Raising Pygmy Goats as Pets Complete Guide

Advantages of raising pygmy goats as pets is they are calm and Docile or friendly they provide no harm to anything always remain in playing mood with the family

Raising Pygmy goats as pets are a good choice because they look cute and adorable they are friendly in behavior. They have all the qualities as a pet. Pygmy is the miniature goat and it is best suited for those who looking Goats as a pet. The pygmy goat has better Adaptability to any type of environmental condition.

One of the advantages of raising pygmy goats as pets is they are calm and  Docile or friendly they provide no harm to anything always remain in playing mood with the family and kids.

Everyone knows about the behavior and temperament of goats but the Pygmy is one of the popular compared to other goats. It can be easily manageable by single children or provides no harm to the kid. Generally, the Pygmy Goat lifespan is 12 years.

In this article, you will get all detail about how to raise pygmy goats as pets their full detail what is the care and management of pygmy goat.

Origin of Pygmy Goat Breed

The pygmy Goat breed is originated in West Africa (Nigeria). This goat is also known as miniature goat, dwarf goat, Nigerian pygmy goat, African Pygmy Goat.

The Pygmy Goat imported to Europe. Now they are more popular in Europe than in Africa. Some goats exported from Europe to the United sates in 1950. Presently Pygmy Goats is popular in many countries as pets.

Raising Pygmy Goats as pets are becoming trend day by day in the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Physical appearance of Pygmy Goat

The physical appearance of Pygmy goat is quite attractive and beautiful. This goat directly attracts humans to love them.  Raising Pygmy goats as pets can increase the luster of your garden and backyard.

The Average weight of Adult Buck and Doe of the pygmy goat is 75 lbs and the height remains 18 to 23 cms.

Pygmy Goats look different from others. The popular coat color variety of Pygmy Goat is Black Patterned, Agouti Patterned and caramel they are also available mixed coat colors like Grey agouti, Agouti, black, caramel Brown.

The ears of Pygmy goat are straight gives them a beautiful look. The eyes are oval in shape or brown in color.

General information about raising Pygmy Goats as pets

If you are planning to raising pygmy goats as pets Than you should know the General information about pygmy goats.

The Pygmy goats mature early as compared to other goats they are ready for breeding at 9 months of age. The gestation period of Pygmy goat is 148 to 150 days means that the age of first kidding of pygmy goat is 14 months.

Generally, they give birth one kid for the first time after that they are capable to give multiple births like twins, triplets and some time quadruplets.

The estrus cycle or heat cycle of pygmy goat is 48 Hours. The estrus cycle repeats in 18 to 21 days.

The kidding interval of Pygmy goat is 7 months. It takes 2 months to prepare for the next gestation. Simply they give 3 crops of kids in 2 years.

 Pygmy Goats Houses

Generally, they don’t require better Housing but it is our responsibility to provide them better housing for their better health and growth. If You are raising pygmy goat as pets than provide them Clean, Dry and Hygiene place for living For their better growth and care.

The house of the Pygmy Goat has ventilation from 2 to 3 sides because they are ruminant, during rumination, they Produce Methane gas, ventilation provides air circulation. The harmful gases go outside and fresh air comes inside through proper ventilation.

Pygmy goats like to climb up sitting so if you raising pygmy goats as pets than arrange some climbing up sitting space for the play. Climbing space doesn’t mean expensive things it can be a table which 2 ft up from the land. It can create happiness for the pygmy goats.

Pygmy goat feed

Pygmy goats require green and dry roughages or a handful of grains in a whole day for their better muscle growth. The roughages given to the goat should be according to their weight.  The dry roughages like Hay or legumes dry roughages should give in the morning Green roughages like shrubs, leaves in midday or a mixture of grains in the evening. Don’t overfeed to the pygmy Goat, overfeeding can cause the Diarrhea or enterotoxaemia.

Do not give stale feed to the pygmy goats. Goat feed or milk powder is available in the market. It would be good to give milk To the Goat. Pygmy goat eats vegetables and fruits with great fervor.

Provide water in front of pygmy goats after feeding. Generally, they require water 3 times a day.

Care and management of Pygmy goats

  • Generally, most of the pygmy goats are friendly and playful but in return, you have to become their friend and play with them.
  • They require large playing space for exercise. If anyone doesn’t have playing space than they should go outside for exercise of pygmy goats same as the dogs.
  • The pygmy goats don’t like the wet area always arrange dry living area for them. Generally they require extra caring during the time of rainy season.
  • Don’t leave them alone. Better to raise two pygmy goats than one.
  • Vaccinate the kid when it 3 months old because prior vaccination is better than cure.
  • Raising pygmy goats as pets are extra care needed at the time in winters. Generally, provide clothes in the winter will be good.

Baby Pygmy Goats

The baby pygmy goat looks very lovable, attractive and beautiful. Everyone who sees the baby pygmy goats came forward to lift up and love them. Raising pygmy goats as pets at the age of 3 months would be good.

The weight of baby pygmy goats at the time of birth depends upon the number of kidding. Generally, the weight of Baby Pygmy goats ranges from 2.2 lbs to 2.6 lbs.

How much does a pygmy goat cost

The pygmy goat costs vary according to their Age, Sex, Health, and attraction.

In the United States the cost of pygmy does is remain between $ 200 to $ 300. The cost of Breeder ranges between $ 150 to $ 250. The castrated male goat you can get in $ 100. A health certificate for transportation is needed. The health certificate costs $ 50.

The Average costs of pygmy goat in the United Kingdom £ 70 to £ 300. The baby pygmy goat is a bit expensive or it totally depends upon their cute looks.

The cost of pygmy goats in Australia is a little expensive compared to the united states and the United Kingdom. The baby Pygmy goat costs $ 100 to $ 150 in Australia.

Pygmy Goat Milking

In starting Eight weeks the milk production of the pygmy goat is at peak level after giving birth to the kid. after that, the milk production drops every week. The average milk production per day is 500 ml per day per lactation.

Pygmy Goat breeding information

For Breeding of Pygmy Goat, the best breeder buck should be select be healthy, tight and a little bit aggressive their weight should be good for the better upcoming results. The extra handful grain to the breeder should be provided before 7 days of breeding.

Pygmy Goat Adoption

The adoption of the pygmy goat will be good. The behavior temperament of this goat breed is friendly, they look attractive, the goat is playful. Playing with Pygmy goat can be joyful and it can give you relief from tiredness.

The pygmy goat is small and requires less space compared to other pets.

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