90
goats is
54 x 2
10 %
11 kids
40% of
kid, 40%
of 90
goats is
36 kids
36 x 1
4 kids is
(in 7

in 14
goat farming project report for bank loan

we get 129 kids in one batch (7 months). Or 258 kids in  14 Months.

3. Housing & Shed requirement for (100+4) goats:

Housing and equipment are the one-time investment in the commercial goat farm. Beginning investment is the needs of every business and these business require shed and equipment in the beginning.

Generally, 1 female goat required 10 Sqft Area. Male required 15 Sqft Area. Kid needs 5 Sqft Area.

We are Taking Area for (100+4) goats + 130 kids + 30 Bucks For Eid Purpose.

GoatsGoats x
per goat
rs per
per does)  
4 bucks
60 x 200
130 kids
per kid)
30 bucks
30 x 15450
of shed  
   432000 Rs

4. Required Equipments Used to Start a Goatry Farm

Names Number cost
Chaff cutter  120000
1000 rs per
1000 x 55000
water pots,
200 rs per
200 x 51000
Total cost of

5. Feeding cost of (100+4) Goats and kids

Cost of
104 Adult
goat feed
10 Rs per
day for 14
or 425 days  
129 kids
goat feed
6 RS per
day for 4
months or
120 days
(2 months
on milk
After 6
months they
are ready
for sale  
129x 6x
29 kids save
for Eid &
feed them
6 months
180 days
with 10 Rs
per day
feed cost
Total cost
of Feed  
  • 10 Rs per day per goat cost is the only cost of dry and concentrate fodder, green fodder should be cultivated in our form to maximize the profit. The cost of cultivation of green fodder is not included in this project report.
  • approximately 60% to 70% cost spent on the feed in commercial goat farming.

6. Monthly Expenses of a Goat farm

Names NumberCost
Vaccine &
20 Rs per
104 goats
with kids
362 x 207240
5000 Rs
per month,
1 labor is
enough for
100 goats.  
5000 x 1260000
Water &
500 x 126000
Total cost  

7. Sale of Animals

No. of kids
for sale
Kids x goat
weight x
sale weight 
1st crop      
100 kids of
6 months
with an
weight of
20 kg is
ready for
sale in 210
rs per kg  
29 bucks of
12 months
with average
weight of
50 kg is for
sale on Eid,
is for sale
in 320 Rs
per kg
2nd crop      
100 kids of
6 months
with average
weight of 20 kg
is ready for
sale in
210 rs per kg  
Manure of
goats in
1 year  
Total sale
of Animal

Total Fixed investment or goat farming project cost = Goat purchasing cost + Cost of shed + Equipments

Total Fixed Investment or goat farming project cost = 649400 + 432000 + 26000

Total Fixed investment or goat farming project cost = 1107400 Rs

Fixed investment is the one-time investment cost that is not included in the profit in this project report because every business needs the beginning investment.

Total profit =  Total sale of Animal cost – (total cost of feed + total monthly expenses )

Total Profit = 1312000 – ( 587080 + 76240 )

Total Profit = 1312000 – 663320

Total Profit from 100 goats = 648680 Rs

you can simply earn 648680 rupees in 14 months by following this commercial project report. The profit can fluctuate according to the market rate of goat feed. 

The process for goat farming project report for 200 Goats is same, you can double all the profit and other useful things.

How much one can earn in goat farming?

From the above Discussion you read in The goat farming project report of 100+5 you can earn easily 6.48 lakhs rupees in 14 months. you can go beyond the limit if you raised quality goat and Goat bredd that looks beautiful and acheive promising body weight.

Raised any breed in your goat farm but follow this project report so you can earn maximum profit. I have seen in my goat farming career that the goat sold from 15000 to 1.5 lakhs depends on the quality of the goat. You can sell them easily there is not any rocket science in that.

Bonus Tips: Goat achieves maximum bodyweight after one year of age. After one year Buck matured eats more, achieves good weight, and provides maximum returns.

What are the challanges in goat farming?

Yes, there are some challenges you should aware before entering into goat farming. the main challenges are

  • Detect the Sick Goat and give them treatment on time
  • Detect the Heat and mating with Breeder on time
  • you have to know about Goat disease their symptoms and treatment
  • vaccination and Deworming Schedules of Goats
  • Proper knowledge of medicine
  • Where to sale the Goat

Every business has challenges if you do the proper research and get the Proper Goat farming training from an Experienced goat farm than surely the challenge will convert into the routine. The training is quite important to avoid loss. Training costs you five thousand rupees while a single goat costs you more than that. the choice is yours.

if you Raised goats from the proper management and provide them good nutrition then you can Surely Do that Easily.

Where can I get the Goat farming Project report for Bank Loan?

Hey, don’t worry about the Project report for bank loan, I will provide you the same project report for bank loan in PDF format which worth around 1000 rupees. Many Indian Entrepreneurs get the loan Easily. This powerful project report has the potential to convert the bank manager. He/she can easily say yes after reading this project report because there is nothing any fake thing in this report. it is fully practical and made by a professional indus goat farm.

This is the business model of well known Indus goat farm. FREE download Project report on goat farming PDF on clicking the below link (click on download)

NABARD goat farming project report Requirement

NABARD (National bank for Agriculture and Rural Development ) is the government bank that provides a subsidy to start goat farming business and other agriculture business this project report helps you to get the loan. this is one of the best NABARD goat farming project report PDF you can download and take the loan easily.

Goverment sanction 200 Crores every year for agriculture and rural development, and this 200 crore provide in the form of subsidy.

you can apply for the loan at the beginning of the year. some government nationalize bank give the goat farming loan. if you want to take a loan to start a goat farming business then download this project report and apply for the loan.

Well, Barbari goat farming project report is the same as it is because the buying and selling price of Sirohi and Barbari goat is equal. the only difference in Barbari goat is that you can more kids compare to Sirohi goat.

What Investment Required to Start a Goat Farm?

well, it totally depends on how many numbers of Goats are you going to start, you can start with 10 female goats & you can also start with 100 female goats. it totally depends on you.

the high-quality pure breeds like Boer, Beetal, Jamunapari, sojat required more investment compare to the Sirohi goat breed.

The best number for starting Goat farming is 25 or 50 goat with two male breeder Goats.

for 100 female Sirohi goats you have invest approximately 12 lakhs rupees.

Important tips for the beginner’s goat farmers and Entrepreneurs

  • Do proper care and management during the transportation of goats in the beginning.
  • Select the breed according to your region.
  • don’t do over expenses on goat shed at the beginning of the farm.
  • get the proper training before starting a goat farm.;
  • follow the proper vaccination and deworming schedule to get the maximum profit.
  • your feeding cost should not be more than 10-15 rs per day per goat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) How do You make a Goat farming Project Report?

This project report is completely Practical from one of the best goat farm in India. this goat farm works on Sirohi goat breed from the last 5 years. while making this project report the Indus goat farm Maintain all the cost on Excel sheet noted each and everything.

Q.2) What is the Profit margin in goat farming?

it depends on your management and feed. Normally, the profit margin is 60% but if you grow your own concentrate feed then Profit can be 80%

Q.3) Should i start Goat farming business with 100 Goats?

yes you can start with 100 goats but if you don’t know anything about goats and their managment, you have to take goat farming training first and learn properly how the business is. you can also hire a Veterinary doctor for better management of goats.

One Request?

I have put so much effort to make this project report on goat farming through my own Experience to provide value for the upcoming Goat farmers or Goat farming Community. i have my own goat farm and this project report is completely practical. It will be very helpful for me if you share this post on social media, WhatsApp Groups, and for those who need it. SHARING IS LOVE

Final words on Goat farming project report

This is the complete goat farming project report and Business plan that helps you to start your goat farming venture. This project report is not only for taking a loan for goat farming, this report will help you understand how to do goat farming, this is the complete way from the experience one. if you follow this project report and raised 100+4 goats on your farm you can make the same money also. This is the simple way of goat farming that no-any goat farmer will teach you.

for the maximum profit, you have to raise goats for meat purpose as well as for Eid purpose, this planning is capable to make lakhs of rupees for you.

Happy Goat Farming!

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  1. Well! This report is looks good as compare to others, I have seen lots of report they given the numbers which is not exist anywhere.
    But I have couple of question.
    First this project report is for which breed I want to start pure Sirohi breed if you can send me sirohi breed project report.
    I will be the approximate cost of green fodder per kg (Rajasthan Location)if i am not buying from outside.

    • first of all thanx for the comment. this report is of sirohi breed. you have the benefit, you are from rajasthan. you can use khejdi. khejdi have all nutrition property in it. it has 90 % Dry matter which is quite good for the goats.

  2. Very much practical project report.
    Can we increase the weight without depending on concentrated feed if we have enough green fooders.

    • Generally, Goat required Green, Dry And concentrated feed for better productivity. concentrated feed completes the Carbohydrate and protein requirement of the goat.

    • first of all thanks for the comment. this is the project report of Sirohi goat breed. the profit in goat farming depends on the breed and how many goats you raised for Eid purpose.
      for example, you have 10 kids and you prepare that 10 kids for eid and you sold that 10 kid each in 25000. than you will get more money. or if you sell that 10 kids for meat purposes in small age then you will get a very small profit.

      that is the difference.

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    • first of all thank for the comment.
      we took the average, Not all 100 goats birth twins, some gives twins, some triplets or some gives single kidding so we took 60 & 40 ratios. the kidding also depends upon Breed. Here we talk about Sirohi breed so this is about Sirohi.

  3. Thank you, Nirmal for the wonderful information. It is very very informative and intriguing for me, a goat-farmer wannabe :).

    I am planning to start 2 pure-breed goat herds, Beetal and Nachi, with 5 does and 1 buck for each breed, and I would like to know if there is a similar report on the Beetal and Nachi goat breeds.

    I also would like to sign up for a goat farm training course where I can get the following information:

    1. time schedule for the next training course (when and how long the course will be);
    2. where it will take place (the address of the training center);
    3. the topics of the training course;
    4. the training fees;
    5. the accommodations (hotel or boarding) and the fees, if any;
    6. will English be the spoken and written language? If not then will there be an interpreter?
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    8. which breeds to buy, from which breeder(s), and how to select the animals, and how negotiate for the best price per animal or per kilo;
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    • thanx for the comment Huy Ton. I will update you soon for the training program. presently COVID-19 disturbed our Time Table

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    Reports tell your complete practical knowledge and research on this.. Great job..!!!!! I would tell this is an inspiration for many, you can’t imagine how much job creation and contribution to economy would happen from this.
    Coming to my query I am from Karnataka and even we are planning for Sirohi breed. Please lemme know is it good idea for my region to go with this. If yes is it easy to get the breed from Rajastan like 50 goats?

    • yes you can start with Sirohi goat this goat breed has the capability to adjust in any environmental condition in india

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    Wonderful report and am sure it has helped a lot of people to get into this farming.
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    • one goat requires 2% green fodder of their body weight for example a 30 kg goat requires 600 gm green fodder, 300 gm dry fodder, and 300 gm concentrate fodder. you can do the calculation of one year

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