Can Golden Retrievers Survive In India ?

You are planning to get a golden retriever and now you are wondering

Can Golden Retrievers Survive In India ?

Golden Retrievers can survive in India if you make sure that they are not under constant heat. They are double coated which makes them intolerant to the extreme heat and they may need constant Air Conditioning.

It is not advisable to have a golden retriever in India if you can’t bear with the expense to take care of the dog.

Can Golden Retrievers Survive In Hot Weather ?

As mentioned earlier, Golden retrievers are little intolerant to hot climate and India is a country where we have extreme high temperatures almost 37-41 C in Summer

An ideal temperature for a Golden retriever is 27-28 C so it almost the double the temperature in India

But they may be able to tackle the heat with air conditioning and having a water bowl easily accessible for them everyday.

Can Golden Retrievers survive in India without AC?

Yes and No.

Yes, If you live in a place where the temperature is medium to low like most northern parts of India, then they are fine.

But if you live in a place like Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Chennai etc then they will have a hard time without an AC.

You shouldn’t go for this breed if you don’t have an AC at your home for the sake of your dog’s life.

There are more other dog breeds in India that can do far better than Golden Retrievers in Indian temperature and those are our Indie Breeds like Pariah Dog and Rajaplayam

Why Can’t Golden Retrievers Tolerate High Weather ?

The main reason why golden retrievers can’t withstand hot weather is because they are native to Scotland where the hottest temperature is 28 degree Celsius so they are most suitable to that temperature.

Another reason because they are double-coated means they have an inner coat and outer coat.

They are high maintenance, they need a lot of care, conditioning just so they could live a suitable life.

They are also prone to diseases easily.

Can Shaving A Golden Retriever help them tackle Hot Weather ?

Nope, you will be doing more harm than good if you shave a golden retriever.

The outer coat of a golden retriever helps them from the harmful rays of the sun and if you shave them it will damage their skin.

There are many other ways to cool your dog.

But don’t shave their coats ever.

Alternatives to AC keep Golden Retrievers cool in Hot Weather ?

Not everyone has an AC at their home so these could be one of your alternatives to keep your golden retriever cool in summer:

Having a Tub filled with cold water : If you keep a bathtub filled with cold water accessible at home your goldie can jump in the tub whenever it feels hot.

Ice Cubes: You can give them ice cubes to eat which is also a great way to cool down its body.

Giving them to water frequently: Giving them cold water to drink frequently will also help them significantly.

Note: These are not the permanent solution. Having an AC is always a better option.

Is Golden Retriever right for you ?

There are many things that you need to consider before you can answer this question to yourself like budget, commitment etc.

Maintaining a golden retriever will not be cheap.

If you truly love this breed and are ready to take the commitment to do everything to make your Goldie dog have a fun and comfortable life, then by all means you can go for this breed.

Golden retrievers can only survive in India if you give them the right kind of environment.

Make sure you don’t expose them too much to heat and sun.

Always take them out for a walk in the morning and evening and not in the afternoon.

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